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Class: Adventure
Status: Complete
Author: maestro35
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Venture Base

Section AA

Avant Gardens Map
You land on Avant Gardens after leaving the Venture Explorer. You look around, and see a beat up minifigure with infected hands. You walk towards him. What will you do?

Section AB

Wisp Lee

Wisp Lee

The minifigure speaks, "They destroyed us! All our work! Gone! I'm Wisp Lee. I'm sorry, my friend; I can't help you. Go find Epsilon Starcracker."

Section AC

You find Epsilon in the near distance. You begin to run over to him, but you encounter a Stromling. What will you do?

Section AD

You hit the Stromling, and it smashes. You find it fun. What will you do?

Section AE

After walking aways, you find a large group of Stromlings, none of which have noticed you. What will you do?

Section AF

You catch the Stromlings off guard, and smash a few; however, three swing at you, one of which misses. You have two health left, and are surrounded by three Stromlings. What next?

Section AG

You smash another two Stromlings, but the third and last one takes down another of your lives. Now what?

Section AH

You hit the Stromling, smashing it. What next?

Section AI

You run to another crowd of Stromlings. You smash two, but a plasma ball from a Stromling Mech hits you and smashes you.

Section BA

You pick up the struggling and strongly opposing Wisp Lee, and carry him towards Epsilon Starcracker. However, your speed is slowed with his added weight. You soon encounter Stromlings. What next?

Section BB

A Stromling bars your path, while two others come up and attack you to take down two of your health and leave you with the same amount. The Stromling that stood in you way also hits you, leaving you with one health.

Section BC

Your efforts are not enough. Wisp is knocked off of your back, and smashed by the Stromlings. You are also smashed.

Section CA

You are in the process of getting around it, when it hits you. This attack takes down one of your health. However, you manage to make it to Epsilon.

Section DA

You meet Epsilon Starcracker. "Hello, friend! Here, take your pick of these weapons, and then head up the hill toward the Sentinel Camp!"
Epsilon Starcracker

Epsilon Starcracker

Section DB

Before you leave Epsilon, you smash a barrier to replenish any lost health. On your way up, you encounter more Stromlings. Now what?

Section DC

You smash them all, and you make it about halfway up the hill, when you encouter a Mech. What will you do?

Section DD

As you approach it, it hits you with a plasma ball; when you reach it, you hit it before it hits you back, by swinging its free arm. When it hits you, it sends you flying. Right into a crowd of Stromlings.

Section DE

The mech hits you with another plasma ball and a Stromling hits you to finalize your smash.

Section EA

You continue safely to Epsilon.

Section FA

With no where to run, the Stromlings smash you by depleting your remaining health with two swing attacks.

Section GA

Unfortunately, you are almost to Epsilon when a Stromling swiftly sneaks up behind you and smashes you.

Section HA

Your journey to Epsilon is safe.

Section IA

Wisp is smashed, and two of your health are taken down by Stromlings. You arrive at Epsilon, who greets you with a furious, "YOU KILLED WISP! You don't deserve the safety I provide!" Stromlings come up from behind you and smash you.

Section JA

You and Wisp are smashed simultaneously.

Section KA

Epsilon looks shocked for a moment, then bellows, "Infected!!!" He smashes you with one zap of his gun.

Section LA

Your evasion tactics are successful, as you safely make it to the Sentinel Camp.

Section MA

You are smashed by mechs and Stromlings, who all crowd you.

Section NA

You make it safely to the Sentinel Camp.

Section OA

You evade the plasma shots it fires at you, and hit it thrice with your weapon to smash it. You see a cave in the distance. What next?

Section OB

You enter the Sentinel Camp and speak to a knight named Commander Beck Strongheart. He speaks to you and says, "Here is a helmet, and the the vendor behind me sells a shield and some healing kits. You may want to buy them."
Beck Strongheart

Beck Strongheart

Section OC

You buy the items, and equip the helmet and shield. A guard tells you to travel through the tunnel to a minifigure by the name of Rusty Steele. He will help you to the end of Avant Gardens. You do as he says, and Rusty Steele instructs you to climb a huge monument.
The Monument

The Monument

Section OD

You start up the monument, smashing fans and jumping over lasers to get to the top. Soon, you come to a fork in the path. Which way: left, or right?

Section OE

After jumping over more lasers and smashing more fans, you build a lift that takes you to another path. You continue uphill until you step on a bouncer which takes you to a road. Go left or right?

Section OF

You jump off at the end of the road, and find yourself at the bottom of the monument again.

Section PA

You safely make it past the enemies in front of the entrance to the cave. As you step inside, you see several Dark Spiderlings. What will you do?
Dark Spiderling

A Dark Spiderling

Section PB

Almost immediately after stepping into the cave, the first spiderling attacks and smashes you.

Section QA

A handful of Stromlings meet you on the battlefield, and after a valiant fight, you are smashed.

Section RA

The laser smashes you.

Section SA

You jump over many lasers and smash many fans. You eventually begin climbing a makeshift walkway, lifting you high off of the ground. You quickbuild a bouncer, which bounces you to another path. You jump up the steps and onto another bouncer which takes you to a road. Which way will you go?

Section SB

You travel down the road, which ends in a grassy field. There are vendors on a raised platform, and a launchpad to Nimbus Station. What will you do?

Section SC

You have bought what you wanted from the vendors, and are now ready to go.

Section A1

Not knowing where to go, you walk around aimlessly. You are soon cornered by a group of Stromlings, and subsequently smashed.

Section TA

You arrive at the launchpad to Nimbus Station. You then hop into your rocket, and blast off.
Nimbus Station

The Nimbus Station Map

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