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Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: Rubberfrog
Availability: The Secrets of the Oyfae can also be found here.
Author's Notes: After saving Sharp Island and imagination from the evil Baron Typhonus, the heroes have a new kind of threat. The Oyfae is back in a new adventure. The heroes have saved imagination once, they'll have to do it again, but it's a bigger threat this time. This may be the end of imagination. Forever. What will await them in Secrets of the Oyfae? They think they can beat it, but the farther they get, the more mysterious things they see in their future...and past. (I know this is early, but I was just excited!)

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Fermie gets captured by the Oyfae

Your Coming with us! And don't struggle, or we'll take your arms off!

Johnny Thunder was walking in Avant Gardens, trying to find some new stuff. There he found it. He found a Unicorn pet. What you have to build is a rainbow, which wasn't hard. He was walking back to Nexus Tower, excited to tell everyone what he discovered, when the ground below him just disappeared. He fell for about five seconds until he hit rock bottom. He looked around the surprisingly lit room and found other people, like Melodie Foxtrot, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle, and even Brick Fury. No one knew who trapped them.

Chapter 1Edit

"I am SO bored!" Wafflnator complained to Troy.

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"Name some suggestions?"

It had been seven months since their battle at Sharp Island.

"How about visiting Sharp Island with me?" Rubberfrog said as he passed by. "That's where I'm going!"

"But Rubber, the launch pad is banned," Troy said. "...Wait. Have you been going over there the WHOLE TIME?!"

Rubberfrog nodded. "I just want to see how the Lunar Tribe is doing."

"Frog, this is something we need to tell the Nexus Council. You shouldn't be doing that!" Wafflnator said.

"They'll just believe me! How could we leave the Lunar Tribe there all alone?" Rubber asked.

"They have done well before," Troy argued.

"Well, I'm still going!" Rubber angrily spoke. He ran toward Red Blocks where the Sharp Island launch pad was.

"Should we still tell the Nexus Council?" Wafflnator asked.

Rubberfrog didn't take into account that Johnny Thunder wasn't in his usual concert place, trying to get the ladies to like him. He blasted off to Sharp Island.

When he landed, he saw many minifigures taking pictures and walking around like detectives. Why?

Most of the palm trees weren't there and the rest of them were charred black. Sharp Island had been destroyed.

Chapter 2Edit

"RedNerdKnight and JetSpark, I have a task for you," Dr. Overbuild said to them.

"Ok. What is it?"

"It seems that our important NPC's are vanishing. No one knows how, but without them, our recruits will not be able to get badges or get a rank up."

"So you want to find out what happened to them?" Red said excitedly

"No. I need you to make a super non-faction drink that refills everything by at least 15 for the people who will investigate this."

Jet sighed and said, "Ok, Red. We'd better get started."

Chapter 3Edit

Troy shouted as she walked Nexus Tower.

"I'm right here. You don't have to yell," Duke Exeter said.

"Rubberfrog has been going to Sharp Island frequent times," Wafflnator said. "The launch pad is banned!"

Exeter's mouth turned into a frown. "He won't find much there. We just discovered that Sharp Island had been destroyed."

"By who?"

"We have no idea."

Chapter 4Edit

CoolCash was now greeting new recruits, telling them how to get used to their action bar. A minifigure named Protector, a full rank three sentinel, came up and talked to him.

"Duke told me to tell you that the Lunar Tribe is coming here to stay for a while," Protector said.


"Because Sharp Island had been totally destroyed."

CoolCash couldn't take this in. That's where all his adventures started. At Sharp Island.

Chapter 5Edit

"I am so sorry for hosting this meeting on such short notice," Nexus Jay said. They were in a Nexus Council meeting, but only Darkflame, Haelstorm, Bob, and Xenfare showed up.

"So what is this about?" Darkflame asked.

"Elite minifigures like Brick Fury and Johnny Thunder are disappearing, and I fear that this is tied in with the Sharp Island destruction."

"Whoa whoa wait..." Xenfare inturrupted. "How come I'm the last to hear about all of this? Sharp Island is destroyed? What?"

Chapter 6Edit

GoodEnough and ZacTimez were together, battling dragons in Crux Prime.

"It's great you can come and battle with me, Zac," Good said.

"Hey, no problem!"

After smashing about four more dragons, Zac said, "Hey, I got some items to sell to Hemlich Stewblaster. I'll be back in a minute."

"Alright," Good said.

When Zac walked into the rocky rift to find the wandering chef, he wasn't anywhere. The chef was missing.

Chapter 7Edit

P.M. rushed to Vanda Darkflame, another excitement to tell her how he discovered why Stromlings care about their hair.

"I'm sorry, P.M." Darkflame said. "Everyone gets a week off with pay. Our NPC's are disappearing and Sharp Island is destroyed. Everyone may want to just cool down a little."

P.M. already knew about Sharp Island, be he had absolutely no idea that NPC's were missing...

Chapter 8Edit

"What happened here?" Rubberfrog frantically asked a photographer named Starbit.

"No one has any idea. All we know is that it happened about a week ago," Starbit said, worried. "You might want to see the Lunar Tribe. They've been worrying about you since Sharp Island was destroyed. They also have something...very unfortunate to tell you..."

"Oh no..." Rubberfrog thought. He rushed over to the center of the destroyed island.

"Ok, Rubberfrog. Before you jump to any conclusions about my form right now, please consider that it wasn't who you thought it was," Tunip's voice echoed.

"What? Where are you?"

A ghostly figure separated from Rubberfrog. It was Tunip's ghost.

"Rubberfrog!" It was the Lunar Tribe chief. Princess Tunip quickly reacted and turned into Rubber's shadow. "I am very glad to see you're ok."

"Thanks," Rubber replied. "I'm sorry this happened."

"Well, it's not your fault," The chief said. "In fact, I don't even think it was the Maelstrom."

"Then who-"

"The Solar Tribe," The chief interrupted angrily.

"Well, anyways, Princess Tunip has been kidnapped again. Most likely by our enemy, the Solar Tribe."

Rubberfrog looked at his shadow. "Then how-"

"Tunip's soul escaped her body and her soul cannot be seen by anyone but you. The soul can do lots of stuff. Like go into it's guide-which is you-and control it, turn into it's guide's shadow, etc."

"Wait, so Tunip can control me?"

"This makes no sense!" Rubberfrog complained. "Tunip can control me? What do you mean when you say that I'm her guide?"

"You need to protect her soul from the people who kidnapped her."

"Then where-"

"Rubberfrog! Stop it!" Tunip's shadow form said. "Just do what he says!"

"You need to take her to the farest reaches of the universe," the Lunar Tribe Chief said.

"Remember, Rubberfrog," the Lunar Tribe chief said. "Tunip's soul cannot be seen by ANYONE! Not even me! There are many soulhunters out in the universe. You need to be careful."

Rubberfrog left, very confused of what just happened. "That was wierd."

"Yeah, I know," Tunip said. Rubberfrog was startled and jumped. Tunip giggled and turned into her ghost form. "My body should be somewhere way farther than Nexus Tower."

"Aw, great."

Chapter 9Edit

"Troy, Xenfare, ZacTimez, and CoolCash will go look for the missing NPC's," Bob said. "If they haven't found them by next week, we will send another group."

"So what about Sharp Island?" Troy asked.

"Duke Exeter is going to investigate that. Maybe your friend, Rubberfrog, is the reason it's destroyed. I highly doubt it, but it's possible."

"What? Rubberfrog might be the reason Sharp Island is destroyed?"

"We believe so. The Maelstrom must be trying to destroy each and every one of us. They tracked Rubberfrog to Sharp Island, and destroyed it while he wasn't there," Bob said.

"No, I don't believe that is the reason," ZacTimez said.

"Oh well. Enough arguing. Duke Exeter is going to interrogate Rubberfrog. You guys need to go find the missing NPCs," Bob said.

Troy, CoolCash, Xenfare, and ZacTimez left to find everyone missing.

Chapter 10Edit

RedNerdKnight and JetSpark were working frantically on their non-faction drink when a minifigure, SpaceRangerX (or just Space), came by.

"Hey guys. What are you working on?" Space asked.

"A non-faction drink that refills 15 of everything," JetSpark said.

"Oh, good! Then you can beat my rival! He's trying to make a consumable himself, and I don't trust him with it."

JetSpark and Red looked at each other confused.

"Thing is," Jet started, "we don't make things for competition. We make things because we're Assembly and Dr. Overbuild has told us to."

"What is he trying to make?" Red asked.

"I don't know. Some kind of thing..."

"Some kind of thing, eh?"


"We'll just build what we're building and see if it's better than your rival's," Jet said.

"Ok, thanks!" Space left.

"I don't even know why he came to us..." Red said.

"I don't know, but I think he may be important in this story," Jet said.

"Hey! Don't break the fourth wall!"

Chapter 11Edit

CoolCash was telling a minifigure, BerserkFusionDude, what the best strategy to battling Butterscorch was when Protector came again.

"Um, CoolCash. You have some visitors, and they are not the Lunar Tribe," Protector said.

"That's right," The Solar Tribe Chief said.

The Lunar Tribe's greatest enemy had come. The Solar Tribe.

"So what are you doing here?" CoolCash asked politely.

"We need a guide for our princess, Norella. We believe someone is after her, but we cannot determine who it is," the chief said.

"So who do you have in mind?"

The Chief thought for a moment, then pointed at BerserkFusionDude, and said, "He looks like a strong man."

Berserk was confused. All this just happened so quickly. He agreed, hoping that he could go on the adventure he always wanted.

"Thank you," the chief said. "There is something after our princess and the Lunar Tribe princess. I'm sure you'll be much useful than the Lunar Tribe's princess guide. We heard all about it already and it's been just an hour!

"Who's the Lunar Tribe princess guide?" Protector asked.

"I think it was Rubberfrog."

Chapter 12Edit

"Rubberfrog!" Duke Exeter shouted. "You've been going to Sharp Island?"

"Um...nooooooo," Rubber replied.

"You know you're not supposed to go there!"

"I know, but I'm kinda in a hurry," Rubber said. "So, I'm just going to" He knew he couldn't blow it by letting Duke Exeter see Princess Tunip's soul.

"Are you hiding something?"

"Absolutely not!" Rubberfrog said. "Why would you think I'm hiding something?"

"I don't know. You're just acting...strange," Duke Exeter said. "Well, I can't talk to you all day about this. I need to go take a good look at Sharp Island."

When Duke Exeter left, Tunip made Rubberfrog punch himself.

"Don't make it too obvious that you're hiding me! Now he can never look at you the same!" Tunip yelled from inside Rubber's mind.

Rubberfrog ran right for the Nexus Tower, hoping he didn't think Duke Exeter thought that he was beginning to lose it.

"Hopefully we can find some info on how to get to the end of the universe here at Nexus Tower," Tunip's voice echoed.

Chapter 13Edit

"That was weird..." CoolCash said.

"What?" Troy asked.

"I was just in two places at once. I was here listening to Bob telling us to find missing NPC's, and I was in Avant Gardens, talking to the Solar Tribe."

"I guess some people really are magically amazing..." Xenfare said.

"Whatever. Let's just go find those missing NPC's."

They went to Gnarled Forest when they saw Fermie Laboosh walking along. {C {C {C Troy held her arm up in motion to stop. Everyone hid to go spy on Fermie. Hopefully something will happen.

After thirty minutes of spying, something unexpected happened.

Fermie was captured by two ordinary looking minifigures. They put a cloth around her mouth to keep her from screaming.

"You're coming with us. No hesitations, or we'll take off your arms," one minifigure said.

Fermie was taken away as the spying minifigures followed cautiously after them.

Chapter 14Edit

After SpaceRangerX had left. Red started panicking.

"We need to be better than those guys! Let's step it up a notch!" Red said.

"Dude, we're doing this for Overbuild, remember?"

"I want to show him how good of workers we are to him!"

After another ingredient, they tested it out on a mouse. They recorded it's stats and saw it went up by fifteen.

"Well, that was unbelievably quick. Let's go tell Overbuild!" Jet said.

"I hope we win!" Red said.

Chapter 15Edit

P.M., GoodEnough, and Wafflnator rushed to Sharp Island, determined to see if they can find any clues to who may have destroyed it. Sure enough, minifigures were taking pictures and talking to each other about this.

"It is lucky that no minifigure was allowed here," Starbit said. "The only one affected was the Lunar Tribe. No one was injured, but there is believe to be a kidnapping."

"Excuse me," Wafflnator said. "But who was kidnapped?"

"Some princess or something. They didn't really say much," Starbit said.

It was now nighttime and the sky was starry and shiny. "I feel extremely powerful right now, but I don't know why," Starbit said.

"That's your answer," Wafflnator said. He pointed at the sky. "I study strengths and weaknesses when people choose a certain name."

Starbit looked up and his eyes beheld a meteor shower.

Chapter 16Edit

Berserk watched the meteor shower from Avant Gardens. He was thinking critically to himself.

"I have no idea what I just got into. It's not like they gave me a choice! I didn't want to reject and cause total embarrassment to everyone!"

One meteor in particular came charging right at Avant Gardens, right at Berserk.

Berserk ran as fast as he could away from the meteor. It landed right next to him, making a big gaping hole in the monument.

"Ah, what are you doing?" Rusty Steele asked.

"Rusty! I'm glad you're not missing!" Berserk said.

"Yeah, the kidnappers don't know what to do with all of my muscle."

Berserk went to go check out the meteor ruins.

"Uuuuh," a voice said. Berserk looked into the wreckage and a minifigure emerged. He was wearing a name tag saying "Hello, my name is EmporerFred."

"I'm fine!" Fred said. "Don't worry about me!"

Chapter 17Edit

"Rubberfrog! Look! Up in the sky!" Tunip yelled.

Rubberfrog looked up at the meteor shower. "Hm. Nice."

"It's beautiful! Not just nice!"

"Then I guess we can watch it as we fly right through the universe in a rocket!"

"So what's with you and the Solar Tribe? Who is the Solar Tribe?" Rubberfrog asked.

Tunip sighed, "They're the rival tribe of our people. We have had a feud with them since 'who knows when?'"

"So how did it all start?"

"I don't remember when, but I remember how. Our leader, Monty, became leaders with his best friend, Capulo. They had a fight and split the tribe in two. Now we are known as the Solar and Lunar Tribes."

Chapter 18Edit

Xenfare, Troy, ZacTimez, and CoolCash followed the two demanding minifigures and their prisoner. They walked into the deep forest, where barely any light shows through.

Not only could they see much, but there were many poisonous LEGO bugs crawling around. They hesitated to go on.

They reluctantly followed them until they suddenly disappeared.

"Where did they-" Troy asked right before she crashed into an invisible wall.

She knew what this meant. Her eyes were wider than they possibly can go.

Chapter 19Edit

"Overbuild! We did it!" Jet said, rushing to him with the potion.

"That's great guys, but two other people who work for me in another division just made a potion that slowly refills twenty of everything," Overbuild said.

"Yes, but that's slowly," RNK (Red) protested. "This refills it on the spot."

"I'm sorry guys, but I'm going to have to take the twenty of everything potion."

"But you asked us to make a potion like this!" Jet added.

"Because I knew you can do it. I was testing your skills," Overbuild said. "We want you two to go into Sharp Island when it's totally abandoned. We believe something will happen."

RNK and Jet agreed.

"You two will have another partner. His name is SpaceRangerX. He will be your fighter if anything happens."

Chapter 20Edit

A large meteor crashed into the Avant Gardens monument, as they could see from Sharp Island. A large, but smaller meteor was hurling right at Sharp Island. With a boosted speed from the wreckage, there would be no way they could survive the collision.

Starbit jumped. He jumped right into space. Right between Sharp Island and Avant Gardens. He collided with the meteor, but it didn't hurt him. Instead, he hurled it the other direction, right at the Maelstrom vortex.

It exploded on impact with the Maelstrom vortex. Little pieces flew everywhere, like a mini Crux explosion. The carefully watched the explosion as StarBit came back down.

They carefully examined three little falling rocks with a neon color. Red, Green, and Purple. One landed in Avant Gardens, the other two landed in different worlds they hadn't explored yet.

Chapter 21Edit

Two Maelstrom infected rocks fell right next to Wafflnator. It released a beam that scanned him, and the rock morphed into Wafflnator.

It was what Wafflnator had feared and what he thought the Maelstrom wanted. Evil Wafflnator clones. There were two of them.

Chapter 22Edit

"Dude, Fred! Are you ok?" Berserk said. "That has really got to-" A small red crystal collided right into Berserk's head, knocking him unconscious.

When he woke up, the red crystal was in his hand, and he was surrounded by Protector, The Solar Tribe, and Fred.

Chapter 23Edit

Berserk looked at the Red Crystal in his hand. "What is this thing? It has sort of an...alive feeling to it."

The Solar Chief thought for a moment, then said, "Smash a stromling with your bare hands."

Berserk looked over across the camp and made his way over to the stromlings. He punched one with the red crystal in his hand, and a jet of flames burst out of his hand, causing damage to the other stromlings around it.

The red crystal then dissolved into his hand.

A little picture of a flame lit up on the back of his hand. He smashed another stromling. A burst of fire escaped from his fist, causing destruction on the Maelstrom.

"You have fire powers now. That red crystal gave it to you," Protector said.

The Solar Chief was laughing happily now. "Let's see if that Lunar Princess guide can do that! Ha!"

"Excuse me, but why do you hate the Lunar Tribe so much?" Protector asked.

"Long ago," The Chief said, "the Lunar and Solar tribes were actually one, you see. The Lunar Leader, Monty, states that they have more people who are more powerful during the night. The Solar leader, Capulo, states that he had more. They had the biggest fight ever and now we are separated. They live on Sharp Island, we live on Bitter Volcano."

"Isn't Bitter Volcano just a bigger volcano than the one on Sharp Island?" Fred asked.

"Yes, it is. They have more land, we have more heat. It's fair, in my opinion," Princess Norella said.

Chapter 24Edit

Rubberfrog climbed into his rocket, aiming the nose cone right at Nexus Tower, and launched. Things were going smoothly for the first two minutes, until a meteor hit the rocket and took them off course. {C {C {C {C The last thing they saw was a giant clock before they crashed and became unconscious.

When Rubberfrog woke up, his shadow turned into Tunip's silhouette. She said, "Where are we?"

He looked around himself, finding massive gears and cogs. The whole thing they were in was clockwork.

"Rubberfrog! What's that?" Tunip said in Rubber's mind.

Rubberfrog looked over and noticed many minifigures standing on a conveyor belt and letting the machine take them along. He also noticed a small, light blue crystal...which was about to be crushed by a smashing cog.

He dived over and saved the crystal a few seconds before it was non-existent.

"I wonder what this does," Rubberfrog thought. He sighed a sigh of relief because he saved something that looked valuable. His sigh was surprisingly chilly.

Rubberfrog looked at the back of his right hand. A little glowing picture of a snowflake faded in. "Hm..."

"Hey! What in the Universe are you doing here?" A minifigure yelled from across the clockwork.

"I crash landed here! Do you know where I am? Who are you?" Rubberfrog asked.

"I crashed here too. I think you're in the famous clock, Big Bob, and my name is SmartFlyingWarrior."

"Do you know what those are?" Rubberfrog said. He pointed at all the minifigures on a conveyor belt.

"I think those are clones!" Smart suggested. "Clones of a minifigure you may know! It's operated by the Maelstrom!" He was yelling across the whole clockwork.

"Who is it?"

"I hacked into the machine and it said they were Wafflnator clones!"

Chapter 25Edit

"No! This isn't possible!" Troy yelled as she banged her head against a tree. "We need to go back and tell Overbuild we need good consumables, reality pears, and-"

CoolCash grabbed Troy by her shoulders and said, "Troy! Calm down! Remember how easy they were to defeat last time? We'll just do what you, JetSpark, Tunip, and Rubberfrog did!"

Troy sighed, "Fine. We'll go in there. Just remember, the Oyfae is stronger than you think. Remember to conquer your hallucinations." She passed down the words that the Lunar Tribe chief said in their first adventure.

"We will. Do you remember where the cells are?" Xenfare asked.

"Vaguely. They might have changed it, though, since we intruded."

They found the entrance to the HQ and walked in. Normal minifigures at desks, typing at computers. Normal minifigures handing papers to other minifigures. But these weren't normal minifigures. These were Oyfae.

They took another step when all the minifigures suddenly looked at the quad with red, glowing eyes, yelling, "Intruders!"

The Oyfae quickly ex-sponged the four minifigures back to Gnarled Forest.

Chapter 26Edit

"Must destroy Wafflnator and friends!" The two clones were saying. "Must retrieve the eight elemental crystals!"

"Eight? I only saw three!" Starbit said.

"None of that matters now! We just need to smash these clones!" GoodEnough said.

They attacked each other at the same time.

The clones weren't hard to defeat. With a few punches, they were smashed.

"Ok, we need to leave and save those crystals from whatever is hunting them down!" Starbit said.

"I believe you can sense where they are with your name power," Wafflnator said.

They flew away from Sharp Island in search of the elemental crystals.

Chapter 27Edit

Red, Jet, and Space arrived at Sharp Island after being assigned from Overbuild and greeting Wafflnator, Starbit, and Good.

It was still night time, everyone was gone. They all just stood there with the potion they created. Just watching...and waiting.

They had almost waited all night and nothing had happened. The golden sun peered over the horizon.

"Aww, it's morning already!" RNK said. "I've never stayed up this long before! What if I fall asleep now and something happens? And something always happens when I'm not there! Defeating the Spider Boss, Escaping the Oyfae, Fighting the Darkitect!"

He was inturrupted by all the rocks starting to jump like an earthquake.

Chapter 28Edit

Berserk spent the whole night practicing his fire powers and getting the hang of it. It was pretty hard to control, but does over 6 damage each blast.

"Hm. Pretty good!" EmporerFred said as he was watching Berserk practice.

"Alright, Berserk," the Solar chief said. "Are you leaving today to guide Norella to the end of the universe?"

"Yes. I am ready."

"But what about Protector and EmporerFred?" Berserk asked. "What will they do?"

"You friend them, and private chat them whenever you need a hand," the chief said. "They will come to help. But for now, I will tell them to watch over the rest of our people so...they...won't come."

"Who's they?"

"...The Oyfae!"

"Who is the Oyfae?" Protector asked. "I vaguely remember the name, but what is it?"

The Solar chief sighed. "They Oyfae is a mysterious group. It was formed when the light and darkness of this world combined to make shadow, which the Oyfae is. If you encounter these people, you'll be in for it. Hallucinations, horrible memories from your past, false visions of your future, and the rest."

"So what do they have to do with you?"

"They have always tried to make the Solar Tribe fall."

They quickly changed the subject. Hearing about the Oyfae was giving them goosebumps.

"Well, I guess I'd better be escorting Princess Norella to the end of the universe. The Oyfae, or whoever is after her, won't find her there?"

"I believe not," the chief said. "Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it."

Berserk and Norella left Avant Gardens to reach the end of the universe.

Chapter 29Edit

"The Maelstrom is making Wafflnator clones?" Tunip silently asked Rubber. "Explains that they really want Wafflnator on their team."

"I need your help," Smart said. "I'm going to glitch the machine and try to stop it. You stay here and slow down the clockwork."

And with that, Smart was off to go mess up the machine, leaving Rubberfrog alone.

Rubberfrog remembered his breath of ice and the snowflake emblem on his hand. He got a crazy idea, but didn't hesitate to try it.

He jumped up and slammed his feet and one hand back to the ground, causing all the gears to be encased in a thick coat of ice. The conveyor belt was still moving, carrying Wafflnator clones along.

Smart came back saying, "That was amazing! Truly spectacular!" He was shivering, however. "Did I stop it?"

"No, I'm afraid not."

"Do you know how to get off of Big Bob?" Rubberfrog asked. "I need to get to the end of the universe for a reunion with a friend." He knew he couldn't tell a single minifigure that he was hiding Tunip's soul.

"Yeah. I built a giant slingshot at the top of the clock. I came back down because I saw you crash here," Smart said.

"Sweet! Let's go up there!"

"It's going to be a tough challenge with all this ice," Smart said.

Chapter 30Edit

"Alright..." ZacTimez said, out of breath. "We...we know where the Oyfae is...Now how do we beat it?..."

"I have no idea," Xenfare said. "Troy, any ideas?"

"I'm clueless too. I also fear that this is only the beginning of this brand new adventure."

"Well, I guess that's it." ZacTimez said. "Since they had intruders twice in the same year probably means that they're going to relocate their HQ."

"Most likely," CoolCash said.

"We need to go back and tell the Nexus Council that we know who and what took the missing NPC's. They'll put their best men into the case," Xenfare said.

They launched off to Nimbus Station, then to Nexus Tower to tell the first Nexus Council member they could find.

Chapter 31Edit

The rocks jumped higher and higher. They looked behind them and found hundreds of minifigures who looked just like Wafflnator.

"Must destroy anyone who defies the Oyfae! Must retrieve the eight elemental crystals."

"What?" JetSpark said, knowing it was too much for his ears. "They Oyfae is back?" He remembers being captured by them the first time, but he wasn't going to do it again.

He charged into the cluster of clones alone.

He equipped his Summoner Shoulderpads and summoned a giant blue scratch to do all the work for him.

Scratching and Clawing their way to victory, there was one clone in particular who was smarter than the rest. He backed off while the Scratch was doing it's work.

When the Scratch ended, RNK and Space came in to help, but the clone raised up his hand. It seemed like he was out of breath. "P-please D-D-don't," the clone said, right before he collapsed to the ground.

JetSpark took a good look at the unconscious clone. He was different than all the other clones. All the clones had yellow heads and hands with gray pants and shirts. This clone had a more orange face and hands, with black pants and a shirt.

"Guys, I don't think this one is a Wafflnator clone," JetSpark said.

"Well, in that case, we'd better give him a lift to the Nexus Hospital," Space said.

Chapter 32Edit

Lucky for Wafflnator, GoodEnough, and Starbit, they encountered Duke Exeter making his way back from Sharp Island to the Nexus Tower. They ran up to him saying, "Duke! Duke! What do you know about the elemental crystals?!"

"Uh...What?" Duke asked.

"The Elemental Crystals," GoodEnough said. "Have you ever heard of them?"

"No, I believe not," Duke said. "Sorry, guys."

Duke left to Nexus Tower, leaving them alone in Nimbus Station, when Berserk and Norella came along.

"Hi Berserk!" Wafflnator said. "Who's this?"

"This is Princess Norella, the princess of the Solar Tribe," Berserk answered. "I'm supposed to be her guide to the end of the universe."

"Nice to meetcha!" Starbit said. "...Berserk, perhaps you know something about the elemental crystals."

"You mean this?" Berserk showed them the glowing red emblem of the flame on the back of his right hand.

Chapter 33Edit

"It looks like you just colored it with a marker," Wafflnator said. "But good artistic abilities!"

Berserk rolled his eyes and punched the thin air away from them. A jet a flame erupted from his fist and crashed, making a little flare, then gone.

Berserk looked back at Starbit, Good, and Wafflnator, all with mouths open wide.

Berserk and Norella explained everything that happened.

"Yes, those were the elemental crystals!" Starbit said. "We saw the red one fall to Avant Gardens."

"So that's what it does," GoodEnough wondered. "I wonder if I could get me one of those..."

They all launched off to Nexus Tower, then the Solar Guide and the Bits of Stars took their separate ways.

Chapter 34Edit

"WHO INTERRUPTS WHILE I'M EATING MY FRIES?" a mysterious minifigure shouted.

The door to the darkened room opened slowly and a shy minifigure crawled inside. "It's about...the tribal princesses and the elemental crystals."

"What about them?"

"Well, they've fallen into other people's matters. They're no longer our burden."

"WHAT?! They weren't our burden! Them slipping out of our grasp was a burden!"

"I'm sorry. I won't speak falsely again," the scared minifigure trembled.

"No. You won't." the evil minifig said, right before they smashed the cowering fig.

"I suppose that this is the work of Nexus..." the minifigure ate the last fry. "Ugh...I suppose that I'll have to go after them myself. At least the NPC's are still missing from them."

The minifigure was Oyfae. They stepped into the light coming from the window and a head with long, curly hair appeared.

"I'll send my top men after the elemental crystals. I will get my Maelstrom cousin to help me with the Lunar and Solar tribes."

She teleported out of the room to seek her Maelstrom cousin.

Chapter 35Edit

"Can you unfreeze this?" Smart asked.

Rubberfrog tried everything he can to unfreeze the ice, but that wasn't his power. "I guess I can't. Sorry."

They started climbing up the large gears, when Smart spotted someone minding the machine. He was pacing to and fro, with a purple aura around him.

"One word," Tunip said in Rubber's mind. "Maelstrom."

Rubber successfully climbed up the clock without much effort, helping Smart along the way. They were still inside, next to the elevator that would take them to the roof where the giant slingshot was.

Smart looked down at the Maelstrom. "Hey! Who are you?"

The Maelstrom looked up, then jumped away very quickly. In a flash, he was gone.

"That didn't look like a normal stromling. He kind of had that Darkitect resemblance," Rubberfrog told Smart.

Smart and Rubber rode up the elevator, side by side, instrumental music playing of famous orchestra "The Creative Spark".

The elevator doors opened up and a lady with black, bushy hair said, "Hello. Thank you for bringing the elevator up here!"

"Who are you?" Rubberfrog asked.

She was about to say something, until she noticed the snowflake emblem on Rubber's hand. Her eyes glowed red and she said, "You are the Icicle Master! Not only that, but you're hiding something valuable!"

Tunip screamed in Rubber's mind, "Soulsnatcher!"

Rubberfrog's eyes were wide.

"WHERE IS HER SOUL?!" she yelled.

Smart was already out of the elevator, looking at the situation, which was perfect for Rubber's plan.

Rubber quickly crawled faster than the speed of sound out of the elevator, pushed the Oyfae in, and pressed all the elevator buttons down.

"No! Wait! That is so not fair! Now I have to go to ALL THE FLOORS!" screamed the Oyfae as the elevator closed.

Rubber and Smart walked to the slingshot, Smart trying to understand what that whole thing was about.

Chapter 36Edit

"Vanda Darkflame! Thank goodness!" ZacTimez said. "The Oyfae! Fermie! Gnarled Forest! Glowing red eyes! GAAAAH!"

Vanda stood there, confused. "All I heard was the Oyfae, Fermie, Gnarled Forest, and something about glowing eyes. Perhaps you need more sleep."

"No!" Xenfare said. "The Oyfae has captured Fermie Laboosh, so we followed them in Gnarled Forest, and when we found the HQ, they looked at us with glowing red eyes saying, 'Intruders!'"

Vanda looked shocked. She ran off to tell everyone else as fast as she can.

About an hour later, Vanda came back with four boxes which looked pretty heavy.

"What are those?" Troy asked.

"These are Brick Fury gear. You've seen him, right? Big, Powerful, y'know."

"So this gear will make us as powerful as Brick Fury?" Xenfare asked, excited.

"Of course!"

"Don't put them on yet," Vanda said. "We need to gather up all the Sharp Island heroes here."

"To warn them about the Oyfae?" Troy asked.

"Yes," Vanda said. She turned to a certain mythran walking by. "Can you send a message to all the Sharp Island heroes telling them to come to Nexus Tower immediately?"

"Yeah," the mythran said. He sent a mythran message to all the people in the last story.

Chapter 37Edit

RNK, Space, and JetSpark sat next to the hospital bed where the non-clone slept.

"Wait," RNK said. "I just got a message from the mythrans."

"Me too," Space said.

"Jetspark?" Starbit asked.

"We need to get to Nexus Tower pronto," RNK said.

Chapter 38Edit

Wafflnator and GoodEnough both got mythran messages, and said that they will meet Starbit in the lobby of Nexus Tower once they're done with the meeting.

Chapter 39Edit

Rubberfrog and Smart were preparing the slingshot when Rubber got the mythran message.

"Are you aiming for Nexus Tower, then?"

Rubberfrog thought, then said, "No. I can't, that Oyfae knows who I am. The Nexus Tower is the worst place to hide, it's the first place she'll look! Aim for...that place."

Chapter 40Edit

"CoolCash, would you please tell everyone what's been happening?" Vanda asked.

CoolCash stood up, cleared his throat, and said, "I don't want to alarm all of you, but the Oyfae is back."

There were certain mutters and silent conversations between Xenfare, Haelstorm, and Bob.

"To take extra precautions so we won't get captured, we-"

"Wait!" Duke Exeter inturrupted. "Where is Rubberfrog? He's been acting strange lately!"

"Last time I saw him," Starbit said. "He was on Sharp Island looking around at the devastation."

"And last time I saw him," Duke added. "He was coming back from Sharp Island, kind of in a hurry."

"We need him here!" Overbuild said. "If he's acting strange, he probably ignored the mythran message!" He got an idea. "Rubberfrog's certainly not a criminal, but I feel it necessary to put up wanted signs for him."

Another hour went on, talking about how to avoid or defeat the Oyfae, eating meatball subs for lunch while they were at it.

"Meeting ajourned," CoolCash said. "Now if you'll excuse me, Troy, Xenfare, and ZacTimez, we have some Brick Fury!"

"JetSpark and I had better go," RNK said.

"Oh! I forgot to ask you," Overbuild said. "Anything happen?"

RNK told him the whole story of the clones and the non-clone. "So we need to get back to the Nexus Hospital to make sure that he's on our side."

"Well, we'd better get going too," GoodEnough said. "We're meeting Starbit in the...wait."

"What?" Wafflnator asked.

"Starbit was here the whole time!"

"Yeah, I was the photographer for the destroyed Sharp Island. They let me in."

"Oh, well. Let's just go," Wafflnator said.

Chapter 41Edit

"This place..." Norella said. "It's so big!"

"Better believe it..." Berserk said. "Now if I'm not mistaken, we can get a map from Honor Accolades."

They walked up to the vendor and said, "Hello, Honor! We're gonna need a map!"

"Of course! What kind of map do you need?"

"One showing the whole universe, please."

Honor, who was reaching for the maps on the top shelf, fumbled and all the maps fell on top of him. "The whole universe? The WHOLE universe?"

"Why do you need a map of the entire universe?" Honor Accolades asked. "Planning on a super far away job, or getaway, or whatever?"

"It's a favor. The Solar Tribe needs me to guide their princess to the end of the universe where she can find refuge."

Honor looked at him, confused. "Come with me. I have a special map that will help you."

Berserk and Norella followed the jolly minifigure. "I'm taking you to the back room where no one is allowed except myself and my employees."

He stopped in a room lined up with shelves on every side. He turned left, then grabbed a book like item on the top shelf. He gave it to Berserk.

Berserk opened it up. It wasn't a normal book. It only had one page. But that one page was electrical. It had a screen, a sound emitter, a microphone, and a camera.

"It's like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if you've ever read that," Honor said.

"Test it out," Honor said. "Say 'universe map'."

Berserk said, "Universe Map," to the book.

It beeped a couple times, then the screen popped up with a map of the entire universe.

"It's an encyclopedia. Just say anything to it like Nexus or Maelstrom...or any creature at all and it will explain it for you!" Honor said.

Berserk and Norella thanked Honor and went on their way.

Chapter 42Edit

"Wait. So what are we doing here again?" Protector asked in Avant Gardens.

"We're protecting the Solar Tribe from any threats," EmporerFred answered.

"But...will they get any?"

The ground started rumbling uncontrollably. "I-I T-T-Think th-that a-a-answered y-y-y-your q-question!" EmporerFred vibrated.

"Earthquake!" Fred yelled! Everyone rushed to the open plains, hoping they won't be crushed by anything.

The earthquake abruptly stopped. "That was strange..." Protector said.

The Sentinel camp was destroyed. The Paradox research center was in ruins. "You know, I think that is the worst that can happen," Protector said.

The Solar chief thought for a while, then said, "You're right. You guys should just go help Berserk and Norella."

Protector and EmporerFred gave the Solar Tribe chief some money to buy weapons for the tribe.

Once that happened, they both left.

Chapter 43Edit

The Oyfae was not happy. Not happy at all. She stood there, watching the doors open, close, then descend over and over again.

When it got to the floor she wanted, she walked out and yelled, "Zapple! Cousin! Where are you?"

A Maelstrom minifigure stood up behind a piece of machinery. "Evala? Is that you?"

"Better believe it, Zap!" she responded. "What's all this?" She looked at the clone making machine.

"This is my clone machine," Zapple said.

"What does it do?"

"Really, Evala? It makes clones! I already programmed it so the clones are Oyfae instead of Maelstrom. Right now, some are out trying to gather the elemental crystals."

Evala's eyes flickered. "You know, I'm only a few years younger than you and around my 14 years. I'm trying to get the elemental crystals myself, but it seems something else popped up. Do you think you can leave this junk and search in person, for I am too young to do two things at once."

Zapple thought. Then said, "Sure..."

Evala smirked. "For the Darkitect's son, you sure are agreeable."

Zapple glared at her. "Don't mention my father near me! I can't handle it!"

"Right..." Evala rolled her eyes. "Being banished for 'uselessness' and all."

"I told you to not mention anything about it!"

"You go after the elemental crystals, I'll go after what I've been after."

"Sure...not like I had anything better to do..."

They took the elevator back up.

"What was that all about?" Smart asked. "Where is who's soul?"

"I'd rather you didn't ask," Rubberfrog said. "It's a personal thing."

"Icicle Master? She means the ice powers, right?"

"Most likely." Rubberfrog looked at the elevator and saw the up arrow glowing yellow. "We'd better hurry. She's coming back up."

Smart stretched the slingshot back, then they both leaned their backs against the rubber. Smart pulled a string and they went flying to the targeted world they aimed for.

There they had face-planted the ground when they landed. Neither Rubberfrog nor Smart knew where they were.

"Rubber, look at the tree!" Tunip said in his mind.

A wanted poster of Rubberfrog was taped there by the Nexus.

"WHAT?!" Rubberfrog couldn't believe it.

"Dude, don't worry. I'm not gonna report you to the Nexus," Smart said. He looked at the reward. 100,000 coins. "Isn't worth it."

"Look! A volcano!" Smart said. "It's...huge!"

"This must be the Solar Tribe home," Tunip growled in Rubber's mind.

They decided to climb up the volcano and see if there are any pieces to build a launch pad.

Chapter 44Edit

The four minifigures all put on their Brick Fury gear. Troy's was green, ZacTimez was blue, Xenfare was red, and CoolCash was pink.

"Pink? Why can't I get green? Troy's a girl! She can have pink!" Cool shouted.

"Because," P.M. said, helping them polish the gear. "Troy is Venture. We feel it necessary to give her the faction color."

"Pink is not my faction color."

"Just get on with it! We'll be tracking your progress and send help if you'll need it," P.M. said.

"You're going to have to take off the gear for when you walk into the GF trees. If you're as large as Brick Fury, you aren't gonna fit," P.M. warned.

They all thanked P.M., took off the gear, and blasted off to GF. When they landed, they walked down the ramp, then right into the trees, expecting one of the toughest times they'd ever faced.

Chapter 45Edit

JetSpark, SpaceRangerX, and RNK were waiting in the hospital room, hours before the minifigure came to.

"Wha-Where am I?" he stammered.

"In the Nexus Hospital. We figured you weren't Oyfae, so we brought you here."

"But...I am Oyfae."

The three minifigures slapped themselves on the foreheads, muttering, "D'oh!"

"If you try..." JetSpark started. Then he said, "You'd better not try anything!"

"Chill pill, dude," the Oyfae said. "I don't even know why I'm here or how I was created. I don't even know what purpose the Oyfae has. All I know is Maelstrom tries to defeat imagination, Nexus tries to protect it. Personally, I'm with Nexus on this one."

"Have...have you ever tried imagining something?" Space asked.

"Yeah! It's a neat experience!"

"Ok then." Space said. "We'll let you join our group, but we'll keep a close eye on you. You also need a name."


Chapter 46Edit

They all blasted off to Crux Prime when Wafflnator said, "Starbit, you take the Skeleton Place. GoodEnough, you take Aura Mar. I'll take Caldera Mar."

They all separated into their assigned places and started searching. GoodEnough found the glittering crystal on ButterScortch's platform, where she picked it up and took it to her lair.

"Oh, how hard could this be? I've smashed her over 50 times!" GoodEnough muttered, jumped onto Butter's tail, and was carried to her lair.

Turns out, GoodEnough was in for a fight. Once ButterScorch returned to her lair, many other gigantic dragons were awaiting her.

ButterScorch was only the baby dragon! There were others, fabled in stories that most people didn't believe. Kandy Korn, Fiery Gummy, and Cinnamonderella were just a few of the many dragons GoodEnough had to face to retrieve the crystal.

GoodEnough let go of Butter's tail and drew his sword out when he landed.

Chapter 47Edit

"Wow, this is just too cool!" Norella said, saying many different things for the book to define.

Berserk smiled and took the Nexus Tower elevator up to the roof. "I'm going to need to see that for a second."

Norella handed him the book and he said, "End of the Universe directions."

The book's screen flickered with an arrow pointing to the launchpad which will lead him in the right direction.

Berserk lifted his Assembly Rocket onto the launchpad and they both jumped in. The rocket blasted off to this mysterious world they didn't have time to see the title for.

They landed on a squishy, bouncy substance, which was a deflated bouncy castle.

"Of course. This is the...Nexus Park..." Berserk said. The sky was grey and all the rides were completely broken. The park was totally forsaken.

Nexus Park had been destroyed too.

"Oh no..." Norella said. She ran over to what seemed like a smashed minifigure. "This...He was part of our tribe..."

"Why is he here?"

"We sent most of the warriors in our tribe to go fight in the war. This was Yhuo." Her eyes filled with tears. "Yhuo..."

"Who was Yhuo?"

"He was my brother before we sent out our warriors. he's gone."

"And...and this..." Norella walked to another smashed minifigure. "This boyfriend." She burst into tears.

Berserk slowly walked away from Norella, opened the book and whispered, "How to comfort someone while they're crying without being creepy."

The book flashed a couple times and gave advice to Berserk. He used the advice to help Norella.

"Thanks, Berserk," she said, after he helped. She sniffled, "I really needed comforting right now..." She hugged Berserk, who hugged her back.

"Awww, would you look at that?" someone said. A minifigure walked out with an eyepatch, a patchy chin, and his right eye glowing red.

"Oyfae!" Norella shouted.

"How cute," He said. "Evala, how much I would love you to see that."

"Who are you?" Berserk asked.

"No one asks questions to the great BlackFox!" he said. "If you too like each other that much, you shall ride the 'Love Tunnel of DOOM!'"

Next thing, Norella and Berserk found themselves on a white water ride. But it wasn't water. It was

Chapter 48Edit

"NO GUYS!" P.M. shouted, appearing right out of nowhere.

"Aah!" EmporerFred yelped. "Where did you just come from?"

"I asked a Mythran to teleport me here," he answered. "Do not leave the Solar Tribe! Wait! I'm...I'm!"

EmporerFred and Protector exchanged looks. When the looked back at P.M., he wasn't there.

Instead, they found a giant taco sitting in his place, saying, "OH HAI, GUYS!"

"Um..." Protector said. "Since when did a giant talking taco arrive here?"

A stromling looked, droolingly, at the taco. He started eating it, quickly.


"It's P.M.! He's turned into the taco!"

They smashed the gnawing stomling, and decided to get some help.

Chapter 49Edit

"So long, cousin!" Evala said, once they left the elevator.

"I don't mean to intrude on your business, but what are you planning to do?" Zapple asked.

"There are 2 minifigures about, guiding the princesses of the Lunar and Solar tribes to the end of the universe. I have my best friends, BlackWolf and GutsGirl, out for the Solar Guide. I'm going after the Lunar Guide," she said, revengefully.

"Alright, so all I'm doing is going after the elemental crystals?"


The two minifigures, one Oyfae, one Maelstrom, used the slingshot and departed each other.

Chapter 50Edit

Rubberfrog was weary. The volcano seemed way too steep for him.

"Not...not gonna make it..." Rubberfrog panted. "Too...too hot!"

"Hot?" Smart said. "Wait. It's hot here...he's the Icicle Master...He doesn't do so well in the heat!"

Rubberfrog fainted and stumbled down the hill. He kept rolling until a minifigure stopped him.

It was Evala.

Rubberfrog's eyes opened blurry, only to see him lifted up by the neck by Evala. She smirked, and Rubber noticed a small lightning bolt emblem on her right hand.

Evala had the electric crystal.

Rubberfrog was rescued by Smart, who jumped up and kicked Evala in the face. She yelped and smacked Rubberfrog away.

She started waving her hands around, two of her fingers pointed out, buzzing with electricity. She was about to shoot Smart.

"Rubberfrog!" Tunip yelled. "Remember what ice can do! It can do more than just freeze!"

" can....reflect! It can reflect!"

Rubberfrog took a risky chance. He grabbed Evala's wrist, and the electricity when buzzing right through him, out the other side of his hand, which was pointed at the sky.

Evala growled while Rubberfrog was unharmed, but his hair was sticking straight up, a little stream of smoke coming out.

Chapter 51Edit

They arrived at the Oyfae HQ, in which the Oyfae were packing up the important things they wanted to keep with them in boxes.

"Yes! We got here in time!" Xenfare celebrated. "Everyone put the Brick Fury gear on!"

They all put their BF gear on, CoolCash and ZacTimez shouting, "CHARGE!"

They charged into the Oyfae HQ, ready to take on anything!

It worked. The BF gear is pwning all the Oyfae in their way.

A few minutes later, an alarm sounded and four more Oyfae minifigures came out in BF gear.

It was an equal match for all of them.

Chapter 52Edit

"Ooh! I got it!" Space said. "Evildude!"

Everyone was silent...

"Evildude? Really?" JetSpark added.

"Terrible idea, Space," RNK said. "How about Tank? It's what my gym teacher always used to call me!"

Everyone agreed to that, except the Oyfae.


"Yeah! Because you seem like the one who can tread right over an insult."


The Oyfae's name was now Tank.

"So what now?" JetSpark asked. "People are already searching for the crystals and invading the Oyfae. What do we do?"

"HELP! ANYONE!" A voice yelled out.

They all rushed out, panicked. They saw Protector, Fred, and P.M., standing there. Protector and Fred were panicking. P.M. just had a confused look.


" he's not."


"Dude, P.M. is not a giant taco," RNK said.

"I know what's wrong," Tank said. "They're hallucinating. It's an Oyfae power."

"Is there a way to make them stop hallucinating?" Space asked.

"Yeah, that's another Oyfae power. I'll do the honors."

He raised up his hand seconds before Protector and Fred realized the P.M. was not a giant taco.

Chapter 53Edit

GoodEnough knew this was the fight of his life. A master Sentinel against 25 dragon invaders.

Maybe he didn't have to fight them at all. If he snuck around and got the crystal, he could just get out of there and live.

He tried it, but stepped on a twig and all the dragons attention turned to the intruder.

GoodEnough was not ready for all these dragons.

Luckily for GoodEnough, the crystal was two feet away from him.

He dived and grabbed the crystal before one of the dragons took a snap at him. He raised up his arm halfway and a giant cave in separated the dragons from him, smashing Cinnamonderella.

The brownish crystal dissolved into his right hand, making a small emblem of a rock in the shape of a trapezoid.

GoodEnough left the cave and met up with Wafflnator and Starbit.

"Did you find it?" Starbit asked.

"Dude, why are you all covered in dirt?" Wafflnator asked.

"I found it! I know what it does! IT GIVES YOU ELEMENTAL POWERS!"

Wafflnator and Starbit went wide-eyed, then both said, "I want one!"

Chapter 54Edit

Berserk touched the green liquid. He quickly retracted his hand, waving it back and forth, yelling, "Ooh! Ouch! This is HOT! What is this?"

A minifigure Oyfae girl spoke over the intercom, "Tee hee! Please keep your hands and feet inside, unless you wanna get burned by the Pyarque!"


But Berserk and Norella didn't have time for thinking. They were about to fall through a water fall.

Berserk quickly reacted. He sent out 2 jets of flames from the other side of the boat they were in, making it float once they went over the edge.

"It's working!" Berserk yelled.

BlackWolf and GutsGirl gasped, "The Flare Master!"

Berserk jetted the boat off somewhere intendedly safe.

"Our lucky day!"

Once Berserk landed the boat on some soft, dark green grass, they climbed out of the boat where BlackWolf and GutsGirl were waiting for them.

BlackWolf had two swords, one in each hand. GutsGirl had no weapons, because she fought with her fists.

Berserk took a fighting stance to take on Black. Norella was ready for GG.

Chapter 55Edit

"Thanks," EmporerFred said. "Wait...are you..."

"Oyfae?" Tank asked.


"Relax, dude! I'm a good guy!"

"So what now?"

"I guess we find out where Tank came from and how he was created," RNK said. "Who knows? It may help us find out some Secrets of the Oyfae!"

"So where do we start?"

Starbit got an idea.

Chapter 56Edit

"How come that didn't hurt you?" Evala raged.

"If you shot me, it wouldnt' have hurt anyways! I have Rubber in my name!"

Evala growled, then leapt away.

"Thanks. I owe you one," Smart said. "Let's go around the volcano."

Rubber agreed full-heartedly and they started walking.

They took one lap around the volcano, finding nothing. Another lap, the same thing.

"I'm going to go up the volcano and see if I can find anything," Smart said.

"Ok, be back soon," Rubber requested.

Smart made his way up to the crater and looked down. If he jumped right, he will land on a strip of land, not melted by the flowing lava.

He jumped into the volcano, landing on the strip of land. He looked around. There were two doors the land lead to. One north, the other south.

Smart walking into the south door and found a circular room. There were stairs leading down somewhere else in the room. "So someone else was here..." Smart thought.

Smart started walking toward the stairs, until a heavily armored knight dropped out of nowhere. He pulled out his massive sword and shield.

Smart equipped his engineer gear and jumped at the knight, ready to attack.

Chapter 57Edit

"We can take them!" CoolCash said. "Four on Four!"

They all took on one each. It seemed quite equal. Troy blasted the Oyfae minifigure into the wall, CoolCash blinded the Oyfae with the pink color. Xenfare pushed the Oyfae into a pit.

After about an hour of battling, they had finally won. "Yes we did it!" Xenfare yelled.

"ZacTimez, that was awesome how you..." Troy started. "Zac?"

ZacTimez was gone. No where to be seen.

"Ok, forget about invading the Oyfae," CoolCash said. "Our main focus is finding Zac, and then continuing what we were doing."

They agreed to split up.

"I'll take the prison cells," Troy said.

"I'll take the other rooms," CoolCash said.

"I'll take upstairs...uh oh," Xenfare said.


"My BF gear just ran out of batteries..."

"What?!" Troy yelled. "How could it run out of...oh no. Mine is out too."

"Ditto," CoolCash said. "What's happening?"

They had no choice. They were going to have to find Zac without the BF gear.

Chapter 58Edit

"We disguise ourselves as Oyfae!" Space exclaimed.


"You heard me! We'll put in red contacts!"

"I don't know if it will work..." RNK doubted. "But we'll give it a try."

"Ok, but where in the universe will we get red contacts?" Fred asked.

"The Nexus Optometrist," Space said.

"We have a Nexus Optometrist?"

"Yep. Follow me. I go there every 6 months," Space commanded.

They all walked out of the hospital room and followed SpaceRangerX.

Chapter 59Edit

Wafflnator, GoodEnough, and Starbit made their way back to Sentinel Point Zeta when they found a Maelstrom fig destroying the turrets.

"What is he doing?!"

"At long last!" The Maelstrom said. "It took a few hours to find you guys! You have something I dearly need, Mineral Master!"

"...Me?" GoodEnough questioned.

The fig nodded.

"I, too, am searching for the Elemental Crystals! I, Zapple, will prove to my father, the Darkitect, that I am not as useless as he thinks."

"Zapple? ...I've never heard of you," Wafflnator said.

"Quiet!" Zapple yelled, pointing at Wafflnator. He then turned his hand over to GoodEnough, saying, "And you give me the crystal so we can depart without a fight!"

"Gee, I'd love to," GoodEnough said. "But I'm quite attached to it. I found it. Besides, I don't think I can give you the crystal. It's inside my hand...sorta."

Zapple chuckled, "Stupid Nexus..."

"No! Seriously! I have no idea how to get it out. And if I could, there will be no way I'm giving it to you!" GoodEnough yelled.

"It can only be extracted by someone with another elemental crystal!" Zapple said. He raised the back of his fist to show them the emblem of a glowing clock on his hand. "Yes. I know what you're thinking."


"Time is an element!" Zapple finished.

"Well," GoodEnough said. "There is absolutely NO WAY you're gonna take this from me!"

GoodEnough chucked a few rocks at Zapple and their battle began.

Chapter 60Edit

With the quickest reflexes, Norella avoided a punch that GutsGirl threw at her, and returned the attack, but failed.

Berserk was hit by a punch that Black threw at him. A ninja star flew right from his hand and pinned Berserk to the tree.

Berserk was tugging at the star to get free, but Black was reeling back his punch.

Berserk was punched right in the stomach by Black. He wasn't doing so hot right now.

Norella was holding her own, however. So was GG. They were about the same combat level, throwing punches at each other, and missing.

Berserk had a crazy idea. He made himself erupt with flames, as a Venture Daredevil would do, but with way more risk. He looked like a giant fire monster.

The tree Berserk was pinned to burnt down very quickly and he was free, ready for payback.

Chapter 61Edit

Smart was attacking the knight with his Engineer gear on, saying, "How are you?"

The knight didn't answer.

"What's your name?" Smart asked, landing back on the ground from a jump.

The knight slashed his sword horizontally, yelling, "Ragh!"

"Ragh? That's a nice name! I'm SmartFlyingWarrior!"

The knight stood there and only said one word. "Warrior?"

"You are a warrior?" the knight asked.

"...Yeah," Smart lied.

"I am so, so happy to finally meet you!" the knight shook Smart's hand.


"I went to a fortune teller a few years ago, and he told me that a certain warrior will help me succeed in my endeavors."

"I'm part of the Solar Tribe. I'm the chief's brother," the knight said. "I stayed here to protect our home land. Shame what happened to the Lunar Tribe, but, however, they deserved it."

"Solar Tribe? Lunar Tribe?" Smart had not yet heard about these two feuding tribes.

The knight sighed and told the whole story of Monty and Capulo, why the Solar Tribe left, and what happened to the Lunar Tribe.

"I believe the princess' soul is being guided to the end of the universe. That's all I heard," he said.

"End of the universe?!" Smart gasped. "Rubber!"

Chapter 62Edit

They all took off their BF gear.

"What kind of batteries does it use, Xenfare?" Troy asked.

"Quintiple A's," Xenfare replied. "It's going to be a nightmare to find those at Nexus Tower."

They all groaned.

"We'd better get moving. They Oyfae is probably calling backup, so we will want to hurry. Don't forget the reason we're here," CoolCash said. "To find Zac and the missing NPC's."

They all removed their BF gear into their Faction Stuff.

"Everyone try so hard to hold your own!" Xenfare said. "If you need help, our call is 'Caw, Coo!'"

Everyone nodded and went their separate ways, alone, avoiding the Oyfae as much as they could.

Chapter 63Edit

They followed SpaceRangerX into a place in Nexus Tower where they had never been before. It was such a big tower.

"Oh hey, Space!" An old man said from a store saying, "Optical Optimist". This was him.

"Hi, Sigh Kick! How are you?" Space asked.

"Oh-ho-ho! I'm doing well! Lots of people recognizing me for my help with time time machine!"

Everyone knew who this guy was. He was the old man that turned into a baby when they went to BoNS!

"So how can I help, whippersnappers?" Sigh Kick asked.

"We need contacts," Space said.

"Why? You have great vision!"

"It's for...reasons..."

"Ah, reasons. Well, if it's personal, I'll be happy to help."

Chapter 64Edit

"Wait!" Wafflnator shouted, and GoodEnough and Zapple stopped right in their tracks. "We don't know much about the Elemental Crystals. Perhaps you can give us an overview?"

"Over my smashed body!" Zapple said. "The only thing I'm going to tell you is there are eight crystals. Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Air, Water, Time, and I forgot the last one..."

"Alright," Wafflnator said, "We may resume."

They started battling again.

"So what are you?" GoodEnough asked while battling. "The Time Master?"

"Exactly," Zapple said. He dodged a Knight shield move. "Are you sure you want to do that? Remember last time you did that?"


"Look again!"

Zapple raised his palm and GoodEnough saw memories of his past, right before his eyes. His past self was right in front of him.

GoodEnough saw his past self, sword and shield in hand. He was practicing the Shield Rush in Nimbus Station.

His past self rushed to quickly and smashed a boy walking along.

"Stop it!" GoodEnough said. "I feel terrible about that!"

The memory continued when the Nexus Police came and arrested the past GoodEnough!


He was back in Crux Prime and Zapple was chuckling to himself.

Chapter 65Edit

"BlackWolf!" GutsGirl screamed. "I think we need to get out of here! Like, NOW!"

"No way! I can take him!" Black rejected. "It will be a piece of cake!"

GutsGirl grabbed him, snapped in the air, and they both vanished.

Berserk returned to his normal minifigure self, and collapsed. Norella rushed over to him and woke him back up.

"What...what did I just do there?"

"You mean you don't know? It was amazing!" Norella laughed.

"I have no idea what I just did..." Berserk said, warily. "I think my adrenaline overpowered my brain..."

Norella laughed again. "Whatever it was, it was the best intimidation I've seen."

"Yeah, but I feel like I can never do it again..." Berserk said.

"Nonsense. I'm sure your adrenaline will return. Meanwhile, you should rest," Norella said. "I'll look around for what you might call a 'launchpad' or whatever."

Berserk smiled and his eyes slowly closed.

Chapter 66Edit

"So do you know if there is a way off this island?" Smart asked.

"No," the knight said. "But I'm sure you can build something! You're Nexus!"


"I'll show you out of the volcano."

Smart followed the giant knight (who walked way too slowly with all the gear) to the North side he didn't take. The knight stomped his foot twice and a secret door opened.

Rubberfrog was right outside the secret door, distracted by himself putting together a bunch of bricks to cure his boredom.

"Rubberfrog!" Smart shouted, storming over to him. "What on earth do you think you're doing?"

"I think I'm building a bicycle," Rubber said back. "You know, the old ones where the front wheel is bigger than the back."

"Why are you building a bicycle, dude?"

"Whoa, whoa! Calm down! I was just bored," Rubber sighed. "I was building one because my brain told me to."

"Your brain?" Smart said. "Or a princess in a tribe named after the moon trapped inside your body as a soul?!"

"Oh dang..." Rubber thought.

"Ok. You got me," Rubberfrog said. "I'm sorry I lied. I'm not going to the end of the universe for a reunion with a friend. It's for her."

"So she's a love interest now, is she?" Smart asked.

"C'mon! She kissed me once and it was for saving her life! There's nothing lovey-dovey between us!"

"You're the guide for the Lunar princess?" the knight asked.


The knight released his sword's fury on Rubberfrog, who quickly reacted and both were now trying to push each other down by might of their swords.

"Ok, you two! End this already!" Smart shouted as he walked into the battle and pushed the two feuding minifigures away.

The knight mumbled some unintelligible words, before he said, "Sorry about that. I have nothing to do with this feud. I'm just a guard for the Solar Tribe."

"What's your name?" Rubber asked.


"Well, Harmauu, if you want to help us, we're going to build a giant bubble blower to our next safe haven. August City."

Chapter 67Edit

Xenfare walked into a circular room where a pedestal stood. He walked in and the door shut behind him. A trap!

Many Oyfae minifigures started dropping out of a chute from the ceiling, ready to battle Xenfare.

Xenfare knew exactly what to do. These guys seemed as hard as normal mechs.

Xenfare threw The Big One, waiting to see what will happen as it seemed forever for the firecracker to land.

Troy ran to the hall lined up with jail cells, rats scurrying around, to and fro. One rat actually did have a fro! (Afro, in case you were wondering).

When Troy arrived, she not only saw the hall, but an entire maze of jail cells.

"Zac must be at the end! I just know it!" She thought.

She knew she wasn't hallucinating this. It was just too real. She stepped into the maze and a giant see-through green wall appeared behind her. She touched it and it zapped her.

There was no going back.

CoolCash ran right towards the nearest flight of stairs he could.

"Great." He thought to himself. "Another floor. This will be just perfect."

He equipped his best Samurai gear and trudged forward.

Chapter 68Edit

ZacTimez woke up and jumped back because there was a minifigure right in front of him.

He also was in a large field. Large and empty.

"Found you," the minifigure said, in a female voice. "We've been waiting all this time for you.

Zac started running as fast as he could, but he wasn't in the normal world. Everything had a tint of green in it.

He was in a different dimension.

Zac tripped over some stale air and the girl came floating up to him.

"This is very bizarre," Zac thought to himself.

"Sheesh! I'm only trying to help! No need to run, you fig!" the girl said.

Zac stared at the girl, who uncovered her face to reveal a face that looks about six or seven.

"But in exchange, you might want to do what I say also," she said. "If you want to return to your old world..."

Zac tried speaking, but no words came out. He couldn't talk or be heard in this world.

Chapter 69Edit

Sigh Kick told everyone to follow him into his storage room, so they did. It was the largest storage room they had ever seen. About 25 feet high shelves just packed with glasses, contacts, and other optical stuff. There was a sliding ladder for sliding around and reaching high stuff.

"Here you go!" Sigh said, from the middle of the ladder. "Let's see...One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, yep! I have enough for all of you!"

They all walked back to the counter and paid the 49,000 that costed them.

They now had the red contacts that would make them look Oyfae!

All of them except Space had trouble putting in their contacts (except Tank also. He didn't need them.)

After two hours of Sigh Kick and Space trying to help everyone, they finally got it.

"Whoa! I can see all the way over to Sharp Island!" RNK said. He paused. "It used to be better when it wasn't destroyed..."

"Once we finish this mission, we'll help rebuild and replant everything in Sharp Island to the way it was," Fred said.

Chapter 70Edit

Wafflnator and Starbit quickly made Zapple retreat Sentinel Point Zeta by threatening to attack him.

GoodEnough crouched next to a turret, shivering. "Did...did you guys see that? Please say no."

Wafflnator and Starbit looked at each other, turning red because they both had seen it.

"I'm sorry, GoodEnough," Starbit said.


"It was an accident," Wafflnator added.

"Some accident," GoodEnough sniffled. "I should have been more careful when I was practicing my Shield Rushes. I'm never going to forgive myself for that, and I'm sure he and his family won't either."

Chapter 71Edit

Berserk woke up with a start. He looked around himself while standing up, but the only thing in sight was the destroyed Nexus Park. Not even Norella was around to greet his awakening.

"Oh! You woke!" Norella said, from up high. Berserk looked up inside the tree he was propped against and found Norella, sitting on a branch with one hand on another to keep her balance. "I took a good look around the island and found a way out of here."

"Oh good," Berserk said. "How long was I asleep for? It felt like about two hours."

"Really?" Norella laughed. "Try TEN hours instead!"

"Was I really asleep for ten hours?" Berserk sighed.

Norella nodded, still giggling. "Anyways, I found a way off of this place. Down below is where my homeland lies. I see three people down there building something, and one of them is Solar Tribe, so I can trust them."

"Well, great!" Berserk said. "So...we just jump down there? Wouldn't that hurt?"

"Nonsense," Norella said. "No one gets smashed of heights in this game."

Berserk nodded, then jumped right off the edge of Nexus Park to the Solar Tribe homeland.

Berserk landed softly on the homeland of Norella, which she was soon to follow.

"Hey!" Smart shouted. "I didn't know there were other people on this island except for us! How goes it?"

"Well!" Berserk said. "Who are you?"

Before anyone could answer, Norella walked over to Harmauu. "Harmauu? Is that you?"

"Norella? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be protected by the Nexus!"

Tunip groaned inside Rubber's mind. "Great. She's the Solar Tribe princess..."

"Can I ask who these two are, Harmauu?" Norella asked.

"Yeah, I'm wondering too..." Berserk added.

"This is Warrior, who claims he's Smart. And a Rubberfrog," Harmauu said, pointing to both.

Rubberfrog lowered his head an covered his eyes when Berserk and Norella both said, "Rubberfrog?! The Lunar Tribe Princess Guide?"

Without looking up, Rubberfrog said, "...Yes. That's me."

"Alright everyone!" Smart shouted. "Enough with this silly sun and moon feud! Rubberfrog and Berserk, I take it, are guiding the tribal princesses to the end of the universe."

"So we're building a giant bubble blower," Rubberfrog said.

"And I'm excited! I've always wanted to float around like a fairy princess!" Harmauu stated.

Everyone was silent. After two minutes of silence, Berserk said, "Let's get started, shall we?"

"Yeah!" Harmauu said. "I wanna float around!" He paused for a moment, then added, "Like tough guys."

Chapter 72Edit

All the Oyfae smashed on impact with the firecracker and the shock wave. Xenfare was tossing The Big One up and down, saying, "Come on! At least make this a challenge!"

A giant Oyfae in Brick Fury suit walked through one of the doors, saying, "Alright!"

Xenfare shouted, "ALRIGHT!" and started battling.

CoolCash walked inside a large corridor on the second floor. There were two doors on both sides of the room. He decided to walk into the left one.

He opened the door, walked in, and closed it behind him. The room was dark. Very dark. He walked to what seemed like a door, stepping on several bumps on the way.

He felt the texture of the door, and there were several holes in it.

He had a small feeling that this was a puzzle.

Troy was walking along the maze of jail cells, looking for one with ZacTimez or any other NPC's in it.

On her way, she found an interesting cell. There was something shiny along with a note. Curious, she walked inside, picked up the blue crystal, and read the note:

"Dear Fig,
I will have passed on before you read this letter. The Oyfae has been after my people for countless times, trying to make them fall. I have made this letter invisible to them.
Let me just say that this blue crystal which you think may be Elemental, is not. It is a fake. I have hidden the real one inside a giant star, so when it's destroyed, it will find itself to a world called August City.
Please retrieve the Elemental Crystals,
Former Chief of the Solar Tribe,

Chapter 73Edit

"Hee hee!" the girl said. "Now you're a nice one! You cannot talk back!"

ZacTimez's eyebrows tilted.

"Now you do what I say and you can get back to your world safely. I'll also tell you some stuff about this world also," she said. "My name is Jixen!"

ZacTimez rolled his eyes and waited for a request.

"Now, you be a good minifigure and help me out. I'm looking for a certain item, and I know you can help," Jixen said.

Zac stood solemnly. He waited.

"Hee hee! You're so cute when you're silent!" Jixen giggled. "Now, have you ever heard of the Rod of Elements?"

Zac shook his head.

"Good. Let me explain:"

Chapter 74Edit

"Now let's get to Gnarled Forest," Space said. "We want to know if there is an origin to Tank and if that connects with a weakness of some sort to the Oyfae."

"I dunno," Protector said. "I can't see as well with these contacts in. I see a large blurry circle in Avant Gardens."

"Let me see," Tank said. He continued looking out the window until a minute later where he stepped back. "It's a portal."

"To where?"

"To my home. It's the Oyfae Realm."

"Could that be what all that rumbling was, Fred?" Protector asked.

Before Fred could answer, Tank already said, "No...We need to get there quickly!"

"How quickly?"

"Like NOW!"

They all rushed to Avant Gardens, expecting nothing but being rushed. They were almost back at the first landing site where they all landed and started their adventures.

Before they got to the portal there, however, the ground started shaking again.

"O-okay!" Protector yelled. "Th-This isn't an earthquake! Th-This is s-something else!!!"

The shaking got more violent and more violent. Soon, the ground became unbearable to stand upright on. Everyone collapsed onto the ground, and The Paradox Research Facility broke into pieces.

Out of the wreckage emerged something large and pointy. A giant Maelstrom drill.

Chapter 75Edit

Wafflnator and Starbit tried all they can to cheer up GoodEnough, but nothing was working at all. GoodEnough was in one of the worst moods the entire universe had seen.

They walked back to the roof of Nexus Tower and stopped. There was nothing in the sky except the other worlds. It felt like the whole sky seemed...empty. Not even the stars decided to show up that night.

They didn't notice anything strange, but something in the sky was awry...

There was a faint buzzing sound on the roof of Nexus Tower. The only one who heard that was Wafflnator.

"Guys. Stop for a moment," he said.

Both GoodEnough and Starbit paused.

"Do you hear that buzzing sound?"

They listened. GoodEnough said, "I don't hear a thing."

Starbit said, "I hear something coming from Avant Gardens. Is that what you're talking about?"

Wafflnator shook his head. "This sounds all around us, like it's waiting for us to do something."

"Maybe it was my imagination," Wafflnator said. "For now, I know a great safe haven for everyone! We can find out some information on the other Elemental Crystals there."

"Where is it?"

"Let's see, if we guide our rocket to the left a little when we're flying to Troubled Desert, we should get to August City."

"August City?"

"August City."

"Hm...August City."

"Yes, August City."

"Wow....August City!"

Chapter 76Edit

"So, Rubberfrog," Berserk said, carrying bricks to Smart. "You're wanted, are you not?"

"I have no idea what I did to betray their trust. Once I guide Tunip to the end of the universe, I'm going back to see what's up with me."


"Ok, guys!" Smart said. "It's almost done! The only thing we need now is tree sap."

"Ooh! I know a good spot!" Harmauu said.


"Back in the volcano!"

"What?!" Smart yelled. "We gotta go back into the volcano?!"

"I'll go," Berserk said willingly. "I don't know why, but I've always felt drawn to the volcano."

"Come with me," Harmauu said. "The only tree that survives in the volcano is the Super Sap tree." They were walking back up into the volcano now. "It's at the end of the Solar Tribe labyrinth."

"Labyrinth?!" Berserk said. "What?!"

"Sheesh, I can't bring good news at all, can I? Anyways, to the volcano!"

They jumped down the same way Smart did earlier. They went down the South doorway where he met Harmauu, but they walked through the doorway on the other side this time.

"So here we go. This is the maze," Berserk said, walking down the stairs.

When they arrived, it wasn't at all of what Berserk expected. He expected an army of large rooms and you have to go through the right door or you start at the beginning.

This maze was just an ordinary maze with walls. A large tree sat in the middle.

"Let's get started!" Harmauu said, walking into the entrance of the maze.

It only took them five minutes to reach the tree.

"Well, here's the sap," Berserk said, handing Harmauu a vial full of sap which he extracted.

"Ooh! What's this?" Berserk said as a small chest caught his eye.

"I wouldn't-" Harmauu started, but it was too late. Berserk had already opened the chest.

"What? Nothing in there?"

"Great. Now you've done it!" Harmauu said. "You set off the trap!"

"Aah, so that's the catch for this maze," Berserk said. "A trap...What kind of trap is it?"

"You'll see in about two seconds."

Two seconds passed, and the rock ceiling burst open with spikes. It then started to inch down slowly.

"Do you remember the way out?" Berserk asked.

"How would I know? I've never been in this room! I was forbidden to!"

The ceiling was inching down as quickly as it could. From what Berserk could tell, they had only about 30 seconds left before they were crushed and impaled.

Chapter 77Edit

Xenfare threw The Big One at the BF Oyfae, testing to see if it did anything. Nothing happened at all.

"Sweet! Let's do this thing!" Xenfare shouted.

A couple of blasts ejected from the suit, which Xenfare dodged with some somersaults.

" am I supposed to hurt you?" Xenfare asked?

"Why would I say?" The Oyfae said. He blasted another shot, which Xenfare missed by inches.

Xenfare decided to go melee, so he drew out his sword.

CoolCash threw The Big One directly to the ground. A large, fiery shockwave lit up the whole room for a second, then faded away.

"Alright, let's see what I can remember," CoolCash thought. "This piece goes here..." He inserted a piece into the door hole.

This wasn't so hard. All he had to do was put the right pieces in the right holes. He did so in about thirty minutes with the Big One lighting up the room.

"What?" Troy thought. "What's this all about? Elemental Crystals?" She looked at the fake blue one.

She picked it up, tossing it up and down, thinking, "Well, if it's valuable to the Oyfae, then why not keep this fake one for trickery?"

She walked out of the cell and continued on in the maze of cells. After five minutes of walking and running into dead ends, she found someone in a cell. An NPC.

It was Oliver Sudden, the Foot Race Host.

Chapter 78Edit

"You're going to listen, right?" Jixen asked.

ZacTimez stood up, waiting to absorb knowledge.

"Alright. The Elemental Rod is a weapon forged by eight legendary items called the 'Elemental Crystals'. There is one Crystal in particular I'm after. You might refer to it as your biggest thing you need to survive. Air. If we get our hands on all of the eight crystals, I'll make it worth your while. I promise."

Zac stretched, ready to take on whatever he needed to.

"If you help me a little today, I'll tell you where you are."

A few seconds of silence elapsed before Jixen spoke again.

"So will you help me?" She asked.

Zac nodded, wishing he could talk in this world.

"Great. First thing I need you to do is find a way out of this world! It's not hard! I've done it before!"

Zac looked around him. He was still out in the open field, everything a bright tint of green. He ran towards the only thing that stuck out in the field. It was a tree. Hopefully, he would find something that could help, he looked all around the tree for a clue, but failed to find one.

"You're getting warmer!" Jixen giggled. "Oh, my!" she gasped sarcastically. "What is that over there?"

Zac looked at where Jixen was pointing to and noticed a large pedestal off in the distance. He started running to it, Jixen floating along behind him. When Zac got there, he recognized it as only one thing. The large pad he landed onto when he escaped the Venture Explorer. It was exactly the same thing! Not a replica, not a twin, but the real thing.

Zac looked all around the landing site, but found nothing except for a small hidden button. He pushed it. A swirly oval appeared upon the landing site, which Zac stepped through.

When he walked through it, everything became familiar to him. He was in Avant Gardens, at the landing site where he started. He saw a group of minifigures encountering a giant drill.

Zac yelled out, but nothing came. His voice was still not there. He jumped in front of them, but they didn't notice anything.

Zac was invisible to everyone in the real world now.

Chapter 79Edit

A large, beefy stromling popped his head out of the drill machine's cockpit, made a few growling noises, then crouched back inside.

"Ok, how are we supposed to defeat this giant hunk of metal?" P.M. asked.

"We could take it down from the inside?" EmporerFred asked.

"Too risky," Tank said. "What we need is one with an Elemental Crystal. We need the Mineral Master, wherever he or she is."

"Pfft! Yeah, right! Elemental Crystals!" JetSpark laughed. "What a hoax!"

Tank, Protector, and EmporerFred looked at him as if they were saying, "Oh no you didn't!"

"They are true," Fred said. "I've seen one. No kidding. It was fire!"

"Who had it?" Tank asked.

"I believe it was-"

He was interrupted by the drill starting to spin around and around, charging towards them.

Chapter 80Edit

"Prepare your rockets, guys," Wafflnator said.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Guys!" Overbuild called out, walking towards them. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To Troubled Desert," Starbit lied. "There is a small errand we need to run over there."

"Are you sure?" Overbuild asked. "I heard something about August City."

"Ok, fine," GoodEnough said. "You caught us. Why does it matter if we're going to August City?"

"Please believe me when I say this, but, the people in August City have no clue that there is a Maelstrom!" Overbuild finished.

"What?!" Wafflnator shouted. "How couldn't they know that there isn't a Maelstrom? Everyone knows!" He put his rocket back inside his backpack, ready to listen to more facts from Overbuild.

"The people don't live on Crux. They live on the neighbor planet, Neerr. I really don't know why our messengers didn't tell them anything, though."

"You mean all the messengers failed?"

"Yes," Overbuild answered. "So that is why I need a favor of you, I need you to tell them that we're at war with the Maelstrom, and we need their help. Can you do this for me?" Overbuild asked.

They all nodded right away, except for GoodEnough. He reluctantly said, "Fine..."

"What's with him?" Overbuild asked.

"Supreme bad mood," Starbit replied, and started chuckling. He was socked right in the stomach by GoodEnough.

"I think your mood will wear off in time," the Doctor said. "Good Luck in August City!"

They blasted off their rockets and steered a little left while Overbuild was waving to them.

Chapter 81Edit

"So yeah, we only have about...thirty seconds until we're done for," Harmauu said. "Any ideas?"

"I guess we go out the way we came," Berserk said, surprisingly calm. "Follow me."

Harmauu followed Berserk around the maze just to find three dead ends.

"Do you have any idea where you're going?!" Harmauu shouted. He started to freak out.

They looked up at the spikes and decided they only had five seconds left.

"Dude! What do we do!?!?!" Berserk yelped. He was going berserk now!

The wall of rocks next to them started crumbling until a small opening appeared large enough for them to enter.

Berserk entered with the greatest of ease, but Harmauu had slight troubles. Rubberfrog, who was the one who made the opening, grabbed Harmauu's wrist and dragged him out before he was completely crushed.

"Thank you, Rubberfrog!" Harmauu said.

Large plumes of heat were escaping the rift. Rubberfrog passed out and sank to the ground.

Rubberfrog seemed to wake up in a blurry setting. Everything was blurred. Even the minifigure out in the distance seemed blurred out. He ran to the fig, asking, "Excuse me, but where am I?"

The fig turned towards him and said, "Rubberfrog, you're in your own mind."


"Yeah, it's me. I have learned some information about the Elemental Crystals from inside of you."

"What is it?" Rubber asked.

"Weaknesses and Strengths," Tunip said. "Once you get an Elemental Crystal, like Ice, you seem to be weak around fire, but strong around ice. Vice versa for fire!"

"Aah, I see," Rubberfrog said. "Opposites like that. Any others?"

"I heard a few others. Like Air against Earth and Water against Lightning."

"So for me, all I have to do is stay away from Fire?"

"Pretty much. Now I'm gonna send you back to reality. Cya!"

Rubberfrog woke up again with Berserk crouching over him. He quickly jumped up and started running away from him as quick as he could.

"Wow...Really?" Berserk thought to himself.

"Well go get him!" Norella ushered Berserk. "Apparently he's lost his marbles. Go ask him what's up!"

"I dunno," Berserk said. "There's something telling me that I need to avoid him, but I don't know what it is."

Norella rolled her eyes and chased after Rubberfrog.

"Rubberfrog!" Norella yelled. She finally ran fast enough to tackle him to the ground. "What is wrong with you?"

"Fire. He has that fire power. I saw his hand!" Rubber replied.

"What's so scary about that?"

"Look," Rubber said, holding up his hand so Norella could see the snowflake symbol.


Norella helped Rubberfrog back up and they walked back up to the bubble blower point.

Chapter 83Edit

Xenfare leaped high into the air and stabbed the sword into the Oyfae in the Brick Fury suit. There were a few electrical shocks, then the armor went limp and stopped moving.

"Heh heh heh!" Xenfare said. "No one is a match for me!"

Right after he said that, however, the armor gained control of itself again. When the Oyfae stood back up, two other machine arms crawled out of the shoulderpads to make a Brick Fury suit 2.0.

"Finally! A harder challenge!" Xenfare said.

He charged toward the four-armed Brick Fury suit and stabbed it again, only to find that it did nothing. He slid between the legs of the Oyfae and attacked from behind, which didn't work either.

The Oyfae turned around and shot something kinda stringy. Xenfare rolled out of the way and the thing hit the wall. It spontaneously combusted and exploded.

The shock wave of the explosion lifted Xenfare up from his feet and slammed him against the wall. The Oyfae shot another one, right at Xenfare.

The only thing next was a large explosion.

"Let's see..." CoolCash said, crawling around and feeling it for the last piece. "Ah! Here it is!"

He picked up the piece of metal before he heard two large booms and a yell.

"Oh no. I hope that wasn't Troy or Xenfare. I hope that was an Oyfae."

He put the last piece inside the door, which opened immediately. He covered his eyes from the burning light because the next room wasn't a room at all. He was outside on one of the fortress walls. He looked onward towards the wall. At the end, there was a tower with a small chest inside. The door was wide open!

He started running towards the chest, but something stopped him. Out came two Oyfae carrying cutlasses and shields. CoolCash equipped his Samuraizor and knocked the two Oyfae off of the tower. He opened the chest when he got there to reveal a little key.

Oliver was bound and gagged inside the Oyfae's cell, trying to say something, but all of it was coming out as "Mmph mm mph!"

"Alright, don't worry. I'm going to get you out of here," Troy said. She stepped back, equipped her Overcharged Blaster, and broke the cell door open. She walked in and loosened the gag around Oliver's mouth.

"The others-!" Oliver said.

"The others! Where are they?!" Troy asked.

Oliver gasped and pointed behind Troy, who looked back, not expecting was there.

"Well, well," the minifigure behind Troy muttered. "You Nexus aren't as worthless as I thought." He had an eyepatch and greasy black hair. "I am known as Commander Xhao, head of this fortress."

"Are you the leader of the Oyfae?"

"Oh no. Not even close." Xhao wiped his forehead. "I do believe you'll be joining us for a meal, won't you?"

Troy was confused. "Aren't I your prisoner now?"

"Goodness no! You are an honored guest for now. Dinner in thirty minutes. We'll be waiting."

Troy was really confused. Who else would be waiting? Why isn't she prisoner?

Chapter 84Edit

ZacTimez tried all he could to yell as loud as he can so they would notice him, but nothing worked. He still couldn't talk.

Soon enough, he heard Jixen's laugh again. "They can't see you? What a shame!"

Zac's eyebrows tilted down. The drill he saw earlier started spinning, rushing towards the group of minifigures.

"Well...aren't you going to do anything about that?" Jixen asked.

Zac thought for about three seconds, then jumped onto the foot stair to the cockpit of the drill.

Zac opened up the cockpit lid and climbed in. At least he could still touch things in the real world. There were two stromlings: One at the footage screen, looking at where to aim, and the other was operating the machine.

Zac took both of them out with his Spike Hammer, and manipulated the controls so the machine turned off.

Zac climbed out of the machine, really confused at what he can't or can do in the real world now.

"You can still press buttons or touch people, though," Jixen said. "Do you really want to know what you are right now?"

Zac nodded.

"You're a soul. Your body has been left behind at where you last were in the real world. My source tells me you were in some kind of forest. It's not permanent. We just have to find your body, but that won't happen yet."

Chapter 85Edit

The drill slowed down and down until the point where it eventually stopped.

"That's strange," Jetspark commented. "What happened? Did they break down?"

"Must have," P.M. said. "What other explanation is there?"

The cockpit door opened up again by itself.

"Guys! Did you see that?" Fred called out. "The lid opened by itself!"

"Ok, I am freaked out right now..." Protector said. "...I'm going inside!!!!"

Protector climbed into the drill before anyone could stop him.

When Protector dropped inside the massive machine, he found two smashed stromlings. Also, he found something camouflaged inside the controls.

It was a little yellow crystal.

Protector picked it up, hoping it was what he thought it was. He extended his fist and a blast of air escaped from no where.

He looked on his hand and three little swirlies glowed on. He recognized it as only one thing.


Chapter 86Edit

The three minifigures veered their rocket off to the left a few feet and missed the Troubled Desert piece of land by inches.

Three hours had passed and GoodEnough's mood hadn't brightened. "How long is this going to take? I've been sitting in this rocket for an eternity now! This may turn into the longest day of my entire life!"

"Oh! I got the perfect remedy to that!" Wafflnator said!

"NO!" GoodEnough said. "Please! I'm begging you!"

"C'mon!" Wafflnator shouted. "Isn't my humor 'Good Enough' for you?"

Starbit slowly put his hand to his forehead, muttering, "Oh, that was terrible."

"Hey look! A giant bubble blower!" Wafflnator yelled, pointing down at an island. "It's pointed to August City! Whoever built that must be going there too!" He turned to GoodEnough's flying rocket. "You see? Noticing the little small things from your rocket can be really fun!"


"We're almost there," Starbit said. "Just be patient."

After another hour of Wafflnator ranting off what types of weird things he saw, Starbit laughing at some of his jokes, and GoodEnough showing no emotion, they all finally arrived at August City.

"Wow. That's a big wall. I guess they don't want any intruders," Starbit said.

"But why would they have an enormous wall if they don't know about the war?" GoodEnough asked.

They landed outside of the wall. The drawbridge quickly opened and a heavily clad armor fig came rushing out on a horse, a girl's body strapped to his jousting spear.

Chapter 87Edit

"Did you get the sap?" Smart asked Berserk when Norella and Rubber came back.

"Yeah! It's right here!" He gave Smart the sap. Smart did whatever he needed to make the bubble blower ready. "All we have to do is jump in!"

They all jumped in simultaneously. The result was them floating around in a giant bubble heading for August City.

"So, what are we doing for air in here?" Norella asked.

"Uh oh. I didn't think of that..." Smart said. "We do need air, don't we?"

"Wait!" Harmauu said. "Look! There's an air current straight to August Island! Maybe we can get a ride!"

They all leaned the bubble towards the air current and hitched a ride. It was about three minutes until they got there.

When the bubble landed, it popped on impact. Everyone fell to the ground, gasping for air.

"We...we barely made it," Berserk said. "We're here now!"

"Hey, Rubberfrog!" Smart shouted. "There are no wanted posters up here! You can walk freely in the city!"

"You are wanted?" Berserk asked.

"I seriously don't know why! Maybe it's a prank or something. I'm not exactly sure," Rubberfrog said defensively.

"Anyways, Norella, Harmauu, and I are going to see if we can find a way into the city. This wall is huge!"

The Solar group left Rubber and Smart in the fields.

Chapter 88Edit

Smart and Rubber started walking around the fields, looking for something weird. Sure enough, they found something very weird.

A large minifigure on a horse galloped right next to Rubberfrog and stopped. He looked at Rubber, and laughed as if he were pathetic.

After the horseman held up his spear with the girl's body tied to it, Rubber's eyes went wide when Tunip shouted, "Rubberfrog! That's my body!"

Tunip controlled Rubberfrog to run faster than the wind towards the wall. She was yelling, "Where are the stables?"

Tunip, still controlling Rubberfrog, rushed into the stables, stole a horse, and rode back out just like that. The horsekeeper was shouting, "Hey! Wait! You have to rent that horse!"

Rubberfrog, no longer being a puppet, stopped when he got near the horseman. The large horseman surprisingly had red eyes, which meant Oyfae. He held up his spear again to find Tunip's body tied to one side and Smart's body tied to the other.

"Not Smart too!" Rubberfrog thought, as he was pulling out his sword.

The large Oyfae blew into a ram's horn, which release a large, low pitched sound. A few minutes after that happened, five smaller Oyfae horsemen came riding in and the large Oyfae dashed out.

Rubberfrog rode on after him. The normal Oyfae horsemen where trying to knock him down by shooting arrows at him, but they all missed.

When Rubber actually did catch up to the head Oyfae horseman, he swung and the Oyfae lost his balance, which resulted in falling off.

A few seconds after that, an arrow hit inside Rubber's right arm.

Chapter 89Edit

CoolCash tossed the key up into the air and caught it again, chuckling, "I now have access to every room in the fort now! No more puzzles!"

When CoolCash exited the wall's tower, he looked at the tower on the other wall. There was a larger chest inside, which CoolCash decided to go for.

When he got there, there were two Oyfae readying some arrows pointed right at CoolCash. There was also five Oyfae rushing out of the tower with swords and shields in hand.

How could CoolCash fight five Oyfae when two of them are shooting arrows at him?

One archer shot an arrow at CoolCash.

Just when the arrow was inches away from him, he saw a blinding orange streak and the arrow fell to the ground right in front of him. An orange parrot flew back down to the ground.

The archers were shot by someone below. A large explosive was shot up onto the wall and took out the five running Oyfae.

CoolCash looked down from the wall and found five well-known minifigures waving at him. Imaginatrix, Figmentia with the orange parrot, Elementron carrying a large cannon, Creativlve, and Inventrius with a bow.

Troy, who was very confused, looked around for Xhao to ask him some questions.

She entered a large doorway into a room with a large table. Xhao was sitting on the farthest end of the table, stood up, and said, "Welcome."

"Who are these?" Troy asked, looking at the other Oyfae members sitting at the table.

"These are Oyfae Executives," Xhao responded. "Come. Sit down. There is some unfortunate news for you about one of your friends I must tell you."

Troy was really nervous to sit down now. She slowly descended into the chair, waiting for Xhao to speak.

"Your friends are no longer with us," Xhao said.

Troy gasped, "All of them?"

"Just the ones who came in the Red and Blue Brick Fury suits," Xhao said. "Let's see. What were their names? Something about a fair and time?"

"Xenfare and ZacTimez?"

"Yes. Those two. We're still searching for the Cash person. If you tell us where he is, we will let you go without a fight."

Chapter 90Edit

"As I believe," Jixen said, "there is one other soul out there. You might know her. Familiar with anyone named Tunip?"

Zac nodded.

"Yeah, she's a soul right now. Just like you. However, she separated from her body in a very different way. In that way, she chose a guide to help her out. She can control the guide like it is her puppet. Familiar with Rubberfrog?"

Zac nodded again.

"That's who the guide is."

"Now, since you separated from your body in a very different way, you cannot choose a guide. You're going to have to grin-and-bear everything yourself."

Zac was confused. What was there to grin-and-bear? (Grin-and-bear means to survive.)

"You know the Ronin, right?" Jixen said. "They are actually souls too, but they use their Maelstrom power to show themselves to humans too. You'll have to get past them, plus there are very many soulsnatchers out there as well. Good luck. If you need advice, I'll be here."

"Hey guys! Check this out!" Protector said after popping his head out of the drill. He was riding a gust of air right out of it now, gliding along the wind like a kite.

"I had hardly any idea that there was an Elemental Crystal in there," Tank said, "Zephyr Master."

"Zephyr? What's a Zephyr?" JetSpark asked.

"A Zephyr is a western wind, but it's also the name of the wielder of this power."

"Hey guys! I'm a superhero!" Protector yelled, putting one arm out with a clenched fist. He was certainly flying like one...right until he crashed into the Paradox Research Center.

They felt a rumbling again, but this time, it was different. It seemed to happen every half-second.

They looked behind them and saw hundreds of Wafflnator clones. They were saying two different phrases:

"Give us back the Elemental Crystal!"


"There is a traitor among us!"

"Traitor?" RNK asked. "Someone here was actually on their side?"

They all turned to Tank.

Chapter 91Edit

"I wonder what THAT was all about," Wafflnator said. "Anyhoo, let's get in before the bridge rises again."

They all were about to dash in when a guard on top of the wall asked, "Hey! Who are you guys?"

"Um...We are..." Wafflnator stammered.

"Refugees!" Starbit lied. "We were driven out of our home because we were evicted. All of us. We found each other on our way here, so we decided to travel together."

GoodEnough and Wafflnator silently hoped that the guard wouldn't sense this white lie.

"Refugees, huh?" the guard asked. He then thought for a minute and said, "C'mon in."

Starbit did a little victory dance while walking in.

When they walked inside, they saw the whole place covered in buildings, all the way past the horizon.

"How on earth are we supposed to find an Elemental Crystal here, guys?" GoodEnough asked. "Did you even think this through?"

But he was interrupted by a man with a goofy smile saying, "Hello. You must be the refugees."

"I will show you to your new homes," the minifig said. "Here at August City, you won't need to worry about eviction."

"Actually, can we talk to the governor first?" GoodEnough asked. "There's a...question we have to ask him."

"Oh," the fig laughed. "One doesn't just pop in on the governor. You need an appointment first."

GoodEnough rolled his eyes as he followed the fig to their new "homes".

Berserk went and looked around the wall everywhere. All he could find was a drawbridge and a guard on top saying, "Hey! What business do you have here?"

"Nothing major," Harmauu said. "Why?"

"Well, I just wanted to know in case you're plotting something. I mean, look at all the armor you have on, dude!"

"The armor is for defensive measures, 'dude'. If I get attacked, then I'm prepared."

The guard rolled his eyes and said, "Fine. Come in."

"Think we should wait here for Smart and Rubber, guys?" Berserk asked.

There were certain mutters of "Sure." and "Whatever."


But before Berserk could say anything else, there were a bunch of soldiers rushing out of the city yelling, "Hurry! The horsemen are near the outer bridge to Lake Jubla!"

"Horsemen? Do Rubber and Smart have anything to do with that? ...Naw, probably not."

Rubber took his arm off with a grunt of pain and tripped a horseman with it. He walked over to the prone minifig and replaced his arm with his. It still hurt, but it was better than having an arrow through it.

The Oyfae stood up and pulled out a large sword. He let out a mix between a grunt and a chuckle and slashed at Rubberfrog. With a dodge, Rubber returned the favor and hit him.

The Oyfae growled and remounted his horse saying, "To the bridge! For a joust! NOW!"

When Rubber actually found the bridge, the sun was already setting below the horizon. The bridge was right above the space between Crux and August City, and it was leading to a small island with a large lake.

The Oyfae was already at the other end of the bridge, holding a large lance. Rubber got a quick idea.

When his horse reared back, Rubber frantically built a Boom Trap Kit.

When the horse landed back on all fours, both of them started charging towards each other.

Rubber ducked under the giant lance and kept riding on to the end of the bridge and turned his horse around. He saw that his plan worked perfectly.

The Boom Trap Kit exploded and the Oyfae was sent over the bridge into the reaches of space, with him leaving the figs tied up on the lance left on the bridge.

Tunip's soul exited Rubber's body and entered her own. She was still out of it, however. It will be a while before she comes too. Smart, however, woke up once the girl's body finally had a soul.

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