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Author: theothercooler
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Bob woke up. He opened the hibernation chamber door. What he saw made him want to go back to sleep. Trying to ignore the fact that the space ship was on fire, he calmly ran to the rocket pad and flew down to the planet chunk below. He landed, and a few minutes later he was at another launchzone. Being a rank 3.14159265 member of the nexus force, he strode over to the minifigure who looked strangely familiar and asked:

"What should I do now?"

She told him to return to the venture explorer to fight off the maelstrom there. He went. Little did he know he was about to find out what had really happened to that great ship, the VENTURE EXPLORER!

Chapter 1: A Dimensional Shift to Somewhere Else

I ran on through the night. The moon shone high on the sky, looking like a giant imagination orb. Suddenly, I stopped. Mainly because there was an unconscious minifigure in front of me. But also because I felt like stopping.