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Class: Story
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Author: XOLORX
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Chapter 1: Nexus TowerEdit

Tom was not a very noticeable person. He wore blue pants and a blue jacket, he was a vender in Nexus Tower. He never did anything special... mostly people just bought things from him and left. But all of that, was going to change. Tom had been selling items in Nexus Tower for 3 years, when suddenly, he heard an alarm. He ran out of his booth and asked one of the running mini figures what was going on. "The Maelstrom is attacking!" screamed the man. Purple smoke could be seen outside the windows. A door slid open and the four faction leaders came out. Thousands of stromlings smashed through, Tom watched in fear as dragons entered the room. He ran to one of the booths, and grabbed a Power-Jouster. He ran on the attack, swiping madly at the enemies. Suddenly he felt himself topple over on the ground, he turned around to look up slowly, he was face-to-face with the biggest, strongest dragon ever. Butterscorch. Tom swiped at it but did almost nothing. The dragon pounded him knocking him out, it was the end.

Chapter 2: The BadgesEdit

Tom opened his eyes, he was in some kind of medical wing, but he certainly wasn't infected. Duke Exeter looked at him. "It looks like he's all right," he said to Hael Storm. Duke dug into his pockets and produced 4 strange looking badges, each stamped with a faction emblem. "These are what you need to join a faction" Duke explained. "You did very well out there." "Uhh... thanks..." Tom said not knowing what to say. Tom got up and the door slid open, he walked down the Sentinel hallway and blasted off to Nimbus Station. The ride was easy, it only took him 20 minutes, he looked down through the window, he saw many chunks of the planet Crux. He flew down into the core worlds, he aimed at Nimbus Station and braced himself as he rocketed through the atmosphere. "Uh ohh..." he said, he tried to slow down the rocket but it just got faster! He braced himself in the seat and closed his eyes. He heard a large BOOM! as the rocket hit the ground in the center of Nimbus Plaza. He got out, everyone was looking at him blinking. He laughed sheepishly, getting out of the rocket.

Chapter 3: The FactionsEdit

"Hello Hello!" said Nexus Jay looking at Tom. "Your here to join a faction I suppose?" "Yes, I am. Duke gave me these," he said holding out the four badges. "Hey, hey, wait a minute. Duke, like Duke Exter?" "Yes. Duke Exter." "Oh, it looks like he wants you to join a faction, which one do you want to join?" "I'm not exactly sure, I don't know much about the Factions." "OK, then I'll explain. The first Faction is the Assembly, they focus on building and have the highest Imagination in the force. They can solo dragons and strong enemies quickly and can build creations to help them. There weapons aren't as strong as the other factions, however, they're mostly a support class. Next, is the Venture League, they explore about and do the most damage in the Force. They can solo dragons very, very quickly, though they aren't good at soloing Butterscortch. Then there's the Paradox, they, like the Assembly are mostly support. They have medium-high range and have fairly good weapons and abilities. They try to use the Maelstrom against itself. They can also turn health into imagination. Finally, there's the Sentinels, they can do a fair amount of damage, they have the least imagination, but the most shields by far. They are great at fighting. So which one?" Tom thought it over for a second, "I'll take the Sentinels," he said. "Good! Which specialty kit do you want to start with? Samurai or Knight?" "I'll take Knight," said Tom remembering how much he had liked Duke Exeter. "Good, now head over to that booth over there, the one with the falcon symbol and get your Rank 1 Knight Faction gear!" Tom walked over to the booth and asked the vender, Xeno Blueblade for the gear. Xeno looked around and pulled out a pack. Tom looked at it for a second, and then opened it. Inside was a Rank 1 Sword, Helmet, Breastplate, and leggings and a few Faction Tokens. Tom put it on and also put on his iron armor to put on top of the breastplate, he also took out his Sentinel shield that he got in the Avant Gardens. Now he was ready to fight the Maelstrom!

Chapter 4: The Gnarled ForestEdit

Tom had never been in Nimbus Station before, he wondered where to go next, then, he stopped the Venture League Rep. "I have a mission for you!" he shouted to Tom. Tom turned and ran towards the Rep. "I need you to go to the Gnarled Forest and find out how those pirates are doing." "Yes sir, but one question, where's the Gnarled Forest?" "The Launch pad is behind this booth." "Thanks" said Tom walking on the rope bridge to the launch pad. He put the rocket on the pad and got inside, and blasted off. Once he got there, he found himself the top of a Deep Ravine. Tom prepared to jump, he took a deep breath, and jumped. He missed and was sent plummeting downwards, he tried to find something to hold on to, finally, he found a long vine. He grabbed it and began to swing, then, he let go, he went flying up on to the platform, and hit the bouncer, sending him flying onto solid ground. Once there, he found himself in a cave. He looked around, he then saw a barrel. He walked over to it and lifted the top, which suddenly shut. Tom scratched his head. "There's Maelstrom out there," he heard a meek voice say, he opened the barrel, inside was a pirate, "I'm scared of heights, I can't cross the Ravine. Can you go and smash 10 Stromling pirates?" Tom looked out of the cave, it didn't seem so hard, he drew his sword and slashed at a pirate. In three strokes of his sword it fell. "One down Nine to go". Tom turned 180 and stabbed at another pirate, who also fell. It was easy! Suddenly, he noticed an Admiral, if you were near the ground where the grappling hook sunk in you would almost certainty be smashed by the Stromling Admirals cannon. The Admiral launched it's hook, Tom used his shield block, but it was not enough, he was blasted back, and almost smashed. The Admiral came back to deliver the final blow when Tom heard the sound of flare guns. A Daredevil. The Daredevil smashed the admiral. "Thanks" Tom said, clearly relieved. "No problem, my names Vora". "Hello, Vora." "See ya" said Vora running off smashing more infected pirates. Tom blinked 'that was fast' he thought. Tom smashed another pirate, and soon finished the quest, he jumped back to the cave, and was rewarded with a pirate shirt! Tom went back to the Maelstorm trench, and continued on. The passage through the tree's looked a lot better than the trench, though there were still Stromlings. Suddenly Tom felt a pain in his back, it felt like a gigantic boulder, in fact, it was a gigantic boulder.

Chapter 5: Brig RockEdit

Tom fell to the ground and cried in pain. He looked up at the ape that had thrown the boulder, only to see it lifting up another. Tom tried to crawl away, but slipped and rolled down the hill, he was in a large open space, he kept rolling, Maelstorm beings surrounded him. He was in Brig Rock. Suddenly, Tom stopped rolling. He looked up at the cause, he lifted his eyes upwards, to see the purple face of a Stromling Admiral. The Admiral drew back his chain and fired, Tom rolled out of the way, he got up and lept back before the Maelstorm emerging from the Admirals cannon could smash him. He spun behind the Admiral, and drew his sword stabbing it into the Admirals spine. The Admiral let out a cry of pain, as Tom slashed his sword at the admirals legs the Admiral let out one last cry, before falling to the ground. Tom looked around, Rocky Plateaus surrounded him. Stromlings erupted from the sides of the rocks, to be smashed by the eager minifigures waiting to smash them. Tom looked around, in search of some guidance. Then he saw a Minifigure.

Chapter 6: The Strange ShooterEdit

Tom ran towards the man. "Hey, you, there's a strange shooter up there on that ledge, a monkey, can you get him to give you his gun?" "Sure..." Tom replied. He run off and ran up the stairs. He smashed the skull part with his sword and built it and got across. "Give me your gun" Tom told the monkey, in a rather stern voice. The monkey, taunted him. "Give me your gun, please" Tom told the monkey, hoping that being polite would work. Again, the monkey laughed at him. Tom looked around desperately, looking for something that the monkey might want. Suddenly, it hit him, bananas! He jumped of the ledge and slashed his word at a banana palm, 3 bananas came down, he did it again, another 2 came down. '5 bananas should be enough' he thought as he rushed back to the ledge. The monkey looked at the bananas, dropped his gun, and threw himself on them. Tom picked up the gun and ran down again rushing to the man. "You did it? Here, you keep the gun." Tom looked at the gun, it wasn't that great, but it would do. He then looked inside his backpack, wow, he had enough Faction Tokens and Coins for Rank 2 Knight Gear!

Chapter 7: The Return to Nimbus StationEdit

Tom looked around, he needed a quick way to get back to Nimbus Station, then he remembered it, The pathway that the Ape guarded! He ran back up the stairs, and ran to the ape, he wouldn't be able to smash it, that was for sure. He readied his shield as he ran towards the ape. The ape started it's round pound attack, Tom blocked, and began to build the bouncer, he jumped on it and was sent flying into the air, and landed on the ledge above. He ran down it, and found himself in a sandy beach, the pirate camp. Sure enough, there was the launch pad to Nimbus Station. But before that, he ran to a vendor, and bought himself a better pistol, just in case. With that, he returned to Nimbus Station, and in one piece too. Once he landed he ran as fast as he could to the Sentinel vendor, and bought all the Rank 2 Knight Gear! It was time to go to the Forbidden Valley.

Chapter 8: The Forbidden ValleyEdit

Tom had heard about the forbidden valley, but never actually been there. Most of the stories he had heard were about the "invincible" dragons. Tom landed on a rocky path, he ran towards a large dark blue force field, he was blasted back. To two ninja guards looked at him, "You must have the Maelstorm infused ninja hood to pass" they said together. Tom knew he didn't have a Maelstorm infused ninja hood, he had never even heard of one. He ran back down the path and was preparing to leave when he saw a rank 3 assembly engineer land. "Uhh... hello, I was wondering, how do I pass that force field?" "Oh! let me show you!" said the engineer, who's name was Fiery. Fiery ran back to the force field, and jumped onto a rock to the right, Tom followed him. Fiery smashed a crate and rebuilt it into a bouncer, then, they both flew high above the gate, and landed inside. He looked around, in the distance he saw a great tree, that was where he was going.

Chapter 9: The Great TreeEdit

He ran down a path, the tree was getting closer and closer. Suddenly, he noticed a large gap, he could not jump that far, but then, he noticed the fact that other minifigures were doing it easily. Tom took a deep breath, and jumped. He felt himself fall, he was going to be smashed, but then he felt himself rise. He looked down, he was floating on currents of air. He easily made it across and landed on a branch of the tree. He began to wind his way upwards, until he saw a house, many minifigures were there. He ran towards the man who looked like the leader, Master Fong Shader was his name. "I have a mission for you, Tom, go accept the quests from The Nimja Masters, they are Gathermaster Klex, Smashmaster Foom, and Brickmaster Clang, after that, you will be able to train with Numb Chuck." Tom ran to Smashmaster Foom. "Smash 12 Ronin!" Next he ran to Gathermaster Klex, "Gather the 3 pieces for a Maelstorm hammer by smashing bell shrines." Then, he ran to Brickmaster Clang, "Build three statues at Cavalry hill to smash Maelstorm Horseman!". So Tom set out, to complete all the missions.

Chapter 10: The Bell ShrinesEdit

Tom ran to the bell shrine at the great tree, and smashed it, collecting the first piece for his hammer. He had also remembered that he had seen a shrine at Mantis Rock, so he also went there, 2 pieces found, it was too easy. The third, however, he had no idea where it was. He tried a passage, it had a symbol of a horse on it, Cavalry Hill. He looked out from the Cliff, there were at least 50 Maelstrom Horseman roaming the plains bellow, what's worse, is that he had 2 missions to do here! He looked to the right, and saw the bell shrine. He jumped down, all the Horseman fired there balls of energy at him. Tom ducked and ran under the horses legs, barely making it to the shrine. He slashed his sword at it and it smashed, he had three pieces now, it was time to start building the Horseman-smashing statues.

Chapter 11: The StatuesEdit

Tom ran to the Maelstorm chambers where the Horseman spawned. He looked up, and smashed a box, building a statue. 1 down, 2 to go. Tom ran to the next one and built it too. Suddenly, right when he was building the third, an energy ball hit him, blasting him of cavalry hill, falling down the cliff bellow. Tom struggled for a foot hold. Until suddenly, he found it, he was hanging, cavalry hill, was 50 feet above him. He tried to climb, and lifted his right hand up, but slipped, he was only holding on with his left hand! Then, he heard roaring, he looked down, and saw a big red form, a dragon. Tom took a deep breath, and let go. He saw the world spiral around him, but suddenly it steadied, he had landed. The Dragon flew him, up, up back to cavalry hill, where he built the last statue. Tom let out a sigh of relief. Only one more quest to go.

Chapter 12: Mantis RockEdit

Now, all he had to do was smash 12 Dark Ronin. He readied his sword as he approached Mantis Rock. He began smashing the Ronin, 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, it was easy, he stayed away from the cliff ledges, for fear of falling again. 11/12, and... 12/12. He was done.

Chapter 13: The Ninja Gi & The Maelstorm Infused HoodEdit

Tom ran back to the great tree, and Smashmaster Foom, he was starting to get the hang of the place. First, he collected his rewards from the Ninja masters. Now he had a Maelstrom Hammer! Finally he went to Master Fong. "Great job! What style Ninja Gi would you like?" Tom thought for a second, he had taken a dragon style Maelstorm Hammer. "Dragon". "Good choice!" said Fong. Tom took his Gi, and put it on. He put his weapons away, as the Gi could only be used without weapons. He punched, wow, a lot of damage, he could even spin around blasting enemies back! "Now, you are ready to train with Numb Chuck." Tom ran to an anvil, and punched it. He howled in pain. Fong looked at him. "You need to use a Maelstorm Hammer to smash that..." "Oh" said Tom a little shamefaced as he pulled out his hammer, this time, he smashed it and rebuilt it into an elevator. He went up, up, up, up to Numb Chuck. "Wow!" Numb said, "You found me, here, do you want a white or black Ninja hood?" "Black" Tom said has Numb Chuck handed him the hood. "Now you can go through force fields, and go to the refinery, and the dragons, hey, can you smash a dragon for me?

Chapter 14: To the Dragons LairEdit

Tom, had no idea where he could find dragons. He jumped back onto the great tree, he guessed it was on the path of the dragon, it seemed obvious. He ran down to the path, and found himself in an area with lots of Dark Ronin, and an occasional Horseman, but most important of all, the Maelstorm force field. Tom slipped on his Ninja Hood and jumped through the force field, he found that he passed easily. He was on a long rock path, he ran down it, and to the paradox refinery below. "Hello" Tom asked a Paradox researcher "Where can I find the dragons?" "Across there, you go passed that area of Maelstrom where Brick Fury is, and then you go to that area, that's the entrance to the lair." Tom ran past Brick Fury, he was now on a flat area, with lots of Horseman. He ducked and dodged and ran to the large gaping entrance. This was it. He walked inside.

Chapter 15: The DragonsEdit

The lair was large, and purple and black. Tom jumped from ledge to ledge, carried by the currents of air coming from the depths below. After a few jumps, he found himself at a flight of stairs, he climbed them, and found himself face-to-face with a Ronin. He smashed it with 3 quick swipes of his blade. Suddenly, he felt a searing pain on his back. And it was hot, hot, hot as flame. He turned around slowly, there it was, the dragon. He ran towards it, blade drawn as he aimed an overhand blow at the dragon. The dragon lifted itself up on its hind legs, and came down, down, sending Tom flying back falling onto the cold stone floor. A Ronin bent over him, sword drawn, preparing to strike. The Ronin's sword fell, but just in time, Tom rolled out of the way. The Ronin's sword embedded itself in the floor, Tom, then, smashed it with one quick swipe of his blade. Suddenly, it hit him. Tom ran behind the dragon, blocking all attacks with his shield, more Ronin came, and charged at him, and the dragon also. They slashed, only to hit the dragon. The dragon stood there, confused, very, very, confused. Suddenly the dragon jumped up and sent a stream of fire at the clump of Ronin, that smashed instantly, but this only infuriated more Ronin. After the dragons shields were depleted, Tom jumped out, and smashed the Ronin. He aimed a blow at the dragons head, hitting in and with that the dragon fell down, stunned. Tom looked around for some way of smashing the dragon before it woke up. Suddenly, he noticed some bricks. He built it into a troll, which picked up the dragon, and turned it around, exposing it's weak point, Tom slashed at it, and the dragon broke into bits, as did the troll. Tom opened up the treasure chest that the dragon had left, he was rich.

Chapter 16: Rank 3 faction gearEdit

Tom returned to Numb Chuck, and received a dragon tooth, capable of stunning enemies, and a Maelstrom Staff. He had no idea what to do with the items he had gained, so the one best idea, was selling it. With it he quickly sold away all he had, or more so, all he didn't need. 10000,20000,30000,50000 his amount of coins increased every day, now, at last, he had enough for what he had always wanted, Rank 3, Sentinel Knight, gear. Tom rushed to Nimbus Station, ran to the vender and asked for Rank 3 faction gear. "I'm sorry" said the Xeno Blueblade, the vender, "but we no longer sell Rank 3 faction gear here in Nimbus Station, for that, you must go to Nexus Tower." "Thanks..." Tom replied, a little annoyed, but then in another way, he was glad, glad to return to his old home. Tom ran to the Nimbus Station race place, and up the white stairs to the launch pad, he put a rocket on the pad and blasted off. The stars flashed by, then, in the distance, he saw a large white tower, with the faction emblem on it. Nexus Tower. He rocketed down towards the tower and landed. He then jumped out, and ran to the Sentinel battle area, and asked the vender, Nikolai, to give him the gear. Tom handed it his faction tokens and coins, and was given back a golden helmet, golden breastplate, golden leggings, shoulder pads, and a blue-glowing sword. He, was Rank 3.

Chapter 17: To Crux PrimeEdit

There was only one more thing Tom wanted, along with his Rank 3 Knight gear, he wanted a Power-jouster, but for the time being, be set those thoughts aside. He, had now been to the Gnarled Forest, and The Forbidden Valley, the Avant Gardens didn't really interest Tom, at all, so he decided to go to Crux Prime. He left the Sentinel battle area and came to the door in the Sentinel hallway, with it, he teleported to Crux Prime. He landed at the Sentinel battle area, and looked around, Kurt Tussle, a Sentinel guard, walked up to meet him. "Hey, minifigure, are ya ready to get out there and protect Nexus Tower from the stromling invaders? Here, prove yourself and go smash 10 stromling invaders and 5 stromling mech invaders." "Yes sir" said Tom saluting the guard. He then turned around, there was Maelstorm, lots of Maelstorm, and there were apes.

Chapter 18: Crux PrimeEdit

Tom jumped from the platform and landed on the rocky ground of Crux, it reminded him of the Forbidden Valley. A Stromling invader came up behind him. Tom spun around and slashing, he expected the Stromling to smash, but it didn't, Tom slashed again, he ducked as the Stromling invader swiped at him, he then stabbed at the Stromling, smashing it. These enemies were stronger then Tom expected. He jumped out of the way of a boulder and jumped inside a Force Field that other people had built. It protected him from the attacks. Suddenly the Force Field broke, and an ape charged at him. He slid to the side just in time as the imposing bulk hit the ground with a THUMP. A venture league Rank 3 Daredevil came out and smashed it with his flare guns. "Thanks" "No problem, what's your name?" "Tom" "OH, mines Johnny" "OH..." "Want me to show you around Crux Prime?" "Sure, let me get some rewards from Kurt." "K" With that Tom ran to Kurt Tussle, and got his rewards, a Nexus Force crate of supplies. He was then ready to go off with Johnny and have a look around Crux Prime.

Chapter 19: The Art of SpinjitzuEdit

"One of the most important things here on Crux, Tom, is Spinjitzu, ever heard of it?" "No, what is it?" "Well you see, there are these Skeletons that are mining the Maelstorm, thought they themselves are not part of it, it's almost impossible to smash one with normal weapons, that's were Spinjitzu comes in. Sensei Wu at the Ninjago Monastery will be glad to teach you. You can smash skeletons cheap with Spinjitzu. Here, let me show you." Johnny pulled out a long crude staff out of his backpack, he slashed a few times, and then began to spin, turning into a tornado of imagination. "Wow" said Tom looking at the tornado in awe as it moved around. Suddenly the tornado exploded smashing all the crates around Johnny. "Spinjitzu is for owning Skeletons, but doesn't work well against Maelstorm. Anyways, I'll lead ya to the Monastery." "Thanks." And with that the two minifigs set off to the Ninjago Monastery.

Chapter 20: The MonasteryEdit

Johnny led Tom through a gap in the mountains, they, were at Caldera Mar. The fire pits, in its deeps the Maelstorm lurked, and on the rocks above, there were apes, Roo Moorg, and Dragons. Tom and Johnny jumped from rock to rock, avoiding the apes and dragons. Finally, they came to the end, before them, was a vast purple plain, on it, there were mining devices visible, and crates, crates full of Maelstorm, and skeletons, the miners. And watching all of the mining activity was Nuckal, overseer of the mines. Johnny jumped down, and Tom followed, they through the plain as quickly as possible, until they reached steps, they climbed up and up, finally, they saw a house, and inside the house, was a man dressed in white robes carrying a brown staff and wearing a beige hat. The Sensei. Johny bowed, and introduced the Tom and Wu. "So, you come here to learn Spinjitzu? Find me the 5 scrolls of Ninjago, and I will teach you."

Chapter 21: The Scrolls of NinjagoEdit

Johnny had seen all of the scrolls, therefore, he led Tom around and helped him find them. The duo quickly found all of them, all of them but the forth. "I know where it is, Tom. It is in Aura Mar, one of the most dangerous places in Crux Prime. I will lead you there." Johnny led Tom to Aura Mar, they went back and instead of taking the fork to Caldera Mar they went right, to Aura Mar. Immediately 3 apes turned and hurled there rocks at them. The duo ducked, and ran silently down, jumping over crevices in the earth. Suddenly Tom tripped, falling into one of the crevices, he grasped for something to hang on to, but he found nothing, the rock was far to smooth. He looked down, the Maelstorm ocean was below him.

Chapter 22: The Maelstrom OceanEdit

Tom closed his eyes, expecting to be smashed, but he felt nothing. He opened his eyes again, the rivers flowed around, he could hear the voice of Johnny echoing in his head, crying. But then he heard a cold laugh, he turned around, a dark figure stood before him. Could it be, or did his eyes deceive him, he wore a top hat, and his face was like that of a skeleton, a purple one. He wore black robes, and held a black gem staff. Only one looked like this, only one was Baron Typhonus.

Chapter 23: EscapeEdit

The Baron raised his staff and Maelstorm appeared, it circled around Tom, getting closer and closer, until it hit him, he was knocked out, on the verge of being infected. Suddenly he saw a form, an not that of the Maelstorm. The shadow lept down and slashed with its Katanas, the dark form of the Baron moved back. "Who are you?" Tom asked. "My name, is Vanda Darkflame." Vanda grabbed onto Tom and climbed the banks of the rivers. She jumped up and landed at the top, Tom looked around, now, it was time to get the scroll. He ran to the scroll, and picked it up. Then running as fast as he could, he ran back to Caldera Mar, and back to the Monastery. Then, he noticed a familiar sight, "Johnny!"

Chapter 24: SpinjitzuEdit

All they had to do was find the last scroll. They did that very quickly and returned to the Monastery. "Tom, read this, it will teach you the ways of Ninjago, and Spinjitzu" Sensei Wu said pointing to a rock next to him. Tom leaned over it and read all it had to read. 'Pretty simple' he thought. "K, I read it." "Good, here is your staff" said Sensei Wu handing him a brown staff. "Now spin!" Tom tried to spin, but got really dizzy. "No, use IMAGINATION to spin!" "OK" Tom replied meekly. This time, Tom succeeded. "Good! Now go down and smash 15 skeleton miners for me!" With that, Tom, and Johnny, ran down to fight the skeletons. Tom started spinning and rammed into a clump of 5 miners, unleashing the tornado and smashing them all! "5 down, 10 to go!" Suddenly he saw a not-so-normal skeleton charging at him, Nuckal, overseer of the miners. Tom ducked out of the way as Nuckal embedded his axe in the ground. Suddenly Nuckal began to spin, knocking Tom back, and weakening his armor. "You have spinjitzu? That's not fair!" Tom rolled behind him and thwacked him with his staff, Nuckal turned around and started to spin again, but this time, Tom jumped out of the way. Then, he saw Johnny behind him, he came as a tornado of energy, hitting Nuckal hard and blasting him away, Tom ran towards Nuckal and started to spin, unleashing, and smashing Nuckal. Tom and Johnny ran back up to Sensei Wu. "Well done! You smashed Nuckal already! That's what I have my best students do, here, you can have the rest of the Ninja suit!" Tom took the suit, and put it on. "Wow..."

Chapter 25: The Return to Nexus TowerEdit

Tom, once again, decided to visit his home, Nexus Tower. He ran to the launch pad at Sentinel point Zeta, and blasted off. In space suddenly he saw something tall and slim, and purple, and glowing. On it was the faction emblem, Nexus Tower, had been infected. He looked to his left as four faction rockets sped by him, each with one of the leaders, they were headed to Nimbus Station. Tom rocketed downwards to wards to purple launch pad and landed. Nexus Naomi was no longer blue, but purple and black. "Hello" said Nexus Naomi, "my name is Maelstorm Maomi, and welcome to Maelstorm Tower". Tom drew his sword and smashed the console as Maelstorm Maomi's image flickered and disappeared. Tom ran down the hallway, to the Nexus Core. Luckily, the Nexus was not infected, Tom sighed with relief. But suddenly stromlings, thousands of stromlings ran though the door. 'Maybe this isn't as easy as I thought' Tom thought as he drew his sword once more.

Chapter 26: The Battle of Nexus TowerEdit

This was it. Tom charged at the hordes of Stromlings, slashing and smashing through them with the blade of his now purple sword. Suddenly he saw someone familiar, Nikolai Gammapulse, in his space ranger armor. Nikolai Gammapulse, also infected. A purple glow shone about him as the fired his ripple gun at Tom, Tom ducked just in time and slid to the side. He raised his shield and rammed into Nikolai, and then spun around and picked up Nikolai, and rammed him into the wall. Tom didn't want to kill Nikolai, he couldn't, he needed to get him uninfected. Suddenly, Tom had an idea. He grabbed Nikolai and dragged him towards to Nexus, but then he remembered, if Nikolai infected touched the Nexus the Nexus would corrupt! Then Tom remembered the obvious. He pulled out the imagination backpack Overbuild had given him. He filled it up and ran to Nikolai, and opened the nozzle. A circle of imagination spread out, and Nikolai got up, now blue again as normal. "What happened?" He asked. Tom explained all that had happened. "Oh, well we better go get Achilles, Achilles Plutarch." "He was probably infected" "Well, all the more reason to get him!" With that Nikolai pulled out his Energy Spork and ran back to the Sentinel battle training area. "What happened to the leaders" Nikolai asked. "They escaped, I saw 4 faction rockets when I came here." Nikolai breathed a sigh of relief. They came to the battle area and there, Achilles seemed to be organizing legions of stromlings. "Hello, Achilles, hands up or I shoot my Ripple Gun" Nikolai said. Achilles turned around abruptly. "No need to be alarmed." "Achilles stabbed at Nikolai with his shield, the stroke was good and caught Nikolai off guard. Luckily Nikolai's armor resisted the blow. Nikolai fired off his gun, but missed, and missed again. Time was running out. Achilles ran at him, and rammed into him with his shield, stunning Nikolai. Achilles raised his spear to kill. But instead of hearing a scream, he heard a snap. Achilles looked around in surprise. Standing there was Tom, with his sword drawn. Tom swung at Achilles but he blocked with his shield. Nikolai opened his eyes behind Achilles, but a stromling whacked him before he could strike. Nikolai turned on his jet pack and soared up into the air, firing at the stromling, killing it instantly. He ran to the booth and grabbed a Sentinel Super Soda, he ran up to Achilles and splashed it on his head, it dripped down into his mouth, and Achilles, was uninfected. Tom, after he had destroyed all the Stromlings once again had to tell the whole story. The rest of the battle wasn't hard, and continued smoothly. Soon all the venders were back to normal, and there were no more stromlings, even Nexus Naomi was back, and the Nexus was safe, well, not completely. Nexus Tower itself was still infected! It seemed harder then it was, they simply used imagination from the Nexus and the tower was restored. The faction leaders came back, and Duke Exter rewarded Tom with a few things, one, a badge, two, a Power-Jouster, and 3, a piece of land close to Nexus Tower!

Chapter 27: Baron Typhonus, and Tom's new jobEdit

Duke Exter paced the floor of the meeting area. "Baron Typhonus has moved to a new location, most probably the Giant Spider is with him." "Yes, he might be planning to strike" said Vanda. "Yes, he maybe be." "Well, then let's get him!" Tom said excitedly. "We can't, we don't know where he is, and he will strike." "Excuse me" Hael Storm interrupted- "But why don't we just look THERE" he said pointing a map next to him, on it, it was clearly visible that a large purple dot was moving in the direction of Nimbus Station. "So you mean-" Duke said- "Yes, Baron Typhonus is taking the spider to Nimbus Station." "But why would he want to go there?" Tom asked. "Nexus Tower is now the main area. "Tom" said Overbuild "New members of Nexus Force are everywhere in Nimbus Station, they must be protected, I will go to Nimbus Station." "And I" "And I" "I'll go" Tom looked around. "Well you wouldn't think of leaving me behind, would you?

Chapter 28: The Return to Nimbus StationEdit

The 4 men (and vanda!) flew down to the surface of Nimbus Station. Far of in the distance, they saw a large purple craft headed towards Nimbus Station. "Baron Typhonus" Vanda said. "My old master." "Now let's not get all sentimental, shall we?" Tom said. Vanda looked like she was going to draw one of her katanas any second now. "What was that again?" "Nothin'" said Tom meekly. The ship landed in Red Blocks, where an ongoing party was going on. The 5 ran down, and past many other people. Suddenly they heard a cry. "The Maelstorm is coming! The Maelstorm is coming!" Everyone stopped, and drew there weapons. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, there came Stromlings. Stromlings poored out onto the fields of Nimbus Station. There were more than Tom had ever seen! But nobody was looking at them. No, though there were so many, nobody was looking at them. But they were looking the two figures that led the army. One of them, a giant spider, the other, a man, he held a black gem scepter, and wore long black robes and a top hat, his face was that of a purple skull, and is voice was cold like ice. Baron Typhonus. Suddenly, the spider fired off an energy ball at Overbuild. He was thrown backwards, and before he could recover, the spider picked him up, and threw him to far away to help. "One down, three to go" said the cold voice that belonged to the Baron. The Baron charged forwards, swinging his scepter like a scythe, the 3 remaining faction leaders, who had not expected this, were forced to retreat. Hael Storm tried to shoot the Baron, but he too, was hurled away by the spider. Vanda slashed at the Baron with her katanans, the Baron didn't even bother block it. "Ooops" Vanda said. The sword, made out of Maelstorm could do no harm to pure Maelstorm. Vanda had not expected this, normally her swords would work perfectly. Baron Typhonus raised his staff and blasted her back with a ray of Maelstorm energy. She hit the ground hard, and was knocked out. The spider boss fired an energy ball at Duke, but he blocked it, he then was able to stap the spider boss, a wound, but not a fatal one. Before Duke could strike again, the Baron jumped into the air, and aimed a blow at him, and he felt no more. All 4 faction leaders had been knocked out with ease, who now had the power to withstand Baron Typhonus?

Chapter 29: The Final BattleEdit

Tom looked up... the faction leaders were the strongest minifigures of all... but they had been knocked out with ease... no one had the courage... nor the power to make a final stand. Tom looked up... he had to fulfill his destiny... be who he was born to be, do, what he was born to do. And he did it. He lowered is powerjouster... which glimmered with the blue glow of imagination... but if Baron Typhonus was not stopped... that blue glow might be purple. Tom charged... he stormed forward towards Baron Typhonus... but no minifigures followed him... Baron Typhonus turned briskly to this new foe. He slashed at him with his staff, Tom ducked... jumped backwards. The Baron held out his hand... and purple flame lashed out... sending Tom flying backwards, he hit and rock. In an instant Tom was up again, he hurled his lance at the spider boss... the spider reeled back in pain, then jumped forwards with its legs slashing, trying to kill Tom. Tom jumped backwards... one of the legs hit is powerjouster, the weapon was sent flying off to the left, he scutTtled towards it, only to find it snapped in half. Now, Tom searched desperately for another weapon... the faction leaders weapons were to far away, then suddenly, a few feet away from him he saw a sword... it glowed blue, brighter then any other weapon Tom had ever seen. He picked it up, and jumped at the black cloaked figure of Baron Typhonus. The weapon fell down, hard... and suddenly he heard a shatter... purple fragments... that shattered with the sound planets crashing together. Then it was gone... all was still. Suddenly all the minifigures around... who had been huddling in groups and hiding behind rocks and buildings charged out towards the spider... it too... was destroyed.

Before I finish this story, I will say quickly that I have returned to it after many months of inactivity. I am the origanal author, not some other person.

The EndingEdit

The Baron was finished, the spider was gone. Tom's story has ended, but many others will begin, for as long as there is imagination, there are minifigures, and as long as there are minifigures, there are stories, and a new story will begin.

Take those words literally, I'm back to writing.