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Class: Story
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Author: Gamingdude
Availability: The Faction Heroes: a Story About Four Friends can also be found here.

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Chapter 1Edit

Gaming was waiting impatiently to get to Nimbus Station to join the Nexus Force. His cousin, Super was waiting with him more patiently then her cousin. All of a sudden the ship shoke and Gaming almost fell over. The Venture Explorer was hit by a bolt of Maelstrom and was breaking down. Gaming thought it was the end.

Chapter 2Edit

The alarms went off and told everyone to evacuate the ship ASAP Gaming and Super ran to the front of the ship where Bob was there to give them their imagination. "Go collect six imagination orbs and quick!" Bob said to them, the orbs weren't far from Bob and the mission was done quickly. All of a sudden the ship shoke again and there was a boy with black hair that was falling into the depths of the ship where the maelstom was Gaming ran and caughthim just in time. The boy thanked him and introduced himself, his name was Buil and he was very excited to join the Nexus Force and become a builder, now all he wants to do is get off the ship safely. The three got their imagination and went to Sky Lane where they were supposed to get three ship parts. Buil found three Steampunk parts, Super found three Pod parts and Gaming found three Classic parts they got their Thinking Hats from Sky and built their rockets. Buil seemed to have forgotten that the ship was damaged and was building carefully to make sure the ship was fully functional "Hurry up!" Gaming said in a very impatient way "What? Oh yeah we're leaving sorry I just love building that I lose track of time" Buil replied. They got on the launchpads and flew to the land below....

Chapter 3Edit

When the three landed they were in an area with green grass blue skys and maelstrom, lots of maelstrom. Gaming did a quick scan of the area and there was a man waving for help at a damaged building. They ran over there and the man introduced himself his name was Wisp Lee, he had bandages all over his body and his hands had purple mist coming from them. Wisp told them to go to Epsilon Startracker to go get a weapon to protect them. They saw Epsilon at a nearby hill with a communication terminal. They ran over there and Epsilon told them to pick a weapon. Gaming chose the sword, Super chose the spear and buil was just about to pick the hammer when a message came through the terminal to go build a satellite so that the air force could drop a bomb on the maelstrom. Buil quickly went to the crowd of maelstrom with no weapon. Gaming and Super ran after him to go protect him, this would be their first battle. Gaming attacked a stromling that was going strait for Buil and Super was stabbing the rest of the maelstrom, keeping them away. Buil took his time building the satellite "Will you hurry up and build that thing already!?!" Gaming asked in an annoyed way, "This thing is taking a lot of imagination dude, this as gotta take time" Buil replyed. When the satellite was finally done a bomb was dropped on the crowd of maelstrom smashing it all instantly. "ARE YOU INSANE!?!?!" Gaming was furious, Buil went into danger all just to build he didn't understand how building was so important. Buil walked back to the hill and picked up the hammer not even looking at Gaming.

Chapter 4Edit

"You are obbsessed with building!" Gaming was enraged "Well sorrrry!" Buil replyed "Guys stop it!!!!" Super said "Did you even hear Epsilion? He said to go to the Sentinel Camp!" they went to the camp with no one saying a word. "Hey newbies lets see your salute!" someone was talking to them as if they were a leader, "What did you say?!?!" Gaming yelled at the guy but he didn't notice he was the Sentinel leader of the camp until he looked at him. "Oh sorry" Gaming saluted while saying it, so did Super and Buil. The leader said to go talk to the guy at the wall Buil went to him, Super was sent to get maelstrom bricks for Wisp Lee and Gaming was sent to go smash some mechs and rebuild them into turrets. Super likes the maelstrom bricks and decided to keep a few for herself. Gaming hated to build the turrets and Buil was sent to go get bricks to fill the wall, which he did and was given a model pack for a property Buil wanted to get a property really badly Gaming let him go for now to get this "property". Later Gaming noticed the maelstrom bricks in Super's backpack, he was furious with it because he knew that they could infect her and told her to get rid of them immidiatley, but she refused. Gaming ran off in anger to a big statue with Bob he was amazed on what you could build with lego bricks, but he still didn't care for building. he went up it to the top and jumped to the other side where he saw Buil. His face was beaming because he got a property and Super was coming from behind. Buil said that the launchpad to Nimbus Station was just ahead, and so was the time where they would join a Faction...

Chapter 5Edit

They got their rockets and flew off to Nimbus Station in excitement. While flying to Nimbus there was a guy with blonde hair and glasses falling, he was unconsous. Gaming flew to the boy in a hurry to save him, he cayght him just in time and they flew to Nimbus Station. The boy was unconous the entire ride and was still unconous when they landed they ran to the bottom of the hill, hoping to find a person that can help. While on the way down a girl in red robes was standing around, there was something abut her that Gaming didn't like. They stopped to ask if she could help, she introduced herself as Vanda Darkflame, the leader of the Paradox Faction. She found out what was wrong with the boy right away and gave him a bottle of blue liquid, which he put in his mouth and he swallowed it. He woke up instantly feeling much better. "Ieee what in the name of Davy Jones happened to me?" the boy asked, Gaming told him everything of what happened to him and Vanda told him that his ship was hit by a maelstrom bolt, memories of the Venture Explorer quickly returned to Gaming as he remembered the maelstrom fog that surrounded the ship. The boy finally introduced himself, his name was Ventue but he said that they can call him Ven he seemed to be a pirate, or at least acted like one. He came from a place called Gnarled Forest but the ship he lived on was thrown by a kraken into a tree. The four left to go to Nimbus Plaza after thanking Vanda for her help, all but Gaming, he left without thanking her. As they walked into Nimbus Plaza they knew they were ready for the Nexus Force.

Chapter 6Edit

The tests were easy, the four of them promised to do the tests together. All that was left was to was survive for 1 minute in the Avant Gardens Survival instance. They went in and the battle field was just infront of the Sentinel Camp. After about 30 seconds a wave of Dark Spiderings came from the spider cave, Gaming didn't notice the cave till now. Gaming was terrified, he was scared of spiders and he tried to hide in a corner so they wouldn't see him,it was all up to Super, Ven and Buil. Even with Gaming chickened out the survival was easy and they survived the minute. The four of them got their Sentinel badge from Melodie Foxtrot, a Sentinel agent and were ready to jon the Nexus Force. Gaming was going to join the Sentinels, Ven was joining the Venture League, Buil was joining Assembly and Super was joining Paradox. when they got to the middle of Nimbus Plaza they all looked at the vendors spliting into four paths, this was the first time they went their separate ways.

Chapter 7Edit

"Super are you sure you want to join Paradox? They do a lot of dangerous experements." Gaming was concerned for his cousin and treated her like a sister. "Will you stop worrying I'll be fine!" Super replied "I'm not a little kid anymore!" Gaming stayed quiet "Hey cmon slowpokes your taking all the swashbuckling day!" Ven was rushing them. "Oh yes lets go!" Super ran off to the Paradox Vendor. As Gaming walked to the Sentinel Vendor another person was right beind him "Hello there!" the boy had a brown buzz cut and had a cheerful voice "You joining the Sentinels too?" the boy asked, ""Yep I was intrested in them from the start!" Gaming answered, "So whats your name?" Gaming asked "Names Massive!" Massive replyed, "Nice to meet ya" he looked over his shoulder to check on Super she was already in Sorceress gear, "Whats the matter?" Massive asked, "N-nothing..." he walked up to the Sentinel rep. "Welcome to the team boys!" the rep said "Please choose your Faction Specialty!" he held out two pictures of the Sentinel knight and Samurai "I'll take Knight!" Massive said. Gaming looked at the Samurai for a while examining its blade, the sharpness of the Samurai blade was better than the Knight sword "I'll take Samurai" Gaming said. While at the Assembly Vendor Buil was walking to the Assembly rep a rank 3 Engineer was talking with him the Engineer then gave a salute and walked off, but he bumped into Buil and they both fell over. The Engineer droped an orange coin, Buil picked it up "Um I think you droped this" Buil said, "Ah its ok its only one token you can keep it!" the Engineer said, "Um thanks" Buil replyed "Say whats our name?", "My name is Eric!" he helped Buil up "I gotta go now sorry!", "Ok bye thanks!" Buil said but he was already gone. "Welcome to the Assembly!" the rep said "Please choose a Faction Specialty!", there was a Summoner and an Engineer, Eric really inspiered him to become an Engineer so he chose the Engineer. By now everyone was in a Faction and were told to go see the Venture League rep for their first Faction mission.

Chapter 8Edit

The five new recruits went to the Venture League rep. "Alright guys time to go help the pirates of Gnarled Forest", Ven suddenly felt uneasy, "Whats the matter?" Super asked "Oh um I'm just fine I was just wondering about the other launch pad over there", he pointed at the launch pad up a big hill with fortress walls. "That leads to Forbidden Valley, it is forbidden to rank ones as the maelstrom is much stronger there." the rep answered him. Ven felt like a gonner. They went to the Gnarled Forest launchpad and flew to Gnarled Forest. When they landed they were in a very moist area "This is the Ravine" Ven said to the team. "Oh yeah you live here right I forgot." Buil replyed "R-Right I live here... I guess..." he mumbled the last part. As they went forward, Ven was right there was a giant ravine infront of them and they were unable to pass the Ravine "Oh well I guess we should head back!" Ven said quickly, "Wait, wait I see a platform up ahead!" they jumped to the platform and built a bouncer to the other side. "That was easy!" Massive said, "Not for me.." Ven mumbled. "Ahoy there, ahoy!" a pirate voice said "Please help ! need help past this place!". There was a pirate in a barrel "Toby Squidbarrel?" Ven asked. "Well ahoy there Ventue why in the name of Davy's Locker did you come back here I thought you were bann-" "Official Nexus Force buisness!" Ven interrupted him. "Well if you five landlubbers are in the Nexus Force then you can help me!" Toby said, "If you can distract them pirates while i get to the pirate camp I'll give yeh a reward!". They accepted, Toby started walking past the pirates, still in his barrel, while the rest of the team fought off the pirates. While they smashed pirates, they dropped tokens on which they could buy more faction gear. Toby finally got out of the maelstrom trench, "Thanks kind fellers I should be able to get the rest of the way on me own now, here is yer reward!" he dropped a fish on the ground and was off faster then you could say Ahoy!

Chapter 9Edit

"Hmph, some reward..." Gaming was disappointed, "Lets keep it fer now just in case its worth something" Ven said as they ran to the next area they met Eric again. "Hey its you again!" he said to them "Hello!" Buil said to him. "So did you come here for getting tokens?" Eric asked "What?" they all asked. "This place is good for getting your rank 2 gear, the stromling admirals give a lot of tokens!" Eric explained the token trick in Brig Rock. "So how do the mealstom give tokens anyways?" Super asked, "Its the way they thank you" Eric answered "Its very painfull being a maelstrom being and when you smash one a small burst of imagination comes out and turns into an item". The team thanked Eric again and Eric went off to another area, "Lets get some tokens!" Gaming said in a burst of excitement, with this he can become stronger and smash more maelstrom beings. After about an hour or so, they had enough tokens to buy all the rank 2 gear so they went off to the next area, "WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!" another pirate was calling them "COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!" they turned around and there was a pirate in red clothing behind them "Can you please go and stop that monkey from shooting that there gun, he is making a ruccus" they nodded their heads and went off towards the monkey. "Hey, hey stop that dude!" Gaming was trying to stop it, "Wait!... Swabby is that you?" Ven asked. "Ooh ooh ah?" Swabby.... said? "Oooh oooooh oooooooooh eeh ah ah ah ah!" Swabby seemed excited, "Swabby it is you!" Ven was very happy as well. Swabby threw the gun at Gaming and he got hit in the head and fell over unconcuos. Suddenly, Gaming heard a voice "The fish, use the fish!" then it was silent.

Chapter 10Edit

"Hey man wake up!" Ven was shaking him and yelling at him "I'm awake!" Gaming woke up instantly. "you were out for a while Buil said "I'm... fine" Gaming replyed "But who said to use the fish?" They all looked at each other and shrugged "Um you sure your ok? No one said yo use a fish.." Massive answered. Gaming let it go and kept going towards the other area and the others followed. "Coming up is the pirate camp..." Ven told them "Its a safe area" Buil built a bouncer up a cliff to the camp and, in shock came to a pirate camp just like Ven said. The camp had little huts everywhere and pirates talking and trading. "Ahoy there young skalywags!" there was a pirate with a big beard and a captains hat. "Well if it aint ol Ventue" the captain said, Ven said nothing "Cmon! You gotta remember yer own father! Its me Captain Jack Knife remember?" "Of course I remember" Ven said to him in an angry voice. "Well it ain't me own fault I had to baned you from the crew son, it was all yer doing that we got stranded here." Jack said to him. "BANNED?!?!" all but Ven was surprised "I told ye over and over, the ship controlled itself!!!!!!" Ven was angry, "A SHIP CAN'T TURN WITHOUT SOMEONE CONTROLLING IT SON, YOU WERE THE ONE RIDING THE SHIP, NOW GET OUT OF ME SIGHTS!!!!!" Jack was insane. Suddenly a burst of purple mist came from Jack and he was yelling in pain. The sky turned purple, and some of the trees withered and died. Jacks skin turned purple, and his eyes turned red, he was being infected with maelstrom. Jack grew to an incredible hight, and grabbed Ven. The last for were ready for battle. Gaming and Massive slashed Jacks legs, making him fall over. Super got her wand and blasted Jacks face while Buil built a turret and shot him in the hand, freeing Ven. Finally, Ven made the final blow by blasting a trident to his own fathers face. Jack fell to the ground, and turned to normal, but he was on the end of his life....

Chapter 11Edit

It was raining in Gnarled Forest. "Father!" Ven ran to Jack, "Ugh s-son I have one last request..." Jack was in a weak voice, "Give me something to eat... like the old times..." "The fish, use the fish!" Buil said "It heals a minifigures energy!" Ven got the fish out and gave it to him "Son... one more thing" Jacks voice was weaker and the fish had no effect "Take this" he handed Ven a purple shard "Its the treasure I found when we got here.... I hope it can be of use to you" his head fell over slowly "Father......" Ven was in tears "FATHEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!". He was crying. "Ven...." Super noticed the purple shard "If it doesn't hurt you, may I see that shard?" Ven handed her the shard, his head still facing down at his father. "Hm yes this must be what infected Jack." Super said "I'LL DESTROY IT!" Ven had his cutlass and almost hit the shard, but Super moved away. "NO" Super tried to calm Ven down "We need this for reaserch!" They went to the Nimbus Station launchpad in silence, all but Ven. "Father.... I'm sorry it was all my fault, I-" he was inturrupted "No it wasn't yer fault! It was the maelstroms!" another pirate was behind him "No it was mine! I turned the ship into the kraken, if it wasn't for me father would still be here and I would be happy!" Ven was in grief. "Listen... me name is Hael Storm" he said "I studied the ship and it was infected by maelstrom, it turned into the kraken." Hael said. "I am going to Nimbus Station, thanks for helping me Hael." and he was off, leaving his fathers grave. Ven went to Nimbus Station and bought his rank 2 gear, he would smash every maelstrom being he saw....

Chapter 12Edit

"Ven..." Super was worried. Her radio rang, "Hello?" Super answered "Who is this?" "Hello this is Vanda Darkflame" Vanda answered "I found out what the Maelstrom shard is" Super was really happy "Well what is it?" Super asked "It is an infected peice of solidified imagination, a part of the originnal Imagination Nexus." Vanda answered "There are four shards and we have one of them from the blast, and you found the second peice. If we get the last two shards and purify them, we could undo all the wrong doings the maelstrom has done." "So that means that Ven's father would come back?" Super asked "Yes thats true." Vanda answered "Ok thanks, Bye!" and Super hung up. "Ven, VEN!" Super ran to Ventue who was still sad "What do you want..." Ven asked "I found a way to get your father back!" Super answered. Ven stared at Super, he seemed really happy "R-really!?!" Ven asked "Yes, let me tell you!" Super explained the situation. "Super, lets get them shards!" Ven said "We will don't worry" Super said.

Chapter 13Edit

"Hey come over here." The five were called over to the Paradox Faction rep. "We need assistance in Forbidden Valley, home of the ninjas, or is it called ninja, oh whatever just go there. Also if you get a maelstrom hammer come back here and smash that anvil." "Hey you over there in the knight suit!" the Sentinel rep was calling Massive "I need you to go hold back the maelstrom in Avant Gardens" Massive gave him a salute and ran off. The four went off to the Forbidden Valley launchpad. When they got there, it was a dark land with a giant gait. "Seems like a sad place." Gaming said. "Errr are ye sure that me I should be here." Ven asked, pirates and ninjas were sworn rivals and ven was a pirate. "Don't worry, the ninjas and the pirates have an alliance here, after the maelstrom is gone you guys will be rivals again." Super answered.

Chapter 14Edit

"Excuse me!" a quite voice was calling them "If you want to get past the gate then you will have to think it through or thinlk it over." the voice was a ninja in a white gi, red pants and a red hood. "Um thanks... good to know" Gaming said. "Think it through..." then Super saw floating rocks and a breakable wall "I got it!" she jumped from rock to rock "Are you crazy you'll fall!" Gaming raced after her, and then Buil. "Um you guys go do yer stunt double tricks, I'm gonna find out what she ment by over" Ven said, then he saw a man in a rainbow shirt smash a small monument and build it into a bouncer "Hey wait!" Ven was yelling at him then he got on the bouncer and went over the wall "WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!". On the other side of the wall Gaming, Super and Buil were waiting for Ven. "Don't do something like that again. OOF!" Ven fell ontop of Gaming "Uuugh, on second thought, maybe that way is better." then he was unconcous. He heard a voice again, just like when Swabbie threw a gun at him, this time it said "DRAGON!!!!!".

Chapter 15Edit

Gaming woke up again, knowing that in the future there will be a dragon. "Hey yer ok right?" Ven asked as he helped hi up, "Ugh yeah." Gaming replyed they went off to the next area where there were lots of mantis' around. There was a man, he had the helm of a dragon, the shirt of a master, brown pants, dark red armor, a scepter with a gem and a sword of lightning. The man was fighting Dark Ronin, but he was struggling, then a Ronin came from behind. "Look out!" Super told him, and she used her thunder clap to knock it back, then she shot some maelstrom orbs at it from her wand and smashed it. "Ugh thanks." the man said, he turned around, Ven remembered his face, the man in the rainbow shirt. "No problem." Super said with a smile. "You ok?" Gaming ran over to the man and helped him up, "Yeah I'm ok, thanks. My name is QuickMM, but just call me Quick." Quick said to the team. "I'm Super, and these are my friends, Gaming, Ventue and Buil." Super said. "Ok nice to meet you, lets get out of here, its too dangerous right now, follow me.". The team nodded, and followed Quick to a big tree, so big, that you could live in it. Ironically, there were people iving in the tree, three ninja masters and their sensei. Quick went to the sensei and bowed at him, the team then went up to him and did the same. "Hello there young masters." the sensei said to them "My name is Master Fong, I am the senei that lives in this tree, let me give you a ninja hood to let you travel freely through Forbidden Valley." he handed all five of them a ninja hood. All of a sudden, there was a giant roar and everyone went into hiding, while the team of five got out their battle gear.

Chapter 16Edit

"DRAGON!!!" someone yelled in terror. The dragon came right up to the tree and tried to smash the team of five. The dragon shot a fireball at Gaming, but he blocked it, Quick was shooting lightning bolts at it, Super shot maelstrom blasts at it, Ven shot Goldfish at it and Buil built a turret and shot the dragon. Gaming then got out his new bow and shot a fire arrow at its eye. The dragon then grabbed Gaming, Master Fong, Ven and Buil, and flew off to the dragon cave. "NO!" Super ran towards the path to the dragon cave and Quick ran after her. "Wait! You need to put your ninja hood on!" Quick said as he put his hood on, Super put her hood on and kept running. She got to a big shield of maelstrom, she wanted to stop but she couldn't and she ran through the shield. When she got to the other side she stopped and she was ok. "What?" Super was confused "How did I-" "The hood protects you" Quick said to her. She nodded and kept running, Quick was right behind her. When they jumped down a cliff there was a giant building, but it was in ruins, there was a girl in a ponytail, rank one space marauder gear and a halberd "Th-the dragon did this..." the girl told them as they ran past the girl there was a robot that was blasting maelstrom horsemen and smashing them in one hit. When they got to the dragon cave, they stopped to catch their breath, Quick and Super looked at each other "Lets smash a dragon..." they both said to each other.

Chapter 17Edit

Super and Quick nodded at each other and went down the stairway to the dragon cave. When they got to the cave, there was maelstrom fog everywhere and three floating platofrms where dragons stayed and waited for their prey. They noticed the one that took their friends, the dragon was a bright purply-pink instead of black. They went to the platform and behind the dragon was a cage with their friends in it. Super blasted a few maelstrom bolts from her wand, then the dragon roared and some dark ronin appeared behind them. Quick blasted some lightning bolts at them while Super kept attacking the dragon. After a lot of blasts of lightning and maelstrom, the dragon fell over and some bricks appeared infront of the dragon. Quick went and built a guardian with the bricks, the guardian tapped the dragons shoulder and it turned around, but its tail it Quick and e went falling into the pit below. "Quick!" Super tried to save him, but she was too late. The dragon moved its tail again and Super's wand went down the pit, she thought it was over, but then she saw Quicks sword on the ground. She grabbed it and slashed the dragon right in its back, where it made a roar of pain and fell over, unconcous. "Very impressive Super....." there was a deep voice from behind her...

Chapter 18Edit

"I had a feeling you were better then the rest...." the voice said. Super turned around, it was Quick, but his eyes were red and his skin was not yellow, but a translucent black. Super shot down the cage holding her friends and then pointed the sword at Quick. "Super what are you doing!" Gaming thought she was infected, "Thats not Quick." Super told him "Its... him....". "Who?" Gaming asked, "Baron Typhonus..." Super answered, "You are a clever little girl..." Baron said "Now, we need a place all to ourselves right now" then he did a little motion with his staff and he teleported Super and himself. The area looked very dark and maelstrom fog was everywhere, then Super saw Quick, the real Quick, he was in chains of maelstrom. "Try to save him, and I will infect him." the Baron told her, Super steped away from him. "Now tell me, tell me why you joined Paradox." the Baron said, "I joined because I wanted to find a way to turn the maelstrom against itself, and find a cure for the people that have been infected." Super answered, "You can't fool me, now tell me why you really joined" the Baron told her, "I just did." Super answered. "Hehehe silly little child, you think I can be fooled by the likes of you? Think again." the Baron told her "You joined Paradox because you wanted to prove your cousin wrong, he always thought you wouldn't be good enough for the Nexus Force. You hate him, you want to tell him you hate him, so why don't you?" the Baron asked, "I do not hate him! He is my cousin and I love him, sure we may fight at times but in the end we still love eachother! And that freindship will never tear apart! You can't change it!" Super told him. "Suit yourself, even though you don't know your own feelings...." the Baron said, then he teleported Quick and Super back. The Baron said one last thing before he left the dragon cave, "Go Butterscorch, go back to your home and await your next order!"

Chapter 19Edit

"Super! You ok?" Gaming was worried "Cmon, Super wake up, please!", "Huh, what!" Super woke up, "Super, you're ok!" Gaming hugged her, but Super pushed him away. "Whats the matter? Are you hurt?" Gaming asked, " I'm ok..." Super answered. The sicks of them went out of the cave ok, except for Super, she was wondering, did she really join Paradox to prove Gaming wrong? Master Fong Shader went back into his house on the great tree, while the other five went to Nimbus Station. "Well, I'll be seeing you guys later I have to go to Gnarled Forest and help the pirates there." Quick told them, "See ya later!" they all said back as they waved, "Oh I almost forgot!" Gaming said as he went to his pocket "Butterscorch dropped this, isn't it a peice of that crystal thingy?" Gaming asked, "Umm excuse me" a man said "Would any of you happen to be Gaming?" the man asked, "Yeah thats me" Gaming answered, "Hello, I am Duke Exeter, the leader of the Sentinels." "No way!" Gaming was surprised he was talking to his leader, "Yes its me, I have a mission for you, follow me." Duke said, "Yes sir!" Gaming gave a salute and followed Duke. The pther three went off to buy their rank three Faction gear. "What do you need me to do sir?" Gaming asked, "I need you to go to the Venture Explorer." Duke answered,"What, why?" Gaming asked, "There is a lot of valuable information on that ship and we sent Epsilon Startracker to get the data on the ship, unfortunatly we last radio contact with him soon after he got on the ship, this was his last transmission." Duke got out a radio, "Startracker to Exeter, Startracker to Exeter! All the data is lost Exeter, I'm sorry, there was only a message from the maelstrom, all your- ours repeat all- base is-, I can't stay on the ship much longer, the maelstrom is too much here I gotta get off the- no, no, no they found me, get away, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the transmission ended there.

Chapter 20Edit

"Woah, seems like he was scared." Gaming said, "You need to go up there and find him." Duke said, "I'll go right now." Gaming said, and he was off to Avant Gardens. When he landed at Avant Gardens, Sky Lane was there waiting for him, "Hello Gaming!" Sky said to him, "Its nice to see you again Ms. Lane." Gaming said, "Please, just call me Sky" Sky told him "Anyways, I am sure Duke told you, your mission?" Sky asked, Gaming nodded. "Good, let me put the coordinates into your ship." Sky said, she handed him a space map and he put the map into the ship, "Bzzt, bzzt, scanning sky map." the ship said that whenever it got new coordinates "Done! Please enjoy your new location!" "I wish I could." Gaming said as a joke. He went into his ship and blasted off to the place where it all started....

Chapter 21Edit

Gaming landed in the Venture Explorer, it was much more darker then before. He was on a platform where Sky gave him his Thinking Cap. He looked down to see what there was. There were Stromlings with a hammer as an arm, some corrupted sentry bots, and he saw a very strong looking spiderling, he got a chill down his spine when he saw the spiderling. He jumped down and smashed a few Hammer Stromlings, fighting was easier with his rank three gear. As he went up the steps to Bobs terminal. He saw Bob, he was gone. As he kept going he ran past a Spiderling, too scared to fight it. As he got to the other end of the ship he saw Epsilon, he was tied up in what looked like a rope of maelstrom. As he ran for Epsilon a Spiderling came into view, he stopped and was unable to move because he was so scared, then he felt something hit the back of his head and fell over, unconcous. He heard a voice "That Spiderling is the leader." and then it was silent....

Chapter 22Edit

When Gaming woke up he was tied up beside Epsilon, he tried to get himself out but it was hopeless. A giant purple Spiderling was watching them, it was even stronger then the Elite Spiderlings. "That Spiderling is the leader." Epsilon wispered to him, "W-what is h-he g-gonna d-do t-to u-us?" Gaming was terrified of it, Epsilon looked at what seemed like their end, a giant cauldron of maelstrom was behind them. "This doesn't look good for us.." Epsilon said "I'm sorry I got you into this.." then there was an evil laugh. "Foolish little fools, did you really think you could overcome the power of my new army?" it was Baron Typhonus, then a giant hand came and grabbed Gaming, when he was taken out of the grasp, he was out of the ropes and a giant shadow of the Baron was infront of him. "Now young, little Gaming, can you tell me why you joined Sentinels?" the Baron asked, You know darn well why I joined! I joined to destroy you!" Gaming answered in an angry voice, he charged at the Baron, sword ready. He was blown back by a force of maelstrom, "You don't care about me, your friends, or anyone, all you care about is your cousin, you want to protect her." the Baron told him "You didn't want your cousin to join the Nexus Force because you know she isn't strong enough. But she wants to prove you wrong, she hates you." that last part made Gamings heart broken. "No...." Gaming wispered "You're lieing...." "Go ask her yourself...." then the Baron used a movement with his staff and Gaming fell asleep.

While at Nimbus Station, Super felt funny and she just fell asleep as well.

"Super..... do you really hate me?" Gaming saw her, they were alone in a black area, "Yes, I hate you so much that I don't even want to be your cousin!" Super answered

"Gaming?" Super saw him, but it couldn't be real, they were in a white area and was all alone, "Super, you must leave the Nexus Force now! You aren't strong enough to fight maelstrom, you will never be!"

Super woke up in Nimbus Station, she couldn't believe what she heard.

Gaming's heart was broken, he couldn't believe what he just heard.

Chapter 23Edit

The Barons plan was falling right into place. He smiled as he sent Gaming back to the Venture Explorer. Gaming was enraged, he went and smashed every enemy he saw, even the spiderlings. When he looked at the spiderling that was leading the pack, he felt a strange darkness inside of him and he blasted a giant beam of maelstrom at the spiderling, unfortunately the beam consumed Epsilon as well and he was gone. Gaming looked at his hands "W-what have I done!?!?" he ran off and blasted off to Avant Gardens. When he landed in Avant Gardens he noticed there was something in his pocket, a corrupted imagination shard. He blasted off to Nimbus Station in hopes of finding Super and his friends. "Super! Ven! Buil!" Gaming was trying to find them, "YOU!" there was a girl nearby "I HATE YOU!" it was Super, "Oh I already know that Super!" Gaming was mad "And by the way, since you hate me, you shouldn't be in the Nexus Force because you're to weak!" "Don't repeat yourself!" Super told him "I am a strong person and I'll show you I am!" she got her wand ready, "I'll show you, you aren't!" Gaming got his Katana ready. They would have a fight to the death....

Chapter 24Edit

Gaming charged toward Super but she blew him back with Thunder Clap. Super then blasted him with maelstrom orbs, but he blocked them. Super then used her maelstrom breath to try and stun Gaming, it worked. As for Gaming, he felt like he would pass out. Then he used the fog to his advantage and shot fire arrows randomly out of the fog. When the fog cleared, they both charged at each other, Gaming slashed right through Super, Super used Last Blast to try and stop him. She staggered, then passed out. "Oh god..." Gaming said "What have I done?" "You've done just what I wanted to do!" it was the Baron "You made me a vessel!" he went into the body of Super. "No one will know its me, the Darkitect other then you!" he said "So be gone!" he made a blast of maelstrom and blew Gaming back. Gaming smiled "Ha, you thought that negative feelings would make you win?" Gaming said "The freindship that me and Super have, no, that friendship me and all my friends have! They make me strong." Gaming started floating as he remembered all his friends. "Buil!" Gaming shot a blast of imagination "Ven!" and another, "Massive!" another, "Eric!" another, "Quick!" another, he made a giant orb of imagination "SUPER!" and shot a giant blast of imagination. The Darkitect blocked the blast with a maelstrom shield, but Gaming kept on blasting "You cannot win, the power is too strong while I'm in this body!" then the Darkitect started to move his arm away from the shield "W-what! Do not resist!" "Don't worry Gaming. I got this!" it was Super, she was trying to stop the Darkitect "No NO!" the Darkitect tried to control her, but he failed "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" the shield vanished and the Darkitect got out of Super's body. "Gwaaaaaaa!" the Darkitect started to fade away. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo" he dissapeared into darkness....

Chapter 25Edit

"Super.... are you ok?" Gaming asked "Yes." Super answered "After the Baron took my body, I figured out his plan, He was trying to take over Nimbus Station. Since the maelstrom can't get here, he used us to try and take over the dead body.". "The Baron is going down once I find him.." Gaming said "I promise to never fight you again." "Same here" Super said. "Hey! We heard some loud noises here, what happened!?!" It was Buil and Ven "Its a long story" Gaming and Super replyed. "Well, anyways. Guess what!?!?" Buil said "What?" Gaming and Super asked. "Nexus tower has been built on Crux Prime!" Build answered "No way! Its finnaly done?" Gaming said "Yep!" Buil answered "Watcha all waitin' fer scallywags! Lets go, we are chosen to connect the four shards of the Imagination Nexus!