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Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: ultimatebuilder911
Availability: The Legend of the Hybrid can also be found here.

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Chapter 1.0Edit

Meet Zack. He's an average minifig with a green hoodie, spikey black hair, and a dream. A dream to help the Nexus, a dream to be a legend. The ship vibrated but nothing happened. Then he remembered why he was riding the elevator. Two of the faction leaders wanted to speak with him. Something about an experiment. Whatever it was, it was something big, and bad; that was all he could tell. The crew looked at him like he was melted already, and when he asked the captain, he said "It's a great honor, but you're the third."

Chapter 1.25Edit

There were waiting for him at the bridge. Vanda Darkflame, Doc Overbuild and a dozen scientists and construction workers. "The Nexus force needs you," said Doc Overbuild. "Why me?" asked Zack."Because you're one of the only minifigure in the Universe that can become a hybrid," said Vanda Darkflame. "BUT WHAT'S A HYBRID!?" I shouted. The faction leaders looked at each other, then launched into a long explanation.

Chapter 1.5Edit

At the end this was all I understood. Paradox and Venture have been researching hybrids for months. Hybrids are minifigures who are not only made of plastic, but imagination and dark energy as well. He would be able bend the very fibers of energy and imagination itself. The only other person ever to do this was the Baron.