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Class: Story
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Author: XOLORX
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Author's Notes: This story is written by I, XOLORX, and posted on the LUMBS by a different name. Thanks! This story is part 1 in the Rebellion trilogy. The sequel to this story is called Nebula, and the sequel to Nebula is called Dark Galaxy.


Duke Exeter sat on a chair inside Nexus Tower. It was 8 AM, when he heard something outside his door. He walked towards the door, and pressed a button on the wall. It slid open. Outside stood two Sentinel knights.

"Duke Exeter," one of them said, "we are here to arrest you for high treason."

They marched into his room, he backed away from them, and drew his sword.

"Stand back! What are you thinking! I lead the Sentinels!" he said.

The knights continued to advance.

"Who are you?" he asked, "and whom do you serve?

"We serve the rebellion," one of them said, "now put your hands up and come with us."
He made a motion with his sword. Duke Exeter kicked the man in the stomach, and then flicked the sword out of his hand, and caught it. Now dual wielding swords Duke turned to face the second man.

"Alright, you win," the knight said.

Duke Exeter lowered his sword, then the man pressed a button on his wrist. A buzzer on the wall began to flash. Duke Exeter heard footsteps outside the door, as more Sentinel knights filed into the room. The knights charged towards the lone Sentinel leader, Duke sidestepped the first one, and grabbed the second and through him out the window. The remaining knights formed a line and began to march towards them. Duke Exeter hit them with the flat of his sword, as he did not want to have to hurt the minifigures, but there were too many of them, there was only one more option, Duke jumped above the attacking Sentinels, did a flip in mid-air, and smashed through the window, and then he fell. He fell, and he fell, he hit the ground and blacked out.

Chapter 1Edit

Duke Exeter opened his eyes, and blinked.

"How is he?" a space marauder asked Doctor Overbuild.

"He's going to be alright, but it will take him a few days to recover," the Doctor said in reply.

"What happened," Duke Exeter asked.

"Well," Overbuild said, "you see, the Maelstrom war has taken it's toll, many minifigures have died, and the Nexus Force is not happy, so they decided that the war should end, and that we should let the Maelstrom be, so they rebelled, and drove us away."

"But the Maelstrom will kill us!"

"Yes, but those fools don't have enough brain to know that."

Duke struggled to his feet, from behind him a Daredevil helped him up.

"Where are we?" he asked.

"We are on Crux Prime, of course."

The Sentinel leader nodded.

"We need to take back the Nexus Tower," he said.

Overbuild nodded in agreement.

Suddenly Duke Exeter felt something being pressed into his back, he looked at Overbuild, to see that a gun was being pointed at both of them. It was the daredevil.

"You, you!" Overbuild began, "you betrayed us!"

"Just keep walking," the daredevil said.

They were forced into a clearing, where they were handcuffed.

A ship appeared, and a hatch opened. The daredevil pushed them roughly inside. The spaceship was lit with red lights, the pilots cabin was protected with bullet proof glass. The daredevil forced them into a small cell close to the tail of the ship. He pressed a button, and a red shield appeared between them.

Then the daredevil sat down, and the ship blasted off, course set for Nexus Tower.

Chapter 2Edit

In a ship above Crux Prime...

The ship glided through the air. It's mission: free the faction leaders.

Inside the ship were the members of razor squad, an elite team of rank three minifigures.

"You think we'll meet heavy resistance?" Castle said, he was a samurai.

"I hope not, we want this to be a get-in get-out mission," Xeron said, he was a space ranger. Razor squad also had a daredevil and a space marauder, and a pilot named Buzzsaw.

Suddenly an explosion rocked the ship. The green lights turned red, and razor squad braced for impact.

"We've been hit, we've been hit! Rebel rocket launchers!" Buzzsaw said, "we need to get out of here!"

"Open the hatch!" a daredevil shouted.

Xeron rotated the handle 180 degrees and pushed as hard as he could. The spaceships emergency exit hatch opened, and the ground was visible below.

"All parachutes ready?" Buzzsaw asked.

The other minifigures nodded.

"JUMP!" Xeron yelled.

The daredevil and the space marauder jumped, so did Buzzsaw, but Castle didn't move. Castle was a powerful warrior, and was the type of guy you wanted on your side, he was an expert at smashing maelstrom, but he had never had to jump out of a ship thousands of feet up in the air. The ship began to head down towards the ground, it would soon crash into the ground and explode. There was no time.

"JUMP!" Xeron shouted, as he stood behind Castle. Finally realizing there was no other choice, Xeron pushed Castle out of the ship, and jumped. All of razor squad managed to activate their parachutes, which was a success in itself. They landed on top of Nexus Tower, the operation to free Duke Exeter and Doctor Overbuild had begun.

Chapter 3Edit

"So how are we going to get down to the faction leaders?" Xeron asked, "if all had gone according to plan we shouldn't be on the roof of the Nexus Tower."

"I think I have just the thing," Buzzsaw said. He pulled out a handful of grappling hooks from his backpack.

"Fit them into your pistols," he said, giving them a demonstration, "then, shoot them at the edge." All the members of razor squad fired their grappling pistols towards the edge, the hooks became embedded in the cement.

"Now jump," Buzzsaw said.

They ran towards the ledge, and jumped, and began to fall. They fell for what seemed like hours, until a startling jolt woke them up. They had fell as far as was possible with the rope they had used, now they just had to get in to cell.

"Here's the window," Castle said.

Xeron nodded, and then swung into the window. It shattered, and he flew inside the room. The other minifigures did the same. Inside Overbuild and Duke were tied to chairs, while a rebel sorcerer as desperately trying to summon a creature to attack them.

Castle sighed, and then picked him up and through him out the window. Then he ran towards the faction leaders, and cut the rope with his knife.

"Well, thank you for getting us out of this place!" Overbuild said.
"Let's go," Duke said, he had no intention of staying in the cell.

"We can't go out the way we came," Xeron said, "we'll have to fight our way out, and then steal a rocket."

Castle smiled.

"Sounds like fun."

He kicked open the cell door, and stepped into the hallway. He was greeted with a hail of bullets.

A guard! Quickly, he aimed his crossbow and pulled the trigger. The heavy bolt flew towards the guard, and smashed him in an instant.

"Come on, let's go!" he said. The minifigures charged down the hallway, smashing guards as they went along. They reached an elevator, and went inside. Xeron hit the button marked LP, or launch pad, and the elevator began to descend, but suddenly it stopped.

"The rebels have jammed it, we are trapped."

Chapter 4Edit

"Uh-oh," Xeron said.

"Don't worry guys, I have just the thing to get us out of this sticky situation," Buzzsaw said. Out of his backpack he pulled out a C-7 explosive charge.

"Stand back!" he said, as he put it on the wall.

"You sure this won't blow us up?" Duke asked.

"Actually, I'm not sure, but who cares?" with that Buzzsaw pressed the detonator. And explosion rocket the elevator, and Xeron slammed into the wall. As the smoke cleared it was revealed that a gaping hole had been blown the elevator wall. They hopped out onto the tower's 11th story. A group of space marauder guards turned to face them.

"FIRE!" one of them shouted. Bursts of energy headed towareds razor squad, who were forced to back away, Duke used his shield to soak up most of the blasts, but his shield couldn't hold forever. Xeron fired his two pistols at the enemies, taking them down, one by one. Talamer, a daredevil lept up and sprayed them with an assault rifle in mid air. The battle raged for a few minutes, but in the end all of the guards had been smashed.

"Clear," Castle said. They continued to advance down the hallway.

"Do we all agree not to try the elevator again?" the space marauder, whose name was Jason, asked.

The others nodded.

"Let's make for the launchpad," Xeron said, "we have to steal a rocket!"

"The closest launchpad is on the 10th story, we are on the 11th story," Overbuild said, looking at his portable computer which showed a full map of Nexus Tower.

"One easy way to get their," Buzzsaw said, "explosives!"

Before anyone could agree or disagree, he had placed another C-7 packet on the floor, and detonated it. A smoking hole appeared in the floor, and as they jumped down to the 10th story, the launchpad was in site. As they walked out onto the launchpad they were greeted by a group of engineers, who had prepared some turrets to welcome them.

"CHARGE!" Xeron shouted.

Chapter 5Edit

Castle charged, firing his crossbow. The huge weapon was a blunt instrument, but getting hit with it was like getting hit with a sledgehammer. He hit one engineer, and the force of the blow caused him to fly of the launchpad and hit the hard ground below. Xeron fired his pistols, his aim was perfect, and it was very rare for him to miss. Buzzsaw did his best to stay out of the battle, as he was better had building, destroying, and piloting then fighting, but he did help out once. Talamer had gotten into a bit of a sticky situation, he was surrounded by samurai, and he was outnumbered 10 to 1,  so Buzzsaw decided to help out. He threw a C-7 packet, and detonated it, sending the samurai flying away from the lone daredevil.

More reinforcements joined the battle, determined not to let razor squad leave in a rocket. A squad of rebel space mauraders appeared and began to fire their pistols, Xeron returned fire, smashing many of them, there was one smace maruader left. He charged, Xeron aimed at his head, and pulled the trigger, it would of been a perfect shot, but the gun made a clicking sound. Out of ammo. Xeron reached for his ammo belt, but felt nothing. Out of magazines. The space marauder continued to rush towards him. Xeron lept into the air, and tried to kick the attacker in the face, but the marauder dove and slid along the ground. Xeron's foot whipped an inch above his head. The two spun around to face each other, but the marauder had the advantage, he still had ammo. He began to fire at the lone space ranger,  Xeron drew his knife and lunged towards the space marauder, but the space marauder stepped to the side, then, grabbing Xeron by the wrist, he threw him to the ground. Then, he pointed his gun towards the fallen ranger.

"You lose. The rebellion will soon control the galaxy, and peace will be restored at last," the space marauder said.

"The maelstrom will never agree to your terms of peace."

"They will. Now goodbye," and he pulled the trigger.

Chapter 6Edit

The gun made a loud cracking noise. It had jammed! Xeron leapt to his feet, and tackled the space marauder, he lifted the man above his head, and threw him off the launch pad. He fell screaming to the cold hard ground.

"We did it!" Buzzsaw yelled.

They had succeeded! They entered a rocket, and blasted off.

"Course set for Nimbus Station," Buzzsaw said, "prepare for warp in three... two... one...,"

Just then an explosion rocked the ship.

"Warp drives broken, warp drives broken!"

"What?" Castle asked.

Overbuild looked at the rear view screen.

"Three ships are following us," he said, "they have fired upon us, which is an act of war so we can-,"

"Doesn't matter what we can do! This is war!" Buzzsaw shouted.

He pulled hard to left, and from out of the window Duke could see a laser going right by them.

"Initiate cloak!" Overbuild ordered. Buzzsaw pressed the button marked cloak.

"This thing hasn't been used in a while! It will have to warm up!"

"How long?" Xeron asked.

"At least three minutes."

"That's not that much," Jason put in.

Another explosion rocked the ship.

"We'll be lucky if we get out of here," Duke said.

"Castle, get on the rear gun turret!"

Castle leapt to his feet, and made his way to the rear gun turret. A small screen displayed the words:

"Target locked".

Castle pulled the trigger, as a burst of energy flew out of the turret. It hit the ship furthest to the left, destroying it.

"Two more ships coming from the right, and one form the left!" Castle said.

"Twenty seconds until cloak," Buzzsaw announced.

Another explosion.

"Shields critical! One more hit and we're done for!"

"They have a lock on us," Castle said, as he aimed at the ship that was about to destroy them. It burst into flames.

"Five seconds until cloak."

"MISSILE INCOMING!" Castle shouted.





"We are cloaked!" Buzzsaw announced.

The missile lock broke, and it exploded far away from them.

"Course is set for Nimbus Station." Buzzsaw said once again.

Chapter 7Edit

"So, what's the status on Nimbus Station?" Castle asked.

"Well, the rebels do hold some sway, but it is up to us to undo that," Xeron said.

The ship touched down at the launch pad and they minifigures got out.

"I'm leaving the ship cloaked," Buzzsaw said, "these days you can never trust minifigures with a good ship."

As they walked towards the center plaza a guard blocked their way.

"Identification," he said.

"What are you talking about?" Duke Exeter asked, "we're faction leaders! Let us pass!"

The guard grabbed a silver object from a chain around his neck, it was a whistle. He blew it three times.

"I'm sorry, but orders are to capture all faction leaders, who have all commited treason against the new republic," he said coldly.

A line of guards wielding knives and pistols advanced towards them.

"RUN!" Xeron cried.

Razor squad spun around and began to run back towards their ship.

"FOLLOW THEM!" a shout came.

Overbuild ducked as a pistol round whistled over his head.

They came to a fork in the road, quickly they turned right. The guards didn't know which way they had gone, so some of them went right, and others went left.

"Quick, hide behind these bushes," Overbuild said. Razor squad did their best to conceal themselves. Soon the guards arrived.

"I could swear they were in sight," one of them said.

"Well they aren't they must of gone the other way," another said.

"Now," Overbuild whispered. They leapt out of their hiding spot and attacked the soldiers.

Castles heavy crossbow bolt sent one sprawling, Duke smashed another, while Jason and Xeron provided cover fire. It didn't take long, all the soldiers were smashed.

"Alright," Xeron said, "I'm almost sure the other faction leaders have been captured and are being held here, take the guards clothes, and get ready. We are going to free Hael Storm and Vanda Darkflame.

Chapter 8Edit

Disguised as guards Razor squad prepared to try to find the other two faction leaders. They made their way to the plaza.

"Alright, you guys stay here: I'll handle this," Xeron said. He walked up to one of the guards.

"Hey, you here they were trying to capture two faction leaders, but they got away?"

"Yeah, I know that."

"Do you reckon they might be heading to free the other two faction leaders?"

"Nah... I don't think so. The underground tunnels are very safe."

"Alright, thanks."

Xeron had gotten what he wanted. He now knew that the faction leaders were being held in some underground tunnel. Now they just had to find it.

"The underground tunnels," Overbuild said, "I have a blueprint of them," he said pointing at his computer, "they were built as an escape just in case Nimbus Station was attacked."

"So where is the entrance?" Xeron asked.

"Right in those bushes over their."

Razor squad made their way to the bushes.

"Nothing here," Xeron said.

"There you are wrong," Overbuild said. He tapped the ground three times with a stick and an opening appeared.

"Everyone ready?" Xeron asked.

They nodded.

"Here we go."

Castle walked in first. A guard blocked their way.

"Identification," he said.

Castle smacked him in the face, he was sent flying backwards, knocked out. The tunnel had been converted into a prison, and cells lined the walls.

"They will probably  be in the high secruity level, that is two stories down, let's take the stairs," Overbuild said.

Remembering what had happened last time they had taken an elevator they agreed.

As they walked down the hallway of the high security level, they saw a sign marked:

Hael Storm and Vanda Darkflame

"Here it is, now let's get them out of here," Buzzsaw said.

"Not so fast," a voice behind them said.

The rebels had found them.

Chapter 9Edit

The rebels searched them, and removed all weapons and explosives that might cause harm. Then they shoved them into a cell next to the one containing the other two faction leaders. Then they shut the door.

"Hello," a voice said, they weren't alone.

Xeron instinctively spun around to see who was speaking, his hand leapt to where his pistol should of been. Two minifigures sat there, a man, who was a space maruader, and a women engineer.

"We are from what remains of Lightning squad," the man said, "my name is Shard."

"My name is Zira," the women said, I'm the pilot.

"What remains?" Duke asked.

"Yes," Shard looked down at the ground, "we tried to free the other two faction leaders like you tried, but the guards found us and killed two of us, a daredevil and a space ranger."

Xeron nodded.

"Is there any way to get out of here?" he asked.

"Not that I know of," Shard said.

"Actually, there is a way," Zira began, "in three hours three guards will open the door to bring us food. Now that there are so many of us in here, we could overpower them and then simply walk out."

Duke nodded.

"Seems like a good idea," he said.

Then they waited.

Soon the door slid open, and three guards walked in carrying a tray of food and drink.

Then, Shard leapt up and tackled the one who was carrying the food. He fell to the ground.

Castle got up and punched another in the face, while Xeron swiped a guards pistol from his hands. Then he fired, it sent the guard sprawling. He shot the other two as well.

"Right," he said, "now let's search them and get out of here, you might want to take their clothes."

In a bag carried by one of the guards they found their weapons. The guards hadn't bothered putting them in a safer place.

Disguised as the guards once more, Razor squad and Lightning squad walked out.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded. Four guards came from the right, and three from the left.

They were surrounded.

Chapter 10Edit

"Hello, Xeron," a voice said.

Xeron spun around to see who it was. His eyes widened. It was a giant of a man wearing deep black armor, and a hood. He held a long red sword.

"Vorak," Xeron said, "I thought you were dead!"

"I am not dead, I am more powerful than ever before!"

With those words he lifted his sword and charged towards Xeron. The space ranger ducked, and the sword whistled an inch above his head. With astonishing speed he lifted the sword up once more, and brought it down. Xeron barely managed to sidestep the attack.

Shard fired his pistols at the Vorak, but the shots seemed to have no effect on the huge man. Castle charged towards Vorak, while the others fought to keep the guards at bay.

Vorak swung his sword towards Xeron, Xeron ducked and the sword flew over his head, slicing through the prison wall. Castle took aim and fired a crossbow bolt at Vorak, but Vorak sliced it in half mid-air with his red sword. Castle drew his knife and threw it at Vorak, it hit him in the face, sending him sprawling back, but amazingly he was still alive! Xeron leapt towards him and tackled him, but with almost super-human strength Vorak sent him flying backwards. Vorak leapt to his feet. Castle fired another bolt, it was deflected by his armor, but the force sent him staggering back. Deciding that he had had enough, Vorak limped away, wounded.

"Are you alright?" Castle asked.

"Yeah," Xeron said.

"I don't think you are, Buzzsaw will get you medical attention."

"No, I don't want it, let's get the faction leaders and get out of here."

"But first I need to know something."


"Who was that man, and how does he know you?"

Xeron sighed, as if it pained him to think of it.

"I guess I must tell you," and he began.

Chapter 11Edit

"Many, many years ago," Xeron began, "there was a minifigure. His squad was fighting Butterscortch, but when the dragon was smashed, he stole all the treasures. His squad then, angry at him, kicked him out. He became furious, and angry at the Nexus Force. Then, he went rogue. His name was, and is as it is apparent to be now, Vorak. It is fury he did things no sane minifigure would do. He attacked and smashed innocent members of the Nexus Force in the Forbidden Valley. Now you see many years ago we lived in the Forbidden Valley. One day, as we were walking home, Vorak struck. He attacked my mother, and was about to smash her when my father intervened. He chased him away, and a small bridge above a chasm they fought. Vorak injured my father's leg, crippling him, but with the last of my father's strength, he lifted Vorak up, and threw him off the bridge into the dark chasm below. I thought he was dead, but he has returned. He must be defeated, once and for all."

"Oh... I get it now," Buzzsaw said, the words sounded a bit stupid after what Xeron had told them.

"But let us forget it," Xeron said, "we will have to deal with him later, let's focus on getting the faction leaders out of here."

Buzzsaw pulled out a package of C-7, and fastened it to the wall.

"Stand back everyone," he said. He pressed the detonation button. An explosion rocked the prison, and a huge hole appeared in the wall.

"Hello Vanda and Hael!" Shard said as he strode into the room, but Vanda and Hael were not there.

The room, was empty.

Chapter 12Edit

"What?" Castle asked, "they should be here?"

"Wait," Zira said, "look over there," she was pointing the left corner of the cell.

"A door!" Castle exclaimed.

"Alright, let's go through there. The rebels probably took them out through that escape passage."

He kicked open the door, it led to a long tunnel.

"Come on, let's go," he said.

Razor squad ran down the tunnel. They heard footsteps up ahead.

"We've almost found them!" Shard cried. The footsteps got louder, and soon they could make out five minifigures running as fast as they could at the end of the tunnel. Shard aimed and fired, and one of the guards fell.

"They're in sight!" he shouted.

Castle shot his crossbow, and another guard was sent flying.

"Drop your weapons!" Xeron shouted.

The guard spun around, and Xeron shot him in the face.

Two minifigures still stood, they were Vanda Darkflame and Hael Storm.

"What took you so long?" Hael asked.

Nobody replied.

"Where does this tunnel lead to?" Shard asked Overbuild.

"It leads to a clearing, the same clearing that our ship is parked in," he said.

"Then we're in luck, come on, let's go," Shard said.

They ran down to the end of the tunnel, and walked up some stairs.

"Here we are," Duke said, "and our ship is cloaked right over there," he said pointing to where they had landed.

Zira nodded.

"Let's go," she said.

"You wait for me," Xeron said, "I have some business to attend to."

And with that he turned around and walked down the path to the plaza.

Chapter 13Edit

"I need to see your identification card," a guard said.

Xeron punched him in the face, and put a hand to his mouth so nobody would here him screaming. Then Xeron hit him over the head with his pistol, knocking him out cold. Xeron reached into the guards pocket, and found what he was looking for. It was an identification card. It was marked Private James Campbell. Xeron dragged the guard into the bushes. A tower loomed in the center of Nimbus Plaza. It was the rebel HQ. He walked towards it.

"Identification card," a guard said.

Xeron handed him the stolen card.

"James Campbell, is that your name?"

"Yes sir."

"You are cleared to enter."

Xeron walked inside, his plan was working. He arrived at the elevator, and pressed the button marked "Control Room". The elevator began to move upwards. Soon he arrived. He stepped out. A towering man stood in front of him.

"Vorak," Xeron said.

"Xeron," Vorak said. He spun around and drew his sword.

Without wasting another second Vorak attacked the lone space ranger. His red sword swung in a huge arc, catching the light. Xeron jumped to the side, surprised by the ease by which Vorak wielded the huge weapon. Vorak snarled. Xeron drew his pistols, but before he could fire Vorak was already upon him. He grabbed Xeron with his free hand and threw him across the room. Then he lept towards him, his sword swung down, Xeron rolled to the right, and aimed his pistols. He pulled the trigger. Both shots hit Vorak, one hit him in the chest and another in the arm. His armor protected him, but he stumbled back, gasping for breath. Xeron got up again, and aimed his pistols. He fired once more, but Vorak wasn't there. He turned around, to see Vorak coming from his left. The man could move with astounding speed. He brought his sword down again, it hit one of Xeron's pistols, sending it flying away. Then he lifted the red sword to Xeron's throat.

Chapter 14Edit

orak lunged, Xeron ducked, the sword whistled by, less then an inch above his head. Xeron punched Vorak in the face, sending him staggering back. He got up and managed to fire a few pistol rounds, which missed, before Vorak was upon him. He kicked Xeron in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him, and then swung his sword towards the space ranger's head. Xeron ducked again, he could feel the wind created by the huge sword hitting his cheek. Xeron leapt forwards, and fired his pistol. Vorak staggered back. Xeron charged, Vorak swung his sword once more, but Xeron cought it by the hilt, and wrenched it out of the huge mans grasp. He threw it to the ground, and lifted his pistol. Vorak swiped it away, sending it flying across the room.

Vorak struck Xeron in the jaw, Xeron staggered back, the pain was immense. The huge man seemed to have super-human strength. Xeron wondered why he was so strong, and wondered if it had been a good idea coming to face him after all. Xeron kicked Vorak in the chest. His armor protected him, but the force of impact sent him back a few paces. Xeron, knowing that the huge man recovered quickly, wasted no time. He jumped forwards, and shoved Vorak back a few steps, cornering him against the window. Then, with all his remaining strength, he kicked Vorak in the stomach. The huge man smashed through the window, and fell to his death. Xeron sighed, he had smashed his mortal enemy. He found and picked up his pistols.

Three guards ran into the room to se what had happened. They raised there rifles. Xeron jumped out the window. Unlike Vorak, he had a parachute. He piloted the parachute down, and landed into the clearing with ease.

"Well, I'm back," he said.

Castle looked at him inquisitively.

"Vorak is dead."

Castle nodded and smiled, and they entered the spacecraft.

"Everyone in?" Buzzsaw asked.

They nodded.

"Blast off."

Chapter 15Edit

"Where do you think we should go?" Buzzsaw asked.

"I don't know," Xeron said, "the Avant Gardens are very close. If we are to wage war against the rebels, we need a stronger foothold. We might be able to recruit some minifigures to our cause in the Avant Gardens."

"Good idea," Buzzsaw said, "course set for Avant Gardens, Overbuild, what is the status of the Avant Gardens? How many rebels are there over there?"

No reply.


Still no reply.

"Overbuild, where in bricks are you!"

Still nothing.

Buzzsaw turned around, Overbuild wasn't there.

"You stay here," Castle said to Buzzsaw, "I'll go see if he's in the hold."

Buzzsaw nodded. Castle walked to the door leading to the hold and pressed a button. The door slid open. He heard a muffled cry. He drew his crossbow. There, stood a rebel knight, he held a knife to Overbuilds throat, his hand was clamped over the Assembly leader's mouth, so no sound could be heard.

"Don't move or he dies," the rebel said.

Castle aimed his crossbow at the rebel leaders head.

"Don't move or you die," he said.

"Lower the crossbow, or else," the rebel said.

"Lower the knife, or," but Castle never finished his sentence. Instead he pulled the trigger. The heavy crossbow bolt hit the knight in the face, dead on target. The rebel fell back, dead.

"Thanks," Overbuild said.

"Forget it, I did what anyone would do."

"A rebel wouldn't."

The two of them walked back.

"What happened?" Buzzsaw asked.

"Oh, turns out a rebel friend decided to follow us."

"Where is he?" Xeron asked.

"He's dead."

"Anyways," Zira said, "the course is set for the Avant Gardens, apparently the plan is to try to recruit minifigures to our cause."

Overbuild nodded.

"Good idea."

Buzzsaw pressed the button marked warp, and the ship accelerated towards the Avant Gardens.

Chapter 16Edit

The ship warped towards the Avant Gardens.

"Here we are," Buzzsaw said, "the Avant Gardens. We are currently entering the atmosphere."

Ten seconds later the Avant Gardens appeared on the forward view screen.

"Preparing to land."

Suddenly they heard a crash, and the ship shook.

"We must be flying over a rebel base!" Buzzsaw shouted, "they're firing at us!"

"Buzzsaw, get the ship out of here!" Zira suggested.

"I'm trying!"

"Just land! Land, Buzzsaw! Land!" Xeron shouted, as another explosion rocked the ship.

"Alright, I'm gonna try to land."

Buzzsaw manuvered the ship towards the ground, and slowly landed, just as another missile flew above the ship.

"Let's get out of here!" Shard said.

Razor squad hopped out.

"How damaged is the ship?" Vanda asked.

"It will take a few days to fix."

"If we ever have any plans of leaving this place, we are going to have to destroy those missile launchers. Buzzsaw, stay here and fix the ship. The rest of you, get ready, we are going to destroy a rebel base."

After a long walk, they finally arrived at the rebel base.

"Stay here," Shard said, "I'll take the guards."

He walked out of the bushes towards the gate.

"Hey, can I go in?" he asked.

"Who are you?"

"My name's Shard," he said, coming closer to the guard.

Then, he leapt forwards tackling the guard, and hit him over the hit with his space marauder pistol. The guard was out cold.

"Alright, let's go," Shard said, motioning towards the spot in which Razor squad was hidden.

They slowly crept up out of the bushes, and entered the gate.

"Two more guards up ahead," Castle said.

"Leave them," Xeron said, "our target is the missile launchers."

They made there way towards the huge forms of the launchers.

"Was anyone smart enough to bring some explosives?" Xeron asked.

"Yep," Zira said, pulling out two C-7 charges.

She fastened them to the launcher.

"Hold it right there," a voice said.

Twenty guards marched towards them.

Chapter 17Edit

They were outnumbered, and outgunned. The guards carried heavy machine guns, and Razor squad didn't have anything close to that.

"Start walking," the guards said.

Razor squad began to walk backwards, away from the missile turret, then Zira had an idea. She pressed the detonation button. The missile launcher exploded, sending the guards flying.

"Come on, let's go!" Xeron shouted, but then they heard a shout.

They saw a guard aiming a rifle at Talamer, the daredevil was on the ground, wounded, the guard pulled the trigger. Talamer was dead.

"NOOO!" Xeron shouted.

He aimed at the guard, and gunned him down.

"He's dead, he's really dead," he said.

Castle nodded sadly, and Jason shouted in grief, he had been Talamer's friend for years, and now he was dead.

"Let's go," Xeron said, his voice filled with hate and rage, "we are going to destroy this entire facility."

Zira ran to the second, and final, missile launcher. She fastened the charge.

"Stand back!" she said, as the pressed the detonator.

The launcher exploded.

"Shouldn't we be going?" Shard asked.

"No, we are going to avenge Talamer," Xeron said.

"The easiest way to blow this place sky-high," Hael said, "is to blow up the electricity generators."

"Good idea," Overbuild said, "let's go, and let's make this quick."

They entered the facility, a guard blocked there way. Xeron shot him, and continued inside.

He kicked a door open, and Razor squad continued down a set of stairs.

They heard a shout, as a surprised guard turned to face them. Castle shot him with his crossbow.

They saw a door, marked "power generator". Duke kicked it open, and entered.

"Here it is," he said.

Zira fastened another charge.

"Hey, what are you doing! Hold it right there!" a guard said.

Shard turned to look at who was speaking, but he didn't just see one guard. He saw thirty.

Chapter 18Edit

"Uh-oh," Zira said.

"We can't take them," Xeron began, "we have to RUN!!!"

They ran make through the door, and up a few flights of stairs to get outside. The guards followed them. The guards cornered them on the missile launching platform.

"JUMP!" Hael shouted. The minifigures jumped from the platform towards the ground. It was a thirty foot drop. They rolled to break the fall.

"This way," Hael said, as he led them into the forest.

Zira pressed the button on the detonator, and a huge explosion was heard, and they could burning chunks of metal and cement flying through the air.

"I think we avenged Talamer," Xeron said.

They walked towards the ship.

"Is it almost fixed Buzzsaw?" Duke asked.

They heard nothing.

"Buzzsaw, is it almost fixed?"

Still no reply.

Vanda walked to around to where the engineer had been working, his tools were scattered on the ground, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"He's not here," she said.

"WHAT?!" Xeron shouted, "first Talamer now Buzzsaw! We should have never left him alone to fix the ship!"

"Wait," Hael said, "look over here, there are footprints, three pairs of them. This means that he was escorted away by two guards. Now we just follow the footprints. They led through the forest. "You sure we are going to find them like this? We've been walking for a while?" Xeron asked, he was a little skeptical about tracking.

"Relax, everything is going to be fine," Hael said in reply, "it's not like tracking is more dangerous than fighting."

There, he was wrong. That was when the boulder hit them.

Chapter 19Edit

Xeron woke up on a white bed in what seemed like a hospital.

"Hello," a voice said.

He turned to see a man wearing a tuxedo, and a white tie.

"Are you better now?" he asked.

"Who are you?" Xeron questioned him.

"I am Ciron, leader of this city."

"Who do you serve?"

He raised his eye-brows.

"The rebellion of course?"


"Because many minifigures have died in this maelstrom war, and if we make peace, then many lives will be saved. We must make peace with the maelstrom, not war."

"And so you rebel?"


"You are a fool, the maelstrom cannot be reasoned with!"

The seemingly calm man suddenly snarled.

"We'll see who is a fool when you're stuck in a cold hard prison! My orders were to take you and your friends, and the faction leaders, alive, and I have done that by taking your pilot friend and luring you here! Goodbye!"

He turned around and stormed out of the hospital.

Xeron sighed. Rebels couldn't be reasoned with.

He looked around, he saw the rest of Razor squad, and the faction leaders, in similar beds. At least they were all still alive. Even Buzzsaw was here. Now they just needed to find a way to get out of the hospital.

Chapter 20Edit

"So what exactly happened?" Xeron asked Shard.

"They lured us with Buzzsaw's capture, and then we followed them. They had a trap set up, a boulder hit us, and you went cold. They dragged me here."

"Alright," Xeron said in reply. There was no point in saying anything. "Let's try to get out of here."

"Good idea," Shard said.

"Hey you," Shard said to the guard. The guard turned around to look at him. Xeron sprung up and punched the man in the face. He dragged him under a bed.

"Come on, let's go," Xeron said to the remaining members of Razor squad.

They got up, and made their way to the door.

"Where are our weapons?" Duke asked.

"I'd guess they are in that crate over there," Zira said.

Buzzsaw ran over to it. He opened it, and there were the weapons.

"Here they are," he said. "The weapons." He pulled them out and handed them to the rest of the squad.

Suddenly there was an explosion. The building began to shake as dust and debris began to fall from the roof.

"Take over!" Xeron shouted, but it was too late. The minifigures ducked as rocks pelted them. This was the end.

Chapter 21Edit

Suddenly the cascade of rocks ceased.

Castle looked up, to see Ciron standing there. It became apparent the the samurai that the rebel leader had control over the building, total control. The rocks must of been a defense system, if prisoners tried to escape, they would be barraged.

"You think you can escape from me?" he asked.

A group of sword wielding knights advanced behind him.

"You shall pay the price."

Xeron began to back away.

"This might be... A problem," Vanda said, drawing her sword.

The knights charged. Xeron and Shard fired there pistols, but the knights dodged and weaved, they blocked the incoming missiles with their shields. Castle fired his crossbow at one of the knights, smashing him. "Nice job Duke," Hael said. "Your knights are very well trained."

"Be quiet," Duke Exeter said, as he dueled a knight. He flicked the knights sword away, and lunged, smashing him.

More knights arrived, but Razor squad held firm. Finally, Ciron decided to join the battle. He drew a pistol, it was a modified space marauder pistol, the barrel was longer, and it had been painted black with gold highlights.

"Fall back! Fall back!" one of the knights cried. Ciron aimed his pistol and smashed him.

"You shall not fall back!" he shouted to the knights. "You will continue to fight!"

He charged towards Razor squad, and leapt towards Shard. He aimed his pistol at the space marauder.

"NOO!" Hael shouted, and he leapt towards Ciron, but it was too late.

Chapter 22Edit

But it was not too late. The trigger was pulled. Hael hit Ciron's arm, the shot missed it's intended target, Shard's heart, but it hit Shard in the arm. He stumbled backwards.

"I'm hit, I'm hit!" he shouted.

"Get him out of here!" Xeron shouted to Buzzsaw.

"I'm on it!"

Xeron turned to Ciron and snarled.

"You hit one of my men," he said.

Ciron smiled.

"You really don't see it, do you? You are a fool, Xeron, and you will pay for it."

He aimed his pistol at Xeron, and fired.

Xeron ducked, and the round flew over his head.

Castle aimed and fired his crossbow bolt at Ciron, but suddenly, the man dissappeared.

"Wait, what?" Castle asked. Then Ciron appeared behind him, and fired.

"NOO! CASTLE!!" Duke shouted. He leapt towards the incoming bullet, and sliced it in half with his sword.

Ciron growled, and became invisible again.

Meanwhile, Buzzsaw dragged Shard away from the battle.

Shard gasped.

"What happened?" he asked.

"You're hit," Buzzsaw said. "Stay still." He took out a strip of cloth, and bound it around Shard's arm.

"I don't have time to do anything else," he said. "Stay here, and don't move."


Buzzsaw ran back.

"Where is Ciron?" he asked.

"No idea!" Xeron shouted, "he has special armor that makes him invisible!"

"Uh-oh," Buzzsaw said.

"What?" Xeron asked.

"Look... over... there...," he said slowly.

Xeron turned his head to look, and gasped.

There Ciron stood, pointing a pistol at Shard.

Chapter 23Edit

Here it ends," Ciron said. "Right here, right now."

Xeron gasped. There was nothing they could do. But Shard looked relaxed.

"Goodbye Ciron," he said.

"What?" Ciron asked. Then there was an explosion. Ciron was flung backwards, smashed. Shard was smashed too.

"NOO!!!" Zira cried.

"What... just... happened...," Castle asked.

"He blew himself up," Overbuild said. "He died a valiant death. Now if you guys want to survive, you should get going. Let's move."

They began to walk towards the door.

"First Talamer, then Shard," Xeron said. "Who is next?"

As they walked out, they found themselves in a sprawling city.

"It's huge!" Hael exclaimed.

"If you ever want to see this huge city again, start moving," a voice said behind them. They weren't alone.

Chapter 24Edit

One of the guards aimed and fired, but in his hurry, he missed. The shot whizzed over his had, not hurting a fly. Castle through his knife, sending the guard sprawling.

Xeron aimed, and fired, smashing another guard. Another five guards ran into the room.

"Come on," Vanda said. "Let's go!"

They sprinted out of the hall, the guards followed closely on their heels. They ran through the streets of the city, knocking minifigures aside. The guards chased them.

"This way!" Overbuild said. They went right, and the guards went left. They were alive and safe. They made their way towards the ship. That was when the realization of what had just occured hit them.

"He's dead," Zira moaned. "Shard, is dead."

"He died the death of a soldier," Hael stated.

Xeron sighed.

"Both he and Talamer died, and many more will unless we get out of here, and stop this rebel madness once and for all. Let's go."

They made their way to the ship, and went inside.

"Where are we going?" Buzzsaw asked.

"Set coordinates 330,113," Xeron said. "We are going to Nexus Tower."

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Chapter 25Edit

The ship warped towards Nexus Tower. Suddenly the ships lights turned from green to red and the alarms sounded.

"Enemy has locked on to us with missiles!" Buzzsaw shouted.

"Do we have flares?" Castle asked.

"No, we don't, get out, get out! Jump!" Buzzsaw screamed.

"NO!" Xeron shouted over the roaring of the engines. "We did this once already, we're not doing it again!"

He grabbed a rocket launcher from the back of the ship. He aimed at the missile launcher.


"Enemy has fired missile!"


"Ten seconds until impact, we're going to die! Jump!"

"NO! STAY HERE, THAT IS AN ORDER!" Xeron shouted back. "Target locked on, firing!"

A missile streaked out of the rocket launcher in Xeron's hands. The two missiles collided in midair, creating a huge explosion, but the ship was unharmed.

"We are out of the range of the enemy missiles," Zira said. She was acting as gunner.

"Enemy fighters, incoming!" Overbuild shouted staring at the air radar. "Buzzsaw, can we cloak?"

"Yes!" Buzzsaw pressed the button marked cloak, but nothing happened.

"Uh-oh, our cloak drives are offline, they don't work!"

Three enemy fighterse were closing on them. The sleek ships were built for speed, and could easily obliterate Razor squad's dropship.

Zira aimed and sent a stream of bullets towards the enemy fighters. They dodged the fire.

"They're good," she said. "Buzzsaw, can you get air to air missiles ready?"

"Yes siri!" Buzzsaw said in reply.

"Missiles online, locked, and firing!"
Three missiles streaked towards the fighters, destroying them.

Suddenly, there was an explosion. The lights turned off, and the ships engines stopped. The ship plummeted towards the ground. The minifigures braced for impact.

Chapter 26Edit

There was an explosion, as the ship hit the ground.

"I'M HURT, I'M HURT!" Buzzsaw shouted.

"Shut up," Vanda yelled in reply. She had never liked flying, and this really didn't help.

There was a flash as the red emergency lights turned on.

"How do we get out of here?" Castle asked.

Xeron sighed. He put his weight against the door, but it didn't budge. Then they heard a voice from outside the ship.

"We'll cut through the ship, as long as you come with us and help us!"

"Who are you?" Xeron asked.

"We are like you, fighting against the rebels."

"Alright, we agree, start cuttting."


"You sure it is safe trusting them?" Castle asked Xeron.

"It isn't, but we don't have a choice."

It took an hour for the door to be cut open.

"Xeron," a man said, he was clearly their leader.


"Come with us."


The man smiled. Suddenly some of the guards pulled out rifles, and pointed them at Razor squad.

"I lied, we serve the rebellion. This is the end of the road," he said.

Xeron looked him in the eyes.

"And I lied too," he said. "I don't agree to your terms, and I never did."

He pulled out a pistol and hit the man. Razor squad drew there weapons.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," one man said. "Don't shoot, please, don't shoot."

"Run fast, run hard," Xeron said. "If you turn back we'll shoot you. If we ever see you again, you won't live to see the light of day."

The men turned around and ran as fast as they could away from Nexus Tower.

"I don't think we'll see them again," Hael said.

"If we do, we shoot," Xeron said.

"What a cold smasher you are."

"I do my job, unlike you, you're just a ruffian and a barbarian."

Hael grunted and walked away.

Chapter 27Edit

"We split up into two squads, Alpha, and Bravo. I, Xeron, will be in Alpha along with Castle, Buzzsaw, Duke, and Overbuild. Bravo will consist of Jason, Vanda, Hael, and Zira. Then we attack Nexus Tower from two directions. We are outnumbered and outgunned, so we have to use guerilla tactics. We'll get in there, and use explosives to blow our way through the complex. Then we'll find the rebel leader and smash him. Got it?"

Xeron was briefing them on the plan to attack Nexus Tower. The other minifigures nodded.

"Sounds risky," Vanda said.

"You have a better plan?"

Vanda didn't say anything. Suddenly they heard a shot, as a bullet whizzed over Vanda's head.

"Get down! Get down! Sniper!" someone shouted.

They dived down and hit the ground hard.

Another shot flew over Castle's head.

"Stay down," he whispered. "Don't move a muscle."

"Come on," Buzzsaw whispered. "Crawl, the shots are coming from that direction."

They began to crawl towards the sniper.

"Can you see him?" Zira asked.

Overbuild pulled out a pair of binoculars.

"He's straight ahead, anyone have a rifle?"

Xeron held one, he had taken it when Talamer died.

He aimed at the sniper, putting the crosshairs on the enemies head. Then, he pulled the trigger. The high velocity round hit the minifigure, just as a shot rang out. The sniper was smashed.

"Alright, we can get up now," Xeron said.

"You sure?" Castle asked.


The samurai got up, to find himself staring down the barrel of an enemy tank.

"Uh-oh," he whispered.

Chapter 28Edit

"GET DOWN!" Duke shouted.

Castle ducked just in time, as an explosive shell flew above him. It exploded, creating a huge fireball. Castle felt the heat, but was not badly injured.

"We've got a tank up ahead, one o'clock!" Xeron shouted.

"Like we don't know!" Zira said.

Buzzsaw began to crawl towards the tank. Another shell flew out of the tanks main cannon. It exploded sending shrapnel everywhere. Buzzsaw continued to crawl, slowly but surely towards the tank.

He reached into his backpack and took out some explosives. He was no only twenty feet away from the tank. The blast radius of the explosives was thirty feet, so he would place them here and then move away. He didn't risk putting the explosives directly on the tank.

Then, slowly, making sure he wouldn't be seen, he crawled away from the tank, which continued to fire towards his friends concealed in the bushes. Suddenly the tanks turret began to turn, until he found himself staring at the shell that was about to kill him. He was only twenty-five feet away from the explosives, but he had to detonate them. He might be killed, but he would certaintly be killed if he hesitated. He pressed the detonation button. There was an explosion, and a fireball. The tank was smashed the pieces. Buzzsaw saw the fire in front of him, he felt the heat from it, but he was still alive. Then he looked down at his legs. His pants were on fire.

"Help, help!" he shouted.

Vanda ran towards him, and so did Castle and the others. They through him down and and used their shoes to stamp out the fire.

"There," Vanda said. "Better?"

"Yes, now let's get out of here, I have no intention of doing that again."

"I agree. Let's keep moving. We have another eight or nine miles until we reach checkpoint one, then we split up and go our seperate ways."

The others nodded, as what remained of Razor squad began to head towards the checkpoint.

Chapter 29Edit

A shot rang out in the night. Suddenly, Xeron opened his eyes. The enemies had found them. Enemies lept out from behind the bushes, guns ablaze.

"Enemies, enemies! Ambush!" Castle shouted, as he reached for his crossbow. He aimed and fired, but the crossbow bolt missed. The one he had aimed at turned and aimed at him. A bullet whizzed above his head. Castle drew his knife and throw it towards him. It sent him sprawling. Xeron drew his pistols, and began to fire like a mad man. A few enemies fell. Hael slowly got out of bed, and quickly drew his sword. He lept towards the attackers, hitting one of the enemies guns straight out of his hands with his cutless. Then with one swift blow he smashed the enemy. Duke attacked, bashing one enemy in the face with his shield, and then smashing him with his sword. Suddenly they heard a loud wirlwind like noise. Strong wind hit Razor squad in the face. They looked up to see, to their horror, a helicopter. Bullets began to rain down upon them, like raindrops on a stormy day.

"Take cover! Take cover!" Overbuild shouted. They ran for the forest, leaving their camp site behind, but Zira stayed. She reached inside her backpack, and pulled out a rocket launcher. She aimed at the helicopter. It was an old fashion RPM, or rocket propelled missile. The missile was unguided, so it wouldn't lock on to the target. That made everything a lot harder. She aimed at the helicopter, and pulled the trigger. The missile streaked out from the launcher, but it was a little bit too far to the right. Suddenly the helicopter made an abrupt movement, putting it right in front of the missile. There was an explosion, as the helicopter spiraled down and hit the ground. The rest of Razor squad slowed down and turned around. They walked back towards Zira.

"A one in a million shot," Xeron said.

Zira smiled. She put the RPM back in her bag.

"Just another four miles until we reach checkpoint one," Xeron said.

Then Razor squad moved towards the checkpoint.

Chapter 30Edit

They arrived uneventfully at checkpoint one.

"So here we split up," Xeron said. "Razor alpha will attack Nexus Tower from the north, Razor beta, from the south. Does everyone understand?"

The other minifigures said yes.

"Then we move at nightfall. For now, make yourselves comfortable, we have another few hours before the real action starts." Razor squad split up and went to their tents. Then they heard a rumble.

"EARTHQUAKE!" Castle shouted.

They ran for their lives. The ground cracked and shook. There was a loud noise, as the ground was ripped to pieces beneath them. Suddenly a strange vehicle appeared from where the cracks had come from. It was a large tank, equipped with a huge drill instead of a turret.

"Wait, I designed that vehicle years ago!" Overbuild shouted. "The rebels must of hacked through my security codes!"

Suddenly the tank transformed. The drill disappeared and instead two twin rotating six barelled machine guns appeared.

"Take cover!" Overbuild cried.

The minifigures did what they were told. The machine gun fire ripped through the tents, knocking them down. They obliterated anything in their way. Razor squad ran, a bullet flew right by Xeron's head, and one hit his boot. It sent him stumbling forwards, wounded. Castle quickly picked him up, and they continued to run. Finally, they arrived at the bushes. They dived into them, and slowly crawled away. They split up, into alpha squad and beta (or bravo as some of them called it) and began to go their seperate ways. Enemy fire whizzed over their heads, but for now, they were safe. Or that was at least what they thought.

Chapter 31Edit

Buzzsaw quickly tended to Xeron's wound, they had to move. Nexus Tower was about 100 miles from their current position. It would be a long walk. They hoped it wouldn't be a walk. Suddenly Xeron heard a shout. It was castle. He ran towards him. The samurai was holding binoculars, staring at a shadow about a mile away.

"What is it?" Xeron asked.

"Want a look?"


Xeron put the binoculars to his eyes. Then he gasped. It was a fully functional tank, just sitting their.

"Come on, let's go," Castle said.

"No," Xeron said in reply. "This is too easy, it has gotta be a trap. Chances are when we closed the hatch the tank will explode smashing all of us. The rebels aren't stupid."

"Fine, then send Buzzsaw ahead."

Xeron nodded. In a few minutes Alpha was packed and ready to move. They began to walk towards the strange tank. They arrived about a half hour later.

"Buzzsaw, you scan for explosives," Xeron ordered.

Buzzsaw nodded. He looked around on the outside of the tank, even crawled under the treads.

"Nothing externally," he reported.

"Check the inside."

He slowly opened the hatch, worried that it might trigger some sort of explosive. Then he climbed inside. He searched for any explosives, but he didn't find any.

"All clear."

Razor alpha got inside, and the tank began to drive towards Nexus Tower. Suddenly they heard a rumble, as a tank emerged from the bushes ahead of them, and it's turret was pointed at them.

"Let's go," Duke said. Razor squad began to walk towards Nexus Tower.

Chapter 32Edit

Razor Bravo (the other squad):

Bravo squad stood in a huge field.

"We have to find a vehicle," Hael panted. They had been walking for two hours now.

"We should rest here," Zira said.

Vanda nodded. They unfolded their tents. Then they heard a noise outside.

"What's that?" Hael asked.

"I don't know," Vanda replied.

She opened the tent flap and looked outside, she gasped. In the distance she saw three fast moving shapes.

"Fast moving contacts, incoming!"

Zira looked outside, pulling out her binoculars.

"Motorcycles, armed with machine guns."

"How much time do we have?"

"A minute or so."

"Alright, everyone get your weapons ready!" Hael ordered. "Here they come."

There was a loud noise, as a stream of bullets flew towards bravo.


Hael aimed with his rifle. He pulled the trigger, hitting one. One down, three left. They were getting too close. Hael fired another three shots, but missed. Vanda leapt out from one of the tents, drawing her sword. One of the cycles turned towards her. She leapt towards it, landing behind to driver. She picked him up and threw him off. Then she got into the driver's seat. She turned it around and aimed the cycles guns at the other two. She pulled the trigger. Bursts of fire flew towards them. One of the motorcycles bursted into flame. Three down, one to go. Vanda aimed at the other motorcycle, she fired, but the motorcycle dodged the fire. A stream of bullets flew next to Vanda's head. Vanda aimed and fired, holding down the trigger. Amazingly the motorcycle dodged all of the bullets. Vanda aimed and tried to pull the trigger, but she was out of ammo. The attacker turned and aimed at her. She had to take a risk. She would have to pull out her pistol and smash him, but that meant while she was holding the pistol she wouldn't be able to dodge bullets. She decided to try it. She pulled out her pistol, and aimed, and fired. The man was smashed. Vanda slowed her motorcycle.

"Well, now we have our ride."

Chapter 33Edit

Razor Alpha:

The shell flew towards the tank.

"Fire control down, shields 50%!"

"In other words...?" Xeron asked.

"We can't shoot!"

"Then run!" Castle shouted.

"Yeah, hurry up, get us out of here!" Xeron shouted, but it was like Buzzsaw didn't hear them.
"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" Overbuild asked.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Buzzsaw shouted. He raced towards the enemy tank.

"You're gonna get us all smashed!"

Buzzsaw did not slow down.

The two tanks collided, there was an explosion, and then silence.

"That, was stupid," Duke said. "Now we've lost our ride."

"I beg to differ," Buzzsaw said.

Duke looked at him.

He pulled out his radio and tuned in to the rebel frequency.

"Hey, we just blew up your tank, why don't you come and get us. We are at 123,47, come and get us!"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Overbuild shouted.

"Wait and see."

About ten minutes later Buzzsaw heard something.

"Those are rotor blades," Xeron said. "ENEMY HELO!"

The helicopter come down towards them, guns blazing. Buzzsaw pulled out his RPM, aimed, and fired. The helo spiraled down. It landed and Buzzsaw walked towards it.

"Looks fixable," he said.
"What do you mean?" Castle asked.

"Now we have our ride."

Chapter 34Edit

Razor Beta:

Beta streaked towards their destination on the stolen motorcycles.

"Well this is easy," Vanda said.

"Too easy," Jason said in reply. Suddenly his motorcycle began to sputter.

"Hey, what is going on here!"

Then his motorcycle stopped. So did Vanda's.

"We're out of fuel," Hael sighed.

Suddenly he heard a shrieking noise.

"MISSILE!" he shouted. They ran for cover. A missile hit their motorcycles, causing them to explode.

"Must be a gunship above us," Vanda said. "We have to get out of here!"

They began to run.

"Zira, can you take it out?" Hael asked.

"Negative, I don't have visual contact, it's clearly a high altitude bomber, or HAB."

Hael growled. He heard another shrieking noise as the missile rocketed down towards beta. It exploded behind them. They could feel the heat created by the explosion.

"Once we make it to the forest it will be harder to hit us," Zira said.

Jason nodded.

"Go, go, go!"

Finally they arrived at the brink of the forest. They dived into the bushes.

"Keep moving," Zira said. "They may have infared scanners."

Minutes pasted, and nothing came.

"Looks like they're gone," Hael said.

"Agreed, we should get going now."

They began to move stealthily towards waypoint 3.

"Phew, we've finally arrived," Hael said. "Now we can get some rest."

"You spoke too soon," a voice sand behind them. They had been followed.

Chapter 35Edit

Razor Alpha:

They were about to board the repaired helo when Buzzsaw heard something.
"Hey, what is that?" he asked.

"What's what?" Xeron asked.

Then he heard it two.

"Draw your weapons," he whispered.

There was a rustle in the bushes. Then a summonor holding a wingreaper walked out. Xeron aimed his pistol and prepared to fire.

"Hold your fire!" the man said. "My name is Electric Cyclone, and I have a story to tell. I am not a rebel, and I have been fleeing from them"
He walked over.

"Let's here your story," Castle said.

And Electric began to speak.

Electric's Memory:

I had always hated the rebellion. I knew that making peace with the maelstrom was impossible, and fighting to make peace? It didn't make sense. One day rebel guards marched into my house.

"Get out of here!" I shouted.

"You have been drafted into the rebel army," one said. "Report to base alpha tomorrow."

They left the room. That's when I decided I had to pack my bags and leave, but the rebels didn't let me get out the door, so I forced my way out. I punched the guard and took his weapon. Then I ran. Soon the alarm was sounded and guards were after me. Finally I lost them, search planes flew above me, but they didn't see me. I was safe at last. Then I arrived at the clearing I stand in now.

Razor Alpha:

"We can't trust you," Duke said.

"No, you can't," he agreed.

"But we'd better get going," Xeron said.

"Yes sir," Buzzaw said in reply, and they took off.

Chapter 36Edit

Razor Beta:

They were forced into  the back of a helicopter, with a guard making sure they didn't move. The helicopter took off. Up and up and up they flew. None of the members of bravo had any idea where they were headed, they just knew that they were in trouble. Then suddenly the normally peaceful green lights turned red, and an alarm sounded.

"What's going on?" one of the guards asked.

"Unknown contact, probably helicopter, detected," the pilot said.

"Do they have access codes?" one of the guards asked.

"Checking now."

"Rebel alpha to unknown helicopter, do you read me, do you have access codes?"

A few seconds passed.

"I repeat, do you have access codes?"

Still no reply.

"Negative on access codes," the pilot said.

Suddenly the craft rocked up and down.

"We're hit, we're hit! Returning fire!" the pilot shouted frantically.

Now Vanda saw her chance. She got up and hit the guard, Hael followed. They made their way towards to the cabin, and threw the pilot out of his chair.

Suddenly Hael's eyes widened.

"Hey, Alpha is in the other helicopter!"

Zira smiled.

"We're safe," they said. But they were not. They had seen their friends, but their friends had not seen them, and were opening fire.

Chapter 37Edit

Razor Beta:

"Take evasive action, now!" Jason shouted as Zira fumbled for the controls. She finally leveled out the bird.

Hael tried waving a white flag out of the window, to no avail. Zira decided to try to get as close as she could to the other chopper without firing. She hoped they would notice they had been attacking their friends. Razor Alpha opened fire. Zira continued to close the distance between them, then, suddenly, the shooting ceased. They saw Xeron waving his arms in the ****pit. Both helicopters began to land. The minifigures got out of the helicopters.

"How did you get here?" Xeron asked.

"We got captured, and then when the minifigures got all scared of you we took control of the chopper," Hael said.

"Just like you to get captured."

"Who's the new guy?" Jason asked.

"My name is Electric Cyclone," the "new guy" said.

"You captured a rebel?" Jason asked.

"I am no rebel! I was fleeing from them when I found these people!"i

Jason stepped towards him, but as he looked into Xeron's eyes he saw the message: back off, now.

"We should stay here for the night," Overbuild said. "Get some rest and then split up again in the morning."

"Good idea."

They set up their tents, and peacefully  went to sleep in the cold night air. But somewhere, far away, something was not so peaceful. Inside a house sleapt Lightning squad, but someone, something, was coming for them.

Chapter 38Edit

Speedycobra was just his nickname, because he could run amazingly fast. Cobra rolled over, he had just woken up. It was in the middle of the night. Then he heard a noise. He got up and ran outside. He was worried, every since lighting squad, an elite rebel squad, had rebelled as they realized that what the rebels were fighting for was wrong.

He walked towards the door of the shack. Then, before he could open it, it was kicked open it. Five rebel soldiers ran inside.

"Wake up!" Cobra shouted. "Enemies!"

Gunshots rang out.

"Wake up!" Cobra shouted once more. But only one of his friends stirred. They may have been smashed, or they might still be alive, but he couldn't worry about that. His father had always told himi to be a man of action, a quick-thinker, and now was when his father's lessons would pay off. The final one, a knight named Legion, finally got him. One of the rebels tried to shoot him, but he blocked it with his shield. The two of the survivors moved together. Bullets followed them. They jumped through the window, smashing the glass. They ran through the night into the forest. They did not know if they would survive, nor what would become of them.

Chapter 39Edit

Razor Alpha/Beta:

"We should get going soon," Xeron said. "Now that we both have helicopters it should be pretty easy."

"I agree," Castle said.

Both squads begin to move towards their respective birds.

The helicopters took off. Both squads finally said farewell.

Razor Alpha:

"How much fuel do we have?" Xeron asked.

"Barely enough to make it to the destination," Buzzsaw said.

Xeron nodded. it was better then he thought. Then something happened. The alarms turned on.

"What's going on?!" Castle shouted.

"I don't know," Buzzsaw said. "Enemy missiles are locking onto us, but I don't see enemies on radar."

"Strange," Overbuild said. "I wonder..." but his thoughts were cut off.

"Missiles are closing!" Buzzsaw shouted. "They will get us in less then ten seconds!"

The minifigures looked around frantically.












And then the lights went out.

Chapter 40Edit

"We're hit!" Buzzsaw shouted. "We're hit and we're going down! We're gonna have to bail!"

"You know that phrase that history doesn't have to repeat itself?" Xeron asked. "Clearly it does."

Xeron wrenched open the escape hatch, but it wouldn't budge. He pushed harder, yet still it didn't move.

"We can't get out that way, we're gonna have to go through the windshield."

He ran towards the ****pit and dolphin dived through the glass window. The rest followed. This time Castle was scared, he jumped with all the others. They activated there parachutes and drifted slowly down. Buzzsaw looked up to see too strangely shaped fighters whizzing overhead.

"What are they?" he asked.

"Must be stealth fighters, we couldn't jam there lock ons because we couldn't detect them," Overbuild said in reply.

Finally they hit the ground. Buzzsaw got his bearings.

"Well, it's only another fifty or so miles until we reach the objective."

"Good," Xeron said. "Let's make our camp here."

They pulled out their portable tents and set them up. They ate their pre-cooked rations and prepared to go to sleep. That was when Duke heard a rustle in the bushes.

"What's that?" he asked.

"What's what?" Overbuild said.

"That noise?"

Then it came again.

"Yes, now I hear it too. Let's go investigate."

The two of them got up and moved towards the strange sound. They didn't see anything.

"Well, it's probably just an animal or something," Duke said, dismissing the potentially dangerous sound.

Suddenly there was a strange whooshing noise.

The two of them spun around, to see that a rebel tank had just materialized right in front of them.

Chapter 41Edit

Lightning squad:

Legion was woken in the middle of the night by the noise of footsteps. He got up, and shook Cobra awake.

"What is going on?" Cobra asked.

"Sound contact, footsteps," he said.

Cobra got up slowly, and began to follow Legion. Legion led them towards the noise. Suddenly right in front of them a minifigure burst out of the bushes, and began to run. Following him were two minifigures in rebel armor carrying rifles. They began to fire. Legion shot them both.

The minifigure slowed down, and then began to walk towards him. Legion aimed his pistols.

"Put your hands up," he said.

"Fine," the strange minifigure said. He put his hands up in the air.

"Who are you," Cobra questioned.

"My name is Jackal," the strange minifigure said. He wore rank 3 buccaneer, with a black helmet and a blue visor. He wore black amor. He carryed a riot shield, a shot gun, and on his back a semi-automatic sniper rifle.

"Why were the rebels chasing you?" Legion asked.

"I have always hated the rebels, to a huge extent. Instead of just trying to run away, I tried to fight them. I sabotaged some of there ships, they found me in the middle of the job, and began to chase me. I got away, but they put a bounty on my head. One day, I was done with living in secrecy, and so I forced my way out of the city, smashing guards along the way. Then the rebels chased me, and you smashed them."

Cobra nodded.

"Sounds a lot like our story," he said. "We used to be a rebel squad, but then we rebelled against the rebels, they smashed all of us but the two of us, and so we continue to live in hiding."

Jackal nodded.

"There are three of us now," he said. "I think it is time to act."

"Yes," Legion and Cobra said in unison.

The three of them loaded and prepared there weapons for what could possibly we a one way trip.

Chapter 42Edit

Razor alpha:

(Recap: the rebel tank just materialized right in front of them)

"Uh-oh," Duke whispered.

The two minifigures ran as fast as they could back towards the tents.

"Wake up, wake up, rebel tank is attacking!"

The minifigures scrambled to get up and arm themselves. But Duke was wrong. It wasn't just one rebel tank. Suddenly another two appeared next to it.

"They must have cloaking shields," Overbuild said.

Buzzsaw fired his rocket launcher towards one of the tanks. It exploded. Quickly the driver hopped out. Buzzsaw smashed him. He reloaded his rocket launcher, and then fired again. The missile whizzed by another of the tanks. Suddenly both tanks disappeared.

"Where are they?" Xeron asked.

"No idea," Buzzsaw said.

Suddenly both tanks appeared right behind Buzzsaw. He spun around and fired, but missed again.

The two tanks fired. The explosion sent alpha flying. The tanks advanced. Suddenly a missile streaked out from the bushes, destroying one of the tanks. The other turned around to see who had fired, when another missile streaked out, destroying the other.

"What?" Overbuild asked.

"I didn't fire anything!" Buzzsaw said.

They moved towards the area where the missiles had been fired from. In the distance they saw a strange cloaked figure. Then, he disappeared into thin air.

"Wait, I recognize that person!" Overbuild said. Duke nodded.

"I remember him, but I can't remember where from," Duke said.

Overbuild shrugged.

"How many miles until we are on target?" Cyclone asked.

"About twenty," Buzzsaw said. "We should get going."

Alpha began to move towards their ultimate objective. But Overbuild and Duke were right, they had seen that cloaked figure before.

Chapter 43Edit

Razor Beta:

Bravo squad sat in the helicopter moving swiftly towards Nexus Tower.

"I wonder how Alpha's doing," Jason said.

"I sure hope that they are doing okay," Hael said.

A few minutes passed.

"Hang on everyone, we are initiating cloak. Nexus Tower is in visual range," Zira said. The ship slowly dissappeared. A few more minutes passed.

"We have arrived," Zira said. "The enemy shouldn't be able to see us."

But she was dead wrong.

Suddenly there was a strange beeping sound.

"Missile lock-on!" Zira shouted.

"What?" Vanda asked. "I thought you said they couldn't see us!"

Zira didn't reply.

"We're going down!" she yelled. "I'm gonna try something!"

Zira piloted the ship straight towards Nexus Towers landing bay.

"What are you doing!?" Jason screamed.

"I'm gonna land this bird!" she shouted in reply. "Brace for impact!"

Nobody replied. They knew that most likely they would be smashed.

The ship hit the landing pad hard. It skittered towards Nexus Tower, smashing through the glass. Finally the ship slowed. Amazingly, everyone was still alive and well.

"Come out with your hands up!" a voice from the outside said.

Zira smiled.

"We're gonna come out with our guns up instead," she said.

Chapter 44Edit

Lightning squad:

Jackal looked up. They had arrived. Nexus Tower in all its splendor and glory loomed abovce them. He reminded himself that this was not the home of the Nexus Force, but a place of evil, and Rebellion. They snuck around the huge walls, and finally arrived at a huge gate.

"Who are you?" the guard asking, pointing his tall pike at the incoming minifigures. Legion drew his sword and smashed him. He leaned over and grabbed the guards identifation card. He scanned it, and the huge gate opened. The found themselves in a huge hallway, with strange machines lining the walls. Suddenly there was a metalic sound, and the machines began to move. A strange metalic creation, a robot, emerged from each of the machines. They held long swords. "Uh-oh," Cobra said. He drew his wormholer. The robots charged. Jackal, Legion, and Cobra fought back fiercly. Jackal slashed one with his wingrepear, causing it to spark and fly backwards. Legion stabbed another with his sword, and Cobra kicked one in the face, sending it sprawling into a swarm of robots. The three minifigures pushed the robots back. Finally they had smashed all of them. Then, in the doorway to the next room stood a strange cloaked figure. Energy radiated out from him.

"Come with me," he said.

Cobra tried to say no, but found that he could not.

He tried to resist, but to no avail. Lightning squad walked to where the figure was pointing.

Chapter 45Edit

Razor Alpha:

Finally, they had arrived. Nexus Tower stood towards them.

"Finally," Xeron said. "We can finally take the fight to the rebels."

They began to walk towards the tower. To their surprise they saw the door was wide open, and the guard lay on the floor. They entered the tower. There was a long hallway, hunks of burning metal smoldered on the ground.

"Robots," Buzzsaw said. "Someone must of been here."

Castle rolled his eyes.

"Of course someone has been here, smart one!"

They followed the path to the right. They found an elevator.

"Well this is helpuful," Castle said.

"Remember what happened last time we tried the elevator?" Xeron said.


"Fine, I'm up for the risk."

They entered the elevator, and saw a panal of buttons. One was marked "detention level".

"Why don't we go there?" Overbuild asked.

"Sounds good," Xeron said.

They pressed the button. The elevator began to move.

"Phew," Castle said. "At least we're not stuck."

Soon they arrived.

The door open, and they found thimself in a huge hallway of small cells covered with blue force shields. They began to walk down the hallways. One group of people caught there eye. There were three of them. The cell was marked Rebel Legion, Jackal, and Cobra.

"Rebels?" Xeron said. "Probably means good guys. How do we get them out of here?"

"I have a way," Buzzsaw said.

He put his second to last piece of C-7 on the cell, and pressed the detonation button. The blue shield sparked and then disappeared.

"Who are you?" the one wearing the tag "Legion" asked.

"We are Razor Alpha, and we're here to stop this rebellion."

"We are Lighting squad, and we're here to help you."

Chapter 46Edit

Razor Bravo:

They were locked and loaded, and they weren't coming up with their hands up. They were coming up with their guns up. Zira pressed the button that opened the main hatchway. A rebel holding a pistol stood in the doorway. Zira put her hands up. The minifigure didn't know something, however, that Zira knew. He didn't know that the escape hatch was open too, and a team of minifigures was climbing out to strike. Vanda leapt towards the minifigure, tackled him, and grabbed his gun.

"Where is the Leader?" she asked.

"I, I, don't know where he is!" the man stammered.

She threw him to the floor.

"Where is he!"

The man whimpered.

"Thirty-second floor," he whispered.

"What is the code to get in?" she asked.

"I don't know," he said.

Vanda shrugged.

The minifigures walked back towards the elevator. Jason swiftly tied the mans hands behind his back and gagged him, so he couldn't call for help. Then Hael pressed the button parked "32" and they were on their way.

Chapter 47Edit

Razor Alpha/ Lightning squad:

Finally they had arrived. Level 32. They hopped out. Then, they heard footsteps. Castle aimed his crossbow, and Xeron turned off the safety on his pistols. A minifigure came into view, Xeron aimed at it.

"Hey! Wait! It's bravo here!" the minifigure said. As he walked into the light it became apparent that it was Hael!

"Who are the new guys?" Jason asked.

"Lightning squad, we freed them," Duke said in reply.

Xeron nodded.

"Now this ends. We are here, and we are going to smash the Leader, and destroy the whole rebellion in the process."

Buzzsaw put his last packet of C-7 on the door.

He stepped back, and pressed the detonation button. There was an explosion, and the door was blown open.

The minifigures stepped in. In front of them stood a huge shape. They knew it was the leader. The man turned around. Overbuild gasped.

"It's you...."

Chapter 48Edit

Razor Alpha/Lightning squad and Razor Bravo:

"I can't believe it!" Hael stammered.

"Oh my...," Xeron said.

The man smiled. He wore black armor that glowed purple. He wore a helmet with a purple visor. He held a long purple sword, and a pistol.

"Now, you finally know...," he said. His voice boomed.

"It's him!" Jason said. "It's, the Darkitect!"

A strange grin distorted the Darkitect's face.

Xeron aimed his pistols at their enemies hands.

"Hands up!" he said.

The Darkitect put his hands up.

"Explain...," Xeron growled.

"Fine," the Baron said. "The maelstrom was losing the war, so I found another way to fight. I found minifigures who were sick and tired of the destruction caused by the horrible war. I told them they could end the war, if they joined me. They didn't know my true identity, so they followed me. And here you are, prepared to smash me."

"Yes we are," Vanda said.

Xeron aimed his pistols and fired. The Baron smiled. The shots bounced off an invisible shield that glowed purple for a second.

"Your weapons cannot defeat me!" he said.

He drew his sword and his pistol. He aimed and fired. Jason ducked as the shot whizzed above his head. Jason drew his pistols and fired, the shots bounced off the strange shield.

Zira hid behind an overturned table, and drew her missile launcher. She aimed, and fired. The Baron's shield fizzled, and then dissappeared. Vanda leapt towards him, and brought down her sword, The Baron blocked her strike with his own sword. Then he pushed her backwards, sending her flying towards the wall. Buzzsaw fired his pistols 20 round magazine towards the Baron, most of his shots hit, but the Darkitect's armor deflected most of them. The Baron aimed his pistol and fired. He didn't miss. It hit Buzzsaw in the stomach. He wore light body armor, but the force of the impact sent him flying backwards. It gave him a huge bruise. He moaned, as he got up.

Jackal pulled out his sniper and aimed at the Darkitect. Then he fired.

Chapter 49Edit

The bullet hit the Baron in the face. A long crack appeared on his helmet. He stumbled back a few steps. Then Electric Cyclone attacked. He slashed at the Baron with his wingreaper. Large cracks began to appear on the Baron's armor. Cobra attacked, firing his flintlock pistols. He fired his wormholer, just as Jackal came from behind and bashed the Baron with his riot shield. Then Castle fired his crossbow, it hit the Baron, splitting his armor in two. Electric wedged his wingrepear in the crack created by the crossbow bolt, cracking open the shell of armor that the Darkitect had encased himself in. Xeron struck. He kicked the Darkitect in the chest, sending him sprawling. The Darkitect did a back flip and got back up. He fired his pistol into the clump of enemies. Jackal used his riot shield to block the bullets. Castle reloaded his crossbow, and fired again. It was a perfect, shot, it was headed towards the Darkitect's unarmored head. Then, with lighting speed, the Darkitect grabbed the bolt out of the air, and threw it back at Castle. Castle dived to the ground, just as the Crossbow impacted the wall, going straight through it.

Overbuild set up a turret, it aimed at the Darkitect, and fired a long burst. The Darkitect dove to the ground, hitting Zira and knocking her off her feet.

Then suddenly a row of robots ran into the room. They began to fire. Razor and Lighting squad ducked, as thousands of shots whizzed over their heads. Xeron fired, hitting one, it stumbled back knocking down another. Jackal leapt up and shot one in the face with his shotgun. Cobra fired his wormholer, destroying the rest of the robots. Then he turned to where the Darktiect had been standing a second ago, but he wasn't there. Then, he felt something hit him in the back. He collapsed. The minifigures lay on the ground, only one more stood. Xeron aimed his pistols and fired.

Chapter 50Edit

"So it's just you, versus me...," Xeron said.

The Darkitect laughed.

"You don't stand a chance."

"No, I don't," Xeron said. "But sure as bricks I will try."

He leapt towards his powerful adversary, and fired. The Darkitect laughed as he stepped out of the trajectory of the incoming fire.

He fired his pistol, hitting Xeron in the chest. He stumbled backwards, but he was alive. His armor had saved his life. The Baron leapt towards him, bringing his sword down. Xeron side-stepped the blow, just as the Baron changed direction. Xeron ducked as the huge blade whistled above his head. The glittering sword, came up and fell down, every time Xeron dodged, ducked, and weaved, and every time he became more and more tired. The Darkitect's strikes were unrelenting. Xeron was exhausted, his reflexes sluggish. Finally the Darkitect lifted his sword in a deadly arc. Xeron tried to move, but his muscles were too tired, and try as he might, he stayed in one place, yet the sword did not fall. A crossbow bolt whizzed by Xeron's head, hitting the Baron, and the rays from a wormholer hit the Baron head on. A flock of owls charged towards the Darkitect, as a turret began to fire. A high velocity bullet, fired from a sniper rifle hit the Baron, just as Duke Exeter began to advance with his sword and shield. He bashed the Darkitect in the face, sending him flying. Then Xeron aimed his pistols.

"Say goodbye," Xeron said. The Darkitect said nothing. Then he pulled the trigger. A bullet hit the Darkitect, and the man exploded into a purple fireball.

"So that, was the leader," Overbuild said.

Xeron nodded.

20 years later...

The members of Razor and Lighting squad had quelled the Rebellion. They now led the Nexus Force, which had been at peace for more then 15 years, but trouble was brewing. There were people who still believed in the ideals of the rebellion, and they would fight another day. They, would change the course of history.

-End of Book 1-