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Chapter 1Edit

After the incident at Nexus Tower, the Faction Leaders decide that security in Nexus Tower must be increased. A directive was made: All Maelstrom on nearby worlds must be destroyed.

Doctor Overbuild told Vanda that the broken portal in the Paradox room would be her next mission. He gave her a data file on the world, called Ryol III. The Nexus Force didn't know much about the surface, except it was a snowy world. Hael Storm said that his explorers didn't find much Maelstrom on the world, except a few Stromlings and some sort of landing ship.

Before Vanda left the map room, Trek Furino ran up to her. "Hey," he called. "I owe you something. Shooting a Faction Leader isn't something I'm proud of."

Vanda turned to look at him. "You were infected," she said. "You weren't yourself. It wasn't you shooting at us." She turned and continued walking.

"I know, but even if it wasn't me," Trek persisted, walking after her. "I owe you a debt."

Vanda turned around again. "Fine. What could you do for me?"

"Well, I heard you're going to Ryol III. I was in the exploration squad that first went there. I could help you on your mission."

Vanda thought for a moment. "Fine," she said. "We're going tomorrow. Come to the portal in the Paradox room."

Chapter 2Edit

The next day, Vanda was up early and standing at the portal, Meyer at her side. Thenso and Extreme came through the portal and walked up to them.

"Well," Thenso said. "Another mission, eh?"

"It appears so," Meyer said uncertainly. "We're going to Ryol Three. Lots of snow, lots of cold, but not much Maelstrom, according to the Venture League explorers."

"I was hoping for Maelstrom," Extreme said, disappointed. "I like using my Wormholer."

They were interrupted as Trek Furino came into the room.

"Hello," he said. "Let's go."

They turned and jumped into the portal. They fell through the very fibre of space, warping through a thin tube of unreal energy. "A wormhole," Meyer thought. "Amazing."

Extreme seemed to have the same idea. He looked at his Wormholer, then fired our a few shots. Each impacted with the side of the tube, creating other branches that expanded out to other worlds.

After a few more seconds, the tube ended abruptly and they tumbled out onto the ground. It was snow. They stood up and brushed off the snow. Then they looked around.

There wasn't much to see. Just snow and a grey sky. It was snowing lightly, and the snow was packed hard in the ground. They were surrounded by tall, snowy mountains, and there was a narrow pathway just ahead of them. Everyone looked at Vanda.

"It's our best bet," she said. "Let's go."