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Authors: Grievesmad7, Zatorak360, RyousVortex
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Author's Notes: POV stands for Point Of View, Also, Turbobuild23 became an author in the second book.

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Book 1: Rebel Heroes to the EndEdit

Chapter 1; James' POVEdit

I was using Shinobi rush to the max speed , whizzing through the monastery here in Ninjago. As I headed towards my task I made sure I followed my rules. I recited them on every mission just like Black knight told me to. Rule 1 : A Shinobi is in the shadows , It doesn't get more dark than using a Shinobi rush in the shade. Rule 2 : A Shinobi is fast , I was going at superspeed .Then I was out in the open. I stopped my Shinobi rush by hooking my katana onto an Earth lantern and it came crashing to the ground with me riding on it. Rule 3 : A Shinobi is resourceful , that was happening right now. Rule 4 : A Shinobi has no mercy . Then the lantern hit a seige tower and the pieces smashed skeletons and those pieces smashed other objects until the battlefield was littered with bricks and bones. Then I felt a pang of guilt at hurting those ninja but then my final rule came to mind. Rule 5 : A Shinobi cares nothing about those caught in the crossfire. Then I added a new rule to my evergrowing list. Rule 6 : I am James Harmony and I am an assassin . Harmony , Harmony , not a good SirName for an assassin so now I decided to change it. Rule 6 : I am James Crossfire and I am an assassin. Crossfire was perfect. It certaintly fitted with Rule 5. I care nothing for those who get in my way. I walked over to Black Knight who was standing next to the guard. Black Knight has long , purple hair that hangs down , covering one eye. She was wearing a blacksuit and had a cannon beside her. " My payment " I said in my cold , emotionless voice. " Here " She said and gave my a sack of clear gems. Oh the amount of money I could get from that. I walked away with the sack on my shoulder. I should've noticed it earlier , the cannon , the empty white look in the other troop's eyes. I had just entered the monastery when I heard a laser charging. I isntinctively dropped to the floor and the blast went over my head. I quikly recited Rule 5 to myself as the blast hit Nya. She then stood up , a black ninja with pure white eyes. I recognized the motions for the Ninja Step move and used Shinobi rush to sidestep it and she went flying into the battlefield. " What in the name of tea is going on here " Sensei Wu gasped " Black Knight " I replied. Then Sensei Wu pressed a button and a cockpit area appeared around him. The four ninja , Cole , Jay , Zane and Kai , ran in just as the monastery separated itself from the caves and lifted itself into the air. Then I looked out the window and saw that the elemental dojos had become guns , each one shooting it's element. For Earth boulders were fired. For lightning storms appeared. For Ice it was a freeze ray and for Fire it was a flamethrower. Then we flew away leaving ninjago far behind us. Then I spoke up and said " Set a course for the for Forbidden Valley "

Chapter 2; Lord S’s POVEdit

I stood at the top of my ship, my fortress, gazing over my domain. My crew, my troops, were fighting a losing battle against those of my crew who had joined the darkness. My lieutenant, Captain Jack Knife, approached behind me. I could smell him. “Sir, we have a trespasser inbound? Do ye want us to fire?” I gave a slow nod. Captain Knife would understand my descision. After all, if Black Knight could not survive my crew, then she did not deserve to speak with me. I decided to watch the show. As I walked toward the prow, I wondered if my crew would fear me as they do if they knew what is behind this mask. Ignorance is what creates the fear I use. My crew speak of the joys of adventuring through the unknown, but they are just as afraid of the unknown as everyone else is. Now, that Black Knight, she was something special. She was the first minifigure to be withstand my stare for more than a minute. Ah, there she was. “Hello, S, I see you’ve been keeping your warriors in good condition.” I said nothing, as I have always done. She was uniquely unfazed by this. Does anything faze this woman? “Lord S, the trespasser escaped our-oh.” I dismissed the pirate who had spoken up so suddenly with a wave of my hand. He was too hasty. Hastiness was almost as bad as weakness. And in my land, there is no absolution for weakness. Black Knight understood my unspoken question. “I have come for a certain member of your crew.” I shook my head as slowly as I had nodded it before. This one was special. Black Knight couldn’t have her. “If you do not let me take the child, we will have war.” It was a bluff and both of us knew it. Black Knight would never try to go to war with me. The fact that she said it meant that she had become lacking in respect. Perhaps a war WAS required. The child is more powerful than Black Knight realizes. She just wants to brainwash the girl for her army of maelstrom-smashers. She doesn’t get it. This child is the key! “S, might I remind you that she has recently reached ten years of age? She is legally mine.” Ridiculous. She wrote that law herself, and she wants everyone to follow it. Even minifigures who aren’t in her jurisdiction. Like me. I turned my back on Black Knight and walked away. This meeting was over.

“Silver!” the caretaker said, “Silver, wake up!” The girl barely had time to ask what was going on when she saw me. I motioned towards her bags. When she had grabbed them, I motioned for her to follow me. It was time to go.

Chapter 3; Zatorak's POV:Edit

"Go smash 1,000 Horsemen. Then bring me back their lances. ALL of them. Now hurry!" "Fine!!" This was kind of fun. The Nexus Force Council thought their soldiers were getting less strict and started deserting and doing all sorts things. So they hired me to get them back into shape, and it was quite fun. It was amazing how so many of those figs could be so lazy. Oh good another one. "Smash the newly infected Brick Fury" "WHAT?! That's that's that's IMPOSSI-" The Minifigure was interrupted by the giant falling monastery. The monastery landed softly on one of the great tree's branches. Natural the wise tree grew a root to support the humongous building. A familiar shape walked out of the Ninjago monastery. Five other followed. "Well well well, if it isn't James Crossfire. What makes you think you can just barge in and take hold of anything you want?" I said with a load of sarcasm and irony. "Let's not get too ironic. Ninjago has been......invaded. From the inside." "That's still not a good enough excuse for just walking in and throwing a building on a tree. A GIANTone (Authors Note: Let's just pretend that "GIANT" was in italics. )"I say still messing around. My expression quickly grows serious."So what happened?" "Nya turned white-eyed and fell onto the battlefield," Sensei Wu glared at James"And so did everyone else besides us lucky ones in the Monastery" "So you plan to stay here? Lucky us."

Chapter 4; James' POVEdit

I had finally coaxed Zatorak to come with me into Forbidden Valley. As we walked I saw troopers walking by. Troopers ..... wait a second , ZATORAK DOESN"T KNOW!!! "DROP!!!" I yelled. Everyone immediately followed as a beam of light flew over us. Then I saw a girl , ragged and lost. I rushed over to help her but she stepped back as if trained to fear the Nexus. " Oi she's ours " I recognized the voice of my enemy anywhere. Pirates. Then I looked at the speaker. A member of a pirate crew. My heat nearly stopped when I saw the captain. " Lord S " I said in a tone that showed clear distaste. Then something surprised me. The girl ran over to him. Then the parrot on his shoulder started to speak " Silver is the key SQUAWWWWWK!! She is the key and you have no right to touch her you brainwashed frea-" That parrot had uttered it's last squawk as it fell from his shoulder and my katana was covered in plastic. " I am not brainwashed but you are working me up. Sorry , but your death will now be implemented . RANK UP!! " Then I went Rank 4. My hood grew spikes allover the top while NV googles appeared. My katana became laser katana. My mask began filtering the air and pure maelstrom armour appeared around me. Then I attacked. As S matched me sword to sword I had my first surprise of the fight. S could almost match my speed. He thought he was fasted but he needs to think again. " Have you ever heard the saying , the enemy of my enemy is my friend ? " I asked He nodded and it was clear he wanted to know who my enemy was. So I told him. " Black Knight "

Chapter 5; Lord S’s POV: The JourneyEdit

The child, Silver, was having a hard time keeping up with me. She didn’t say anything, but I could smell her exhaustion. The terrain wasn’t any trouble; the forest tripped over itself trying to get out of my way. She simply lacked endurance. She also smelled upset; no doubt due to having to leave her friends and possessions behind on this journey. That would not have changed if she had been taken by Black Knight. She did, however, get to keep her Warthog Pet, as it carried her luggage. It would have carried mine, too, if I needed any. The warthog was fortunate that I had no requirement of sustenance. The Great Bridge. The link between Gnarled Forest and Forbidden Valley. We would stop here. I smelled maelstrom. There had never been maelstrom even close to the Great Bridge before. But then, I had never come here with Silver before, either. I motioned for her to sit and rest. “Lord S? Sir?” she asked. “Why don’t you ever say anything?” I said nothing, of course. In fact I showed no indication that I had heard her question. “I’ll bet,” she said, “that you CAN talk if you want to, it’s just part of your Smoke and Mirrors.” THAT threw me off guard. Her curiosity was starting to verge on disrespect. But she was perceptive…perhaps too much for her own good. I found myself wondering if she could see behind my mask. It was a foolish thought, but a frightening one. “So, where are we going?” I pointed forward, across the bridge. We would need to pass through Forbidden Valley in order to reach our destination. I was mainly focused on the increasing smell of maelstrom and did not understand her next question. It sounded urgent, though. I turned around and saw my precious companion being surrounded by Dark Ronin. How dare they pass the Bridge! “Sir! SIR!!!” The Ronin never touched her. I rushed towards them at punishing speeds, hacking and slashing away at them until all fell beneath my blade. Silver was standing on a rock with a ‘Please-tell-me-I-did-not-just-see-that’ look on her face. I snapped my fingers and she bolted down from the rock to stand beside me. “We’re not going in there, are we?” I shot her a questioning glance. “That’s NINJA territory. We’re PIRATES. They don’t like us very much. They’ll probably try to smash us.” Probably. Silver was right about Pirate-Ninja relations, but they would TRY to smash us. They wouldn’t succeed. I knew the minifigure currently in charge of Forbidden Valley only by reputation, but I was certain that this ‘Zatorak’ wouldn’t cause us any trouble.

Chapter 6; Lord S’s POV: The ShinobiEdit

I kept my hand on Silver’s shoulder to steady her while crossing the bridge. It wouldn’t do either of us any good if she fell off. We crossed the bridge without incident… and we were in Dragonmaw Chasm. This racetrack was once thriving with ninjas, but there didn’t seem to be any here now. There was no way to be sure, though. I had many reasons for not liking ninjas, but one of them is that I can’t smell them. It is unbelievably frustrating to know that we might be walking into a trap but never having any way to be sure. You can’t see ninjas if they don’t want you to, you can’t smell them, and they won’t show their faces to an outsider. But you CAN hear them. “HOOOOIIIYAH!” “You’re not welcome here, pirate!” “Ooof!” That last one fell on his face instead of springing out at us. Must be a rookie. The other two didn’t have time to slash with their kunai before I had knocked them out of their hands. I threw the ninjas against the wall and strode over to the rookie. “Please don’t use your pirate powers on me! Please!” Pirate powers? That was a new one. I pointed to his kunai, then at Silver and myself. “Sorry! We’re just following orders, we weren’t actually going to…” That was when my crew arrived. I knew the ninjas would be overconfident if I came alone. So I made them think I came alone. Silver said something about a light in the distance and ran off before I could react. Foolish girl! Doesn’t she know the ninjas are very fond of sneaky tricks? I almost rushed forward to stop her, but realized that my crew was nearby. They would take care of it, and it wouldn’t look good for me to rush to her aid as if I was her parent. Then I saw him. A Shinobi, which meant that he was both a ninja AND working for Black Knight. He wanted the child! He couldn’t have her! Silver was smart enough to step away from him, after which we surrounded him. Something told me he wasn’t an ordinary Nexus soldier. Chatterbeak fluttered onto my shoulder. He must have come with my crew. Jack Knife had long ago taught Chatterbeak both the vileness of ninjas and the preciousness of Silver. He immediately started a stream of both, right before being silenced by the Shinobi. I was stunned. It wasn’t that he smashed the bird; he was just noisy. It was that he had been fast enough to get that close to me. He’s almost as fast as I am! We dueled like a pair of lightning bolts, until he said he was on my side. “Who are you and what do you want?” Silver asked. “I am James Crossfire,” the Shinobi replied, “And I want to destroy Black Knight.” “Aye, we be with you on that,” said Jack Knife, “She be trying to take our Silver!” “Well, I’m sure your treasure means a lot to you,” his companion said sarcastically. “No, not silver the metal! She’s trying to take our Silver here for her army! This girl’s special, ye know. She’s the key.” Crossfire suddenly seemed alarmed by the child. “Your parrot said the same. What do you mean, the key?” Jack looked to me. I shook my head, indicating to not let him in on our secrets. Silver leaned on me in a way that did not fit my character. I am not her parent! I pointed towards the other minifgure he had with him, the one who had remarked about Silver’s name, asking his identity. “I am Zatorak. I am in charge of Forbidden Valley.” Ah, so this was Zatorak. He wasn’t nearly as powerful-looking as I thought he’d be. How did he earn his reputation?… “As it happens, you, S, and the girl, might be just what we need.”

Chapter 7; James' POV : The Hideout.Edit

As we trekked through Forbidden Valley we were stopped by various ninja. Those ninja are now dead. I also noticed that whenever I got within a meter of Silver a pirate whisked me away so I slaughtered each one who stopped me. Eventually they got the message , If I get near Silver they keep their lives. S kept a wary eye on me once I got next to her. Them she spoke up. " Why did you join the Nexus Force? " She asked " Because I had no choice. It's the law kiddo. Once a child reaches 10 years of age they belong to Black Knight , end of story." I replied " But I am 10 and S didn't let her have me. " She retorted , obviously annoyed by my tone " My parents did the same " I replied as I fought to control my emotions " Where are they ? " She inquired " Dead . Black Knight said that Murgle Blotch killed them but I know she did . I was sent to the Nexus Orphanage and they gave me up to her." I said " And look what she turned a 12 year old into. A heartless , cold blooded , ruthless , killer. Let what you care about take you away from this life " She told me Then I made her understand by saying " I have nothing left to care about. " Then , for the 1'st time in 2 years I cried. Silver tried to calm me down and I understood the message. I had found somebody who cared about me.

As we arrived at the monastery I saw that the great tree had grown branches and leaves all over the monastery , hiding it from view. Once we got to the gate I found that the leaves had grown so that you could enter the monastery but not see the monastery. " No doubt the hollow insides of the tree have become new versions of the ninjago caves " Zatorak said The great tree was hollow? I didn't know that. Then we entered the monastery.

Chapter 8; Lord S POV: The AmbushEdit

It was time to have a talk with James Crossfire about staying away from Silver. Two of my men he had smashed, five more required extensive medical care. What business did he, a Shinobi, have with the child?!? My men would defend her with their lives, but I need them strong for the next time we are attacked, be it by maelstrom, by the Nexus Force, or… by our new allies. I finally gave the order to let him speak to her; but the moment he said or did anything that I did not like, my crew would jump out and destroy him. I approached him as he was giving orders to some of the ninjas he brought with him. “What do you want?” He still had not learned to respect my authority, it would seem. I pointed at Silver, who was being guarded by my crew while she enjoyed a rest. “She’s an orphan, isn’t she?” The question took me by complete surprise. Instead of agreeing or disagreeing to leave her alone, he had raised a very delicate matter. After some consideration I decided to tell him the truth; and nodded. “Did you smash her parents?” What?!? Well, actually I suppose he could be right to think that way. Still, I did not do so. I shook my head. “Do you know who they were?” Again, I shook my head. However, I had my suspicions. And Imagination help us if I am right… Wait, what was that smell? It smelled like… MAELSTROM!!! My cutlass spun like a whirlwind, hacking and slashing at the opposing force. There were hundreds of them, and only one of me. I suddenly saw a Dragon that was behind me fall to the ground. It would have had a clear shot at my head. A rank 4 Shinobi Katana was drawn out from the dragon’s head. Okay... I nodded at Crossfire.That makes two. We fought as one, and our foes were quickly vanquished. That was strange. If they had meant to kill us they would have sent more troops… which means that this was a diversion…

SILVER!!!! They’re going after the child!

Chapter 9; James' POV : The rulesEdit

I sensed it before I saw it. The enemies were after Silver. Then I got a good look at the attackers. Not just stromlings from Forbidden Valley but from all over the universe!!! I hacked away at the enemies but then heard the beep signalling my Rank 4 kit battery was running low. I switched to Rank 3 and took out my home-made Shinobi Valiant the Whiplash. It was a maelstrom whip in one hand while in the other a short bar with a spiked ball attached , also made from maelstrom. I whipped away trying to protect Silver even if it meant giving up my life. Then I was sent flying back by a maelstrom web. " Muffet Bane " I sneered. " I didn't think it was possible but you've gotten uglier since I last saw you. " Muffet hissed at me. Then I closed my eyes and waited for the blow that would surely smash me. But it never came. I opened my eyes and was shocked at my rescuer. It was Silver. And she was holding my katana. " Thanks " I gasped " Anytime " She replied as S ran over. " She's fine " I told him and I saw the faintest smile appear on his face. S then pointed to my katana and I said " Hey she chose to pick those up and she saved my life. I honestly think she would have done well in the nexus " At this sentance S glared at me. There was no maelstrom but one question. Where is Zatorak?

As we sat down for dinner I caught S standing at the window. " Don't you need to eat ? " I asked. He shook his head When I went back and sat next to Silver I got more glares from the pirates and Urfu , who didn't like glares , started barking while Sensei Wu poured some tea. Kai , Zane , Cole and Jay were having fun pushing all the wrong buttons on Zane and the party feel came with the chaos. When dinner was served I went wide eyed at the steak that was layed out before me. " Is this all for me ? " I asked Silver who was tucking in like she hadn't eaten in days and if I know pirates , she probably hadn't. " You say that like you've never had this stuff before " She replied. " I thought ninjas would have loads to eat being Black Knight's lapdogs. " This attracted a glare from me and a bark from Urfu so she quickly added " No offense " Then I answered her " We ninja follow strict rules and food is not like this. On a normal day we eat goat's cheese salad with the juices from whatever berries we gather. On weekends we have the luxury of bread with our meal and a glass of water. On special occasions like the cycle of Frostburgh's comet or Ninja day or Nexus day we even get meat but I've never had a whole steak to myself before. On pirate day, to symbolize the fact that ninja and pirates are enemies , we eat nothing except what we gather." Sharing this seemed to draw Silver's sympathy rather than curiosity which I was thankful for as I did not want to go into other hardships of the ninja life. I started eating and was amazed by how nice it was and devoured the whole thing. " Wow , you have a hard life. I always assumed ninja live the high life " said one of the pirates and I noticed S standing behind me and worried if he'd heard but that was a problem for tomorrow. Today we celebrate!!

Chapter 10; James' POV : HeritageEdit

It was midnight when I got up. I went up on the roof . I needed to see the sunrise as I had a feeling it would be my last. Black Knight will have tracked us here by now. I thought of what they'd do to Silver if we were caught. I spent half my day getting whipped in nexus training. If they tried to make her fight they would crush her like a bug. I thought of all the people I knew but something didn't work out. Then it hit me. My dad was immortal. My dad was Grieves.

I pushed these thoughts from my head as the sunrise started. I remembered what my dad had told me. " We sing this song to remind us that the sunrise marks the end of cold and darkness. " Then , for the first time in 2 years , I sang. " Here comes the sun , do do do do Here comes the sun and I say , it's alright. Little darling , it's been a long cold lonely winter Little darling , it seems like years since it's been here Here comes the sun , do do do do Here comes the sun and I say , it's alright. Little darling , the smiles returning to the faces Little darling , it feels like years since it's been here Here comes the sun , do do do do Here comes the sun and I say , it's alright Sun sun sun , here it comes Sun sun sun , here it comes Sun sun sun , here it comes Sun sun sun , here it comes Sun sun sun , here it comes Sun sun sun , here it comes Sun sun sun , here it comes Little darling , I feel that ice is slowly melting Little darling , it feels like years since it's been clear Here comes the sun , do do do do Here comes the sun and I say , it's alright "

The I heard slow clapping behind me. I turned around and saw Lord S. " You heard me sing ? " I asked He nodded. Why doesn't he talk? " So you think it's silly I sing a song to remember my family." He shook his head. As a ninja I could read emotions and I could feel he was curious. " You want to know why I hate you so much. You know it is more than the Ninja-Pirate relationship." He nodded " You raided my planet multiple times. You took children for your pirate crew , you took our possessions and killed mercilessly. Humans ruled by the Titans on Titania. I am part Titan part human. If i took of my hood you would see the boy you couldn't take " then I removed my hood and mask. My green hair was sticking out in all directions. I sensed recognition in him. " Yes , " I continued ", I am James Harmony."

Chapter 11; Lord S’s POV: Pirate to the EndEdit

I continued watching the daily interactions between Silver and Crossfire- James. To say that his revelation surprised me would be an understatement. I never thought I would see James Harmony again. If only he knew… I still remember my loved ones, even though I outlived them by a thousand years. I wonder if James knows about my curse. James and Silver were sitting together, alone. If she was not who she was I would have felt guilty about overhearing their conversation. If she was not the key. “Why do you like the pirates?” James asked her, “After all, they kidnapped you.” At this Silver stood up in a flash and glared at him. “They did NOT kidnap me!!! My mother gave me to them of her own will!” James was stunned by this, and she continued, “At least, they think she was my mother. No one actually knows. Look, I’m NOT going to tell you that NO pirates EVER stole children. Just like YOU are not going to tell me that no ninjas ever poisoned water. But you don’t see me blaming every ninja I meet for that, do you?!?” That’s my girl. You’ve got a way with words that not many of us have, Silver. He may be half-Titan, but you were born to rule Titans. I see in James Harmony’s eyes that he thinks you to be weak. He has no idea that your power is a thousand times his. “You misjudge pirates, James. You think we’re just a band of bloodthirsty scallywags. Well, here’s the thing: we may be reckless and wild, but we stick with each other to the end. You ninjas have a twisted version of what we have. You call it honor. That’s why it’s twisted; you give it a definition. For us, it cannot be described. You simply don’t leave a crewmate when a shuriken is thrown into his leg. We don’t have a fancy code like you do, but we look after our own. And although you may not like it, you may not want to admit it, I’m one of them. I’m a pirate. And I will be a pirate to the end.”

Chapter 12; James' POV : Tricks, Lives, and IllusionsEdit

I was struggling to process what Silver had said. What mother in their right mind would willingly give their child to pirates!!!! Poisoning water is a very good tactic in wartime. I remember what Aunt Lupa had told me. " Duty comes first , especially in wartime. " I remembered how Vanda Darkflame had changed her name in order to be accepted by the 3 other rulers of Titainia : Lupa , Mag Mel and Khione. She called herself Ruby Harmony. She then was allowed to stay with Grieves after making herself unrecognizable as she knew dad could sense her aura. Now that my parents were brought into things I couldn't help thinking of how my 10 lives had dwindled. I pushed the thoughts from my head. I walked into the monastery only to see guns trailed on everyone. Then I saw Black Knight. She walked over to me and transformed into a face i knew. She now looked like Garmadon with purple eyes but I recognized her - or rather him instantly. " Uncle Mag Mel " I ventured " Yes , desert ruler it is I. Your lives have diminished rapidly young hero ." Then he started to walk in circles around me. " Of your original 10 you have 6 left. Pitiful. Now you will have only FIVE!!! " And before I could react he drew his four katana and each of them struck my heart. I collapsed to the ground. I woke up with a start and recognized Avant Gardens. We were on the broken road. Then the truth hit me like a brick. I had a mere 5 lives left.

Chapter 13; Sharpie’s POV: The RogueEdit

I drove my Rutcarver towards a spiderling. It smashed on contact.

A stromling trying to sneak up behind me was fried by the web of lightning surrounding me.

I headed back to the Sentinel encampment for some Rest and Relaxation; Avant Gardens Survival.

Ever since Black Knight took over the Nexus Force, I’ve generally stayed away from anyone in league with her.

“I may use Nexus Force gear, but I’m not part of it. Not now anyway.” I thought.

I saw some Nexus Force troopers coming around the bend.

Time to act.

I quickly called a bolt of lightning to strike some of them. This alerted them to my presence.

They drew their weapons and aimed.

They saw nothing; I had quickly put on my jetpack and was hovering over them.

I dropped down into their midst and spun into a lightning tornado.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a group of Sorcerers with valiants were coming around the bend.

They charged and I flew up on to the broken bridge above the encampment.

Suddenly a Shinobi appeared right next to me, unconscious.

I felt his pulse and found that he was dead.

Then, he woke up, right out of the blue.

I was startled, as anyone would be if a dead man appeared right next to you and then woke up.

I drew one of my flareguns and pointed it at him.

“Are you with Black Knight?” I asked threateningly.

“I was, but no more.” He replied.

I continued the interrogation, “Who are you? How did you just teleport?” I asked.

“I am James Harmony, Black Knight's former personal assassin. I can’t talk about the teleportation.” He answered.

“Do you still work for Black Knight?” I questioned him again.

“No, I am with a small group of rebels consisting of pirates, ninja, and the people from the Ninjago Monastery.” He replied, slightly irritated.

“Pirates and ninja working together?“ I asked suspiciously.

“They've formed a truce to take down Black Knight.” He said. “Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got to go.”

“I’ll just come along if you don’t mind.” I told him. “To be sure you’re not working for Black Knight. I’m a fugitive from the Nexus Force.”

He seemed very surprised at this. “Why are you wearing their gear then?” He asked.

“It’s not ‘their’ gear, it’s mine.” I replied as I refueled my jetpack.

Chapter 14; James' POV : The land of TitansEdit

I didn't really trust this Sharpie but I might as well stick with him until I find the others. Then Sharpie activated his jetpack while I took it in HUGE leaps. Then we stopped to rest on the other side of the mountain , usually only jetpack access. " How were you dead then you came back to life ? " he asked me " There are some topics you are to steer clear off . That is one of them." I replied and that brought me back to Mag Mel. He couldn't have been Black Knight. Mag Mel knows not to interfere with my destiny. Then it could only be one of the chaotic titan's illusions. He must of tried to throw me off balance by taking a life from me. Not gonna happen. I will not let Mag Mel take my fathers throne. Once my immortality comes in I will have infinite power. Then I will betray the others to Black Knight for my own safety. Cold , yes , but rewarding. Then I thought of Silver and felt guilty for thinking like that for even a moment. " You have more than one life " Sharpie said " It is the only way you could die and live again " " I originally had 10. Now I'm down to 5. Usually when I lose a life I am sent to a random location. I usually wake up in transaction though which means this is different to normal. The Nexus do not inhabit my homeworld , we could go there" I suggested " Show me the way " Sharpie said with excitement in his voice. Of course. he was a Venture League. He would want to explore.

We crept to the picnic area and walked over to the rocket vendor. " Remember me ? " I said " Ah zes it iz you " he replied in his french accent " Un (Un is french for 1 ) Varadox Darkvarp coming up " Then he passed me the Darkwarp pieces. " Anover , no , zis cannot be , anover. Zokay un zteamvunk coming up " then he passed Sharpie steampunk rocket pieces. We both built our rockets. " How did you get those?" Sharpie asked " He owes me his life " I told him as we blasted off. I set the controls to manual and remotely programmed Shapie's rocket to follow mine.

When we landed on Titainia I looked at the four sections , each one representing a season , The meadow , Desert resort , Autumnwood and Icy tundra. Lupa held The Meadow , dad used to have Desert resort , Mag Mel had Autumnwood and Khione held Icy tundra. Khione had taken the fourth throne by force. She was a StarClan member after all. Everyone here who leads has a nickname. Usually a Titan holds 10 lives but once they become a leader they gain immortality. Lupa is actually called Wolfstar . Grieves was called Grievingstar. Mag Mel is Darkstar and Khione is Froststar. Once I visit StarClan I will be known as Balancestar. I really came here to visit StarClan and recieve immortality. " I need to leave " I said and left for Moonrock at the center of Titainia.

Chapter 15; SILVER’S POV: The GateEdit

Silver had been anxious for the entire journey out of Forbidden Valley. She was beginning to wonder why. After all, they’d had no trouble from the ninjas or from Nexus patrols, whom S was skilled at intercepting. Not for the first time she wondered what was behind that mask. S had an advantage over others who wear masks all the time: he never sleeps, so no one can take of his mask while he’s asleep. To be honest, Silver had never considered trying that even before she learned about his relentlessness; she was curious, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t think. ‘I know what James thinks of him,’ she thought, ‘He thinks S is a ruthless killing machine. But I know Lord S has emotions, I can feel it!’ Night had fallen, and S was staring out into the distance as he always did. Silver took this opportunity to sneak off to think by herself for a while. She had not passed the border of the campsite before S stood in front of her. How did he get there so fast? “What?” she asked him, “It’s not as if anything’s going to jump out at me out there.” He seemed unconvinced. She just KNEW he was raising an eyebrow behind that mask! Reluctantly he let me pass, but she knew he’d be watching her. She chose a spot under a tree and stared into the dark. It wasn’t long before she slipped into a dream…

Darkness… she could see absolutely nothing. No, wait, there was a red glow… What was that? A door… It was huge, almost as big as the Great Tree we had visited at Forbidden Valley, with no doorknob, but a keyhole in its center. The door itself was dark red and black, covered with intricate designs. An…an AURA emanated from the keyhole. A staggering feeling of anger, hate, and malevolence that almost brought Silver to her knees. How could anything hate this much? It seemed as though it hated the very EXISTENCE of everything that was and will be! “COME TO ME! RELEASE ME, MY CHILD!” Silver began to struggle franticly, as she had tried to run away but was pulled towards the lock by tendrils of darkness coming from inside it. She lashed out at the vines, to no effect. The tendrils held her level with the lock, and the voice spoke again. Just before she reached the lock, an unknown force made the tendrils recoil, dropping her.

Silver bolted upright. As a rule, she didn’t, and never had, have nightmares. Something told her that wasn’t a dream. Something told her it was—no, that was Jason Armos talking. Back when they had lived in Gnarled Forest, Silver had spent some of her time reading the adventure novels the lookout had collected. They mostly involved Knights in shining armor charging at each other, sorceresses, demons, and our young hero, Jason Armos. He was in every single one of those books, which seemed odd to Silver, because she couldn’t figure out how he was not smashed before Book Four. How did he have the athleticy to jump on that troll’s head, exactly? And what about that fifty-foot leap, over the pit of fire? And let’s not forget the dragon in Book Two… Actually, recent events had revealed to her that there actually ARE dragons. S was beside her. He motioned once again for her to follow him. It wasn’t even sunrise yet. Couldn’t he wait?... He motioned even more urgently. That was when she heard them. The Nexus Force were cutting their losses with Gnarled Forest and Forbidden Valley. They were marching to war.

Chapter 16; James' POV : The meetingEdit

The trek to the Lake of Justice surrounding Moonrock. It brought back terrible memories of how S ruthlessly killed my friend Golden. Of how I fought with S on the lakeside and how one of his pirate crew , somebody he had taken in a previous raid , had fallen into the Lake of Justice. It sensed his evil and incinerated him. I had pushed him into the lake. I had killed one of my own kind. I worried that this would affect my crossing of the Lake of Justice......

As I reached the Lake I saw several warriors at the lakeside , each one dressed in our sections Bat Lord gear. I walked down to the white lake and cautiously stepped on the lake. It held. I stayed in place like it was solid. That meant the Fates and the Oracle had deemed my worthy to recieve immortality from StarClan. I walked across the lake until I reached Moonrock , the fallen meteor that had ended up in the lake. Then i felt a surge of power as I rose up in a column of light that could be seen all over Titainia. Then I had the vision.

In the vision I was in a white never-ending room with no furniture. Then I saw Givingstar the immortality giver. " You are worthy as you have crossed the Lake of Justice and reached Moonrock. Now you will recieve what you came here for. I name you James , I name you Balancestar!!! " Givingstar announced. Then I watched Bat Lord gear materialize around me but this was not normal bat gear. The red bits were replaced by blue as a symbol of leadership. Then the world span out of control around me.....

Once I woke up I saw the other section leaders were coming for the meeting. Mag Mel AKA Darkstar in his red bot gear with a black bulb. Lupa in a fully black Bone outfit and Khione in her rainbow Mosaic Jester outfit. I was still in my blue Bat Lord gear. Once they all came the meeting began. As it did the StarClan reprasentitive , Fairstar. " Now , " Fairstar began ", I would like to welcome the newest member of StarClan , Balancestar. Wolfstar please start this off. Your plead? " He nodded at Lupa. " Khione must keep her icy grip away from the meadow. The crops keep dying "She said " Agreed " I said " Agreed " said Fairstar " Disagreed " said Khione " Disagreed " replied Mag Mel " Added with Lupa we win " I said "Your plead , Blancestar " Fairstar nodded at me " Sine my fathers death the Autumnwood has stopped supplying Ambrosia to the Desert Resort while the meadow has still provided Nectar. I say Mag Mel should begin supplying us with Ambrosia again. " I said " Agreed" everyone except Mag Mel said " FINE!!! " Now it was Mag Mel's turn to be angry " Your plead , Froststar " Fairstar nodded at Khione " An alliance with Mag Mel " Khione said. Everyone was stunned including me. There hadn't been alliances since the last Titan war!!!!! " I accept " Mag Mel said. " Does anybody else wish to ally? " Fairstar asked " Yes , " Lupa spoke up " , an alliance with Balancestar and Starclan " " I will talk to Unistar " Fairstar said. I saw eyes looking at me. " Yes " I agreed. Then the meeting was disbanded . We all left for our sections. We all saw a war was inevitable. The question was , when would it be ?

Chapter 17; James' POV : SilverEdit

As I entered my palace I kept thinking ' Stupid , stupid me ' I could smash myself right now. I was scolding myself because in the time I'd spent with the pirates I'd been stupid enough to develop a crush on her. Anyway she said I had a twisted version of what she had. If only she knew what S had done. I lost one of my lives protecting Golden. Bringing that up told me I should no longer deny the truth. Golden was my sister.

I was on the verge of collapsing when I arrived at their new camp. Then I saw Silver looking very alarmed and then I saw why. The Nexus Force were coming. They were a distance off though. I walked over to Silver " Hi " I said and I could feel myself going red. " Hi " Silver replied but her voice was shaky . Not only that but I could sense she had been near the prison of Horious. But that meant...... No thats a fairy tale. Then again a lot of legends I'd found to be true. " Why are you glowing? " Silver inquired. At first I thought she was reffering to my blush but then I realized I was glowing!!! I quickly explained what had happened with me and S in the past and what had happened to me since I left. " Wow " She said " but I can't belive S would do that " She was reffering to what had happened to Golden. " but who was that girl? " she asked " She was called Golden " I replied " and she was my sister. My Horious talking to me centered dreams weren't helping either" " Also you talked about secret names. What are they? " she asked. " A secret name is the true name of something. Every living creature has one but in order for it to work you must hear it from them or someone close to them. Once you have it you have infinite power over that person. But trying to figure out you're secret name can be a pain. I mean , you try summing up your existence in 5 words or less." I explained. Then I whispered my secret name to her. Pirate Hater. I did that to earn her trust. I had , after all just given her infinite power over me. Although if she wanted to control me she had to have my secret name in that sentence . Then again if she asked me why I came back I'd have to tell her I loved her. Then she gave me an order.. " Pirate Hater come with me. I'm taking you to Lord S" Great. Well now I guess I'd have to see S. The worst part was the fact that since Silver and me are close then if she told S my secret name he would have infinite power over me. Then I followed Silver to S...

Chapter 18; Lord S’s POV==Edit

I heard Harmony and the child talking a mile off. Of course, Harmony has never realized exactly how sharp my senses are. Harmony had told Silver a great deal that I did not know before. I smashed his sister? Of course I don’t remember that; I never remember anything that happens during combat. It’s part of my curse… Good girl. Bring him to me. It disturbed me, though, that something blocked me from hearing his secret name. Even when Silver said it, it was as though the world was muted while it was said. And, for someone with enhanced hearing, silence is agony. Wait... Why don’t I know Silver’s secret name? I know everything about her... logically that should mean I can figure out her secret name. The fact I can’t can only mean I’m missing something. Who are you, Silver? I was interrupted from m y thoughts by the arrival of James Harmony. He seemed reluctant about our meeting, but I had Silver and Silver had his secret name. It wasn’t like he had any choice. I motioned for Silver to leave us. “All right, out with it then, S. What do you want?” I said nothing as I have always done. This time, however, I made no other indications. “Well?!?” Nothing. Give no emotion away. Show no acknowledgement that you have heard him. “I know you can talk. Do it for once in your life!” My continued silence was making Harmony angrier and angrier. He would be unpredictable in this form. He- “AAAARRRAAGHH!!!” He rushed at me like a madman. I would never have been able to get my guard up in time. He sliced at me-and actually managed to cut me. All of his hatred for me was contained in that single slice. I had never hated him; I saw him as a competent rival and was sorry for all that he has been put through. But I never actually hated him. It’s a pity he could never say the same for me. It’s a pity for both of us. Is this what it feels like to be hurt? To be injured? I- I am becoming…weak. Tired. Is this mortality? I fell to the ground, and the last thing I saw before all went dark was child... sobbing.

Chapter 19; James' POV : The return of HoriusEdit

My head was burning. Horius was whispering in my head. " Kill him. Use your hatred. " Then I heard Silver " Pirate Hater stop " She commanded. That snapped me back to reality. I looked at S. " Remember how I told you about Rage Ultima? " I asked. She nodded " You just witnessed something much worse. I dropped my backpack and rummaged through my supplies. Aha. I picked up something that looked like honeycomb and a flask of a honeylike substance. I forced some of both down S' throat. Silver looked anxious. " It's medicine " I reassured her. Then S woke up with a start. Since I knew what Silver was there was no point in hiding my condition. I told him about how the Horius had haunted my dreams and how he was in my head telling me to kill you. Then I thought about all that I had channeled into my rage. S tried to grasp for more but I stopped him. " Why have you stopped giving it to him? " Silver asked " Ambrosia and Nectar , " I replied " With Titans like me we can have as much as we need but with mortals small amounts heal. Large amounts, ah , burn you to ashes. " " Ooh fun " Silver said in a very sarcastic way. I walked over to the door. " W'peh " I whispered and the door opened. " So you're leaving? " Silver asked " Unless you want to come to. I have a nice palace " I told her. She had quickly gone and got the other pirates so we headed off to Titainia.

Chapter 20; Zatorak’s POV: A Destiny FulfilledEdit

Everything had gone by so fast. Well, for me. I had gotten too used to other world’s times and now my world’s time went by so fast. It was better that way though, I had more power and had a larger rule faster. Grieves would pay, but first I’d have a little fun with the situation. Using my power I called a meeting and ordered it to be broadcasted all over the universe. Xyploreth started the meeting. “As the daughter of Anav I believe I have the right to speak freely-“ “The evil daughter of Anav.” Kasey mumbled “Hey! I’m not the one who built a giant ball of FIRE!” “Please. Xyploreth? You were saying?” “Ah yes,” Xyploreth stayed, “as I was saying, Kasey and I would like to ally. I believe this is why she has been acting so rudely lately. You know she’s not the best at being inconspicuous.” “I’ll ignore that insult, for now,” Kasey gave a joking smile, “since I have strong friendships with all of you, I wanted to establish an alliance with the DarkClan, therefore making an alliance between all of us and the DarkClan.” “I’m definitely with that. It would improve the Nation to much farther than perfect! Please send in your votes so it is obvious to our viewers,” I smile at the invisible cameras. To my surprise, almost everyone voted yes except The Araton. He was representing A.I.R., but I easily convinced him, although he was very reluctant. Now to my other matter of business. “We all know war is brewing. Rumors have been flying this way and that. As you may know , but our viewers may not, I completed spying on the Nexus Force and I have found war plans against the Titans. Now, do not worry. This meeting is not being broadcasted to the Nexus Force. Naturally we would assist the Titans in combat, but this time we will pursuit something else. My feelings towards the new leader of the Nexus Force have affected my feelings towards the Nexus Force, therefore we will assist the Nexus Force on my orders.” I end the broadcast. “Oh good. Finally I can stop babbling on with that propaganda. The real plan is we will fight against Titans and give no further assistance towards the Nexus Force. Sure, we’ll give little mercy presents, but no more! A new era is upon us and we shall make it rewarding!” And as I gave that order I felt a great feeling. I had finally found my place. A place where no one would argue about my ideas. A place that felt so perfect. A place where my destiny, would be fulfilled.

==Chapter 21; Silver’s POV: New World, Old World “Hold on, Miss Silver.” I turned to Lord S’s first mate, who had just spoken. “What is it, Jack?” I asked him. “The Cap’n’s mighty injured. The boys and I need to stay with him.” James decided to speak just then. I could tell he was getting impatient. “Lord S will come with us. He’ll be safer in my homeland anyway.” “Hah!” I laughed, “James, my family are not very open to compromise. If we want to keep our wounded captain where he is, then that’s exactly what will happen.” I thought he would be more unyielding, but James apparently understood that this was one battle he shouldn’t fight. “All right,” he said at last, “Silver? Are you coming?” I turned to my family of rowdy pirates. They would let me go, but I should at least reassure them. “It’s okay. I’ll be fine. After all, what’s going to happen to me when James is around?” I barely heard the words Jack spoke next, as I stepped through the portal with James. Although they were addressed to me, I had a feeling I was not meant to hear them.

“Aye, Miss Silver. That’s what we be afraid of.”

“What is this place?” I asked in amazement upon seeing the world we had entered into. “I told you. It’s my homeland. Titainia.” “Welcome, Balancestar!” The voice came from an elderly but muscular and powerful man in armor at the gate. He had a strange look to him I couldn’t place; it was as though he could see straight to the core of whatever or whoever he cast a glance upon. “Who are you?” I asked. “Draxon Grahk, my dear lady. I have guarded this gate for many a year. And you would be…” “Silver. My name is Silver.” He raised his eyebrows at that, giving James a questioning glance. “Just Silver? No surname?” Oh. Of all of the uncomfortable questions he could have asked, he chose the one to which I did not know the answer. I might as well just say it; he looked as though he could see the answer in me already. But… why does this make me so nervous? “Err… All right, if I have a last name, I don’t know what it is.” I could feel his gaze poring into me. He seemed...threatened. “Enough of this,” James spoke up, “Draxon, I, Balancestar, request passage through the gate guarding Titiania, etcetera etcetera.” “And I, guardian of the gate, grant you passage, etcetera etcetera.” He said something else to James, which I would not have heard if S hadn’t taught me a thing or two:

“Balancestar, if you bring that girl into Titiania, there will be trouble. It will not come from me, but Mag Mel and the others have enough tension with you as it is. The last thing we need right now is the arrival of The Key to Disaster. I will allow her through Today, but you must accept whatever repercussions may follow.”

Disaster?!? Is that my destiny?!? Is that what S is so protective of me for?!?

Chapter 22; James' POV : The truthEdit

As I walked into the palace I saw Silver's jaw drop. " You'll get used to it " I told her. We climbed about 20 flights os stairs when we stopped and I showed her to her room. " By the way if you here the word Nirad get out " I warned her. When I arrived at my room I slumped down on the bed. There was a pinkish drink next to me which I knew to be drugged water. I used it to hide my eternal grief. I felt the first tears coming on so I drank some of the water and they stopped. Then I slipped into sleep...........

In my dream I was in a blood-red cloud. Then I saw a minifigure made of fire appear in front of me. " You do not know the true purpose os Silver , magician " it hissed " Who invited you back into my dreams , Horius?" I asked " I invited MYSELF " It boomed " Silver will release me and you will hold me but not in the way you would've thought " " Heqat !!!" I yelled and a staff appeared in my hand. I threw it to the ground and it transformed into a lion. The dream seemed to lose focus then and my dream dissipated.

In my next dream I saw me , Golden , mum and dad sitting in the meadow , having a picnic. I wanted to reach out and pull myself into the scene but the dream dissolved.

When I woke up my first thought was ' Is that really the truth about Silver? She was created to release the haunter of my dreams ' That made Silver ........


Chapter 23; BLACK KNIGHT'S POV: Legend RevealedEdit

He’ll never see it coming. I have S in the palm of my hand. There’s just one more thing I need: “Agent Zatorak, if memory serves, you are no stranger to subterfuge.” He nodded. I could see the scheme building in his mind, the same one as in my own. “I wonder,” I continued, “If S will by willing to have a chat with me if he thinks you’re my prisoner…”

“You are wondering why I decided to meet with you.” My prey nodded. He had taken the bait. I snapped my fingers, at the sound of which two guards pretended to drag Zatorak into view. Hmm… I must say, our disguises expert did a remarkable job of making him look like a prisoner. I almost believe it myself. “I would like to have a talk with you. One move of that cutlass and Zatorak meets his end.” S hesitated. Good. Truth be told, I didn’t know if Zatorak would play along. He’d gotten unpredictable since his little trip to his home planet. I had a feeling that the only reason he was listening to me was that he wanted to know who S really is as well. He won’t be disappointed. “It took me a long time to find this, did you know that, S?” I said casually as I took out an ancient scroll. “For a while, I didn’t think it even existed. Do you mind if I read it to you?

‘Sensei! We have been betrayed. The Samurai are heading to our hideout to execute us all! There are rumors that Lord Shirinai himself will be leading this assault! Master, I cannot stress enough that you must be off the planet by the time they get there. There is no fighting Lord Shirinai; some even say he’s the Horion! He has an army of ten thousand behind him! You must be quick, or you will perish! -Ninja of the Water Dragon’”

I paused, to give Zatorak a chance to digest this. Then I continued,

“Over a thousand years, one’s position can change. But the fighting of ninjas remains the same. From Samurai to pirate? Perhaps this next one will interest you even more, S.

‘Warlord Shirinai, Your wife’s condition has gotten worse. Unfortunately, all treatment that has been attempted has failed. At this rate, I am afraid she will not survive this season. Your child, as well. I am afraid there is nothing that can be done. I offer my condolences. -Dr. Kyle Johnson’”

Success! S was reeling now. I had a feeling that revealing this information would overwhelm him. Sometimes the mental weapon is the most powerful one. “So, this is what I think: you found a way to save your wife and unborn child, but it cost you. Who are you, S? What are you? Are you the hollow shell of what used to be Shirinai Vortex, doomed to this universe of ours for thousands of years? If I were to smash you, would it finally end your misery?” I rushed at S with my sword, knowing he was weakened and could not survive my assault. This would be too easy…AHH! He blocked it-with the palm of his hand! He’s…he’s…

The Keeper of the Valiance!

Chapter 24; James' POV : Into the FireEdit

" So you're taking me to the Region of Ruins? " Silver inquired. " Yes but we'll have to go through the Fire Swamp to get there. You read the books? " I replied Silver nodded. So with that we trekked the desert. " How do you not notice this heat?" Silver asked " I was raised here. This is normal for me. " I replied. Then we arrived at the Fire Swamp. Once inside the fire pits were easy to avoid. They made a popping sound about five seconds before they go off. We were about halfway through wenn Silver fell into the snow sand. I dived in after her and once I got hold of her , I used a super jump to pull us both out. I cleaned the sand off her until she woke up. " So we found the snow sand and the fire pits. No more traps " I told her " What about the N.O.U.S.?" Silver asked " Nirads of unusual size? I don't belive they exist" I told her. Then a huge bulking shape was standing over me. It was huge with fangs , four arms with clawed hands , a grey marble body and black beady eyes. An N.O.U.S.! Siver screamed and I saw her surrounded by N.O.U.S.. I drew my staff and smashed the N.O.U.S. on top of me. Then a burst of flame destroyed the N.O.U.S. around her. The fire swirled until it became a vortex. Then a figure of pure flame stepped out and slammed into me , knocking me unconscious. When I woke up I was in a strange , pure red dimension. The firery figure was standing next to me. " Horious " I spat " Hello James " Horious said " I want to let you know that I now have control over your body. Take a look " Then it was almost as if eyes opened in the dimension and I saw the Fire Swamp being burnt to the ground around me. " Your heart's darkness fuels me " Horious said " And my light will overcome you " I retorted " What light can possibly defeat me? " He cackled. Then I knew. I thought of Silver , everything we'd been through. How I loved her from the moment I saw her. A light surrounded me. Then it enveloped the dimension. I awoke in the remains of the Fire Swamp. Silver was staring at me. " Horious " I managed. We walked on to the Region of Ruins. I walked over to a fort. I entered and walked over to Khione. " A truce is needed. Black Knight is going to attack. I searched the files. She's coming." I told her " This is Titainia. The very heart of the Titan universe. She wouldn't dare " Khione retorted. Then a horn sounded. " I wonder who the sentries spotted? " I chided

Chapter 25; Black Knight's POV : InvasionEdit

Sitting in my quarters , I watched the video feed from Twin Masters. " Do not fail us again Black Knight." He said in a deep booming voice " Or you will feel pain " This time in a silly voice. " Of course my lords " Was all I replied. I ended the transmission. I watched as the entire Nexus Force flew into Titainia. This was my moment of triumph. " Release the bombers!!" I ordered. I watched the fighter planes bomb the planet with satisfaction. I had worn my battle cape just for this invasion. Then Nya talked to me on my earpiece. " The assualt forces are in place " " Attack!! " I ordered. I drew my dual katana. A gift from Twin Masters. One was made of ice , the other fire. I sent a transmission to my troops. " Find and eliminate James Harmony or I will. " My aircraft landed on the Lake of Justice , destroying that pathetic meteor in the center. It now seemed to be a boat. I stepped out onto the deck. Then I saw more aircraft landing. ALPHA!! That fool Zatorak betrayed me. I sent a message to my new personal assassin , Shivvi Van Took. " Destroy Zatorak "

Chapter 26; POV OF ZATORAKEdit

"SHANTREN S'GNE! VALTR'NAV!" "ZACANO SAG'N!!! Reconte? HA!" "GENTLEMEN. Calm down. We have an invasion to begin." I say with a menacing smile. "Yes sir." "Open the portal!" I say jokingly "Uh, sir, it’s already open." My admiral replies, not noticing my joking mood. "Ah, very well. Onward!" "Onward!" My admirals repeat. What happened then would've been astonishing to normal life forms, but who said I was normal? The empty space we were traveling through now turned into a never-ending room with a low roof. Waves of light in all colors flashed on the ceiling and floor. Circles of unknown colors obstructed my view of everything in the ship. Then, the real magic happened. I started to see my past flash before my eyes in milliseconds; the only difference was my memories were mixed. For example, I could see Alpha exploding, only to reconstruct and squeeze and bend into a small cup of hot chocolate. Through the ship’s front windows I could see myself shaking my admirals hand minutes before launch. The recent past, except the more recent events happened in slow motion. I looked down at my right hand and saw it wasn’t there, I look up at the windows and see my missing hand been shaken by my admiral, only difference: My left hand wasn’t there, it was on my body. Then that event passed and I saw my admirals arguing, good we were almost to the present. I stare at the images, all leading up to me staring at my own image, staring at my own image, staring at my own image, staring at my own image. After that, everything went black.

I wake up, see that I’m still in my ship, only with everything dark as night. I feel as if years have passed by, although a glance at the ship’s timeteller indicate only a few minutes have gone by. I realize my admirals have awoken too. Oh, the downside of teleporting to other dimensions. Then I see a blinking white dot. After a few seconds, it stops blinking-only to get gradually larger. After several minutes of utter silence, the tiny white dot now becomes our surroundings. Instead of dark as night, the sky is now light as day. I look at the ship’s timeteller for the fifty-eighth time (I was so bored, I counted), and see that time has completely frozen, and in turn, so have I. I brace myself for the next few seconds. Half-relieved, I see my efforts were not in vain. I now stand in a vast desert. I walk over to my admirals, only to find them buried in sand. “Get up,” I demand, “We’re finally here. Admiral 057, has Black Knight been deceived?” “Yes sir, she believes the holographic ships are real.” “Good. Now, is that annoying little girl out of the wa-”But I never finish. For surrounded in a fiery wreck, accompanied by a special little boy, stand the most annoying living thing in the universes.


Chapter 27; Silver’s POV: HEROEdit

What is happening to me?!? What HAS happened to me?!?!? I- I- I- I’m burning! But- but I’m not dying… I don’t feel any pain… Control the power! Force it down! I- Yes! I’m not burning anymore, at least. I stared at my palm, waiting for some kind of signal that that was real. Maybe… I outstretched my arm towards an empty point in space. Now to focus. Fire. Show me Fire. A blast of flame extended from my hand, reaching out into the distance. Amazing! Wait till I show James- JAMES! Where is he?!? What happened to HIM?!? Calm down, Silver. You’re not going to get anywhere like this. Think! Now that’s funny. I’m starting to sound like S. Speaking of S, I hope he’s okay… What am I thinking? The only minifigure who ever managed to even SCRATCH him was James, and he’s with me! Or at least he was… where is he?!? There! He’s passed out!!! Oh no, now what- No, wait, he’s awake! He’s- “Horious.” He sounds like he can barely talk! CALM DOWN, Silver. He’s not unconscious or smashed, that’s what really matters here. We walked for a while, but just outside the Region of Ruins I collapsed on a log. I just can’t take it anymore. “He has been released, hasn’t he? Horious?” James nodded. He’d regained much of his strength since he woke up. “I did it, didn’t I? I’m the Key to Disaster.” He put his arm around me. He really shouldn’t. After all, what good have I been to anyone? The first major thing I did in my life, the first thing that actually made a difference, was releasing the Horious!!! I envy Jason Armos. Fictional he may have been, but when HE took a quest, when HE faced monsters and evildoers, HE SAVED something or someone. Always! I, meanwhile, what have I done?!?

‘You have done the same as Jason Armos. I am Shirinai Vortex, although you have known me long before now.’

That voice…where was it coming from? And what did it mean?

'I shall say it again; You have done the same as Jason Armos, Silver Avlakyli, because you did what you had to. You asked how he jumped onto the head of the troll. You asked how he survived the leap over the pit of fire. The answer is that he had to. Why did you take James to S, knowing that one would try to smash the other? Why did you release the Horious? The answer is that you had to. The hero does not wish a quest, but they do what they have to. YOU, Silver Avlakyli, are one of the heroes of this story. Will you let the story end before its time? Would any of your friends?’

Deep inside, I knew the answer. I knew what I had to do.

“No. They would be heroes to the end. I will be, WE will be, HEROES TO THE END!!!!!”

Chapter 28; Black Knight's POV : Destruction of the TitansEdit

I watched the battle footage with interest. After all I did study the subject of pain. I have been fascinated by it ever since pulling the wings off flies when I was younger. Then I looked at footage of Givingstar the immortality giver. We had a golden torpedo trailed on him. Three. Two. One. Fire! The torpedo hit him in the head.

Khione's POV : Destruction of the Titans It was difficult to fight off so many. Even with a mosaic jester army. We prevailed. We fended them off. I strutted back to the Icy Tundra , occasionally turning a Nexus Force soldier into an ice sculpture. Then the glow around me disappeared. That meant-. I never had time to finish. An ambush of Rank 1 Shinobi smashed me.

Mag Mel's POV : Destruction of the Titans I was never so tired in my life. This 'Nexus Force' had many soldiers. But most of them were smashed. I felt a machine gun poking my back. I cackled. Dark energy swirled around me , smashing them. Then lightning bolts appeared in my hands. I smashed even more troops. Then the glow around me faded. Bullets buried themselves in my back. I smashed.

Lupa's POV : Destruction of the Titans I realized it early on. I couldn't hold back. I activated my power and transformed. I was no longer a lady but a silver shewolf of amazing size. I howled and attacked the soldiers until they smashed. Then the glow around me faded. The Nexus mowed me down with machine guns. I smashed.

James' POV : Destruction of the Titans The leaders were smashed. I could feel it. A Titan feels pain whenever another dies. Each had a different death call. I began to tell silver to run but I looked and saw she was unconscious. I felt her forehead. It was blazing. I heard a nagging in my head. " She released me. She is now dying from the effort. I am now fused with you " " Horious? " I inquired " Duh! " He replied " You're not helping! " I scolded I picked up Silver and took her into a building. I looked around. The room was circular with a rectangular , stone table in the center. I put Silver down on the table. I tried every magical technique I knew but she was still dying. " Silver. If you won't stay alive for your own good , do it for mine. Silver I love you! " And with that , I kissed her. She sat up , very much alive. " Did you just kiss me? " She asked. I nodded " Busted! " Horious laughed " Don't worry." She said " I'm not sure how to put this but...... I love you too."

Chapter 29; Sharpie's POVEdit

After James left, I decided to look around for a while. I wandered through a desert, then came to a huge meadow, I stayed there for a while and built some stuff.

One of the things I built was a hammer; a hammer so big and powerful that it smashed me on contact.

I rebuilt and put on some gloves and put the hammmer in my backpack.

Then it hit me, I had just built a working replica of the legendary Mythran Golden Uber Hammer of Doom!

I took down my creations and went to show somebody, anybody.

I went back to the desert and found there was a huge battle going on. Rebels against the Nexus Force.

I quickly drew my flareguns and rushed into the fray.

Smash a Paradox here, another paradox there.

The Nexus Force was ALL Paradox now!

I concentrated and balls of lightning flew away from me in every direction.

"REBELS! DOWN!" I called.

A space marauder's mech came at me.

I ducked it's shot while holstering my flareguns and taking my Elite Force Blade of Lightning out of my bag. I drove it upward into the mech as I rolled underneath it.

A sorcerer came at me from behind and shot those freaky maelstrom orbs at me.

I deflected it with my Force Blade and spun into a lightning spinjitzu tornado, bowling the sorcerer over.

I quickly sheathed my Blade into its sheath on my Rucarver, then charged the nearest Shinobi on my Rutcarver.

Then some ships crash landed towards the weird lake.

Alpha had come.

Chapter 30; Zatorak's POV: Mind BattleEdit

Breathe slowly. Stay calm. Don't.....move. Now, do I still remember? Ah yes, I'm in my subconscious. Now, what did that little gi-? Oh right, that little.........thing? Anyway, what was it she said? Come on, remember!!.....Remember your.......your.......NAME!!! Yes, yes. OK, My name is Zatorak Arateen. I am 17 years old. I am the king of Alpha. Mini Please. Breathe. OK. Good. Now, where is she. OK, let's try something basic. "Silver?"I say,"Silver! SILVER. SILVER!!!!!" Nothing. WAIT, what is that. Is that a spark? "Where am I?!" What was that?! Was it...........SILVER!!!! "Welcome" My voice boomed throughout the endless space known as my subconscious. It was loud and terrifying, although no sound came from my mouth. Instead, it my voice seemed to creep out from every corner on the space and go on, endlessly echoing around the other minifigures in my subconscious. It was enough to smash them if they were regular minifigs. This could be fun. "Siiiiilver......where are you?" I teleported straight behind Silver, she looked quite brave. She was either terribly brave or terribly foolish. Never mind that, though. Hi, Silver. Of course, she didn't hear me. "Boo!" Silver was so frightened when she heard this most surprising greeting; she stumbled back and fell straight on her bottom. But she was ready. She quickly got up and stared at me with a sort of fighting position, this girl is a lunatic!!! It's almost comical. But, this is the reason we're both here. So I mirror her attitude and ready my energy. For quite a while we stare at each other, then Silver readily strikes the first blow, but this was not to her fortune. For Silver had just started a battle that would go on for hours, and to everyone's horror, Silver was not the last one standing.

A lone figure stood in the middle of what used to be a laboratory. Now, it was a mess of ruins, broken equipment, and fire. The man, or more accurately the young adult, in the middle of the room was standing in horror and wonder. He had been standing there for two hours and still he had yet to contemplate how the lab had turned out this way. He had expected the answer to pop out of nowhere (That’s how things usually happened when it came to people) but this was not exactly his day. But this……one, was special. He kept forcing pure mental effort, waiting for an answer, and as if on cue, a young girl suddenly materialized in the now rotting doorway. This girl’s name, was Silver. “Not a………….surprise. I knew you weren’t-” He stopped talking and fell to the ground. Still, he weakly sat up and began speaking again. “I knew you weren’t smashed.” The girl, of course, said nothing. She just stared at her now crushed opponent, and very slowly, a smile appeared on her face. The young man was quick to act to this, though. “Guards!! Get he-!” Yet again, he stopped talking. He had lost consciousness, and his chin now lay on his chest. But the guards, mechanically, yet every so mysteriously, appeared and took action. Then abruptly, the young man’s head popped up and looked around. Everything was fine. The young man knew she had survived the mind battle and figured that the girl had destroyed the lab telepathically during the mind battle, but he knew that this would appear to be a dream when the girl woke up. Still, the battle was tiresome. The guards also appeared to be having a tiresome battle. This girl was very stubborn. Before the guards almost managed to get her out of the room, the girl yelled out a question towards the young man. Or rather, a number of questions. “Don’t you love anything?! Anyone?!” The teen never answered, of course, but the girl still searched his face for some sign of emotion. She found none. Then, abruptly and very painfully, the girl was thrown out of the room and shoved into a metal box. The room was silent. No noise was heard for quite a while. The teen still sat, staring at the place where the girl had once stood. He was turning the question over in his head. It was a rather difficult question really. He liked a large number of things, but loved? He didn’t know. And for a moment, he searched his mind furiously (emphasis on furiously) for something he loved. He didn’t answer for a long, long, time. But after a while the room was briefly filled with an almost mute sound. It was a murmur, almost even a silent whisper, but if you strained your ears enough you could hear what it was this person said. It was, a direct, confident, “No”.

Slowly, and very tediously, Silver was lifted into her cell. When she looked around, she wasn’t exactly happy about her surroundings. It was a weird cell, or should it be said, bathroom. Yes, the cell had the look of a bathroom. To her front, a toilet accompanied by a sink sat quietly, no plumbing. To her left, a towel ring with the word, or name, “LARKO” etched onto it. Behind her was a mirror, but when she looked at it, there was no reflection, only a faded image of a salamander. Finally, to her right, a topless box. Inside sat three neatly placed toilet paper rolls. Strangely enough, they were labeled food. It was strange, but somehow she had a feeling. A weird feeling. She unrolled the toilet paper rolls and she found something very pleasing. Inside, lay the answer to her escape.

Chapter 31; Silver’s POV: End of the HeroEdit

“Who are you, S?” For the first time in a thousand years, the being known as Lord S spoke. It was a deep, powerful voice, one that hinted at near-immortality. “That question has two answers. My body is that of a man named Shirinai. My mind is called Osirious.” What? “Osirious?” I asked. “I am an interdimensional being. To humans I seem immortal, but I am far from that- just very long lived. I am not all-powerful; not even close. I merely seem all-powerful because of the limited view humans possess.” “Your name… why does it sound like ‘Horious’?” Lord S- Osirious- smiled. “You are indeed clever, Silver. Horious- you could call him my brother. But his mind is twisted beyond hope- ruined by anger and hatred. You can’t-” James unexpectedly let loose a scream of rage and charged at Osirious. He easily deflected James’ attempts to attack him, but his face had turned sour. “I was wondering when you’d reveal yourself. Release the boy, Horious, NOW!” “NOW WHY WOULD I DO THAT? I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!” And I could only sit and watch as the two people I most cared about fought to what would most likely be the death. There had to be something I could do, something… Something…

Long ago... It all started with chaos. Chaos, and war. Twenty ‘magicians’ sought refuge from the rest of the universe. However, a minor squabble among these magicians exploded into a chaotic free-for-all. Their hate for each other, for everything, grew with every one of them who fell to another’s blade, and, due to their continued use of magic, took physical form. But it was not complete; the beast needed a host to sustain itself. It found minds already consumed by hatred, and used them to its own gain. Thus, Horious was born. Born from Chaos.

“Born from Chaos, release him!” Instantly, James slumped to the ground. I had done it… but what was the cost? “Muahahaha…muahahaha…MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I WAS DONE WITH HIM, ANYWAY. THE POWERS OF A TITAN ARE NOW MINE TO COMMAND! BEHOLD, MY TRUE FORM!!” Oh, no. What have I done this time? I panicked, “How do we stop him?!?” Osirious was forlorn as he said, “Not we, Silver…you. James! Silver! You are the only ones who can save us now!” I turned to James. He was still getting up as he said, “Ugh… Horious drained some of my power; that’s how he can take a form without a host. But he didn’t take all of it; I can still fight.” “Hahahaha!” More distractions… Black Knight had returned, apparently revitalized after her battle with Lord S. “For so long I awaited power from my masters, when all along the key to power was here! In you, dear Silver! LORD HORIOUS! LET US MERGE AND RULE THIS UNIVERSE!!” The same tendrils of shadow that had engulfed me in my dream shot towards Black Knight. Before anyone could react, they had swallowed her whole. “Oh, no…” Half Black Knight, half Horious… we were facing BLACK TYRANT. He-or was it she- was as tall as a skyscraper, having the body of Black Knight, except for the gruesome face of Horious. Tendrils of shadow kept shifting around him/her, taking various forms; ragged wings from the shoulders, a massive broadsword in each hand… Black Tyrant started to rampage, obliterating Titainia with every step it took. Buildings crumbled into rubble under its feet. Its tendrils formed flails, massive hammers. “Now!” Shirinai yelled, “We must stop him before he has a chance to become even more powerful! “Oh-no,” I said, “We’re doing this the Jason Armos way, huh?” “The WHAT?” Actually, it IS the Jason Armos way, I realized; because while it is foolish, unlikely to succeed and just plain suicidal, that doesn’t change the fact that it must be done. Black Tyrant must be stopped. I turned to James, knowing he was preparing to enter oblivion as I was. “To the end?” I asked. He nodded; one last, decisive nod. “Heroes to the end.” Black Tyrant, creature of darkness, master of evil… but those who master evil are brought down by those with benevolence, and creatures of darkness fear the light. Light…

In the end, it was all Light. The universe channeled it, breathed it. Imagination was just one form it could take; the most visible form. The Horious, Black Knight, thousands of others before them, were a darkness through which the Light could not flow. The Light attempted to repel the darkness, but could not defeat it; only contain it. Until now. Now the universe sensed two beings who were fighting for it, two beings willing to face the dark. It was prepared to draw power from the ends of the earth, to draw power from life itself, so that they; pirate and ninja, they; Titan and Horion, could succeed. The universe gave its chosen the power of Light.

None of us saw it coming, none knew what would happen. James started glowing with a brilliant, blinding light, and it seemed as though I was as well. It felt warm, energized; like we had just been charged with an overload of Imagination. We began to rise up into the sky, and as we did, magical armor began to form on us, equipping us for a showdown of legends. James’ armor glowed even brighter than he did, and appeared to be made of gold, (the rational side of me that wasn’t in shock decided that it couldn’t actually be pure gold, for reasons of durability) whereas my armor was… well, it doesn’t really take very much thinking to figure out that part. We were ready for the end. The end of time, the end of the universe, the end of Black Tyrant, the end of us. We would be heroes to the end. We soared to what may be our deaths, or may be our destinies.

This was it. All of our successes, failures, hopes, fears, destinies: this was where it all would come to an end. One way or the other, it would come to the end. “GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN, JAMES. IT SEEMS YOU’VE BROUGHT SOMETHING A LITTLE MORE POWERFUL THAN A SHINOBI KIT THIS TIME. THAT’S ACTUALLY QUITE CUTE.” “Black Tyrant!” James yelled, “Time to end this!” “BLACK TYRANT? THAT DOES HAVE A RING TO IT, I SEE…BLACK TYRANT IT IS, THEN. I REALLY HOPE YOU TWO HAVEN’T BEEN GETTING ANY IDEAS, YOU KNOW. THEY’RE JUST NOT GOOD FOR YOU.” James and I responded to that in unison…by punching Tyrant in the face. “URGH…HMM...FOR A PAIR OF KIDS, YOU SWING SOME MEAN JABS. THAT ACTUALLY HURT…A BIT. That…didn’t work. “Hey, James? Any ideas on what we do now?” “YOU TWO ARE LIKE FIREFLIES. YOU’RE SHINY, YOU DANCE AROUND MY HEAD, AND YOU ARE VERY EASY TO SQUASH!” His fist hurtled towards James, but changed direction at the last second and hammered me instead. The impact was devastating. Falling… James dove down in a wild swoop to catch me, but he wouldn’t make it in time. My armor flickered from the impact, but my ability to fly didn’t return. It was… Then, suddenly, I was no longer falling. I could read the insignia on the maneuverability-based craft that had caught me; “Alpha??” I yelled in surprise, “Zatorak??? I thought you were banished to the ‘Abyss of Evil’!” “Hey, I’m a hard guy to banish.” “Why are you helping us?” “Look, kid: I want to RULE the world. Horious, or whatever that thing is, wants to DESTROY the world. You people just aren’t giving me very many choices.” I didn’t know if I could trust Zatorak, but he wasn’t giving me very many choices either. “Fly me up there.”

Far above them, Black Tyrant and Osirious were engaged in a battle of legends. Both were drawing the powers they had been given by fate; neither was winning. “DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT IT USED TO BE LIKE HERE, BROTHER? THE HUMANS CALLED THESE…EXTENDED HUMANS ‘TITANS’, AND BOWED TO THEM. AND US?” Tyrant yelled as he attempted to crush Osirious into a building, “DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THEY CALLED US??? WE WERE GODS, BROTHER!!!! GODS!!” “No, Horious. Your arrogance has blinded you. We were NEVER gods. We do not choose the path of fate; we are pawns of the universe, just like everyone else. No, Horious, we were never gods!” “NO???” Black Tyrant was draining the last reserves of Osirous’ power by the second. His strength was almost gone. “WHEN I’VE FINISHED WITH YOU, I’LL HAVE YOUR POWER TOO! I WILL BE THE ULTIMATE-” “The ultimate what?” “HUH?” It was a short-range craft, nothing more. But it was more than sufficient for making an entrance; an entrance into him. Silver knew what she had to do. She was headed for the heart of Horious.

The only way to stop Black Tyrant would be at the heart. It was a one-way trip; Silver had known when she went in there that she would never come out. In her last moments, Silver was resolute. She always, from the very beginning, knew it would have to come to this. There was one detail the ancient prophecies missed, one last ray of hope: The Horion had the power to unleash Horious. But the Horion also had the power to destroy him.

Alvakyli; that was the last name the voice she heard in the forest had given her. Only now did she realize that it wasn’t a name; it was a title. ‘Avlakyli’ meant ‘Hero’.

The moment Silver reached Horious’ heart, his chest began to shine with a bright, brilliant light. The light spread across Black Tyrant, disintegrating him as it went. With a final flash, what remained of the Spirit of Evil exploded into nothingness. And all felt the end of the hero.

Silver met her end without hesitation, without any regret. She left one message, though, that was somehow heard by all who watched the end of Horious:

“James…S, father… This was how it had to end, wasn’t it? This is what I was chosen to do… to save the universe... I know I should say more, but, somehow, nothing else seems to matter right now, only: Goodbye…”


James walked slowly through his homeland; his face a picture of sorrow. Why did he have to lose Silver? He should have been there…

“James? Is that you?”

Wait…was that…

“James? Just a guess, but I think I’ve been smashed.”


“Silver! How are you alive?”

He couldn’t see her, but he could vividly picture her as she said, “That’s the part I don’t understand. Clearly, I’m not alive, but I’m not dead, either. Can you see me?”

He squinted, and could just barely make up her outline against the horizon. Before he had time to say anything, however, another voice cut in.

“The answer your inquiry about your current state is quite simple, my dear. Both of you are here because of me.”

“Black Knight!”

“He got it on the first try! I’m not just Black Knight, but with Horious’ powers, too! Just think of it; next to me, Horious is going to look like a sweet, cuddly little bunny! I just thought you’d want to know. Ta-ta!”

James and Silver could only sit and stare at the spot where Black Knight had just been. They had saved the universe from Horious. They had never imagined that their quest might have only just begun.

Book 1 BloopersEdit

Take 1 : James Harmony : * Hooks onto earth lantern but lantern stays put. James dangles from his katana. * A little help here? Director : WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! James : Just hanging around. Take 2 : James Harmony : * Fails to duck in time and gets hit by the brainwash laser * Director : WHO TURNED ON THE LASER EARLY?! Nya : We need a medic. Sensei Wu : And some tea.

Book 2: Redeemed Heroes to the EndEdit

Prologue; James' POVEdit

I looked at Silver's flickering form and thought " What have I done? " I'm a superhero now , protecting the world in case the Nexus should rise again. " Bleep bleep." " What's it now Alfred " I say , looking at my watch. " There is a new villain recruiting led by a man names Jackal , sir. " I walk down through Nexus tower into my secret cave. I take a white ninja suit and put it on. The ninja hood had a mechanical eyepiece for my left eye. My Gi had a belt that held my various gadgets and the pants gave me superspeed. I wield a freeze gun. I ran out of the tower top address the threat.

Chapter 1; Silver’s POV: Any Town is a Ghost TownEdit

James has really let this go to his head. I mean, I like superheroes just as much as anyone else, but this is going a little too far. He’s built some kind of comic-book base in an attempt to become one. I never really liked comic books because of one thing: Every single time, the villain kidnaps the hero’s friends/allies and the hero can’t do anything about it. Now, who is first in line for kidnapping? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yours truly, Silver. In other words, me. However, I am a ghost. They can’t touch me. That’s right, I’m a ghost. To be honest, I don’t really know what happened. One moment I’m inside a giant monster that’s attempting to destroy the universe, then it all goes dark and suddenly I’m flying through walls. Being a ghost(or whatever I am) does have its benefits. For example, no one can see me if I don’t want them to. I’ll never need a doorknob. I can snoop like no one’s snooped before. With me, any town is a ghost town. Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make a joke that bad… Also, Halloween is much, much more fun. MUAHAHAHAHA! The downsides: I can’t touch anything. I just go right through it. I need a cheeseburger, and cannot eat one. All of my senses have shut down except for hearing and sight. I can still talk to people, although I have no idea what me voice sounds like to them, they can understand me. “Miss Silver?” I floated downstairs to greet the approaching pirate, one of the crew I had inherited from my adoptive father, Lord S. “James Harmony has gone out on another rooftop run. I think he said something about a ‘jackal’.” Jackal, eh? “A jackal, the animal, or is there some new ‘villain’ called The Jackal?” “I think it’s a villain.” He barely had time to look surprised before I swept past him and rushed through the door. When most people rush through a door, they open it. Me… James had departed into a potentially hazardous situation without telling me. This superhero thing was getting out of hand; I needed to teach him a lesson.

James, you’ll never see me coming. No one ever does.

Chapter 2; Jackal's POV: AwakeningsEdit

I staggered across the Avant Gardens landscape, struggling to regain control of my mind. I was trying to get back to Nexus City, where all my friends were. I just got my mind back when a speedy, roof jumping shinobi, landed in front of me. This wasn't any ol' shinobi; this was one of the few that I myself trained. At the sight of each other we paused, stared at each other, and then looked at my back pack which was lying a couple meters away. He began to dash at it while I, staying in my spot, unholstered my pistol, (Which was the only weapon I was wearing at the time.) and began to open fire at him. The shinobi managed to dodge three shots, while the other three hit their mark; squarely in the left shoulder. "RAAAH!" he yowled in pain, but kept going on. I did way too good a job. Using a few bricks from the research center, I built a one use car, drived to the bag, picked it up, and drove to the launch area. But he didn't give up, now he was after me. I immediately equipped my buccaneer gear, only I used my cutlass and pistol instead. My car went into a u-turn. I jumped out of the lousy excuse for scrap metal (after all, it is a one use car) and it went speeding toward my pursuer. He yowled in surprise when the car went toward him. He jumped over it and ran at me. Readying his hook swords, he kicked me in the chest. He swung one sword at me, only to have it lock with my sword. "What's your name kid?" I asked. "James, James Harmony." he unlocked his sword and swung again, and again we locked. "Didn't I train you?" I aimed my pistol at his leg. "Yes you did. You did a good job to-" I fired my gun. It wasn't a fatal wound but it would have to do. I ran toward the launch pad and flew to Nexus City.

Chapter 3; Silver’s POV: Enter the BehemothEdit

Now, that just wasn’t fair. I put all of that planning into a way to prank James, then what I was planning goes and happens on its own! I had finally decided that a jailbreak would be annoying and time-consuming for James, but would in no way jeopardize his safety. Then, what happens? The ‘villains’ escape on their own! Again, that wasn’t fair. Then again, few things have been fair in my life. Or my death, for that matter. I started flying to the site of the jailbreak. James would need all the help he could get if the villains escaped at full power. Now, just because I can’t touch anything does not mean I am helpless. I can utilize poltergeism. Is that even a word? Poltergeism? I don’t think so, but that’s what I can do. I poltergeise. For those of you who do not know, a poltergeist is a ghost that haunts by use of telekinesis. That is, a ghost specializing in the manipulation of the world around it. When I died, I gained the appearance of a traditional ghost combined with the telekinetic skills of a poltergeist. Not that I’d ever abuse my powers for the cheap thrill of watching people scream in terror, though. Well, maybe. It all depends on the person in question. I only scare people who deserve it.

I had not yet reached the site of the breakout when one of the so-called villains was thrown in my face. What was happening up there? He was a giant of a man, maybe twice the size of James. His massive, crimson armor was one thing. The pair of giant flails he used to relentlessly batter and break anything that got in his way were another thing entirely. He didn’t seem angry at the sight of his foes, just annoyed. I had to think he didn’t have any quarrel with them; they had just gotten in his way. I would have expected someone like this to be a dumb brute. Contrary to my expectations, however, the behemoth’s eyes flared with intelligence as well as power. True to form, James jumped in from behind him. The colossal warrior’s voice was deep and powerful, his tone one of only slight surprise and mostly irritation. “Who are you supposed to be?” “I am James Harmony, guardian of this land-” The warrior turned his back to him, casually throwing another villain at him. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m in the middle of fighting an army right now. Come back later, and maybe I’ll have time for a chat or two.” James looked a bit put off by this. “This isn’t your army to fight. This is my fight.” “Yeah, kid, thing is, they got in my way. That makes it my fight. And I don’t share.” “Who are you, anyway?” I asked. Both turned to stare at me. I’m stared at quite a bit these days. In this case, James had been previously unaware of my presence. “Hmph. I didn’t know there were ghosts around here. That just made things a little more interesting.” That was a bit insensitive, and perhaps even insulting. “Interesting, eh? It’s so good to know that I’m interesting! And you didn’t answer my question.” James was apparently a bit startled by my outburst. “Calm down, Silver.” “What can I say? You certainly didn’t leave any indication that you were going to be fighting for your life, so that the people who care about you could help you!!” “I was going to tell you…” “Sure, just like you told me the last time you tried to get yourself killed, and what about the-” The big guy interrupted before I could finish my rant. It was a good, well done rant, too. “Look, I’m not going to stick around while you argue with your transparent girlfriend here. I’ve got places to be.” “So you’re not even going to tell us your name?” I muttered.

“V’dar. I’m V’dar Gra’ik. We’ll meet again.”

Chapter 4; James' POV : How Silver became a ghost.Edit

I scanned Silver again with something that looked like a metal block attached to a pole. "What are you doing again? " Silver asked. "Scanning you to see just how you got turned into a ghost. " I replied " Whoa! These readings are crazy. " "What is it? " "When you were inside Horious your molecules were pulled apart. But when three minds merge a telekenetic field appears. So the field surrounds your atoms and pulls them into a rough , unstable , version of your molecular structure . The instability caused your ghost like powers to appear. However , every time you use your powers the field destabalizes further so eventually the field goes boom and you fall apart. You're even leaving a trail of atoms in your wake. " I explained "In Minifigureese please " Silver said. "The more you use your powers the closer you get to exploding " I said. " Im working on a stabalizer but it will take a year to ready it. " "Then get to it. " "One complication " "What? " "Mora escaped "

Chapter 5; V’dar’s POV: UncertaintiesEdit

V’dar was troubled. He did not know whether or not his search was in vain. That girl- she could have been the Horion. She certainly matched the description that had been given to him. Except, of course, for the transparent, glowing part. Recently, V’dar had heard tales of a disaster in this area, where a giant creature had attempted to destroy everything, but had been stopped by two beings in glowing armor. Originally V’dar had doubted the story, as was his nature, but the evidence was piling up in favor of it. The rumor had it that the dreaded pirate known as Lord S had been on the scene. V’dar was one of those people who did not believe anything they did not see with their own eyes, and in V’dar’s case, sometimes not even then. He was going to have to look into the matter a bit further.

Chapter 6; Silver’s POV: Time BombEdit

Wait, what? I’m going to explode? Well, that was a surprise. I have a time limit. That’s very reassuring. And now a good portion of the villains are loose; the rest were rounded up after that battle. “Who cares about Mora? You can defeat her, James. What about that other guy, the big one?” James quickly realized whom I meant; it’s rather hard to forget someone like that. “You mean V’dar? I think he’s on our side.” “No,” I said with a hint of worry crossing my face, “I think he’s on his own side. It’s just a good thing he isn’t against us; this guy’s out of our league.” This actually seemed to offend James. “No one is out of my league. Besides, Black Tyrant was more powerful than this guy any day, and we beat him.” “James, when we fought Black Tyrant, we had legendary armor AND the Spirit of Light on our side. Not to mention that we only defeated him when I exploded him from within and died in the process. Look at me. I’m a GHOST!” “I told you,’ he said, seemingly as frustrated as I was, “You’re not a ghost. You are a-” “Look, James. I like the scientific explanation too, but don’t you find ‘an unstable reformation of a previous molecular structure’ to be a bit of a mouthful? I mean, who’s really going to look at me and say, ‘AAAGH! It’s an unstable reformation of a previous molecular structure!’?" "But," I hesitated to say, "the real question is: what do we do next?” “We need to recapture Mora.” I crossed my arms. “And how to you recommend we do that?” “We need an ally. He might not be easy to find or easy to convince, but I think V’dar can help us.” I rolled my eyes, knowing that James' path in this was already decided. "Or he'll smash us," I mumbled to myself.

Chapter 7; Black Tyrant's POV : My sister MoraEdit

I stood upon the top floor of my tower. I had taken over this low-tech world and had my new slaves build a tower exactly like me. I moved a chair to the screen with magic. I had tought James basic magic but I know dark magic. Then a messanger ran in. " Mora has returned to you " he said. " Good " I replied then sucked the life force from his body. I left and did the same to everybody who knew Mora was here. Word of her presence here could not spread. When I was back in my room Mora skipped in and sat beside me. She immediatley created a child with magic. She then magnetised him causing him to stick to the walls. After that she pushed crushed him against the wall with Gravity and finnaly pulled his molecules apart. " I wanted to see you so I came here . Also can I play with the children? " She said This was a way to keep the world in check. Releasing Mora on them. " Maybe " I replied. " Is that the latest fashion? " She asked , pointing at my gear. I was wearing a black unitard with a large pink stripe that started at the back of my neck and ended at the front. I had black, spiked shoulderpads and a purple lightning tatoo under my right eye. My purple hair hung loosely over my shoulders. " I'll show you your room " I said and led her away.

Chapter 8; Jackal's POV: My brother White.Edit

I landed in Nexus city in mere minutes after I launched from Avant. I managed to see my old rival Mora escape from her dinky little prison cell. This place was ether abandoned or everyone was in hiding. I really don't care. I walked passed a basement door and heard music coming from it. That confirmed that everyone was hiding. It was an iron door. I walked up to it and knocked. The slot slid open. "Who goes." he asked. "Jackal. I'm looking for White." I replied. "Neva heard of m'." he closed to slot. I walked a good three meters away from the door, slid the bazooka out from my robotic spine, aimed at the door, and fired. The rocket impacted the door and exploded. The door was gone and a lot of people were coughing. I walked in and saw the guy who was at the door before seeing my brother White. I walked over to the door guy and literally threw him out what was left of the door. I walked over to my brother and asked if we could talk in private. He lead me through a door and we each sat down. "So what are you doing on my turf J?" White asked. "I want you to join a little group that I'm starting." I replied. He equipped a space marauder launcher and shoulderpads. Along with some other gear. "Sure. So who do you you want to go for next?" he asked. "Rex Redwulf A.K.A. Jason Koboi."I said. "That old bounty hunter?" "Yep." With that we left.

Chapter 9; James' POV : Not who we're looking forEdit

Silver and I were searching for Mora when a message came up from Alfred. It said that Mora was out of our range. " Why did you call him Alfred? " Silver asked , perplexed. " Because he's a butler " I said BOOM!!! " Did you hear that? " I asked " Yep. " Silver said " Let's go We ran to the site and saw Jackal and another guy standing outside a basement with it's door destroyed. Jackal immediatley fired his body-intergrated bazooka at me. " N'dah " I muttered and a forcefield appeared around me. The rocket immediatley turned around and hit Jackal square in the chest. He went flying into a brick wall. I immediatley threw a shuriken at him that he dodged. I smiled. " What? " he said. " They were explosive shurikens. " I replied. BOOM!!! The shurikens had exploded a centimeter from where Jackal stood. His rockets were triggered by the explosion while inside his bazooka causing a chain reaction. When I looked down I saw Jackal lying on the ground , burnt all over and his robotic spine jutting out of his back. The bazooka had been disintergrated . I cuffed him. His friend was staring at us. I cuffed him to. " Let's take 'em to the Monument " I said

Chapter 10; V’dar’s POV: AllianceEdit

I couldn’t literally say I heard them from a mile off- I don’t have superhuman senses. However, the kid from before- the one who had interrupted me while I was in the middle of fighting an army- and his ghostly companion made no attempts to disguise their presence. It was a wise move on their part: the only reason they would be seeking me out would be if they needed my help. Under those circumstances, it would not be a very good idea to sneak up on me. I barely looked up as they came through the door. “I caught your name, boy. James Harmony, correct? However, I don’t think I heard yours, my dear.” The ghostly girl looked up from reading the papers I had around the room and said, “Silver. Silver Avlakyli.” I made my best attempt to hide my surprise. I can only hope none of it slipped out. “Silver. That’s an unusual name, isn’t it? And it has been a decade since I last met a being known as Avlakyli.” What I did not say was that it takes a special being to be given the title of Avlakyli. The part about a decade was a lie- the last known Avlakyli lived over a thousand years ago. I hoped, however, that the ruse would be sufficient for this girl to reveal how she got her title. “It’s a long story,” she said at last, “And one that should not be told right now.” “In other words,” I responded with a hint of a smile on my face, “You don’t want to tell me until you’re sure you can trust me. That’s what I would have done were our positions reversed, my dear.” While she was digesting this, I continued, “I would assume, as well, that the same goes for the story of how you became a ghost as you are now. I look forward to hearing the tale at a later time. Now, I know why you came here, what you want.” “So,” the boy, James, spoke up, “You’ll help us?” “Yes and no,” I said, taking on a more serious expression, “I’ll help you, but not for free.” James grimaced. “Fine,” He grumbled, “Name your price.” I stood up and strode towards the wall where I kept my armor, saying as I did, “I am not interested in material goods. That’s not what I want; you see, I have a problem. And I think you two can help me solve it.” This caught the girl’s- Silver’s- attention. “What exactly is your problem?” “Your problem first,” I casually stated while donning my armor, “Once we have dealt with that, then I will tell you mine.”

Chapter 11; Jackal's POV: Odd place to put a prison.Edit

I woke up in a small room with nothing more than a hard bed and a toilette. My bazooka was apparently blown off, preventing my escape. I limped to the bars of of this ugly cell. Empty cells, that was all I saw empty and broken cells. By the looks of this place, a break out recently accord. There was some noise coming from the communicator implanted in my ear. "Who's there?" I moaned. "White." was the answer. "We are in a prison inside the monument at Avant." "Why does everything wind up in Avant?" I asked. "Who cares," asked the Space marauder. "We just need to get out of here." "Well I have a way to get out." i said. "The first implant I had from my indecent involved a robotic arm with a buzz saw on it. It won't cut the bars alone but with some of my special maelstrom, I can cut it." "Nice. Well get started." my brother said.

Chapter 12; James' POV : LosingEdit

" Mora should be around here somewhere-" I was interrupted by a doll jumping on me and clinging to my face. Eventually I managed to get it off but by then Silver was being pushed into the ground by Gravity and V'dar had his armor magnetized so that he could not go near Mora. But i saw the stress on her face from her power. Now! I immediately slashed at Mora but only grazed her. This , however , was all she needed to lose focus and loosen her powers. As we all charged we were stopped by a literal ' invisible wall '. " Magic " I muttered. Then I blacked out.

Chapter 13; James' POV : The ArrangementEdit

" Arrangement at 120%.121%.122%.123%.124%.125%" " Stop! " The Black Knight said. I emerged from the tank of water that was the arrangement chamber. " What glorious power " I said. " INSPIRATION " Shouted a girl watching. She wore a light green shirt and skirt with a dark green coat that was so long , it trailed behind her. She wore blue lipstick and wore a black mask that covered one side of her face." You , James Darkflame , have inspired me" Then , despite the protests of the scientists in the room , she began to paint on the wall. When it was done , she stepped aside. The picture was of me , in a green ninja suit , holding two , green , abnormally large swords , while the pink city behind me was engulfed in white flames. There was an inferno above me shaped into a blooming rose. " I call it , Rose Colored Ruin. " The girl announced. " Excellent Jacqueline " A man with blonde hair and a lab coat said as he stepped out of the crowds. " Call me Jack " Jack said " So what has the bender of space and time come to see us for? " I asked " You , Jack , Vanda , Grieves and Golden will be going with squad C876 to eliminate Lord S. "

" So they bent space and time to erase Golden's death which led to his parents not being so cautious with their children , leading to James never becoming bitter and leading to the erosion of the need to mind control soldiers. This led to the Nexus Force never being stopped." Said UniStar " Where are you going my lord " GivingStar said as UniStar left his throne. " To have a 'talk' with The Black Knight "

Chapter 14; Platinum’s POV: Voices in the WindEdit

My name is Platinum; that’s the only name I’ve ever known. Life was never a cakewalk- not when living with pirates. The ‘Force sees us as uncontrollable, threats to the peace, so they hunt us down. Peace. It’s a funny word, peace. Some of the crew say it wasn’t always like this, that there was a time when we were free to pillage and plunder as we liked. I wouldn’t know. I don’t remember much. We apparently had a leader once, too. At least, a leader other than Fist. Personally, I’m not even sure if our true leader, Lord S, ever really existed. The stories they tell about him are so far-fetched, and it was so long ago that Umbral Fist took over. They said that Lord S left us many years ago to search for something. Fist took over after that. Fist won’t give me the time of day, much less any answers. So I train instead. Sharpshooting, swordplay, whatever passes the time and keeps me alive. It’s a tough life, but it’s the only one I’ve ever known. Two days ago, however, I heard something. A voice I had never heard before. I searched for the source, but… well, I was alone and the voice seemed to come from all directions at once. I was probably just hearing things in the wind. But it felt so familiar…

Chapter 15; Silver’s POV: Denial and Realization.Edit

No. No. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Calm down. Take deep breaths through those non-existent lungs. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Okay, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I am the original. That girl down there is not me. I’m still here. And I’m just as ghostly as ever. So who is that?!??!? Where is James?!? V’dar?!? Anybody?!?!? That’s strange. Platinum looks like me, but my father isn’t here. Oh, right; if that down there calling herself Platinum is me, then he’s not my father yet. He’s just Lord S. What is going on here? ‘Silver. Are you awake?’ Where was that voice coming from? It sounded like- ‘Silver, I am in no mood to play games. We have work to do, and not much time to do it.’ …nope, that’s V’dar. I ‘sent’ a thought at him. ‘I’m here. Are we the only ones…’ ‘Yes,’ V’dar replied, ‘It’s as I thought; you and I are the only ones immune to the Time Shaper. We will have plenty of time to discuss who and what you are at a later time. Right now, we have to deal with the time rift at hand. I have some experience with these things, but this one goes too deep. That’s because it involves everyone in the previous reality, especially you, the Horion.’ ‘Wait,’ I cut in, ‘What do you mean, ‘some experience with these things’?? And how do you know about the Hor-’ ‘SILVER.’ He sounded serious this time. ‘ I said, we can talk about it later. Right now, a squad of assassins is preparing to eliminate your father, Lord S. They will search here, and smash everyone in sight. Including your duplicate, Platinum.’ ‘So,’ I said, not wanting to let my uncertainty be detected by V’dar, ‘I assume you have a plan?’

Chapter 16; James' POV : The plot thickensEdit

As soon as we started the massacre I heard a rustling from the bushes. i wasn't going to take any chances so I walked over to the bush. I darted through and saw a girl carrying a ball of fire. An exact duplicate of her was standing beside her , watching in awe. She threw the ball on sight. " A'max K'shal " I said The ball of fire landed neatly in my hand. I heard a hissing and looked down. There was a capsule releasing some kind of gas. Then it hit me. " Oh , that little- " BOOM!!!!!!

I woke up tied to a tree. The twins and a giant man in crimson armor were standing over me. " What's she planning " The man said " Well if you must know she wants to power up a bomb , brainwashing everyone in the universe. " I said Perfect. " Why don't you sit tight while we go stop her " A twin said. " OR I could just leave " I said fingering the teleporter. Then I pressed the button.

I was shocked to find myself in the Black Knight's office. The Knight beckoned me over so I sat down. Immediatley , seven screens popped out of the wall. Seven minifigure outlines appeared on-screen. " James I have a surprise for you " the Black Knight said. " White Knight ,please " " You're being promoted. Welcome to the round table......Steel Knight " " The lie is placed " I said " So they'll come? " One said " Yes Dual kings " White Knight said " Good. Soon I shall be free to rule all " " LONG LIVE DUAL KINGS!!! " The chant came from everyone and without thinking I joined in. So , the plot thickens!

Chapter 17; Silver’s POV: The Terrible TwinEdit

“Do you think he noticed?” I asked V’dar. He gave a low chuckle, more of a deflection than a laugh, and said, “Your appearance was probably the last thing on James’ mind. Besides, there’s still a mental block on him.” “A what??” Platinum, my new twin sister, interjected. “When a being is forced into time travel,” V’dar explained, “There are almost always safeguards in place to keep the being in question from remembering his or her previous life. Silver could stick her head straight in his face and yell at him and he wouldn’t have any recognition of her at all. This goes to the extent that he actually CAN’T see her, not really. His brain will simply edit her out.” Well, now THAT was an uplifting speech. Let’s all give him a hand, shall we? In fact- “Why am I listening to you two, anyway?” Platinum asked as though she asked such questions on a daily basis. It’s rather annoying, to have one’s thoughts interrupted by an exact copy of oneself. Well, almost an exact copy. It’s minus the ghost part. “You’re the leader here, V’dar.” I said, “At least, until we get James back. Do you have a plan.” V’dar turned to me, and, as usual, I couldn’t read him. I couldn’t tell if he was resolute, if he was as unsure as the rest of us, or even if he could be traitorous- the possibility that he could be walking us into a trap. For now, however, I had to trust him. “I believe I know of a way to bring James back to who he once was. However, we need to find him first,” he said. “That won’t be difficult. He’s going to be at the dark lord’s fortress.”

V’dar’s POV: The Giant's Mistake, the Horion's Shadow We set up camp a few miles from where Black Knight’s castle was supposed to be. Platinum had spent the entire journey expressing her distaste at travelling with two people she didn’t know to the one place she didn’t want to go. Silver hadn’t seemed very enthusiastic about having a clone- and now Platinum was getting irritating. Two Silvers could destroy the world- now, the world was facing one transparent Silver and one moody Silver. Naturally, they made sure they set themselves up on opposite sides of the camp. That was fine with V’dar; this way, he could keep his eyes on both of them. He spent a moment in silent reflection, then began a very difficult task. V’dar had never tried to tap into the world’s power in a time rip before, but this one seemed different. It might be possible… No, he decided to wait until later. There was another member of their corps who was still awake. Silver was staring at the sky. For the first time, V’dar realized exactly how young she was. He had assumed otherwise because of her mannerisms, and it only now struck him that she couldn’t be any older than twelve. Normally, V’dar did not give heart-to-heart chats. It just wasn’t something he did. This time, however, Silver looked like she at least needed someone to talk to. “How old ARE you?” He asked as he walked over and sat down next to her. She hesitated, as his previous analysis of her had told him she would. Silver simply didn’t share information easily. “Eleven,” she said. She continued staring into the stars, and quietly said, “These stars aren’t the stars I always saw back home. They’re not even close. I’m a million miles and several dimensions from home, and one of the only people I trust tried to smash me today.” There was something about the events of the previous day that V’dar had been wondering about. “That trick with the fireball Platinum did,” he began, “Can you do that?” Silver stopped staring at the sky and began staring into the woods in front of them instead. “I used to. Not long after I started being able to conjure fire, this…” she looked down at herself, “…happened.” V’dar decided that if he was ever going to learn the truth of how Silver became as she is now, it would have to be now. “How DID that happen?” he asked. She hesitated again, and for a moment V’dar thought she was going to close up again. However, this time she responded. “Last year, the year I met James, I made a mistake. That mistake could have destroyed the world if we didn’t stop it. But we couldn’t stop it- so I made a last ditch maneuver. I entered the monster I had inadvertently created and destroyed it from within. But doing so…it smashed me. I have no idea why I came back at all, instead of just fading away. I’m just a ghost now; an unstable reformation of my previous molecular structure. That’s what James called me…” There she went, mentioning him again. They must have had quite an adventure, if they’re that connected after knowing each other for less than a year. “You’re very close to him, aren’t you?” “I- yes,” she said, “I trust him. And my father is the only other alive to hold that recognition. They called my father Lord S.” If V’dar had less self-control, he would have jumped from my seat when he heard that. He had known Silver had some kind of connection to the Great Disaster, but he had no idea that he was talking to LORD S’ DAUGHTER. That meant Silver was- Silver saw the sudden change, much as he tried to hide it, and continued, “I know what you’re thinking. And you’re wrong. Lord S isn’t my biological father- I was given to his crew at birth, or at least close to it. They raised me as a pirate, one of their own, which is why Platinum was where we found her.” “But,” she said, “I think I’m going to stop spilling beans now.” V’dar had sizable experience in a great many things. But before she said that, he had not even considered that she would do so. This was because V’dar did not yet know Silver. James Harmony or Lord S would have seen it coming, because they had heard many such comments from her in the past. But V’dar had yet to fully understand the feisty pirate, and she had caught him off guard. Relentlessness, a trait she had learned from Lord S, drove her to press her advantage. “You think that I’m an emotional young girl, and that a fireside chat- the simplest of tactics- will get me to pour out everything I know. Yet you don’t even begin to consider my position. You,” she continued, “Are highly mysterious, undeniably powerful, purposefully secretive and I may even say deceptive and manipulative- and I’ve had questions for you since you got here. You show up and then James goes missing and forgets who he is- the entire time stream is changed- and I’m supposed to what, trust you?!?” V’dar knew that the conversation was already lost, but he tried to rekindle it anyway. “Silver, calm down.” “I don’t know who or what you are, Gra’ik, and I don’t know if you really do have a plan to save James or if you’re just leading us into a trap. What I do know is that, any alliance we had, ends now!” …And Silver disappeared. One moment she was there, the next, she had vanished. V’dar realized his mistake. The girl was more powerful than she seemed and she was using shadow influence. Dark Power. She really was the Horion- and for what was probably the first time, she was tapping into the evil energies. She was going berserk- and she was going to destroy him.

Chapter 18; Silver’s POV: The MapEdit

I knew I was losing it like I’d never lost it before, and I knew the consequences if I did not calm down. I also knew that as much as I disliked him, V’dar was the only guide who could get me to James. I knew that smashing him wouldn’t get any of the answers I wanted. And I knew that I was messing with forces beyond my control. I knew all of these things. However, I only knew them at the back of my mind. The rest of my mind was in a state of uncontrollable rage. V’dar had been trying to mess with my mind, and that was that. I was going to destroy him, and I was going to use every last spark of power I had to do that. At that moment, I didn’t care that I was using Darkness; the power of Horious. One such incarnation of those powers- a shadow bolt- proved to be somewhat inaccurate, as it struck a tree instead of my target. It took a while for me to notice that V’dar was trying to talk to me during the duel. “I don’t believe you could have conjured a bolt like that on your own,” he yelled, “Horious is controlling you! Your duty as the Horion has always been to keep him at bay!” I screeched a response at him, as I cared even less about speeches than I did about consequences. The next shadow bolt I sent at him had essentially the same effect as the first- in other words, none at all. This time, however, Gra’ik shook his head and drew one of his flails. I wasn’t worried- after all, what could a melee weapon do to a ghost? I could simply phase through whatever he could dish out. All that meant, of course, was that I was even less prepared for what happened next. V’dar swung his flail, but instead of the whip-like motion I had seen previously, this time he swung it as if throwing a lasso. In mid-air, the vaguely ball-shaped, spiked hammer split into sections at its tip, revealing a complex machine underneath the crushing weapon. A blue-green colored energy beam snaked from the machine’s tip, and before I could realize what V’dar had just done, it had wrapped and crisscrossed around me, until I was completely immobilized. I attempted to charge another shadow attack, but the machine sapped the power faster than I could generate it. Without the use of his powers, Horious’ influence over me slowly began to fade, and it was only after he was gone completely that V’dar spoke again. “Silver, this is called a Galactic Gate. It is one of the last of its kind, which is why I would appreciate it if you would try to not strain too much against it. They were built long ago to nullify the abilities of those connected to powerful spirits; such as yourself, as the Horion.” The bands dissolved, and I dropped to the ground. While not directly painful, the experience of having one’s powers drained can be somewhat unsettling, which is why I had to regain my bearings before saying or doing anything else. “The Galactic Gate,” I murmured when I finally recovered, “That was what you were going to use to restore James…” V’dar nodded, and I almost thought I say a smile on his face. “You’re a clever one, Silver. Yes, if he is being directly influenced, the Galactic Gate will counteract it. If not, we will at least be able to bring him under control. However, the Gate only has three charges left. That’s why I didn’t use it immediately when you went berserk.” I fought an urge to look down, saying, “Sorry about that, by the way. And the stuff I accused you of.” V’dar shrugged, apparently having lost interest in the subject. “It was just a test, anyway,” he said. “Look,” he continued, “I know you want answers. I’m afraid I can’t give them to you. Not all of them. But there are some things I can explain.” He reached for something on his back, and I then realized that what I had previously thought was an extra layer of armor was actually a compartment inside of the armor. What he eventually drew out was a large sheet of antique paper, like an ancient treasure map. It was only when he unfolded it that I realized that was exactly what it was; a map. “This,” he said at last, “Is the only known currently existing map of our dimension. These,” he gestured towards each of the areas of the map, “Are all of the worlds that share our laws of time and space. This,” he pointed at one of the larger sections, “Is Titainia.” “James’ home,” I said, “I’ve been there before.” V’dar raised an eyebrow at this, but apparently decided not to press the subject. “This,” he continued, pointing to a much smaller section, noticeably distinguishable by its only containing one planet, “Is Alpha. They’re generally one of the more hostile worlds in terms of outsiders.” I chuckled to myself, remembering Zatorak and exactly how hostile his people were. “This,” he said, pointing to the center of the map, “Is the world we are currently in. The reason it’s at the center of the map is that the map was drawn here. It is also the only world the Nexus Force has any jurisdiction in.” “Keep in mind that you are the first other than I to see this map in over seven hundred years. It came into my possession about twenty years ago and I have kept it a close secret ever since.” “Why?” I asked, “What’s so special about it that you have to hide it?” V’dar’s face turned grim. “See those symbols, on the corner of the map? That’s a code. In the hands of someone who could read it, this map gives instructions on how to, in theory, drain all of the energy out of this dimension and contain it inside of a single being. Think about that, Silver. Nearly infinite power- at the cost of a dimension.” Seeking a way to change the subject, I pored over the map, finally finding a world V’dar hadn’t mentioned. “What is this one?” I asked him. He turned to look at the area I was referring to, then said, “No one knows. No one’s been able to get there, due to the- actually, this would be a good time for me to explain something else.” “You see,” he began, “Each world has a Keeper, a ‘key’, if you will. A world is ‘locked’; that is, it becomes impossible for anything or anyone to move from or into that world, until the Keeper opens the ‘lock’. Some Keepers are known, such as Zatorak: he is the Keeper of Alpha. All worlds begin locked- they become unlocked when the Keeper’s powers first activate. All keepers have the ability to manipulate some kind of element; (although I do not know what it is for Zatorak) in your case, Fire.” I nearly jumped out of my seat. “What??” V’dar looked at me quizzically, then said, “I did not think this would surprise you, Silver. The Horion serves dual purposes as the Keeper of the Red Door and the focusing point of Horious’ influence elsewhere.” There he went again. It was time to take action. “I am going to ask you one more time, V’dar: How do you know about the Horion?!?!?” “Take care not to get angry again, Silver.” “I don’t care! I want answers, and I want them now! How do you know about my powers?!? How do you know about these ‘Keepers’?!? How are you, anyway?!?” While V’dar was ignoring my rant, I thought of something else. “Wait,” I said, “Back when James and I went to meet you, you said there was a problem that you needed the two of us to solve, and that doing so was our side of the bargain. What was it, anyway?” V’dar sat back, and casually replied, “It really doesn’t matter NOW, since the entire time stream has been changed. If we manage to restore the timeline, it will then become relevant again. Now, I would recommend you get some sleep; you’re going to need your strength for storming the castle.” I refrained from mentioning that, one, HE was the strong one around here, and two, that ghosts didn’t need sleep, although I did find it better than not having it. Instead, I just decided to give up and float on over to the end of the camp, a spot I had previously chosen for the purpose of avoiding Platinum. He was, after all, right about one thing: I wasn’t going to be getting any answers from him anytime soon.

Chapter 19; James' POV : The End of the UniverseEdit

" They're here " I said it with no emotion in my voice. The White Knight , in his White Mechanical suit , relayed the Message to the Round table. The Trap was remotely activated. As the Forcefield trapped them I stepped out of the shadows. " I knew that was to easy " the man said. " Give me the map " I said " H-h-how " He managed. I knew I'd used my talents. The amulet around my neck was capable of destroying a person's free will. " NOW!!! " I shouted " No " He said. " Let me try. " The Black Knight appeared into the black , stone corridor out of nowhere. " ok " " Give me give map the map. " It came out like many whispers overlapping eachother " The Man Immediatley gave it to the Knight but I could see he was not happy. " The Voice " I realized " Just saysaythespellsayspellthe " It was my language. The Runes were evil but I couldn't resist thanks to her voice. It must have been the reason she was admitted into the round table. " Da Sinthy thy da tom hamylym. Vail Sinthi thy da tom hamlym. " The colour drained from the walls. I tried to stop speaking but I couldn't. " Alone you cannot overcome my spell. " She said " Only he's not alone " The words came out of my mouth without my consent. Then the world began to shatter. But all I saw was gold as the world shattered. James Harmony's POV : The New Nexus. I awoke in my blue bat gear. It felt good to be out after spending years locked in a body that was mine yet not mine. Then I floated over to Silver in the Blackness. " James , is that you? " She said. " How could I forget , Silver Hero " I replied , translating her name. " Where are we? " She asked " The Blackness " I replied " Most of our dimension shattered. The only area left is Sector 9. " " So what do we do now?" " We rebuild the Nexus Force as a symbol of good. " I said " Any threats? " Silver asked " Tons " I said with a grin " Including Maelstrom . I think I'll call my faction.....Eclipse. " " Expeditioners " Silver said. So we headed for Sector 9.

End of Book 2.

Book 3: What it Means to be a HeroEdit


Anne Chient could only watch the flickering video feed as the Maelstrom Essence headed towards the Nexus Adventurer. The enemies behind it weren't normal. They were elite. Maelstrom Hardsuits , Can destroy a creative spark with it's staff. Angels , Turn their best recruits into babbling lunatics Stalkers , converted from anything that's dead. Once they set their sights on prey they never stop following it. " We're doomed! " She groaned Suddenly , Mira Mist ran in , panting. " OTTO is awake " She managed Anne smiled. OTTO was bound for the Eclipse Faction. Things worked differently then. Each member had 3 tests. The first 2 were on fighting and brains. If they were all brains , no brawn they were Creators. If they were all Brawn , No brain they were Guardians. If they were exceptional at both they would be given a third quiz. This quiz tested how reckless they were. If they were Reckless they would be Expiditioners , If not Eclipse. OTTO was Eclipse. Anne had trained him to be such.If anybody could survive this , he could.

==Chapter 1; Jason’s POV: Freedom of Choice- Part One

My name is Jason Armos. I am…unique. In order to understand my current situation, it becomes necessary to understand the events of the past two months. I’ll give the fast version, but let’s start from the beginning…

Two Months Ago…

“Attention!” Almost twenty heads snapped up at the instructor’s call. One was, instead, fixated on a motion he saw outside of the camp. “Today is a great day for you, initiates. This is the day you will be tested, to decide the path you will take for the rest of your career. As you already know, there are four paths to take, four factions. The tests are different for each individual; you will not be able to ask your superiors what to expect. Follow me!” The candidates were then split up into several different rooms, with the one who had been previously distracted sent into the rightmost room. In there, he encountered two officers, both of whom were familiar to him, and a woman wearing a lab coat. The more important of the officers, a hardened veteran called Commander Nando, spoke. “Good morning, Jason. This young woman is Doctor Nalia Umbraros. She will be overseeing your testing.” So this scientist would be giving the final verdict here? That was fine with me. Yes, that guy was me. She turned and sat down at a control panel. Upon the press of a button, an artificial tree sprang up from the ground in front of me, causing me to jump back in surprise. When it had reached its full height, the tree spanned from the floor to the ceiling, and had three artificial apples on each of the three highest branches. “Your test,” Nalia Umbraros said, “Is to obtain any one of the apples. You may use whatever methods you like.” This sounded like a typical faction test. The candidate’s method would help determine his or her faction. I sought further confirmation of the last sentence the doctor had spoken. “Wait, when you say ‘whatever methods you like’, do you mean ANY methods?” Nalia nodded as though this was obvious. “Of course. Use whatever is best suited to you.”

Full disclosure here: I was NOT responsible for the helicopter that crashed through the roof just after she said that. I took the time given to me by Dr. Umbraros’ gaping mouth to pick those apples up off the ground. It turns out that they WERE real. Tasty, too. And so the tests continued. Almost every time, something happened right in the middle of each test, whether it was a sudden equipment failure, a stray projectile from the training room on the other side of the left wall, you name it. Even the tests that were successful did nothing to raise my instructors’ spirits. Finally, they decided to dismiss me so that they could take a walk.

She wouldn’t let anyone see it, but Commander Nando could tell that the doctor was upset. He had read her file; she was a rookie, fresh out of wherever they sent the scientists. She had arrived at the camp yesterday with a group of other scientists specifically for the testing of these initiates. Scientists like it when things make sense; Nando had met enough of them through these gatherings to know that. He had been training recruits for more than twenty years, and had never seen this; and this was her first recruit she would be judging. He couldn’t blame her for getting upset here.

“I just don’t understand it, Commander! We just can’t test him.”

“Trust me, Nalia, you aren’t the only one who’s surprised by this. I have never seen it before, and I see a lot of trainees.”

“What do we do?” she said, her voice beginning to crack, “I have to choose a faction for him. I just don’t know which one!” Nando decided to steer her away from crowded areas before she got any more upset. There was no need for anyone else to hear this…no, wait. Maybe there was a way. That way would require some very important people hearing about this.

“Armos,” Nando said to the boy after the council of leaders had made its decision, “Jason, I’m sure you’re aware of how we postponed the choosing of your faction.” Jason looked up, as Nando continued, “A few weeks ago, I informed the faction leaders about the unexpected nature of your training and testing. I have finally received their answer.” “Jason, you have been given the authority to choose on your own. You may select any of the four factions. However, please note before you make your choice that they don’t serve pizza in Eclipse.” The two of them laughed at what was the first joke Commander Nando had made in over ten years. After it had died down, however, Nando turned to more serious matters.

“Jason, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but there is another choice. The leaders also decreed that there was another opportunity for you, if you didn’t choose any of the existing factions.” Jason raised his eyebrows. “What is it?” “You have been approved,” Nando lowered his voice, “To enter Special Forces. As one of the Elite.” The Elite. These three warriors were legendary, commonly known as the best of the best, the greatest warriors the Nexus Force had ever seen. They were shrouded in mystery, and all three possessed amazing abilities, some of which could be considered supernatural. Nando hoped he knew what he was doing by giving Jason this choice. Part of him wished Jason wouldn’t take him up on his offer.

That night, I, Jason Armos, had some strange dreams. It began with a room. This was a simple, bare-bones room, with a single chair, a concrete floor, and no windows. This would certainly have been strange on its own, but the girl in the chair only put me further on edge. It seemed as though she was only sitting as a matter of habit, and that she could just as easily be floating. Combined with the startling realization that she couldn’t be any older than twelve, this was somewhat unnerving. She looked up when she heard me approaching. “Am I purple?” she asked. “What kind of question is that?”I countered. She relaxed, and I almost thought I saw her flicker for a second. She was there, but then, just for a fraction of a second, she wasn’t there. “You can never be quite sure,” she said, “The last three times I tried to do this people thought I was purple. Anyway, I don’t have much time, so let’s keep this short.” “Wait,” I had to say, “Let’s start with ‘who are you’?” She smiled, and I suddenly realized that, whatever this girl was, she certainly wasn’t evil. “Silver. My first name is Silver.” “Silver? Your name is SILVER?” She took this moment to lean forward and begin staring. “Seriously? You’re having a VISION about a GHOST and you have a problem with my name?!? I really hope I don’t have to keep doing this. You kind of remind me of-” She stopped herself there, and I decided not to press her as to whom I reminded her of. “Look,” she finally continued, “This room has to have some significance in the future. I have no idea where this is, but I do know that it will be important later in your life.” “How? Is there a specific reason as to how you know? She shrugged. “It’s just how this thing works. Look, I’ll explain how I’m talking to you at a later time. I’ll probably only be able contact you once per night, and I’m already running out of time. Introductions took longer than I thought they would.” “Well then, go ahead and say it,” I told her. I was running as low on patience as she was on time. “Okay, just three things. One, remember this room. Two, do NOT join Special Forces. Three, I have an item I want you to keep. I don’t know how this thing works, so you’ll either find a package or find it in your pocket or I don’t know what.” “How do you know so little about ‘this thing’?” “Well, see, the thing is, V’dar just gave me this thing a week ago, and he didn’t leave any instructions. I have no idea what this thing actually does or how to use it.” “Who’s V’dar? What thing?” “He’s- Oh, no, I need more time! Come on, just five more minutes…” And that was when I woke up. My decision was made. This was the chance of a lifetime, and ghosts or no ghosts, I was going to be one of the Elite. I never found the package, though.

Given only three months, Commander Nando was sure regardless that he had assembled the perfect team. ALMOST the perfect team. They still needed a few more members, whom Nando was currently in the process of selecting. At a glance, none of them were anything alike. But when a closer look was applied, there was one quality they all shared:

None of them were soldiers.

They wouldn’t stand at attention, didn’t march in line. They think, they react. As regular infantry, none of them would be equal to the average soldier. But as an elite strike force, a team of less than ten minifigures, they could be something more.

Reggie ‘Bouncer’ Springs: as acrobatic as he is childish.

Vera Nakui: Nasty as a viper, but she does her job.

Xang Ping: A master of shadow manipulation.

And Otto Claw. Nando cringed at the memory of the paperwork that had to be filed and re-filed for that one. He and Xang would be arriving on the next transport, if all went well. It wasn’t a complete team yet, obviously. But that was why Nando was riding on the other minifigure he had requested for this squad. He added a mental note to the current roster:

Jason Armos: the wild card.

He didn’t know if Jason would accept his offer. He was an Elite Agent now, after all. The problem was that he didn’t know Jason’s full story yet. He did know this: that whatever else Jason is, he had one thing no one else on the team has. Nando was a tough, no-nonsense old soldier, and liked things he could see with his eyes and feel with his hands. Yet Jason was different. Jason seemed to have something completely intangible, yet powerful nonetheless. Nando felt childish for saying this, but Jason had luck. And perhaps a little luck was what they needed.

Nando heard a loud banging in the background. That was probably Bouncer. He didn’t get his nickname for nothing. Bouncer had a tendency of literally bouncing off the walls. And, like the human pinball he was, he burst in with a bang. “Is it true, chief? Is it true?” “Slow down, Bouncer, and tell me what it is you want confirmed. ” Bouncer had the annoying habit of calling him ‘chief’. He began to move at speeds of below mach one again, and took a breath before responding. “Are we really going to get one on our team? An Elite?” He should have known . Nando had been exceedingly careful to make sure that bit of information didn’t come out. This, however, apparently did not apply to Bouncer. As Bouncer was seeking an answer from him, Nando remembered that there was one other member of his squad who was already here. “I could shut him up, if you like.” The minifigure who had suddenly appeared behind him was slender, with long black hair and a madness in her eyes that hinted at sinister intentions. Her name was Vera Nakui, and she was the only member of the squad Commander Nando hadn’t selected himself. She had been forced upon the squad- and for good reason. Usually, Guardians were stalwart defenders of their ideals. Vera, on the other hand, was a special case. Her training had gone well enough. She’d had high marks in combat skills and stealth, but nothing out of the ordinary. Her group had graduated just one month after Jason’s did. In the test, she was put in a maze and told to find her way out. Instead, she disappeared, and before anyone knew what was happening, she had ripped into the control center and badly wounded two of the scientists. Nando was the one who finally stopped her. It was still unknown why she went berserk, but some extensive examinations were done on the training camp as a result of the incident. Stones were turned, puzzle pieces collected. The results of the examinations was the inspectors’ secret, and, regardless of her cruel nature, Vera was given a faction. Her admission into the Guardians was not a matter of talent- they were the only faction who’d take her. She had been assigned to Nando’s squad as a safety precaution; because he stopped her the first time, it was hoped that he’d be able to stop her if she did it again. Ever since she joined his team, Vera had been nothing but trouble. But at the same time, Nando had yet to see any of the insanity that had gripped her before. The inspectors could search up and down as they liked, but Nando knew why Vera had attacked. Nando had seen madmen and bounty hunters, and Vera’s eyes had showed a different motive than what everyone else who witnessed the event had seen. He could only hope he was wrong.

Chapter 2; Xang's POV : Selection and trainingEdit

I groaned as I climbed out of the crashed escape pod. I looked around and saw I was in a street. My crash had vapourised a couple of houses. Ouch. I looked around until I saw another pod crash. I walked over to it and saw Otto climb out. I ran over and checked his vitals. " I don't need vital checks " He muttered as he got out. " WHAT IN IMAGINATION'S NAME DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!!! " My instincts kicked in and I did a backflip , grabbed whoever was shouting and got them in a headlock. " geoof " He said " Iremander " I looked at Otto. " Release him " He said I obliged. " IF YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN I WILL-" He was cut off by Otto's growling. " I'm Commander Nando " He said , obviously realizing he was dealing with Otto claw , one of three holders of the Omega Black security clearence Cards. " Nice to know. Here are our papers " Otto said handing him our test results. " So both of you are Eclipse , huh. Well then lets get training. " Nando said Immediatley a kid came rushing at us. While he was skidding to a halt he started talking. " They'reheresowecangettrainingicantwaittotrainwithaneliteagentwoohoo!!!!!! " This was gonna be a long day.

Chapter 3; Otto's POV : Selection and trainingEdit

Well this could've gone better. If I had just stabbed Xang without hesitation I wouldn't be in this mess. But I guess I'm starting in the middle. Lets give you a beginning......

I climbed out of bed and yawned. I was never really a morning person. It was today that we would finally get combat training. It was Me , Xang , Bouncer , Vera , The Goliaths and the Ghosts. I had analysed each one to find a weakness. I've been with Xang his whole life. I think that if I show sentimentality he might too. It was a risk but Xang , being Xang , seemed to have no others. Bouncer really needed to lay off the sugar. His constant pingball fighting means he would be useless in a tight space or an open one. The Goliaths were brute force twins who are being admitted into the Guardians. Even a person with one IQ point could outsmart them. The Ghosts were going to be creators. They built clever devices that can do a variety of things but their most famous turns them invisible. Vera Nakui....... She seemed to be an assasin through and through. She might be like Xang or she might be just plain ruthless. We may never know. Though I have found one advantage. She is overconfident. Or is she? It's hard to tell. I would need to think on this......

So here I am. Xang and Vera vs. everyone. I betted on Xang's sentimentality. I didn't count on Vera. So now I was tied to a chair while they went out to capture my friends. I took out the Goliaths fairly easily so at least they can avoid breaking every bone in their bodies. Bones.... That was it!!! " Lok-Ak " Ugh! I felt my bones disappearing. I slid out. " Lok-Ak Reversa " My bones snapped back until I was in a sitting position. The imbalance caused me to crash into the ground. I got up and fumbled for a light switch. I sighed. " A'max " A ball of fire appeared in my hands. I looked around. There was nothing unusual about where I was. It was a metal room with no doors and no seams. I knew I couldn't destroy it with magic. I just had to look at the crimson colour of the metal. It had gone through a magic-proofing treatment. That left me with Plan B. I pulled out a small canister. Very compressed air. Enough to fill this battle station in a capsule the size of my hand. Then I got out some chemicals and began working...

Chapter 4; Xang's POV : Selection and TrainingEdit

BOOM!!!! I ducked just in time to see 5 fragments of crimson shrapnel soar over my head and strike Vera in the chest. I felt an Eclipse Laser on my neck. I braced myself.

So that's why the suits are nicknamed Agonizers. All the pain of real Lasers without any of the mess. The suits were really called Nerve Stimulation Suits but I DEFINATLEY prefer Agonizers. Though a desire not to get hurt is a good habit to have in battle. I walked to a small house in the plaza. On the door was written Team Secrets. Otto was team leader and gave the name. But he recieves warning to things even if they are not clear. It was scary. I walked into the hall to see an open kitchen door. Inside , Otto was cooking a vegtable piella. Of course. He was vegitarian. Odd considering what he was. But then again we both have secrets. Maybe I'm worried about nothing. He could have named the team for our secrets. But I know he leaves discreet warnings for me. Like pressing a long-distance weapon on my neck so I could brace myself for the pain. It was true. He was warning us about secrets. Then who can I trust?

" Project ZAF-1 is ready" "Then initiate."

Chapter 5; Jason’s POV: Skyview PeakEdit

If asked where he spent his free time, Jason Armos of the Nexus Elite might not answer immediately. What he always said was that he spent most of his time in deep thought. That was true. What he never mentioned was that the majority of that thinking was done while gazing at the statue. The statue itself was no secret- everyone had seen it at some time or another. Jason, however, was the only one who ever felt any compulsion to keep looking after the first glance.

The statue showed two beings, on twin thrones, with several other beings standing somewhere behind them. The throne on the left held a warrior king, while in on the right sat a scholarly queen. They were no doubt exaggerated- but only because all statues are. The king’s helm bore the emblem of Titania, and each of his hands held a sharp katana. His battle scarred armor, too, gave the effect of a seasoned warleader, a champion.

The queen had seen much less action, and to Jason was far more interesting. She was turned towards the king in a laughing pose- although it was impossible to tell if she was laughing with the king, or at him. She held no weapons; She appeared to be reading a book with her right hand, although she had set it aside in favor of her left. Her left hand held nothing, and was outstretched near the king, open with the palm facing upwards. It was in this way that she appeared to be ‘holding’ a wisp of energy, a fireball perhaps. Among the details that Jason saw upon closer examination of the statue was a skull-and-crossbones themed ring on the hand that held her book, seeming to indicate a connection with piracy.

Another figure stood behind her, with one of his hands on her shoulder, a guiding presence. A fourth figure, a giant, powerful-looking brute, stood off to the side. The fifth and final part of the statue was a horrific, dragon-like shade in the background, a presence of evil.

He had asked what the statue represented, the first time he set foot in Skyview Peak, the hidden training ground of the Elite Agents. They lived here, they trained here, they received their orders here. Skyview’s existence and location were a closely guarded secret, known to only its residents, the Leaders, and a select few others.

He had been told that the statue was in memory of the Nexus Force’s greatest heroes, and that the creature in the background was the evil spirit they slew. He could only imagine how they managed to do it.

“Sir? Agent Armos?”


“The other Agents are meeting. All of them.”

Mektor was the first one to notice that I had entered the room. He always was. The oldest of the Elite by far was mostly machine, an attribute that gave him several advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages were infrared, night, and telescopic vision modes, including a cybernetic eye on the back of his head. One of the disadvantages was that his voice, a commonly used weapon, was highly robotic-sounding.

“Jason. Now that you are here, we can begin.”

Mektor doesn’t work in the field directly, most of the time. Elite agents are trained to perfection in every field we could be called on for, but at the same time, we have our own specialties. Mektor’s specialty is tech. He’s our computer and engineering specialist, not surprising considering his cyborg state.

The third member was called Arven. Arven Suul wasn’t originally part of the war effort, but joined not long after I did. For a medic, she handles herself in the field as well as any of us. That’s what makes her unusual; she is one of the few medics who is also adept in combat. She is also by far the most talkative of the Elite; she tends to disrupt my thinking because of that.

“Jason, you’re late. We were about to send Shadow out to find you.”

Shadow is the last member of the Elite four, and the one I know the least about. He appears, he disappears. He appears, he eats, he disappears, he reappears to sleep, and at some point in the middle of the night he disappears again. And during all of this I haven’t heard him say more than two words together. “They weren’t.” he said.

I took my place among them, between Mektor and Arven. “So, what are we all standing around here for?”

Arven was the first to respond. “Remember Commander Nando?”

“He is building a team of our more unusual recruits, and has requested the assistance of an Elite Agent.”

“Specifically,” Arven continued where Mektor had left off, “He wants one ‘Jason Armos’.” She made a show of searching around the room. “Do we have anyone called ‘Jason Armos?’”

I’ll admit, I laughed. But after that, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Chapter 6; Nando’s POV: The ReturnEdit

To: The Council of Leaders

From: Commander Nando, instructor and leader of Project F-00

This is my report of the status of Project F-00, otherwise known as Team Secrets. They have been performing exceptionally as a team. Just yesterday they were given their first full team exercise. Considering that this was their first time working as one, they did remarkably well. I can confidently state that they will be operational as an elite unit in far less time than we have been given. Thus, I request permission to give them a bit of field experience in the spare time we have remaining. I plan to allow them to see some real battles; under escort of an Elite Agent of course.

Nando looked up from the unfinished report he was writing. There was another matter to attend to. “Bouncer!” he called, “Can you bring me Otto? I’d like to have a word with him.”



“Yes chief?”

“Do you ever think about the possibility of decaffeinated coffee?”

Five minutes later, Otto was in front of Nando and looking very irritated. Every member of F-00 was unprofessional in some way.  Otto was, from what Nando had gathered, quick to disrespect or downright ignore authority.

“Is there a reason you called me, Commander?”

Nando rose from his chair. “Yes, actually there was. It’s about the team exercise yesterday.”

Otto raised his eyebrows. “What about it? We succeeded in the goal you gave us.”

Nando began to inspect the shelves of his office before turning back to Otto. “Sure you did,” he said, “From the perspective of someone who didn’t know what the actual purpose of the assignment was, you were perfect.”

He took the report he had been writing and showed it to Otto. “See this? I’ve got to write a report consisting of complete baloney saying that you guys were in perfect sync. Now anyone who actually saw you out there would know that my prize recruits were squabbling like a bunch of monkeys over a barrel of bananas. So why am I writing this report as it is? Can you guess?”

As he saw the wheels turning in Otto’s head, Nando knew he had guessed correctly. Otto had an analytical mind; this was how he could get his attention in the future.

“It has to do with that last sentence of the report, doesn’t it?” he ventured at last.

“Precisely, Otto.” He smiled at Otto’s realization. “Here’s the issue.”

“There’s trouble down south. They’re surrounded by invaders, and they’re starting to revolt against us for the inaction of our leaders.” He sighed, and explained, “They- our leaders- made the decision to abandon the southern regions for the time being. We’re too spread out. We lost over half of our numbers in the Titan Wars, and though we’ve been recruiting like crazy ever since, our ranks are still too thin to defend anything. Especially not seemingly unimportant vulnerable regions. So in order to keep the peace, I had to take matters into my own hands.”

A light dawned in Otto’s eyes. “You needed us.”

“I needed a strike force small enough so that it wouldn’t put a major dent in our resources, while being elite enough for ten figs to do the work of ten thousand. I needed a group that the higher-ups wouldn’t object to my taking on a ‘training exercise’ in a hostile environment. In short, yes, I needed you.”

Bouncer’s head popped through the door. “Hey, Chief? There’s a guy here who says he knows you.”

Nando stood up at that. “Show him in,” he said, “Otto, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

The door opened to reveal the minifigure Nando had been hoping to see. A lot had changed in the past few months, and for him more than anyone. He was taller, stronger than he had been before. He moved with a purpose that had been hidden before. But that did not disguise his identity.

There was no mistaking Jason Armos.

Chapter 7; Otto's POV : JasonEdit

" I am not going into battle with ' Disaster Kid ' " I said " Don't judge me by testing " Jason Said. I noticed he was lookig out if the window , at the statue. My cousin....... Nando decided to talk after some awkward silence " Jason is an elite. Don't get off do a bad start. " " My mother is a Titanian Lord , don't pick a fight with me " I blurted out angrily. Realization dawned over me at what I had just said and quickly covered my mouth. I saw a fist heading towards me. Next thing I know , I've left a dent in the wall. I looked to see Nando looking very ticked off . I glared at him. " A'MAX!!! " I yelled. Fire engulfed Nando but when it retreated he was unscathed. A silvery glow around him faded. I smirked. " Ha-Di " I said " You called it secrets because of yours. Don't keep secrets because....." The rest was lost as he slammed into the wall. " Don't make me angry " I said and walked out.

Later I was walking with Xang to a shuttle. As we walked we looked around . It was then I saw the statue. I looked up at my cousin's face. Tears ran down my cheek. In our shuttle we looked upon where we were going. Enemy Territory for me and Xang. We were heading for Piracy Islands.

The Maelstrom Essence laughed. It had failed to aqquire Otto but now.... It let loose a shrill shriek " Infected , Pirates , Captains , Kraken , Ghost Pirates. Bring me them alive!!!! " It's laughter echoed.

James Harmony and Silver were stuck in darkness. A personal dimension. They were ready.