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Prologue Edit

Mythran pic
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Anakin Skywalker and his padawan apprentice along with a small force of clone troopers are exploring one of the larger moons of Iego. (Authors note: I am talking about the planet spelled i-e-g-o not LEGO see season: 1, episode: The blue shadow virus part2 of the clone wars for details) After the Blue shadow virus incident the Senate had decided to explore all unknown territory to make sure there were no more hidden labs. Anakin and his squad had been sent to explore the moons for any suspiciousness.

"So, master, when do we get to get off of this rock?" Ahsoka asked.

"Just as soon as we A: find something, or B: explore every inch of this place." Anakin replied.

"Personally I hope we find 'A' soon." said Ahsoka.

"Patience my padawan," Anakin said. "I sense something big is here."

Just then they came upon a metal door that had no opening but a portal.

"Stay here Ahsoka, I'm going in!" Anakin said as he jumped in

Ahsoka turned on her comlink. "Master? Master? Master are you there? Sigh… Hello, Republic fleet?"

"Yes?" a voice replied.

"My master's gone missing again." She said

"Again?!" It was Obi Wan. "Stay there, I'm coming down."

A short time later… "It looks like some kind of teleporter." Obi Wan said.

"Should we see what's at the other end?" Ahsoka asked.

"I suppose so." He replied. "But be careful, I have a bad feeling about this." "Sir, she missed the last part because she was already in there." Captain Rex told him. "Sigh… Just like Anakin." Obi Wan said to himself. "Stay here captain, and be ready for anything that comes out."

"Yes Sir." Rex said.

Obi Wan dashed into the portal.

Chapter 1 Edit

When Anakin woke up he was inside some kind of a pod. It looked like a bacta tank almost, except that it didn't have any liquid in it. He checked himself for injuries. Surprisingly he was perfectly ok. He tried to use the Force to break out of the container and it shattered. He jumped out and landed on a platform on his feet. He could see where he was. He was on a ship that was being attacked. "You know you could've just used the button." A voice said behind him.

He turned around quickly while drawing his lightsaber. "There's no need for that my friend." The voice said again. Except this time he could see who it belonged to.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Anakin asked

"I'm Jett Moonshot and you're on the Venture Explorer. But the question is who are you?" The minifig replied.

"My name is Anakin Skywalker and I am loyal to the republic." Anakin said. "If this ship is separatist or anything non-republic, I promise you I will destroy it."

"There's no need for that, this is a friendly ship." Jett said cautiously.

"Anyway, head on down to Bob and if you need any help, it's all in the instructions." As he handed Anakin some instructions

"Thanks!" Anakin replied as he ran down the stairs. Soon he came upon a series of large stairs. They were stairs so big that you had to jump and flip in the air to get up. "No problem." He told himself as he tried to jump. He jumped as high as he could and barely made it up the first step. "Hmm, for some reason I can't jump as high as I used to be able to." He looked at his instructions. "Strange, it says that I have to imagine a keypad as I'm jumping and imagine pressing the spacebar once and again in the air. Oh well, here goes nothing." He did as the instructions told him and soon found himself at the top of the stairs. He saw a bald minifig there wearing a plain red shirt, blue pants, and a smile. "Hello, are you Bob?" Anakin asked

"Yep, that's me." The minifig said "We can talk later but right now you have to get your imagination!" "Imagination?" Anakin sounded surprised "I can already use my imagination." "No not your imagination. The power of Imagination." You can see it as blue orbs with an orange dot in the center. There are six of them over on the platforms to my left and right."

"Ok, I'll be right back." He ran to the left and jumped on to the platform, then on to the platform next to that. He grabbed the orb and jumped to the other two orbs and picked them up. Then ran past Bob to the other side. He then noticed that these platforms moved up and down. He was careful to not fall into the pit that some people called "the hull". He grabbed the orbs there and ran back to Bob.

"Wow, that was the fastest time I've seen anyone do that." Bob said, sounding surprised "Anyway now that you have Imagination you can build things with bricks. Simply imagine what you want to build and let that flow through you. Now to test your abilities go see Sky Lane over there." He pointed towards a tall raised platform about twenty feet in the air.

"Wow, that's high. How am I supposed to get up there?" Anakin asked

"Let your imagination guide you." Bob said

Anakin ran down to find a pile of bricks at the bottom of the platform. "Hmm… I know!" He closed his eyes and concentrated on something. All of a sudden the bricks started glowing blue and coming together to form something. He opened his eyes and it had worked! There standing in front of him was a staircase! "Wow! It actually worked." He climbed up the stairs and saw a woman there in a black jumpsuit with glowing green flames on it. She had orange hair with black hair over her forehead and was holding a black motorcycle helmet with green stripes in the middle.

"Hi! I like how you used your imagination in getting up here, most people use bouncers." She said. "I'm Sky Lane. I'd love to have you stay and chat but we're under attack."

"Who's attacking us? He asked "A chaotic force called the maelstrom; it is the opposite of imagination." She said gravely "Anyway we need to get off of here. Go down and smash a green crate, a yellow crate, and a red crate. They have different rocket parts in them. You can smash more than that if you want to get matching parts but hurry up."

"Ok, I'll do it right away." He said as he was turning to go back down the stairs. But he stopped short, because there were no stairs.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that things you build quickly will smash eventually, and it won't hurt if you jump down from here." Sky said to him

"Ok I'll be back soon." He said as he jumped down. As he came to the pile of bricks that was once a staircase he thought "I wonder what's behind this platform." He walked around the platform and saw what he had been looking for, the crates! He wondered how to open them. He walked up to a green crate and searched it. He didn't see any lid or anything. But Sky had said to smash the crates, not open them. He started to take out his lightsaber but then he remembered how he got out of the pod. Grinning, he swung his hand at the crate as he was imagining the crate being smashed. It did just that. Inside there was a yellow personal rocket cockpit. It looked almost like his Jedi starfighter that he left back on the cruiser. "Now that looked cool!" he thought out loud. He moved on to the red one and did basically the same thing except there was a yellow rocket engine this time. He then walked over to the yellow crate and smashed it. A chicken flew out of it! "What was that?!" he exclaimed

"That was Robert the crate chicken." Sky called down to him "Just smash another crate of the same color and get up here."

"Ok, I'm almost done." He called back up. He saw another yellow crate over by the bricks. He quickly ran over there and smashed it. Inside was a yellow rocket nosecone. He then went back to the bricks and built a trampoline. He bounced up and said: "Ok, I got the pieces." "Good, with this thinking hat you can build with bricks you collect on a property. You'll learn more about that later. Or you could use it in modular builds like rockets and racecars." She explained "There's a blueprint down there for a rocket. Just walk up to it and put on the thinking hat and put your pieces in place. Then use your imagination to carries the rocket to that launchpad over there and fly to Avant Gardens. Talk to Wisp Lee when you get there."

"Ok, I‘ll do that." He replied. He then turned around, jumped off the platform and hit the ground running. He ran to the blueprints and took his thinking hat out of his bag. "Hmm, I didn't know I had a bag or how that hat got in there." He thought "Oh well." He put on the hat and took the rocket parts out of his bag and put them together.

"Wow… that looks exactly like my Jedi starfighter." He said with surprise. He then imagined himself carrying the rocket to the launchpad and he suddenly had the strength to do so. "Wow, this is light!" He said out loud. He set the rocket down on the launchpad and climbed in. Then he commented: "Even the cockpit looks like my Jedi starfighter." Then he synced his navigation systems with the launchpad and blasted off.

Chapter 2 Edit

A blast shook the Venture explorer; this woke Ahsoka and Obi Wan who were in hypersleep.

"Whah? Where am I?" Ahsoka mumbled

"I believe we're in hypersleep pods." Obi Wan answered as he was opening the door. Ahsoka did the same as Obi Wan. She hopped down from the pod and came face to face with Jett Moonshot, who happened to be sweeping up the broken glass from Anakin's pod.

"Hi, I'm Jett Moonshot. I'm a little busy right now so take these instructions and head on down to Bob."

"Ok." They answered as they ran down the stairs on the way to the command center. They had the same trouble as Anakin at first but they soon figured it out. When they got to the bridge they were greeted by Bob.

"Hello, I'm Bob, the ship's pilot. We need to get you out of here. Go grab six imagination orbs from the platforms to my left and right."

"Let's split up." Obi Wan suggested

"Ok, I'll go left and you go right." Ahsoka answered as she ran towards the platforms

They found the orbs and brought them back to Bob.

"Great Job! Now continue to Sky Lane. She's over there." He said, pointing toward the raised platform

"How are we going to get up there?" Ahsoka asked

"There are some LEGO bricks at the base of the platform. Use your imagination and build something with them. Just imagine what you want to build and the rest handles itself."

"Ok, thank you." Obi Wan called back to him

"Master Skywalker, can you hear me?" Ahsoka called out loud

"I don't think he's here." Obi Wan told her

They came to the pile of bricks and started to think of something. The bricks glowed blue and assembled themselves into an elevator. They got in and it took them to the top of the platform.

At the top there was a woman in a black jumpsuit with glowing green flames holding a chicken. "Hi" She said "I'm Sky Lane, the captain." "COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!" the chicken crowed

"Robby, stop that." She said

"Pardon me madam, but have you seen another person with one of these?" Obi Wan inquired as he held up his lightsaber.

"Sure did! He just left. And you need to leave too. Go back down there and smash enough crates to get each of you a rocket. Each colored crate has a different part in it. And your elevator smashed so just jump down, it won't hurt." She replied. "Ok, thanks." Ahsoka said from mid-jump

Ahsoka and Obi Wan soon got the parts they needed. Ahsoka got a pod rocket and Obi Wan got a white classic rocket. They built a ladder and climbed back up to the captain.

"Good, now we can get you off of here, take these thinking hats and how to use them is in the instructions. I'll see you in Avant Gardens. Talk to Wisp Lee when you get there." She said to them

They agreed and jumped down from the platform. They scanned the instructions and followed them. They then took their rockets and launched for Avant Gardens.

Anakin had decided to take a nap on the way. When he woke up he was just entering Avant Gardens' atmosphere. He turned off auto-pilot and made a perfect landing.

"Not bad for an unfamiliar rocket." He thought, He then took a moment to see what this "Avant Gardens" was like. It must have been a paradise before that purple stuff, the maelstrom, started to take over. It was still a nice place, just some parts were burnt and there was a wreck of a road off to his left. He noticed someone standing next to a big building. The person had purple fog around his hands. He also had a bandanna over his mouth and a Band-Aid over one eye. Anakin walked towards him cautiously.

"It's ok my friend, I'm not one of them." He said while pointing to a big clearing filled with purple minifigures. The purple things were crowded around a normal minifigure and they attacked him. They swung their arms at him. Anakin watched in horror as the purple things smashed him with their arms, which were actually blades. "I'm Wisp Lee, and you need to get to Epsilon Starcracker. He's right over there." He said and pointed Anakin in the right direction.

"Thanks, I'm Anakin." Anakin replied as he stealthily moved towards the hill that Epsilon was on. When he got there he studied what this "Epsilon" looked like.

He wore a jetpack, blue helmet, and carried double blasters.

"Hi there, I'm Epsilon." The man said "Here are some weapons to choose from. Oh, wait, you already have one. Let me try something."

Anakin handed him the lightsaber and Epsilon took something off of the sword and put it on the lightsaber.

"There." he said as he handed Anakin the lightsaber back. "Now it's in your backpack and you can equip it. Try doing that and going out to smash five stromlings."

"Ok, are those purple things Stromlings?" Anakin asked.

"Yes they are my friend." Epsilon said while sniping a Stromling. Anakin went out onto the battlefield as he thought of it now. A stromling ran up to him with his arm held high.

"Oh no" Anakin thought as he drew his lightsaber and activated it. The stromling charged and cut Anakin's arm. Anakin double jumped and brought his lightsaber down on the creature's head. The stromling fell to pieces. "Wow, that was easy." He said out loud.

Just then four other stromlings noticed him and charged.

Chapter 3 Edit

The stromlings charged.

Anakin knew he couldn't fight because he was injured. The cut on his arm was glowing purple. He then noticed that when he smashed the first stromling it had dropped some things. He picked up one of them and it said "Flash Bang, guaranteed to stun your enemies" on the wrapper.

He ripped off the packaging and threw it at the stromlings.

It exploded with a blinding light and the stromlings stood there, dazed. He then picked up the next two things.

They said "Sentinel Healing kit" on one and "Notion potion" on the other. An idea popped into his head. He uncorked the bottle of notion potion and splashed it on the cut. The cut immediately stopped glowing and fizzed.

He then opened up the healing kit and quickly wrapped some gauze around the wound. He tested it and it didn't hurt anymore.

The stromlings were starting to come back to reality now.

He drew his lightsaber and jumped in the air. He brought the lightsaber down on one enemy and slashed it to the side on another. He performed an uppercut on another stromling, slicing it in half, and stabbed the last one right through the middle.

They all dropped coins and one dropped a quicksicle, the quicksicle said on the wrapper: "Speeds you up for a short amount of time". "These are easier than battle droids!" Anakin exclaimed

"Good job Anakin!" Epsilon told his trainee when Anakin got back to him. "Now you need to go to the sentinel encampment and talk to Commander Beck Strongheart."

Pointing across the battlefield towards a blue and yellow wall with a motorhome suspended from a wire as a gate. Anakin thanked him and dashed across the battlefield. As he was about halfway across he noticed orange mechs with purple smoke coming out of the top.

"Uh-oh, those things probably are tougher than battle droids. And they're infected!" Anakin said "Not to mention they're surrounded by stromlings."

He had an idea. He ate the quicksicle and started zig-zagging past the enemies.

"Mmm, tastes like cherry." He thought. "Man, I am really going fast."

The mechs started shooting purple lasers at him and playing the sound "Ima firin mah lazah!" over and over again.

He dodged these with little effort and dashed on to the sentinel encampment.

He slowed down as he got there and noticed that about five stromlings were following him. He got inside and prepared for battle. Before the stromlings got to him though, they just smashed.

"What was that?" he asked

"Imagination bullets." A voice to the right of him said. "Won't hurt you or me, but watch out stromlings!" It was a guard holding a white rifle, wearing a gray helmet, and a blue shirt and pants.

"Thanks." Anakin said

"No problem." The guard replied "Just doing our job."

"Do you know where I could find Commander Beck Strongheart?" Anakin asked

"Right over there." A guard on his left said while pointing to a man with wavy brown hair combed to the side, wearing a gray chain mail breastplate, and blue clothes. "Just be sure to salute him."

Anakin thanked the guards again and walked over to the man, who was kneeling on the ground studying maps.

"Excuse me?" Anakin said as he walked up to the man

"…strike force of twelve to area B." The commander mumbled "Ah, yes, another recruit. Now salute when you're in the presence of a commanding officer." He said sharply

Anakin performed a sloppy salute.

"Not too bad, but it could use some work." Beck said "Now, you need some armor. Go buy some armor polish from Klaus Zett over there." He pointed to a man behind a counter

Anakin saluted and went over to the makeshift store.

"Now what can I get for you today?" Asked the vendor with a southern drawl

"I need some armor polish please." Anakin replied "Ok, that'll be twenty coins please." Klaus said as he set a metal container on the counter.

Anakin thought for a second and then imagined his backpack. It appeared in his hands and he looked through it. He pulled out two silver coins. "Is this enough?" He asked

"Yup, that's perfect." Klaus said

Anakin gave him the coins and took the armor polish back to Beck.

"That's perfect recruit." The commander said "Now here's a piece of armor for you. The enemies drop bits of grease that help repair your armor if it's been damaged. You can also use armor polish and stuff like that to repair your armor more effectively." Beck handed him a helmet like what the guards wore except it was blue.

"Thanks, do you want me to do anything else?" Anakin asked

"Actually yes, you need to get a sentinel shield from the vendor over there." Beck told him

Anakin walked back to the vendor and asked for a sentinel shield. "That'll be 425 coins please." Klaus said

"Thanks." Anakin said and went back to Beck

"Good, now concentrate on a force field and you can shield yourself. Try it." The commander said

Anakin concentrated and closed his eyes and didn't feel anything different. But when he opened his eyes he was surrounded by a blue pulsing field.

"Very good recruit, now go smash five mechs and rebuild them into turrets." Beck told him.

Chapter 4 Edit

Ahsoka and Obi Wan landed their rockets fairly well. They then proceeded to look around. They saw the big building and the broken road. Then they went to talk to Wisp Lee, who had put a sign next to himself that read: "Wisp Lee; not infected." "Hello, I'm Wisp Lee. You are?" Wisp asked

"We're Ahsoka Tano and Obi Wan Kenobi." Ahsoka answered for both of them

"Have you seen someone called Anakin?" Obi Wan inquired

"As a matter of fact I have." Wisp replied "I sent him on to Epsilon Starcracker. Just as I am doing to you."

They went on to the hill where Epsilon was, being careful to avoid the stromlings. Epsilon showed them how to equip and un-equip weapons, and told them to smash five stromlings each.

"We should split up," Ahsoka suggested, "It might help us find Anakin."

"Ok, but be careful." Obi Wan consented "We don't know what to expect in this place."

Ahsoka went to the left, towards a broken building. And Obi Wan went right.

Ahsoka saw an orange mech with purple smoke coming out of the top.

This was surrounded by stromlings.

She decided if she moved stealthily enough it would be ok.

This theory was soon proved wrong, because, when she was about half way past them, they all noticed her. The mech started shooting and the stromlings charged. "Ima firin mah lazah!" the mech played that sound every time it shot.

Ahsoka drew her lightsaber and tried to deflect a "lazah" that was coming at her. It didn't work. The laser hit her shoulder and she dropped her lightsaber.

She turned her back and prepared for the worst. Just then she heard a sucking noise. It was much louder than a vacuum cleaner. She turned around to see what it was.

It was a black hole that was sucking all the enemies into it and stunning them.

She then saw a minifig in a black shirt, black pants, white shoulder pads with blue stripes, and a white and blue helmet that reminded her of a mandalorian helmet. She was looking at a rank three space ranger.

The space ranger was holding a scanner in the left hand and a laser gun in the right. It utilized the gun and shot all the enemies until they were just piles of bricks.

"Thank you for saving me." Ahsoka told the ranger

"No problem, it's all in the sentinel code" the space ranger replied as it took out a notion potion and gave it to Ahsoka. "I'm Ruthy by the way."

"Thanks again, but what's the sentinel code?" Ahsoka asked as she drank the potion.

Ruthy took off her helmet to reveal yellow hair down to her shoulders. "The sentinel code is what all sentinels stand for. It says: ‘Protect the weak, help the helpless, stay true to who you are.'" She told Ahsoka as they started walking along.

"Are the sentinels part of the Nexus Force?" Ahsoka asked

"Yes they are. And in my opinion they're the best faction in the force." Ruthy replied proudly

"Faction? What's a faction?" Ahsoka inquired

"You don't know? There are four groups, or factions as they're officially called, that make up the Nexus Force. There are: the Venture League, the Assembly, the Paradox, and the Sentinels." Ruthy explained

"Oh, I needed to smash five stromlings. Can you help me?" Ahsoka asked

"Sure, I know of a good spot for that. Right this way."

Ruthy said as she turned right. She then stopped took out a map and looked at it for a second, then went the opposite direction.

Chapter 5 Edit

"Go smash five mechs and rebuild them into turrets." Beck said

"Ok, any tips?" Anakin asked

"Use your shielding ability." The commander replied "But be careful, it's only good for one mech blast and it will have to recharge after you use it. So basically just activate the shield and dodge anything that comes at you."

"Ok, see ya later." Anakin said as he dashed onto the battlefield.

He activated his shielding ability and charged at the nearest mech. He smashed the stromlings surrounding it and stabbed his lightsaber into the mech's middle. This left a big sparking hole. But the mech was still working!

The mech shot Anakin's force-field and he was on his own.

Anakin sliced the mech's left arm off and it was starting to slow down. He sliced off the mech's blaster arm and it burst into bricks.

Anakin then imagined a turret and the bricks flew together into one. The turret promptly smashed a stromling that was sneaking up behind Anakin.

Anakin picked up the coins and loot that the enemies dropped and moved on to the next one.

When he was done doing that he returned to Beck Strongheart.

"Good job recruit!" Strongheart said to Anakin "Now there's something a little harder I need you to do. Do you see that door that goes into the wall over there?" "Yes sir." Anakin said

"Good, that leads to a simulation of Avant Gardens if it had been taken over by the maelstrom. We call it Avant Gardens survival. Beck said proudly

"I'm going to go in there?" Anakin asked

"Yes, but not without some help. Beck said "Alright boys come on in." He yelled Three minifigures came into view.

One was wearing blue pants, a red muscle shirt, had a friendly looking face, and had an orange crew-cut.

Another was wearing red pants, a red shirt with rope and a golden face on it. The last was wearing a red leather jacket, and red leather pants.

"Boys, this is Anakin Skywalker. He is going to be training in the survival simulator." Beck told them "You're going to be helpi-"

"You're THE Anakin Skywalker? From the republic? Are you really a Jedi? Is that your lightsaber? Can I try it PLEASE?" the first figure interrupted

Beck glared at the figure.

"Cut it out Sharpie. We all know you love Star Wars." The third figure said "I'm CannonFire."

"I'm SlyMetalSpy, but you can call me Spy for short." The second figure replied.

"And I'm Sharpie. Can I try your lightsaber? I'll give you ten thousand coins." The first figure said

Anakin chuckled. "Sure, here you go." He said as he handed Sharpie the lightsaber. "Here you go." Sharpie said as he handed Anakin a pile of golden coins. "Thank you Master Jedi." He bowed "I'll be right back guys."

Sharpie took the lightsaber and disappeared behind a tree. He jumped out again and activated the lightsaber.

Sharpie was wearing tan shirt and pants that looked almost like Jedi robes, a brown hood and cape, holding the lightsaber, and wearing a huge grin.

He swung the saber at a small barricade and it smashed. He rebuilt it into a model of R2-D2. He did several flips and got into a battle stance.

The other two were splitting their sides laughing. "Here you go." Sharpie said as he handed Anakin the lightsaber back "Now that I got that out of my system, WHO'S READY FOR SOME AVANT GARDENS SURVIVAL?!" He yelled

"Sure, just let me change gear." CannonFire said

"Same here." Spy said

They both changed clothes instantaneously.

CannonFire kept his shirt and pants on but he put on a tan outback hat with a green band and glowing blue studding. He also put on a backpack with double quivers of arrows with blue feathers. He then got a coiled barbed wire whip with a blue spike at the end and a mean looking semi-automatic crossbow out of his backpack. A green compass with a skull in the middle appeared over his head. SlyMetalSpy changed from the red shirt and pants to black pants, and a black captain's vest. He put on a black pirate hat with a green mask attached to it and a bandolier. He got a big cutlass and pistol out of his backpack and the same symbol appeared over his head.

Sharpie changed from the jeans and muscle shirt to a green and grey jumpsuit with green flames on the legs. He put on some green shoulder pads and a grey motorcycle helmet with a green stripe down the middle and four blue glowing spikes on it. He then got out some grey double-barreled pistols and holstered them on his hips. Then he got a motorcycle with one wheel out of his backpack and held it. He revved up the bike and the symbol appeared over his head too.

"This is rank three Venture League buccaneer gear." Spy said

"And this is rank three Venture League adventurer gear." CannonFire said

"And this is awesome rank three Venture League daredevil gear!" Sharpie said enthusiastically "It has the awesome-est helmet ever, double flareguns, and the Rutcarver!"

"Show-off!" a voice said from the other side of the encampment

"Just go smash some stromlings or something Ruthy!" Sharpie yelled back "They're over there" he pointed

"Ok, I didn't get lost or anything." Ruthy yelled

"Yup, she's lost." Spy said

"That sister of yours needs to learn how to navigate." CannonFire told Sharpie.

"Ok, let's do this." Spy said

"I was going to tell you that we'll shut it off at ten minutes." Beck interjected "Awwww, why?" Sharpie asked

"Because Anakin is new at this." Beck said.

"Ok then." CannonFire said "Let's do this."

All four of them hopped through the door.

Chapter 6 Edit

When Ahsoka dashed to the left, Obi-Wan went to the right.

He entered a large battlefield at the other end of which was a large blue and yellow wall.

The wall had a large hole broken into it at the left, and the main gate was blocked by a motorhome suspended by a magnet. The battlefield was dotted with stromlings and mechs. There was purple sludge on the ground that led to a cave. Obi-Wan climbed up the rock wall next to him and headed towards the cave.

None of the enemies saw him. He dropped down onto the entrance of the cave and started to go in. A voice stopped him.

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you." The voice said. Obi-Wan turned around, lightsaber ready.

A minifig wearing yellow gear stood there casually. He was wearing a yellow helmet with glowing blue goggles and two metal things sticking out of the top with electricity arcing between them, yellow and white shoulderpads with blue lights at the tips, a white scientist vest with an orange pentose triangle on one side, white pants, holding a glowing blue ball in his left hand, and holding a giant hammer with a spike coming out the back.

"There's spiderlings in there." The minifig said "By the way you look; you'll get smashed in there."

"Are these ‘spiderlings' hard?" Obi-Wan asked

"Not hard for me, I've got spikey, but for you, yes, they would be hard." The minifig answered "I'm ChrisMan174. You can call me Chris." Chris held out his hand to shake.

"Nice to meet you." Obi-Wan said

"There's also a giant pizza monster in there." Chris said

"What?" Obi-Wan looked in the cave and saw spiderlings, stromlings, mechs, a minifigure, and a tunnel leading further into the cave, but no pizza monster.

"There's no pizza monster in there."

"Pretty good… Oh you mean this pizza monster?" Chris held up a box of pizza from "Pizza Monster"

"You've been eating pizza?" Obi-Wan said, confused

"Yep, Pizza Monster is the best." Chris replied "Want to go smash some stromlings?

"That's what I came over here to do." Obi-Wan said

"This way, I know of a fairly good spot, there are mechs though." Chris said

When Anakin and the Venture League team stepped through the door, at first it was pitch black.

But then they appeared on a deserted Avant Gardens battlefield.

They were in front of the Sentinel Encampment. There was nobody or nothing anywhere around them. All of a sudden, several stromlings ran very fast up to them and attacked.

CannonFire shot one before it got to them.

Spy held down the trigger on his pistol and aimed. When he let go of the trigger a shark came out of it and smashed two stromlings. A bunch of stromlings were crowding around Sharpie. He spun around in a green blur and smashed those.

A mech appeared a bit away from them and Sharpie jumped on his Rutcarver and drove on the one wheel and mowed down the mech.

Anakin flipped over two stromlings and smashed them.

Spy chopped up a mech with his cutlass.

CannonFire cracked his whip at about five stromlings and a mech until they were bricks.

Just then a spiderling spawned and Sharpie suddenly transformed into a blue arcing tornado and completely decimated the spiderling.

5 minutes later…

They were doing well so far but Anakin found out how real the simulation was. He had gotten caught in a spiderling's web blast and it HURT. Then a stromling with a chainsaw on his arm spawned from over by the spider caves. It ran over and attacked them.

Chapter 7 Edit

Ahsoka followed Ruthy across the battlefield and into a blue and yellow structure. They looked around in there for stromlings but couldn't find any.

(Note: I wonder why? :P )

Ruthy saw her brother and his friends in there and he told them where the stromlings were.

That's when Ahsoka realized that Ruthy knew nothing about how to navigate. "Could I look at the map?" Ahsoka asked

"Sure, we're here." Ruthy handed Ahsoka the map and pointed to a spot. "I think." "I think we're actually over here." Ahsoka said "Right by the blue and yellow wall. And I think you've got the map upside-down."

"Oh, so that would make the place we're going to over here." Ruthy pointed.

Ahsoka followed Ruthy across the battlefield.

Ruthy was tracing her finger along the map as they went, so she didn't know they were coming up on a rock wall. Ruthy bumped her nose against the wall.

"We're here." Ruthy said cheerfully as she put on her helmet.

Ahsoka looked around and wondered how the stromlings and mechs hadn't seen them; the enemies were all around them.

They were just a bit off the main battlefield. It was down a slight slope from a flat part. There was scorch marks and purple sludge on the ground. A cave was on the other side of the enemies.

There were two minifigures standing at the cave entrance, talking. The figures turned around and the one with stronger gear started to smash his way towards them.

"Oh no! He's going to steal our kill!" Ruthy cried, "Come on!"

Ruthy rushed forward and started shooting her laser gun at the stromlings. Ahsoka followed and started fighting a stromling that Ruthy missed. She smashed it fairly quickly.

Ruthy pushed some buttons on her scanner and a giant blue laser shot out of the sky, smashing a mech and about seven stromlings.

Obi-Wan followed ChrisMan out of the cave and into a battle area. Chris cleared a large path with his "spikey" in front of them and let a few through for Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan took care of those and noticed that a minifigure in black, white, and blue armor, and Ahsoka were battling towards them.

"Master!" Ahsoka called out

"Ahsoka!" Obi-Wan said in surprise

"Summon Thwok!" ChrisMan said as he held up the blue ball.

"What?" Ahsoka said

As soon as Chris said that a glowing blue orb appeared over his head and went down to the ground. The orb disappeared and a big brown creature with axes for hands appeared. The creature started smashing stromlings everywhere he went.

"Power release!" Ruthy said and jumped up in the air.

Four blue rockets flew out from her jetpack and exploded on the ground, smashing the last of the enemies.

"I'm ChrisMan174." Chris told Ahsoka and Ruthy

"I'm Ruthy." Ruthy said shyly as she took off her helmet.

"Well I think I smashed five stromlings by now." Ahsoka said

"We both have." Obi-Wan replied

When the "chainsawlings" spawned, Spy immediately threw a banana at it. "A banana?" Anakin made it sound ridiculous.

Just then a monkey came out and started dancing right in front of the chainsawlings.

The enemies seemed content with watching the monkey. This was indicated by their chainsaws slowing down.

Sharpie ran up with a fire extinguisher in his hands and sprayed them until they were frozen solid. "Would you like to do the honors?" CannonFire asked Anakin.

"No thanks." Anakin said, "They're helpless, It's not the Jedi way."

"Fair enough." Spy said as he jumped high in the air over the enemies and came down on one of the chainsaws. "OWWWWWWW!!!! That's hurts!"

Then the chainsawlings thawed out a bit and began attacking them.

To make it worse a bunch of mechs had spawned behind them and opened fire.

Interlude 1 Edit

Place: Count Dooku's solar sailer, en route to one of the moons of Iego (pronounced: ee-ay-go, spelled with an "i")

Asaji Ventress kneeled down before Count Dooku and said:"Lord Sidious has gone missing, my master."

"I am aware of his absence." Dooku said "That is why we have come here, to his last known location."

"Yes master." Asaji said as she stood up.

The ship withdrew its energy sail and landed on the surface of the moon. Dooku and Asaji stepped out of it and, along with a two magma bodyguards and a rather large force of battle droids, went into the brush.

They came to a large metal door with a portal in the middle. There were slaughtered clone troopers everywhere. Some were beheaded, some had various limbs severed, some were impaled, and some were cut in half.

"Well that saves us some work." A random battle droid commented and was returned with a chorus of "Roger roger"s from the other battle droids and a glare from Ventress.

"I sense that the dark side is strong through this portal." Dooku said after some thought

"I sense it also master." Ventress replied, she only replied to thin air because Dooku had gone into the portal. "Stay here commander and, whatever happens, don't let anyone but myself, Count Dooku, and Lord Sidious, in, or out." Ventress told the battle droid commander

"Roger Roger!" the droid replied

Ventress went into the portal.

When Dooku woke up he decided to wait for Asaji, who he knew was coming, when he saw her wake up in the pod next to him he sent a message through the Force, relaying the one that his master had given him.

She agreed and they both put the plan into action. The quietly opened the pods and snuck towards the nearest window, avoiding a minifigure who was sweeping up glass and talking to himself: "The maelstrom is taking over and I'm stuck sweeping up glass that people keep breaking..."

Asaji looked out the window and saw a giant purple vortex with face in the middle.

Dooku broke the window and they both jumped out and were covered in purple mist.

They were sucked into the vortex and blacked, more like purpled, out.

Chapter 8 Edit

The mechs opened fire. One of the laser blasts hit Anakin.

CannonFire pulled Anakin down before he could get hit again and the mechs shot each other. Several smashed but the stromlings moved in.

Sharpie strapped his rutcarver to his back and un-holstered his flareguns. He pushed a button on the back of them and he burst into blue flames. He ran around in the crowd of maelstrom and they caght on fire too.

The spiderlings started to move towards them.

Spy closed his eyes and focused on something. Suddenly steam started coming out of his ears and he ran around and knocked enemies down.

CannonFire focused on something and a red shockwave came from his backpack. When the red shockwave hit Anakin he suddenly felt much better. He jumped up and started slicing, dicing, and smashing maelstrom.

A whole bunch of spiderlings and chainsawlings moved in from over by the spider caves.

All of a sudden the scenery faded and a door opened.

But the enemies didn't fade; they kept on fighting like nothing had happened. Anakin saw why. In the far corner of the cave there was an opening with maelstrom pouring out of it.

Beck Strongheart yelled: "There's been a breach!"

About twenty sentinel guards moved in and started shooting the enemies with imagination bullets.

Beck was at the head of the force and started dueling a chainsawling with his sword.

Anakin smashed a spiderling and moved on to a mech.

Sharpie turned into a blue tornado again and smashed about five stromlings.

CannonFire took turns whipping and shooting the enemies.

Spy shot sharks at the enemies.

Soon there was almost no maelstrom left.

Spy tossed some bricks on the ground and built a wall to block off the opening. "That should hold until we get some Assembly in here.

"There's already some here." A voice from the back of the crowd said.

The figure stepped forward. It was wearing white robes with an orange penrose triangle on them, shoulderpads that had a dip in them to make room for the hood, the hood was white and had a part that stuck out downward. He was holding staff in his right hand and a blue glowing ball in the other.

"Good E. Venson, at your service." He said.

Good tossed more bricks on the ground and built a two-inch thick solid wall. He then concentrated on something and a blue orb appeared over his head, the orb lowered down to the ground and became what looked like a red and black dog with spikes all over it.

"Guard the wall and make sure no maelstrom gets in here." Good told his creature.

"Hey, I've always wanted to meet Good E. Venson!" Sharpie said.

"Really? You wanted to meet me?" Good sounded surprised.

"You're one of my favorite authors." Sharpie replied. "Can I have your autograph?" "Sure, I guess." Good said as he signed the paper Sharpie had given him. "Awesome! I love the Ancient history of Forbidden Valley!" Sharpie said.

"Come on; let's get you out of here before you meet any more of your favorite authors." Spy said, dragging Sharpie out the door.

Anakin and CannonFire followed, laughing their minifigure heads off.

Chapter 9 Edit

Anakin, Sharpie, SlyMetalSpy, and CannonFire stepped out of the door that went into the mountain.

"You did well recruit." Beck Strongheart told Anakin.

"Thank you, sir." Anakin said with a salute.

"I give you the Sentinel faction approval, when you have the Paradox, Assembly, and Venture league faction approvals you will be able to join the Nexus Force. To get the Paradox approval, go to Wisp Lee and do some crazy experiment for him." Beck continued.

Anakin nodded and set out across the battlefield with his team.

Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Ruthy, and Chrisman174 had reported back to Epsilon Starcracker who told them to go to Commander Beck Strongheart in the Sentinel Encampment. Ruthy volunteered to show the way but Chris, who had probably heard about her navigational skills, did it instead.

The commander told them to smash and rebuild five mechs.

Chris took them off to the edge of the battlefield where there weren't as many stromlings.

They started smashing their mechs there.

Anakin and his team headed across the battlefield, smashing maelstrom as they went. They soon came to the broken down laboratory building beside Wisp Lee. He gave Anakin a yellow vacuum cleaner and told him to clean up some of the purple bricks that were floating around. He did this and came back to Wisp Lee, who made them into a purple cube.

Wisp told Anakin to set it onto a pile of bricks that were in nearby cage. Anakin went and did that and the bricks turned into a dark spiderling!

The spiderling charged at the bars of the cage.

Anakin immediately reached into his backpack and threw the first thing he grabbed at the monster. He happened to throw a bottle of notion potion at the spiderling and it spilled all over it. When the liquid imagination hit the maelstrom it made a sizzling sound, like bacon frying in a pan.

The spiderling was immediately crippled and it started to turn back into bricks. Anakin went back to Wisp Lee who said: "Good job, you handled yourself well, and you have the makings of a scientist. I give you the Paradox faction approval. I think Epsilon Starcracker needs you for something."

"Hey, you're one step closer to joining a faction!" Spy said

"Every little bit helps." CannonFire told Anakin

They went to Epsilon Starcracker.

"Welcome back!" Epsilon told them, "One of our agents needs help in the spider caves; I'm assigning you guys to go help."

"Melodie Foxtrot? She never had any trouble with spiderlings." Spy said

"Well, she believes she's found the whereabouts of the Spider Queen." Epsilon said "THE SPIDER QUEEN!" Sharpie said "Finally! Something that might actually be a challenge!"

"You won't be fighting her yet, just her minions." Epsilon said, "Anakin will be given trial faction gear for this mission."

"We'd better get going." CannonFire said

They walked across the battlefield towards the entrance to the caves. They went inside and saw stromlings, mechs, and spiderlings, patrolling the area. On the other side of the cave there was an entrance to a deeper cave and a minifigure in a blue warm up suit that had yellow hair with a red bandana on it and was holding curved, glowing blue daggers.

They battled their way across to the minifigure, who Anakin assumed was Melodie Foxtrot.

"You're here, good, our intelligence units have evidence that the spider queen has been sending her minions her location." Melodie said. "Pardon my ignorance, but, what's the spider queen?" Anakin asked.

"The spider queen was some paradox science fair project that went completely wrong." Sharpie said.

"An extremely dangerous science fair project at that." CannonFire added.

"That's why we have to destroy her." Melodie said. "But first we have to find out where she is. To smash the spiderlings without getting swarmed you'll need faction gear. We have some rank two gear that you can borrow. Do you want Assembly Summoner, Sentinel Knight, Paradox Space Marauder, or Venture League Daredevil?" She asked.

Anakin touched the Assembly gear and suddenly wanted to build something.

He touched the Sentinel gear and felt noble, strong, and brave.

He touched the Paradox gear and felt like using the maelstrom.

He touched the Venture League gear and felt a sudden, strong, adrenaline rush.

"I'll go with the Venture League Daredevil." Anakin said

"Good choice." Melodie said and handed him a black motorcycle helmet with green stripes, a pair of flat green shoulder pads, a gray jumpsuit, and two flareguns that looked like Sharpie's except they only had one barrel each.

Anakin put on the gear and felt the adrenaline rush except even stronger. He felt like doing something crazy like jumping off a cliff. He didn't of course. He soon got the feeling under control.

"You look good." Melodie said, "Now go smash some spiderlings."

Interlude 2 Edit

When Asaji Ventress and Count Dooku jumped out of the window of the ship they found themselves being sucked into the big purple vortex. It pulled them into the center of the skeletal face.

Their feet touched the ground inside of the hole. They were in a room with purple walls and floor. At the end of the room was a cage with a minifigure in black clothes and a top hat on. And next to the cage was a throne. In the throne was Darth Sidious.

Sidious looked different than Dooku had last seen him; his eyes glowed purple and he was much bigger.

"You have made it." Sidious said, "Good, very good."

"I followed your directions exactly." Dooku said.

They discussed plans for a bit and then Sidious said he would make everything ready.

A purple mist surrounded them and Ventress and Dooku felt power rushing through their bodies.

They looked down at themselves and saw that they glowed purple for a bit, then went back down to normal.

"Assassin, you must hurry if you are to intercept Skywalker." Sidious said. "Yes, Lord Sidious." Ventress said, she disappeared in a puff of purple mist.

Ventress checked herself to make sure her lightsabers were ok, and then made sure she looked like a normal minifigure. She stepped out of the grove of pine trees she was in and found herself on a well-worn path.

It was dusk on this world. Across the path from her was a worried looking minifigure in strange looking armor with clocks all over them. He was standing next to a big clock with a portal in it.

To her left, up a hill, there was a personal rocket launcher. Down the hill, to her right, there was a few skunks and at the end of the path there was a big, bustling plaza.

She moved towards the plaza. Behind her she heard the minifig call out: "Nimbus Station is under attack! No, not now! In the past!"

Perfect, she knew she was in the right place now. She avoided the skunks and entered the plaza.

She heard calls of "I'll give a parrot to whoever catches me!" and "Having a party on my prop!".

She ignored these and headed towards the fig she was looking for.

He was wearing dark blue pants, a white and blue shirt with an emblem on it, a gray helmet, and holding a clipboard.

"Hi there, I'm Nexus Jay. Are you here to join a Faction?" The minifigure asked. "Uh, yes, yes I am." Ventress said

"Good, do you have the Faction approvals?" Nexus Jay asked.

"Do you really need them?" Ventress asked.

"According to Article II, Section V, Paragraph VIII, Line I, Sentence III, of the Nexus Force Code, minifigures must have approval from all four Factions before they can join one." Jay stated.

"Would they be in my bag?" Ventress asked, acting the part of a young, naïve recruit.

"Yes, if you have them." Nexus Jay said with a hint of suspicion in his voice. Asaji reached into the void known as a backpack and searched inside it. She closed her hand around a hologram generator.

She used the Force to search its database and found that it had been pre-programmed for four symbols. Just according to the plan. She activated the first one and made it look like she was bringing out a green circular badge with a compass and skull on it.

"Venture League approval." Nexus Jay said. "Good."

She activated the next one and brought out an image of an orange and white Penrose triangle inside an orange circle.

"Assembly, next." Jay said.

She activated the next and brought out a red badge with a red and black wormhole with an eye in the middle.

"Paradox approval, keep going." Jay said as he checked his clipboard. She activated the last one and brought out a blue badge with a solid yellow triangle with a blue silhouette of an eagle on it.

"Sentinel approval, you can now officially join the Nexus Force." Nexus Jay said. "There's the Assembly, who use their Imagination and creativity to battle the maelstrom. They are led by Doctor Albert Overbuild and are made up of Engineers, Summoners, and Inventors.

There are the Sentinels, who are strong and noble. They're led by the courageous Duke Exeter and are made up of Knights, Samurais, and Space Rangers. There's also the Venture League, they are reckless but powerful and love to explore. They are led by notorious Space Pirate Hael Storm and are made up of Daredevils, Buccaneers, and Adventurers.

There's also the Paradox, they are mysterious and shadowy, they are sometimes hard to trust, and they use the maelstrom against itself. They are led by the ninja Vanda Darkflame and are made up of Space Marauders, Sorcerers, and Shinobi. Ventress raised an eyebrow at "...use the maelstrom..."

"I'll take Paradox." She said.

"Ok, go to Cog Blammo to pick out your gear." Nexus Jay said, pointing towards a vending booth with a minifigure in black and purple gear. Ventress went around the outside of the circular plaza, avoiding all minifigures, until she got to the vendor.

"Welcome to Paradox, I'm your faction vendor Cog Blammo." The figure inside the booth said. "Well, I only sell rank 1 and rank 2 gear here; you have to buy rank 3 gear, valiant weapons, and valiant capes from Sutoro Hatto in Nexus Tower." "Can we speed this up?" Ventress said impatiently.

"Ok, which Faction kit do you want? We have Space Marauder, Sorcerer, and Shinobi. The space Marauder uses high-tech weapons powered by maelstrom. The Sorcerer uses maelstrom spells and black magic. And the Shinobi is a master of stealth with maelstrom katanas." Cog Blammo said, holding up some gear as she spoke. "I'll go with Sorcerer." Ventress said.

"Excellent choice, now read this and use the things that come in this box." Blammo said, handing Asaji a red and black book with the Paradox symbol on it, and a box with the Paradox symbol on it.

Ventress scanned through the book and put on the gear that was in the box. "I look ridiculous." She thought.

She was wearing black and red robes with the paradox symbol on them, a black pointy hat, and holding a wand. She waved the wand and a maelstrom orb shot out of it and smashed a nearby trash can. "I could get used to that though," She thought, "now to get in position so I'll be ready when Skywalker comes."

Chapter 10 Edit

"Now go smash some spiderlings!" Melodie Foxtrot said.

Anakin felt like he could take on the entire maelstrom and win.

He ran at top speed through the winding, torch lit tunnel.

The tunnel opened up into a large wide cavern, lit only by a hole in the cave near some rocket launch pads. There were black and red crates around the edges. The floor was covered in purple goo. There were spiderlings everywhere.

"Do you want us to help?" Spy asked. "Or do you want us to wait for you?"

"I'll try it by myself." Anakin said. "Just step in if I'm in trouble."

"Okay, whatever you say." Spy said

Anakin rushed into the cavern and started shooting a spiderling with the flareguns.

The creature reared up on its back legs and hissed. A blaster on the side of its large head started glowing. A purple glowing web shot from the blaster and pinned Anakin to the ground. The creature moved in to deal the final blow.

Anakin was in trouble. He tried to call for his friends to help him but the web covered his mouth. "He's good, teasing that spiderling and making it think it won." Sharpie said.

"I don't think he's faking it." CannonFire said

"Relax, I've seen every Star Wars movie and read every Star Wars book there is; Anakin Skywalker is the best of the best." Sharpie replied calmly.

Anakin's life flashed before his eyes. His days as a slave, the Boonta Eve Classic podrace, blowing up the droid command station, escaping the droid factory on Geonosis, marrying Padme, all the battles, flashed and were gone.

He remembered what Sharpie did in the battle Simulator. He searched around on the handle of his flareguns and pushed the button he found.

His body erupted in blue flames. They melted the webs and the spiderling jumped back.

He put his flareguns in hip holsters and drew his lightsaber. This was crackling with Imagination fire.

He sliced at the cowering spiderling and it smashed.

"I told you." Sharpie said

"Oh shut up." Spy retorted

"What if I don't?" Sharpie said

"How about you go explore Spy?" CannonFire suggested

Spy grumbled but went off to look around anyway.

Anakin looked over at his friends and saw something rather unusual: a giant screen TV and three recliners.

Sharpie and CannonFire were sitting in one. The one from the simulator cave was in the other one.

"I think Good Eats Venison was his name." Anakin thought. "Or was it Good E. Venson?"

He decided to go with the latter.

"Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." A voice from the TV said.

After Anakin had smashed the rest of the spiderlings he went to see what his friends were watching.

"Anakin, how'd it go?" CannonFire asked.

"Not too bad, the webs were a little tight but other than that it was fine." Anakin replied

"Have some of this." Sharpie said, handing Anakin a mug filled with a blue, bubbling liquid. "Thirst quencher, it'll fix you right up."

Anakin drank it and immediately felt refreshed.

"Hey guys, I'm back. And guess what I found." Spy said

"Later Spy, right now we've got to go back to Melodie Foxtrot." CannonFire said

"Um, ok." Spy looked a little put out but went along with the unspoken team leader.

They said goodbye to Good and went back through the tunnel to Melodie Foxtrot.

"All done? I'll need the gear back." Melodie said

Anakin took off the daredevil armor and gave it to her. Then he showed her the things the spiders dropped and she gasped.

"Postcards from the Spider Queen?!" She said. "This tells of her location!"

"REALLY!?!?!" Sharpie yelled. "WHERE?!?!?!" "She's on a Block Yard property. Go talk to Commander Strongheart about this." Melodie said

They excitedly left the caves and ran to the Sentinel Encampment.

"On a Block yard? I'll send someone there to exterminate this pest." Beck said when he heard the news.

"Sir, we were hoping we could go." Spy said

"No." Beck said firmly. "We need a full team of people with more experience."

"Well, guess we can still explore." Sharpie said sadly.

They smashed stromlings and mechs for a while and then Spy said:

"Guys, remember how I told you I found something in the spider caves? Well it was a hidden tunnel. We could see where it leads."

"Perfect!" Anakin shouted.

They went to the caves and followed Spy to where he found the tunnel.

They went inside and followed it until it came out near some buffalo.

They saw a sight so shocking that they almost went back into the tunnel; there was a giant maelstrom cloud over that part of the planet chunk.

There was a small amphitheater with various people picnicking despite the chaotic storm.

"Hey, there's the Block Yard launchpad. We could go smash the Spider Queen on our own." Sharpie said.

They snuck towards a small rocket launcher and Anakin put his gray and yellow rocket on it and took off.

CannonFire put one that looked like a green jeep® with a treasure chest in the back on the pad and took off.

Spy put a red and gold dragon rocket on the pad and took off.

And Sharpie put a rocket that looked like a pencil on the pad and took off for the Block yard.

Chapter 11 Edit

Anakin, Sharpie, Spy, and CannonFire put their rockets on the Block Yard launcher and took off.

It wasn't too far away, in about five minutes they landed on a small planet chunk in the middle of the maelstrom cloud.

There was an unconscious minifigure in a guard helmet and blue clothes with a spear laying on the ground next to him.

In the main area of the chunk there were pillars of rock around the edges.

In the middle of the chunk there was a giant spiderling.

The spider had missile launchers and flame throwers. It was at least fifteen feet tall.

"The spider queen." CannonFire said in awe.

The spider queen saw them and reared up on her hind legs, hissing a challenge.

Without thinking they jumped into the main part of the island and started fighting the spider queen.

She stood up her hind legs and pounded the ground with her front; creating a shockwave that knocked them all back. She then shot flaming orbs at them, knocking Spy out.

Anakin sliced at one of her legs, part of it fell off.

The spider queen jumped up onto the rocky mountain behind her.

Two of the rock pillars started to glow purple. They smashed and in their place stood dark spiderlings.

Sharpie charged at one on his Rutcarver while CannonFire shot a storm of arrows into the other.

The spiderlings soon smashed.

The spider queen took a flying leap from the mountain and landed on Sharpie, knocking him out.

CannonFire ran up to the spider queen and jumped on top of her, constantly whipping her with his spiked, metal whip.

The spider queen stumbled around in a crazed rage of pain; she aimed her missile launcher and blasted CannonFire off of her, knocking him out as well.

"I'm the only one left." Anakin said. "I have to do this."

He thought only about how to do smash the queen. Suddenly, a huge blast of Imagination erupted from his body, smashing the spider queen, purifying the ground, and dissipating the maelstrom cloud.

He fell unconscious.

When Anakin woke up he was greeted with the friendly smiles of his friends.

"You're up!" Spy said

"Ugh, where am I?" Anakin asked

"You're lying on a cot made from the spider queen's purified bricks." CannonFire said.

"How did you do it?!" Sharpie asked

"Do what?" Anakin asked

"Smash and purify the Spider Queen." Spy said

"I don't know. I can't remember anything after Cannon got knocked out." Anakin told them

"Strange, neither can I." CannonFire joked

"Are you feeling up to moving on before we get in trouble?" Spy asked

"Maybe if I get another of those thirst quenchers." Anakin said

"Sorry we don't have any more," Sharpie said, "already checked."

"Try some of this though." CannonFire said, handing Anakin a green and white striped bottle with the Venture League emblem on it.

Anakin drank it and felt ready to run a marathon.

"What is this stuff?" He asked. "It's great!"

"Venture Vitality Vial, or V3 for short." Sharpie said.

"We'd better go before Commander Beck gets here and finds out that we disobeyed his orders." Spy said.

They agreed and smashed the cot, then put their rockets on the launcher and took off.

They landed back in Avant Gardens and Sharpie said:

"You should join a Faction."

"Yeah, come to Nimbus Station with us." Spy said

"You can buy more V3s." CannonFire said.

"I'm in!" Anakin said

They walked over to a large launchpad with and set their rockets on it. They took off just as Beck Strongheart came down the road with a squadron of Sentinel guards.

"Sir, where'd the maelstrom cloud go? Sir." A guard asked

"I hate it when minifigs directly disobey my orders." Fumed Beck.

Chapter 12 Edit

When Anakin and the others landed at Nimbus Station they were met with a quiet night on a hill. They could hear owls hooting off in the trees.

"Head down this path and talk to Nexus Jay." CannonFire said. "We'll be about a year behind you."

"What?" Anakin asked.

Sharpie pointed to a big clock with a portal in the middle, a worried minifigure with clocks on his armor paced next to it.

"It's a time machine." Spy stated the obvious.

"By the way, if you see Johnny Thunder, tell him Cannon said hi." CannonFire said

The trio dashed off for the time machine as Anakin started down the hill.

He came to a large plaza buzzing with activity. There were minifigures trading and chatting. Several tall buildings with vendor booths next to them lined the center area.

He headed towards the nearest official looking person he saw and asked him where Nexus Jay was.

"I am Nexus Jay. Now, are you here to join a faction?" The minifigure replied.

"That's why I'm here." Anakin said.

"Good, now, go see Johnny Thunder in Red Blocks and Mardolf the Orange in Brick Annex for the other faction approvals." Jay said.

Anakin walked around the outside of the plaza and turned right to go under a big archway with a holographic sign that read "Red Blocks Theater" and had a picture of the area.

The trail went along the sea and Anakin could just see the sunset on the horizon. On his right there was a hill with a tree with a parachute with a crate in it. (slightly awkward .)

He walked towards a large flashy archway and a minifig with no pants. He went down a ramp into the main concert area.

There were flashing, colored lights, a cheering crowd, and a few minifigs were on the stage playing instruments.

He went into a picnic area and talked to a minifig in clothes similar to an adventurer's.

"Do you know where I can find Johnny thunder?" Anakin asked the minifig.

"I'm the guy you're looking for!" He answered.

"Good, what do I have to do to get the Venture League Faction approval?" Anakin asked "Oh, and Cannon says hi."

"You know Cannon?!" Johnny Thunder said. "If he knows you then you've got to be a top notch navigator already! Here's the Venture approval." Johnny gave Anakin the badge.

"Thanks, I've got to go see Mardolf the Orange now." Anakin said, running up the ramp and back to the plaza.

He went around the edge of the plaza some more and came to a different archway. This one's sign read "Brick Annex" and had a picture of some tall buildings and a wizard on it.

He followed the path until he got to Brick Annex and walked up to the wizard.

"Greetings, I am Mardolf the Orange." The wizard said. "I would guess that you are here for the Assembly faction approval."

"Yes, that's right. What do I have to do?" Anakin inquired.

"Take this rocket part and build a rocket. You can buy more rocket parts over there." Mardolf told Anakin, pointing to a vendor booth and handing Anakin a rocket cockpit.

Anakin took the part and went to the booth to buy the other two pieces.

The vendor took some coins and gave him a rocket nosecone and a rocket engine. "Have a nice day!"

Anakin took the parts and set them by the blueprints. He put on his thinking cap and put them together.

Mardolf congratulated him and gave him the orange stamp.

Anakin went back to the plaza and Nexus Jay.

"You've gotten all of the faction approvals; you can now officially join the Nexus Force." Nexus Jay said. "There's the Assembly, who use their Imagination and creativity to battle the maelstrom. They are led by Doctor Albert Overbuild and are made up of Engineers, Summoners, and Inventors.

There are the Sentinels, who are strong and noble. They're led by the courageous Duke Exeter and are made up of Knights, Samurais, and Space Rangers.

There's also the Venture League, they are reckless but powerful and love to explore. They are led by notorious Space Pirate Hael Storm and are made up of Daredevils, Buccaneers, and Adventurers.

There's also the Paradox, they are mysterious and shadowy, they are usually hard to trust, and they use the maelstrom against itself. They are led by the ninja Vanda Darkflame and are made up of Space Marauders, Sorcerers, and Shinobi."

Anakin already knew which Faction he wanted to join. "I'll join Venture League." He said.

"Okay, head on over to Magnus Bumperdent at the Venture League vendor and get your gear." Jay told him.

Anakin walked around to the vendor booth and admired the holographic sign.

The sign had a green compass with a skull in the middle of it over a map. The words "Venture League: Exploring the reaches of the Universe" were above the picture.

"Hey kid, ya here to get your gear?" The vendor asked.

Anakin nodded and looked at the choices.

Buccaneer wasn't really his style. Adventurer looked good, but wasn't really his style either. If he chose Daredevil he would be well equipped for taking risks, which was something he did a lot of.

"Daredevil." Anakin said without a doubt.

Magnus took out a kit with a book and pieces of gear in it and handed it to Anakin.

Anakin read through the book quickly and put on the gear.

The gear was a crash helmet with goggles, a brown leather jacket, flame resistant pants, and two grey and green flareguns.

He felt the adrenaline rush through him, not as strong as with the trial faction gear, but he still felt ready to take on the whole maelstrom.

He put his lightsaber on his belt and holstered his flareguns and prepared to head back to meet the rest of the team when a maelstrom orb came flying out of the trees towards him.

Chapter 13 Edit

A maelstrom orb was flying towards him.

Anakin knew he had to act fast.

He drew his lightsaber and ignited it. Then he quickly deflected the orb safely into a trash can and prepared for others.

A storm of orbs came flying out of the trees.

He drew a flaregun in his left hand and shot one out of the air, deflecting two more with his lightsaber. He continued this pattern until the alarm was raised.

A group of Nexus Force troopers came rushing over and went into the trees. They came out as a group of stromlings.

The orbs stopped though, and Anakin activated Fig on Fire and rushed into the swarm of stromlings. A slash here, a shot there, a burn everywhere, and soon the stromlings were smashed.

"Anakin!" Spy and the others were rushing towards him. "Go! We'll be there in a second!"

CannonFire concentrated on something, and then the team sped up and nearly beat Anakin to the trees.

They rushed into the trees and found....

As Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Chris, and Ruthy finished smashing stromlings, they finished a bunch of Epsilon's other missions and headed to the monument. They scared birds, smashed fans and lasers, explored the paths, and did a footrace.

They then headed down to the launch area.

"I'm going to build on my property." Chris said.

"Me too." Ruthy told them

"I suppose I should too." Obi-Wan said.

"Wait, first you need to claim one." A minifigure standing in front of a launchpad said. "Just launch to a empty Block Yard and claim it using the console."

They took off for their respective properties and went off to build.

Chapter 14 Edit

Coruscant, Jedi Temple, Jedi Council Chambers, 3:38 AM Standard Galactic Time

"The disappearance of the Jedi, trouble me it does." Master Yoda opened the emergency meeting with.

"Apparently it troubles you enough to call an emergency in the middle of sleeping hours." Mace Windu stated. "And we all know how much Master Yoda needs his sleep."

It was a feeble attempt at a joke, and nobody laughed except for Master Kit Fisto. The hologram of Kit had an Ewok scrambling all over his back, and wasn't laughing at Mace's humor.

"They Jedi's last log suggests that they were going through a portal on one of the moons of Iego."

"Could it be an inter-dimensional portal?" Kit asked, Ewok climbing on his head.

"It's possible. But we can't be sure." Mace replied.

"I suggest we send someone to look for them." Master Ki-Adi-Mundi said.

"Yes, but who will we send?" Asked Plo Koon.

Yoda used the Force to levitate a datachip to the holoprojector in the middle of the room. The hologram flickered to life, showing a human Jedi wearing yellow Advanced Recon Clone trooper armor, Jedi gauntlets, and a yellow Mandalorian helmet...

Vero was not having the best of days.

First he was woken up early in the morning because the Jedi Council wanted to see him. Then his airspeeder wouldn't start up. Then when he got to the council chambers they told him he would be leaving immediately for a mission on a remote moon in a remote system.

The council had decided to send a squadron of clones with him too. He was used to working alone.

The HUD in his helmet told him that he was almost to the last known location of the missing Jedi.

"You'd think someone a famous as Skywalker wouldn't go missing." He grumbled.

He arrived in a clearing in the moon's heavy jungles. There were bodies of clones and scrapped battle droids littering the area. Several B1 battle droids were patrolling the area.

"Those clones put up a fight, but they're no match for us!" One of them said, just as its top half slid to the ground.

Vero quickly dispatched the rest of the patrol, which must've been all that was left of the droids, and moved towards a large door. He motioned for the clones to stay there and stepped into the door.

Chapter 15 Edit

Nimbus Station-

Anakin rushed into the trees. What he saw was surprising.

A purple glowing minifigure wearing a sorcerer's clothes stood there leering at them. The grass and trees around the purple fig were all dead.

"You were foolish to come here, Skywalker." The purple minifigure snarled. Even through the gravelly voice of maelstrom Anakin could recognize the voice of Ventress; Count Dooku's Dark Acolyte. "Yes, I have followed you to this dimension."

As Spy, CannonFire, and Sharpie caught up, Ventress unleashed a blast of maelstrom on them. They were knocked out and started to become infected. The blast made Anakin woozy. He quickly regained his composure and rushed forward. Lightsaber lit and flaregun firing.

Ventress had one of her lightsabers lit and in one hand to deflect the flares immediately. In her other hand she held a sorcerer's staff. She waved the staff and shot a flurry of maelstrom orbs.

Anakin let himself slide into the Force, becoming aware of his surroundings. As he felt an orb angling toward him he moved his lightsaber to intercept it. The others he let pass by him. He pushed the button on the back of his flaregun, setting himself on fire.

His lightsaber connected with his opponent's and he shot another flare into the infected being.

Ventress quickly shot an orb at the flare, dropping it to the ground.

He felt his danger sense tingling, and he dropped to the ground. Hit by an infected CannonFire.

The stromling that used to be an Adventurer kicked Anakin, and he knew no more.

Anakin awoke in a bright blue room.

A glowing blue figure walked towards him.

"Welcome to Mythrania, Anakin."

Chapter 16Edit

Avant Gardens, Launch Area-

Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Ruthy, and Chris met up at the launch area after they were done building on their respective properties.

Chris spoke up after they were all there. "Hey, guys, follow me. This'll be fun."

He led them to the edge of the forest where there was a small launchpad. The holographic sign next to it said "Return to the Venture Explorer."

They took off; ready for whatever adventure was to meet them when they reached their destination.

They landed in an airlock next to the tower where Sky Lane stood. Epsilon Starcracker stood there now, surrounded by Sentinel supply crates.

Chris promptly jumped down and started smashing stromlings with hammers on their arms and spiky hoods on.

Ruthy exclaimed: "Wow, the lighting went down a lot!"

"Of course it did, the power source is about gone." Epsilon Starcracker answered, shaking his head in wonderment at how one could miss something so obvious.

"No matter," Obi-Wan interjected, as if he sensed Epsilon's feeling, which, incidentally, he did. "There's a problem down there that needs fixing, and I believe this," indicating his lightsaber, "will help." He flipped down to the main floor and attacked a corrupted sentry robot.

Ruthy and Ahsoka jumped down and started attacking an elite spiderling.

Epsilon just sat back again and watched Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, clearly missing the obvious breaking of the fourth wall.

The Interim Part 1 Edit

(Author's note: I decided Book 1 ended last chapter. Also, credit to Good for the idea.)

While all the events previously mentioned were happening, a certain Gungan found his way to the portal and entered before everyone else, making it to Nimbus Station before everyone else. This is his tale.

"Dis one bombad boomer!" the clumsy Gungan exclaimed, in remarks to a Space Marauder's missile launcher.

"Go away. We have nothing to fit you, even if you had the coins." The Paradox vendor was weary of turning Jar Jar away; it was the fifth time that day. The other vendors had had the same problem.

After 16 more times, Xeno Blueblade lost his Samurai cool and told him to go annoy the brick out of someone else.

Dejected, Jar Jar walked away and kicked the first thing he came across: a trash can. To his surprise, it smashed into bricks and a screwdriver popped out. The Gungan grabbed it and ran down the first path he came to: the one that led to Race Place and the launchpad to Nexus Tower.

The vendors there were warned by advanced security systems ahead of time and were all closed down by the time Binks entered the area.

Seeing no one around, Jar Jar headed towards the rocket launchpad. He pulled the back panel off and tinkered with the wires. He then proceeded to assemble a convenient modular rocket that lay on the ground nearby (ignoring the fact that it was purple) and placed it on the launchpad. He took off, also ignoring the fact that the holographic display showed pictures of Crux Prime.

Interim Part 2 Edit

Binks stirred as the rocket flew into the thin atmosphere of Crux Prime. He was still mad at the gear vendors in Nimbus Station for having nothing to fit him.

Meesa show them-sa meesa don’t need no flashy-swords or helmets!” He told himself; in his mind he was a great warrior.
He touched down on a black platform defended with turrets. He jumped off, brandishing his screwdriver, and whacked the unsuspecting Stromling Invaders below.
They stood there for a few seconds, staring at this strange creature that was smashing their brethren.
They came to their limited senses soon, not before the Gungan managed to smash at least eight out of the twelve of them, and ran, much to the amusement of a small group of Dark Ronin Invaders nearby.
Jar Jar followed the beasts through a crack in the wall, and had smashed all but one by the time they reached a huge pit with glowing red rock at the bottom. There were floating rocks above it, scattered among them were apes, dragons, and minifigures.
“Oyl, moole, moole.” The Gungan muttered.
Not looking back, Johnny, for that was the Stromling’s name, jumped onto the nearest platform and began running across. Binks shook his head and jumped after it, swinging his screwdriver madly.

After a good bit of jumping, Johnny being the star of the Maelstrom track team, Johnny jumped on to a platform filled with heavily armed minifigs battling a giant purple dragon.

Jar Jar, not far behind, caught up at the last moment and swung his screwdriver at Johnny. Johnny landed and rolled under the dragon, which took the blow.

The dragon, who had been battling the minifigures for the better part of half an hour, was weak. That glancing blow was the last straw for the beast. The dragon exploded into a hundred bricks, and in it’s place there was a golden treasure chest.

The leader of the minifigs stepped forward and placed his hand on the DNA scanner to open the chest of loot. The scanner beep a negative, flashed red, and showed a hologram of Jar Jar Binks.

Binks, however, was five platforms away, chasing Johnny the Stromling Invader.

The poor  ‘figs sat there and watched as the overly environmentally-friendly chest, which was covered in maelstrom dragon digestive juices, decomposed before their eyes, taking the work of half an hour with it.

Johnny, fearful of causing any more deaths of his superiors, skirted around Roo Morg’s platform and was soon at the edge of the Maelstrom Quarry; a place full of Skeletons.

Now, the Skeletons and the Stromlings weren’t on the best of terms, as the Stromlings beat the Skeletons in the last track meet.

Johnny, being the one who beat the Skeleton’s track star; Billy Bones, didn’t want to risk being smashed by the disgruntled Skullkin, and hesitated before jumping.

That small hesitation cost Johnny his bricks; Binks caught up with the Stromling and with a crowning blow Johnny was no more.

Jar Jar picked up the assorted coins and whatnot, and then looked up.

He saw a place teeming with Skeletons. Deafening noise from the mining equipment filled the stale air. On the far side a minifigure clad in grey sat on floating steps leading to some ruins.

The minifigure in grey surveyed the quarry from on high, and sipped his tea. He spotted Binks and raised a U-shaped hand in greeting.

The Gungan ran full speed across the quarry, a picture burned into his mind of that tea. The tea was steaming hot and looked extremely delicious. A few curls of blue-tinted steam rose from the cup.

A Skeleton named Billy Bones; the track star of the Skullkin, spotted Jar Jar and raised the alarm. Soon walking bones covered in purple sludge burst out of the ground, and all the miners turned from their work and hefted their pickaxes menacingly. The Skeletons operating the machinery slung large black guns onto their shoulders.

They all charged at the Gungan.