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Class: Story
Status: Abandoned
Author: Dagg
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Author's Notes: Dagg is the main Minifig from the honorable line of Maelstrom_ninja, AKA drigle. This is the first record of his tale and adventures.

Chapter 1

Dagg was crated from pure imagination, he used to live in a town called... Well, all he could remember was purple fire, Stromlings, and an evil laugh. He woke up on a gigantic space ship as nothing more than an ordinary minifigure, and in desperate need of help his only guide was an incredibly positive (and positively annoying) Minifig named bob. Dagg escaped the space ship (known as the Venture Explorer) and journeyed to join a Faction, he chose Paradox and was fitted with the gear of a space marauder. Fast forward: Dagg is now rank three in all of Paradox's specialties,he has many powerful items including the full Bat Lord set. He has saved Nimbus station many times in The Battle of Nimbus Station, and is the terror of Crux Prime. He has joined Team Nexus delta, and is a high general in the Paradox army. Little did he know that his biggest challenge was yet to come...

Chapter 2

Blast, slice, jab, bash. That is how Dagg learned to fight, with his wits and weapons, his only challenge was Butterscorch, he was, invincible (so far...). and so our story TRULY begins... It was a lovely day in Nimbus Station, birds were singing, he waves were calm, and those annoying sales people had finally sold everything. Dagg had nothing to do, no achievements to work for, no enemies to smash, no items to find... Nothing. He stopped to chat with nexus jay for a bit, then moved on. He could find a friend and Destroy the maelstrom in The Battle of Nimbus Station, or do a race on the Vertigo Loop, or...Suddenly there was a crash! And from Red Blocks, people ran screaming, a purple mist crept it's way past the fallen crate, and a Humongous arachnid-like leg appeared, followed by the rest of it's body, It was the Spider Boss!