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Part 1 - The Battle Of Avant Gardens

The Greatest Soldier Who Ever Lived

The Nexus Force had grown stronger after their victory in YouReeka, but one minfigure was especially pleased as it was his home world. No one knew this minifigures name, so people nicknamed him after the clothes he wore- Nexus Force Astronaut, of course usually shortened to "Nexus" and always carried his golden sword, given to him by Duke Exeter himself.

The victory at YouReeka spurred him on and signed up to help smash Maelstrom in Avant Gardens after an explosion at the Paradox facility.

Nexus dhjd

Nexus with his golden sword

Despite Nexus belonged to the Venture League he often worked with The Sentinels, as Nexus had a skill at adapting to whatever faction needed him. Many Nexus Force members gave Nexus the title of "The Greatest Soldier" as he nearly took down the Maelstrom Spider!

Under Command

"Oi!" Beck Strongheart screamed at Nexus, "Need some help here!" as he was surrounded by Stromlings, Nexus was busy with handling his horse but tried to help Beck.

Nexus on horse

So he dismounted the horse and got to work with smashing Maelstrom! He wanted to show people he really was the greatest soldier. "You take the left, I'll take the right." Beck ordered and they got to work immediately