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Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: Drigle
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Chapter 1Edit

"Come in, Team Alpha! We need back up in sector-..." The communications were cut off. I hid behind a wrecked wall as a blast of Maelstrom came firing through the air and slammed into the earth where I had been a moment before. My friend brickbuild dashed from behind a column and rolled behind the wall I was using as cover. Maelstrom explosions hit the ground all around us. One missile slammed into the tower where another friend of mine, theventuredude, was sniping down on the advancing Maelstrom army; he leaped out just in time and landed to my left. Taking out a Double Blaster, I poked my head out from behind cover, and fired a few rounds, before I had to duck back down to avoid a blast. Shots from the team members of Team Nexus Delta and Team O.F.F rained down on the opposing army, but for every Stromling defeated, twenty more sprang up. Suddenly, a humongous Maelstrom missile struck the wall I was hiding behind; I was blasted off my feet, and slammed into darkness. Before I can tell you the rest of the story, however, let me start at the beginning of the end...

Chapter 2Edit

It all began during a training session in the Sentinel area of Nexus Tower. I was slashing target dummies to pieces, still trying to reach that score of 290 points, when a Paradox messenger came up to me.

"You are wanted at the council immediately," he said.

I was surprised, as the high council was a great honor rarely given to normal troops. "Okay," I replied, "I'll be there." I began to head towards the Paradox area, where I knew we had our special Paradox entrance to the council room. Heading towards the pet-o-matic, I climbed the stairs, and pressing a hidden switch, I opened a secret portal to the council.

"so..." said Duke Exter, "you came.... finally,"

Hael storm leaned back in his chair "oh, you know these paradox folks, never too fast, always to slow."

For the first time, I noticed some of my friends sitting around the table, but before i could say anything, Paradox leader Vanda Darkflame stood up. " Sit down Dagg, Please." I sat down in a swivel chair to her right " it has come to our attention," said vanda, "That the dark menace known as baron Typhonus is amassing an army of infected maelstrom slaves AS WE SPEAK. What we don't know are his plans, if you do not find these out and cannot put an end to them... the nexus force is finished. we are forming an elite squad of our more...senior members, to find out the Baron's plans and stop him if necessary."