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The Abandoned Stories Archive is a system where we catalog all of the inactive or abandoned stories. Anyone with an account can file a request to continue writing any abandoned story in our archives! Any of them qualify for requests, but we have to go through a few processes before we can make the story yours. This may take up to 10 days. Once we give you the thumbs up through a notification on your message wall, we'll unprotect the requested story and move it out of the archive for you to edit! By filing a request to continue an abandoned work, you agree to not abuse the story and to adhere to all ordinances clearly stated by our policy. Stories must be inactive for a minimum of three months to be added to the archive, and this is across all sources, not just the wiki. Please note that the original author has the right to take back the story at any time they wish, but must give credit to you if they decide to keep your changes. You can file a request for article succession below.

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The Force and LU


March 17, 2013




Hey, Rem! I just cleared this with the original author, and it is definitely to take up writing it again! It's all yours, good luck! -Sherm



April 8, 2014


The Journey Of Vanda Darkflame