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Author: Jazzermb
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Data Log 3: Mythran HQ. Speaking of future maelstrom attack.

Head mythran speaks.

"This is out of control. We shall fight back! We will use our secret, banned cannon to blow the maelstrom apart, and once it is gone we shall celebrate!!! Who is with m--- GAH... Hel...ppp... meee..."

A giant purple hand grabbed the head mythran by the neck. "That is all I need to know, you foolish mythrans!" spoke an unknown voice of the maelstrom. The hand let go of the head mythran and dissapeared.

"No pulse: he was strangled to death... our council leader is dead. This must be stopped, The attack must start, now. Commence Operation Dooomsday!"

Meanwhile, in Nimbus Plaza...

"MOVE IT!! Stop standing and do something! Come on..." Net, a Venture League recruit waited in a queue to the Venture League booth. "Hurry Up! I don't have all day!" Right, I'm freezing them with this Space Ranger Gun... Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! Now I just move them out of the queue and into the Assembly line then come back.

"Done," Net said triumphantly after freezing the queue. "I'll take that," he said to the vendor who stared, stopped still, at Net.

A massive maelstrom cloud soared over Nimbus Station and dragged Net in. "HELP... This can't be good! HELP!" Net dissapeared into the maelstrom.

"You are the one... You must destroy Nimbus Plaza!" A dark voice spoke.

"NO! Never! I... I will not join you; I'm not maelstrom! I have friends!" Net replied angrily.

"NO, YOU HAVE NOTHING. Your friends, they aren't. They don't care about you, they never did. They faked it... Kill them," the voice spoke again.

"I will never kill them... NEVER!" Net shouted.

"If you don't, I will!" The voice disappeared as Net was launched back to a splitting Plaza.

The entirety of Nimbus Station was splitting, and a massive crack leading to lava opened.

"NET! Help me!" Soleanna, Net's friend, screamed as she nearly fell into the boiling lava.

"I'll get you!" Net jumped to grab Soleanna's hand.

"They don't care about you. They never did... Kill them..." The voice spoke in his head.

"No. I'm not saving you," Net said in an angry tone, as he dropped Soleanna's hand.

"NET! I..." A blue flash appeared and Soleanna disspeared.

"Hello? Where am I?" Soleanna spoke in a dark area.

"Hello, Soleanna. We have brought you back. We are the Mythrans. I'm afraid Net has passed. But if you can convince him to try, we are sending you to the Nexus Tower. Goodbye," the Mythrans told Soleanna.

"Net! You Killed Soleanna!"