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Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: SirComputer
Availability: The Nexus Poet is exclusive to this wiki!
Author's Notes: HappyHoppityBunny was in a group with my IRL friend 'mechyguy', and I, MrComputer. I have used Happy for my story since he was a good team member.

(Very short) PrologueEdit

I want you to know about a mysterious poet. This poet went down in history of the Universe. Now the Universe is destroyed, we do not know much about him. Only I do. I am a Survivor of the Ending. This is a story about him.

Chapter 1Edit

It was a bright sunny day in Nexus Tower, like always. HappyHoppityBunny was running around Nexus Tower on the Sentinel floor, to go to the Duke Exeter for his quest. The tower also seemed strange today, and Happy wanted to know about it. There seemed to be a murmur every now and then. It is the strangest thing anyone in the Universe had experienced. "I'll have to do this then..." heard Happy. It was one of those murmurs. Then the Sentinel floor started glowing rainbow...

Chapter 2 Edit

Just then Mr. Ree came dancing. He was crazily dancing. He had a gleeful look on his face. You know, that mysterious one. And then a flow of white came bursting down the corridors. An imagination pipe had burst, and everyone was thinking at the Nexus, not knowing about it. The floor started flooding, and no one could get to the Nexus to tell them. They had to get through the Paradox portal over to Assembly to tell Dr. Overbuild. They seemed to have a flood too. But they had fixed their pipe.

Finally, Dr. Overbuild came swimming with his four arms and two legs, with a snorkel and mask on. He replaced the pipe and screwed it on. He came to the conclusion that all the Imagination should be poured into the Nexus. He did, and it shot up like mad. Mr. Ree, was writing at that moment. But I am not telling you what he was writing. Whether it is a letter, a story or what. That, my friend, will remain a mystery.