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Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: penguinx37
Availability: The Blue Blades can also be found here.

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Chapter 1Edit

Max was riding his speeder across the dark, scary, endless land of Crux Prime. He had his blue force blade (same thing as EFoL) strapped to his back. He was in search of a crystal to power his speeder, which was low on fuel. Suddenly, it got even darker. So dark that it was nearly pitch black. Max could just make out a giant funnel cloud heading toward him. It was a tornado, swarming with tiny lightning bolts. Inside the twister, Max saw a purple, shadowy figure. It could be no other than the Storm Lord.

Chapter 2 Edit

Max found himself being lifted off his speeder into the tornado. He drew his force blade to fight, but it was snatched out of his hand by the Storm Lord.

"My evil plan has been put into action! Using this blade I will now make storms on every planet, making me lord of the universe!" shouted the Storm Lord over the roar of the wind.

Max was being tossed around in the tornado, when it suddenly stopped. He landed with a thud. Then, just as fast as it stopped, the storm began again, this time with dark clouds covering the sky with blue lightning shooting out of them rapidly. A lightning bolt struck Max, sending him flying across the vast landscape. In fact, he went so high that when he landed, Max went straight through the ground.