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Class: Story
Status: Abandoned
Author: Kat Doodler
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Prologue: The Man in Black

Dead silence. I even hold my breath as "CALCULATING... CALCULATING..." flashes across the Screen. Will it be enough? I pull on my black tie nervously and feel my employees' eyes boring into me.

"ONE MORE MINIFIGURE NEEDED FOR WORLD DOMINATION," says a female robot-like voice. And like that, the Screen goes black. Sighs emanate from W. D. Laboratories, some containing anger and frustration, others, relief, from those who didn't want to be there in the first place. W. D. Laboratories. Ha. Those stupid minifigures - "W. D. Labs... I wonder what they make... Weasel and Lead Labs, probably. But who really cares?" one might say. As for, 'But who really cares?', well, you will when World Domination Labs takes over the Universe! Success is just one minifigure away! Then we'll have to teach them. And train them. Not to mention the fact that he/she will have to learn to be soldier, a commander, an artist/builder, and a spy because the Screen didn't specify the minifigure's job. But it could be worse. I guess....