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Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: Lakerkb25
Availability: Blox News - A Comedy is exclusive to this wiki!

Prologue: Bricky Blox is just a normal minifigure, but when he gets the chance to buy a news station with a news crew for free, his life is changed forever. But he discovers why the show, crew and studio was free: The place is a wreck, the show was horrible, and half of the crew doesn't even know how to operate Cameras, Microphones, and other basic equipment. But when the LU TV broadcaster gives him a chance at a 100,000,000 dollars and to pay his crew for the rest of the year, could he turn this fail upside down??? Find out in Blox News!


Bricky stepped out of his cheap helicopter, and onto the snow filled ground of Frostburgh. Liza Chiptooth, Jolly Roger, and Bruno Butch Brat tumbled out. "Guys we need to go to the site of the yeti sighting. Liza, you search the western mountains, Jolly and Bruno, search the west. I will search the North." said Bricky. Liza scratched her head. "Err sir what about South?" Bricky sighed. "I already told you, the South is packed with millions of cameras. We'd be sent to prison you brick for brains!" he said. Liza grunted. They went to their locations. Liza played with some snow, while Jolly and Bruno actually searched. Bruno set up the camera, while Jolly got his microphone ready. "Recently, a yeti has been spotted here. It's just rubbish. RUBBISH I SAY I KNOW THIS IS THE NEWS BUT DO I CARE NO BLA BLA BLA." A yeti appeared behind, him, and lifted him by his shirt. "LALALALALALalalalalalala.... AHHHHHHH A YETI!!!" CHOMP.