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Book One: Distant Cousins, Distant MemoriesEdit


January 17, 2012

Four minifigures were walking in the halls of Nexus Tower, two boys and two girls. The four were the youngest and newest members of the Nexus Force. Youngest, since they were five, and newest, since they joined that morning. I might add most experienced; nobody else managed rank 3 in one day.

"I hear the Spider Queen attacked Block Yard," one of the boys said.

"I hear a time machine has been built in Nimbus Station for us to battle from the Battle of Nimbus Station seven years ago," the other boy reported.

"Frostburgh isn't going to be accessible for much longer," one of the girls stated.

"We haven't been to Crux Prime outside Nexus Tower," the other girl said.

"I think you all should get some sleep and fight in the morning," Nexus Jay suggested.

"Good idea, Jay," the first boy said. "Anyone wanna go to my Nimbus Isle?"

All three of his friends agreed, so they walked down to Brick Annex.

Master will be pleased if I can claim them for him, a minifigure sitting on the steps next to Mardolf thought. However, I can't make it seem like I did it, so...

The minifigure quickly tamed a robot pet and brought it to the Assembly wizard. "Mardolf, my pet's been acting strange lately. Can you fix the glitch?"

Mardolf opened up the compartment inside the pet and looked around, fiddled with a few wires, and closed the hatch. "That should do it."

Another minifigure walked up to Mardolf with a skeleton dragon pet. "Mardolf, here are the ten bones you requested. Can you make me a Starskull Rocket piece?"

The first minifigure grinned. He pickpocketed a bone out of his pocket and made it seem like it "dropped" into the path where the road forked between Nimbus Rock and the other launchpads.

Just as the four youngsters walked by, the robot dog noticed the bone and lunged at it. The kids didn't notice him until it was too late, and the dog knocked them out.