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Episode One: Universe and Star WarsEdit

Chapter 1Edit

One day in a galaxy universe far away long ago. the jedi and sith were constant enemies and the maelstrom and universians were too. so the universians went to Mos Eisley cantina to negotiate a treaty to fight against the sith and maelstrom. the universians sent Vanda Darkflame and Epilison Starcracker to see Qui-gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi. Meanwhile the Maelstrom had the same idea they sent mechs and stromlings and dark spiderlings to Naboo to talk to Darth Sidious,Darth Maul, and Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus). "hmm i dont know what do you think qui-gon?" Said Obi Wan. "i think we could accept your offer lets talk trade." Said qui-gon. " How about 10 battle droids for 10 of your men?" Said Qui-Gon "No." Said Vanda. "yeah we have 1,000 men and we need to use them... *BOOM* ooook 999 men and we need to use them carefully" Said Epilson Starcracker "ok ok here are my prices" Said Qui-Gon. "ok i want Artoo and Captain Panaka." Said Vanda Darkflame. "ok good thats 50 men" Said Obi wan. "and we'll fight too. Later, the stromlings convinced the sith to give them 1,000 stormtroopers and darth maul. "Ttthhhaaankkkssss." Said Stromling. "no problem" Said count dooku. Later, the maelstrom and sith attacked the jedi and universians. the stormtroopers killed captain panaka and artoo ran off and darth maul killed qui-gon jinn. "noooo!" said wisp lee. where did he come from anyway?

Chapter 2Edit

Lets go master darth vader! said C-3P0 aka See Threepio Cyborg Sith Relations. C-3PO activates his lightsaber and strikes down TC-14. Darth vader kills darth sidious and proclaimed himself the leader of the sith! "I AM THE LEADER OF THE SITH ALLIENCE!" said Darth Vader. *clapping* *empty cheering* "R2-D2-S2 attack them with your built in blaster!" Yelled C-3P0.

Chapter 3Edit

The Jedi were losing and now to make matters worse there is a universe self destruct button that will activate in 10 MINUTES! "lets go master vader we need to escape where is the portal?" Said C-3P0 "Uh i exaggerated there is no portal." Said Darth Vader "WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!" Yelled Threepio 1 minute left.

Chapter 4Edit

The end. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BOOM!!! they all died.