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Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: ZackaryX
Availability: The Glitchman and the Guardian can also be found here.

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Nexus Tower was a safe-spot for any minifigure within the area, completely protected from Maelstrom. Their main enemy, their first priority, with the skeletons of Lord Garmardon coming in close second. They thought all of their enemies were foreign, the vicious creatures and the undead, spawned of dark magic. How could one of their own ever hurt them? This was what they reasoned. No minifigure could actually turn against the Nexus Force. After all, what had the Nexus Force ever done to any of its recruits? They always stayed kind, allowed breaks, training wasn't exactly rigorous. It was hardly a military operation. In fact, most minifigures spent the whole day relaxing somewhere off the coast Nimbus Station, or around the orbit of Avant Gardens. How could any minifigure hold anything against them?

What the Nexus Force seemed unable to comprehend was that there might be one minifigure who simply wanted to twist things around, to turn the tables and mess things up in whatever way he possibly could. Most people would describe such a man as this as a madman. But some would see him for what he is: a genius, who simply doesn't care about the fight between the Maelstrom and the Nexus Force. This is what the Glitchman is. And here is where our story begins; in the dark trees of Gnarled Forest, in the middle of a deep rain.

A minifigure stood just off the coast of the ocean, wearing a jacket. The rain got under his hood, and his dark black hair was wet, and it hung over one eye. His hand was clenched around something, and the grin on his face implied that the thing in his hand was not a very good 'thing.'

He opened his hand, lightly tossing three small dots into the water. It was an invention of his own. The objects filtered themselves throughout the water molecules, strengthening the hydrogen bonds between each molecule. The surface tension was greatly increased.

In other words, it made him able to walk on water.

He attached three more small dots to each of his shoes, jumping down on top of the water. The minifigure grinned. His invention worked. He held up a pouch of seeds in his hand, and the grin widened.

For a long time, the Maelstrom has been cut off from certain portions of Gnarled Forest, namely the Pirate Camp. This was because the Pirate Camp was guarded on three sides by cliffs, and on the fourth, on ocean. These seeds would make the main headquarters of the pirates vulnerable.

The minifigure stuffed the seeds back into his pocket, and walked back out of the water. The seeds would sink to the bottom eventually.

And this was exactly what the Glitchman was counting on.