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Class: Story
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Author: XOLORX
Availability: An Enemy in the Shadows: The Rise of the Darkitect is exclusive to this wiki!
Author's Notes: This story takes place before the game-play era, it documents what really happened between the corruption of the nexus and the gameplay era, and how Baron Typhonus came to power. This is my 5th story.

This is my first story that takes place before the gameplay era. All my other stories take place during the gameplay era, or after the gameplay era. I hope you enjoy this story. Thanks!

A question has often been asked- why did the Darkitect have a chance at becoming so powerful? Many say it was because of the corrupted nexus, and that made him unimaginably powerful, but then, why couldn't the four explores defeat him before he became too powerful? How was the nexus force founded? And what really happened, before the battle for LEGO universe?


Two days after the nexus had been found, two days after baron typhonus had been corrupted, and two days after the evil spider had been unleashed, the three remaining explores flew back from the planet Crux. They were tired, and the worst part of it all- they didn't have a home. They would have to find a planet to settle. 

"Scanners indicate habitable planet ahead," Hael said.

"What planet is it?" Overbuild asked.

"The Avant Gardens."

Overbuild smiled. He had grown up there.

"Then let us stop there and get some rest, what do you say Hael, Duke?"

"I agree," Duke Exeter said.

"As do I," Hael said.

The ship touched down on the Avant Gardens.

They landed in a nice field.

"Now we need some shelter," Overbuild said.

"I think I see some minifigures that way," Duke said, pointing to the north.

Hael squinted, and then nodded.

"Yes, I believe I see them too," he said.

The three minifigs walked towards the camp, there were at least twenty men sitting down there, around a fire.

"Hello, we ar-," Overbuild began, but he was cut off.

"Who are you," the minifigures said. Their leader held a spear to his throat.

Chapter 1: Rise of the SentinelsEdit

"Hey, hey, hey..." Duke Exeter said, "hold it right there, your holding the spear wrong!"

The man with the spear looked at him curiously, Doctor Overbuild looked at him as if he were crazy.

"How am I supposed to hold it?" he asked Duke.

"Well you're holding it too close the tip, when you're stabbing someone you don't want your hand to be in the way."

"Like this?" the man asked, moving his hand further away from the tip.

"Yes! No that's much better!"

"Thanks!" he said, lowering the spear form Doctor Overbuild's throught. Duke looked at Overbuild, and smiled. Overbuild just shook his head. But it wasn't that easy. The next day each and every one of the men wanted Duke to teach them how to fight.

Overbuild just smiled. Duke shook his head. It wasn't easy, but in the end they were trained well enough to be able to go into battle. Duke decided to form a sort of group, a faction, who fought honorably! This men would be the first, of the Sentinels.

Chapter 2: Rise of the AssemblyEdit

Duke Exeter had something to brag about. He had founded his own faction, a group of warriors known as the Sentinels. Doctor Overbuild liked the idea, he had lans to found his own faction, and call it the Assembly. The Assembly, however, would be different from the Sentinels. Instead of fighting, the Assembly would create, and harness the power of imagination. Doctor Overbuild decided to take a stroll outside the Sentinel camp to recruit minifigures to his cause. To his surprise, it didn't take long for him to find a tunnel. The tunnel led to a clearing, where a group of around fifty minifigures were trying to stack bricks.

"Hello good minifigures," Overbuild said, "what are you trying to build today?"

"A monument," one said.

"Alright, because I can help you," Overbuild said back in reply.

"You can?"

"Yes. You see, you can't just stack bricks, you have to make a plan first."

"Really? And how do you do that?"

"I'll show you."

So Overbuild pulled out a computer and began to make a blueprint. The minifigures watched his every move.

"Now you try it!" Overbuild said, with a smile on his face.

The minifigures got the hang of things quickly, and soon they had created a blueprint.

"Alright, now you can build it!"

So the minifigures got down to work. The monument was huge, and it would take years of work,  but they had already finished the first layer.

"Thanks for the help, is there anything we can do to help you- you-?"

"Doctor Overbuild is my name, and in fact there is something you can do. You can join my faction, the Assembly. We are dedicated to building."

"That sounds nice! I'm in, and so are the rest of us!"

The minifigures cheered, and Dr. Overbuild was happy.

Chapter 3: Rise of the Venture LeagueEdit

So Duke Exeter had the Sentinels, and Doctor Overbuild at the Assembly, but Hael still didn't have a faction. Hael was an explorer at heart, and the only type of person he would want in is faction would be fellow explores, so he decided the best way to recruit people to his faction would be to explorer. There was a cave outside of the Sentinel camp, so Hael decided to go in there. The smell inside the cave was not pleasent, but if he wanted a faction, he would have to get used to it.

Hael looked around, the cave was dark, suddenly out of the darkness shone two red eyes, and a purple spider came out of the gloom.

"Maelstrom...," Hael whispered, the maelstrom, unleashed by Baron Typhonus had come to the Avant Gardens.

But the spider did not attack Hael, it jumped passed him, and began to attack a group of five minifigures. It was clear that the minifigures weren't very experienced, because they didn't have any armor, and their only weapons were small short swords. Hal lept in to the rescue, he fired his pistols at the spider, which jumped back, before it could flee Hael stabbed it with his cutless, killing it.

The minifigures looked at Hael in awe.

"How did you do that?" they asked.

"Actually, I can teach you if you join my faction. The Venture League!"

"Sure! Sounds great!"

So Hael, who was now very happy, led them out of the cave and towards the Sentinel camp. But he still had a mission. The maelstrom had come to the Avant Gardens, and it would have to be destroyed.

Chapter 4: Rise of the ParadoxEdit

All three explorers now had their own faction, but when Hael Storm brought the news of the maelstrom, all three explorers were troubled. Something interesting happened the following day, however. A young women limped into the Sentinel camp. She had never been there before. Doctor Overbuild was curious as to her identity. One day he decided ot ask her.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" he asked.

"My name, is Vanda Darkflame, and I was the apprentice of Baron Typhonus. I barely managed to escape him after the maelstrom took control of him."

"Really! Because I am one of the three explorers, my name is Doctor Overbuild, and over there is Duke Exeter, and that ragtag man is Hael Storm."

Vanda smiled.

"We have all created factions, we recruit minifigures to join us, and fight the maelstrom."

"Really, then I shall create my own faction, the Paradox, dedicated to studying the maelstrom."

Doctor Overbuild furrowed his brow.

"That is dangerous, and is not safe. I do not suggest it."

Vanda Darkflame smiled again.

"It is my choice. Besides, there is nothing you can do about it."

Doctor Overbuild shrugged and walked away. To Overbuild's surprise, Vanda Darkflame actually managed to recruit a decent amount of minifigures to the Paradox.

"Are you jeleous?" Duke Exeter asked Overbuild.


Hael Storm smiled.

"Come on doc, of course you are."


Duke shrugged, and walked away. Hael followed him.

Chapter 5: Maelstrom UnleashedEdit

The Paradox's maelstrom research was going well- until three scientists were infected, those scientists infected others, and slowly the maelstrom began to grow, until stromlings were everywhere.

The four factions did there best to keep the stromlings under control, and smashed them whenever possible, but there were just too many. It was evident that the maelstrom was a huge issue. The Assembly built robots to help combat the maelstrom, but then the robots became infected, and so allies became enemies. The maelstrom was simply too abundant, there was too much of it. The only safe place on the Avant Gardens was the Sentinel camp, the Assembly momument, and what remained of the Paradox research facility.

"We need more minifigures to join the factions," Overbuild said the other faction leaders, "we will have to leave this planet, and recruit minifigures from other planets to join us!"

The other faction leaders nodded. It was a good plan.

"After looking at a planetary map of the galaxy, I suggest we go to Nimbus Station. It is a popular tourist attraction due to the racing that takes place there, we should be able to recruit minifigures there."

"I second that," Duke Exeter said.

"So do I," Vanda proclaimed.

"And I," Hael said.

"So it's settled then. We will go to Nimbus Station tomorrow," Overbuild said.

"On the morrow!" Duke Exeter proclaimed rather loudly.

Chapter 6: Nimbus StationEdit

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Nimbus Station anual race!" an announcer said over the microphone.

"Let's make sure to recruit some minifigures after the race is over," Overbuild whispered to Duke Exeter.

The Sentinel leader nodded.

"3... 2... 1... GO! And the race is on, the blue racer is in the lead, uhoh, he crashed into a barricade, ooo, ouch... the blue racer has got a problem! The red racer is beginning to take the lead...."

Hael cringed. "That looks like it hurt," he said.

"It did," said Duke in reply.

The race went on for another ten minutes....

"And, the green racer wins! That was an amazing race! The blue racer was in the lead, but was then hit by a barricade, then the red racer and the green racer fought and fought the first place- all of us here at the Nimbus Station racetrack are proud to announce that the-"

"This is boring," Duke said.

"Do you want to recruit some minifigs or not?" Overbuild asked.

"I want to, but I don't want to have to listen to guy... he has lost his bricks!"

Hael Storm sighed.

"I must say I agree with Duke here, we should get going."


"Yep," Vanda said.

Doctor Overbuild reluctantly got up, and walked towards the front gate.

"Now we just stay here and tell minifgures about the factions," Vanda said.

So they did that. When a minifigure walked by they would greet him, asked if he liked the race, explain to him about the maelstrom and the factions, and if he wanted to join one, asked him which one he would like to join. They stood there all day, and Duke Exeter got bored of it very quickly, but the results were impressive. The Assembly had precisely 112 new members, the Sentinels had exactly 135 new members, the Venture League had close to 126 new members, and the Paradox had a little more than 114 new members.

"I would say our results are... fruitful," Doctor Overbuild pointed out.

"I second that," Vanda said.

"In fact I have something to suggest. It seems that the factions are quite popular in these parts, so why don't we set up faction stands. Arriving minifigures would be told about the factions, and would then be urged to pick one. There would be four stands, each one would sell gear for each faction, and would advertise their own faction. Does anyone like the idea?"

"I like it," Hael Storm said.

"As do I," Vanda Darkflame put in.

"So it's settled then, and these four factions will work together towards one common goal- freeing the universe of the maelstrom and of Baron Typhonus!"

Chapter 7: Shadow of MaelstromEdit

The four factions had become much more powerful, and now the leaders, along with the members of their faction prepared to reuturn to the Avant Gardens. They landed back at the momument, Overbuild expected to be welcomed back, but he was not greeted in such a fashion. Instead a desperate minifigure wearing the Assembly logo ran up to him and said:

"Doctor Overbuild, Doctor Overbuild, we are in dire need of your assistance! The maelstrom has become much more powerful than when you left! There are now almost three times as many stromlings as before, and dark power radiates from the spider cave outside the Sentinel camp!"

Doctor Overbuild looked puzzled.

"We'll check it out."

The combined army of the four factions, plus the four faction leaders, which had been dubbed the Nexus Force, walked away.

"I think he was just overreacting, he probably just saw a spider," Overbuild said to the other faction leaders.

"Don't count on it, the maelstrom is more powerful than any of you think," Vanda said sharply.

They arrived at the Sentinel camp, but once again, they were greeted by a crowd of distressed minifigures.

Duke Exeter explained to them that they would do what they could, but theTh Force strolled outside, and to their surprise, the minifigures had been right. They saw hundreds of stromlings, before they had left there had only been one or two, here and there.

"OH MY BRICKS!" Hael Storm shouted. The stromlings looked at him, and charged.

"SENTINELS, ATTACK!" Duke Exeter shouted.

The other faction leaders rallied their forces and sent them to the attack. Many a stromling was smashed on that great day, because the Nexus Force worked together, and used the power of imagination. Though a few minifigures were hurt, and had to be dragged back to the Sentinel fort, none were infected or dead. A victory.

Chapter 8: A Dark PowerEdit

"So we won a little battle," Vanda said, they were sitting at a table having a disscussion about what to do next.

"It wasn't that little," Hael pointed out.

Vanda ignored him.

"The minifigures in distress, as you call them, were right. There were hundreds of stromlings, and if they were right once, they may yet be right again. I propose we explorer the cave."

"I for one, agree! Exploring is my duty!" Hael Storm added.

Overbuild looked skeptical.

"I agree also," Duke Exeter said, "we must eliminate the maelstrom, and if we don't eliminate the maelstrom in the cave, we won't have eliminated the maelstrom at all."

Finally Overbuild made up his mind.

"Alright, I'll go, do you think we should bring the rest of the Nexus Force with us?"

"No," the other four faction leaders said in unison. They all knew it was too dangerous.

"Then we shall explorer the cave," Vanda said.

They decided to have a little bit of rest before jumping head-first into the unknown. The next day they all got ready, and made their way towards the cave. They made sure they steered clear of any stromlings. They finally arrived at the mouth of the cave.

They stood there in silence, and then walked inside. Suddenly a pair of red eyes appeared, and then another, and another. Overbuild built a turret, Duke bashed a few with his shield, and decapitated one with his sword, Hael jumped on top of one and started riding it around, and Vanda stabbed a few with her sword. The spiders were all dead, and it seemed as if there was nothing left in the cave, yet Vanda recognized something.

"There's something in here," she whispered, "something dangerous, GET OUT! GET OUT!"

"I don't think so," a deep voice said. The mouth of the cave shut. The four faction spun around to see a man they all knew.

"Baron Typhonus," Overbuild said.

He smiled a grim smile, and then laughed.

"That is no name for a man of such power. I am not Baron Typhonus! He is gone! He no longer exists! I, am the Darkitect!"

With those words, Baron Typhonus flung himself towards the four lone faction leaders.

Chapter 9: A Life or Death SituationEdit

The faction leaders lept away from the Darkitect. He laughed, and raised his staff, then he pointed it directly at Vanda.

"Join me, or I will force you to join me!" he said, his voice held a certain sort of power.

"No!" she shouted.

The Darkitect laughed, and an orb of maelstrom flew out of his staff, Vanda would have been hit right between the eyes, if it wasn't for Duke Exeter, he pushed her out of the way. The Darkitect growled.

"Overbuild, any ideas on how to open that door and get us out of here?" Hael Storm asked.

"The truth is, I have no idea(s)!"

The fight continued, Duke Exeter blocked most of the Darkitects attacks with his shield.

"I thought you were very strong, Typhonus," Vanda said.


The Darkitect clearly wasn't a big fan of Vanda Darkflame. Suddenly there was a loud boom, and the door to the cave. Opened. The Nexus Force had found a way to open the door!


The faction leaders smiled, the Darkitect would be smashed, right here, right now, but it would not be so easy. A purple portal appeared, and the Darkitect walked through it, and disappeared.

"What!" Overbuild asked.

"He is very powerful, he can summon maelstrom portals," Vanda said.

The four faction leaders turned around to see how the Nexus Force had opened the cave door. An engineer proudly walked forward.

"Thanks," Overbuild said, "you saved us, but Baron Typhonus, the Darkitect, who is the leader of the maelstrom had closed the cave door, how come you managed to open it so easily?"

"Simple," the engineer said, "you see this Baron Typhonus fellow made a mistake. He made it so that people inside the cave couldn't get out, but he forgot to make it not let people in from the outside."

Doctor Overbuild laughed, and shook his head. What a mistake for the leader of the maelstrom to make! Maybe it was possible to defeat him!

Chapter 10: Four Riders of the MaelstromEdit

"Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, and the Sentinels have got a wonderful feeling... that everything is going there way!" Duke Exeter sang. Vanda rolled her eyes. He had heard it in some play.

Suddenly Overbuild ran up to the three relaxed faction leaders.

"Everyone! We have recieved a distress call from Nimbus Station! They say that powerful armies have attacked them from the Forbidden Valley, and that they are lead by the four riders of the maelstrom, creations of the Darkitect!"

"Not such a beautiful morning...," Duke Exeter commented.

"We should get going soon," Hael Storm put in.

"Actually, we should get going right now!" Overbuild pointed out.

"So who are we bringing, just us? Last time when we went alone it didn't work so well."

"Of course not! We can't fight off an entire army, we must bring the Nexus Force along! We will fight to save imagination!"

"Hey... that's a good slogan, answer the call, save imagination!" Duke Exeter said.

"Shut up," Hael told him under his breath, "but it is a good slogan!"

They rallied the Nexus Force, they left a few Sentinels behind to protect the camp, and took the rest of them back to Nimbus Station.

"Oh thank the bricks that you're here!" a minifigure said, "go help those minifigures over their! They have no training, and no weapons, but they are being attacked by the maelstrom!"

Duke Exeter nodded.

"I protect the wimps who cannot protect themselves!" he proclaimed, and charged into battle.

There weren't many of them, so he smashed with ease, sword up, sword down, decapitate... so the battle went.

About ten seconds later, the Dark Ronin where all smashed.

"Well that's that," Duke Exeter said turning around, "we can leave now!"

"Not so fast," a voice said behind him.

Duke Exeter spun around, there stood the four riders of the maelstrom, but worst of all, a dragon.

"BY THE MYTHRANS GREAT BEARDS (if they beards)," he yelled, "I might need a little help here!"

The Nexus Force charged. The first rider charged towards Duke, determined to smash the minifig who had destroyed his Ronin. Duke Exeter jumped out the way, the rider, who was moving too fast to stop, fell into a fountain. The remaining three riders circled him, Duke Exeter knew that there was no way he could win this battle. Suddenly a flash of light hit one of the riders, who sizzled and fell off his horse. Duke looked to where the blast had come from, Overbuild was happily patting a turret. Hael Storm jumped up, and kicked a rider off his horse, by now the riders morale wasn't very high, they did their best to get up and run away.

So the riders were fleeing, there was just one major enemy left- the dragon.

Chapter 11: Dragons aren't very nice...Edit

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IT BURNS!" Duke Exeter shouted, the dragon had fired a burst of flame at his behind. Duke jumped into the fountain, and the flames disappeared.

"Ahhh...," he sighed.

Vanda charged at the dragon, while Overbuild built a turret, and Hael fired his pistols. Duke Exeter got up, taunted the dragon to get it's attention, and used his shield to protect himself from the onslaught of flame.

"Dragons aren't very nice!" he shouted.

"Well you aren't either!" Vanda shouted back. She jumped on the dragons back and brought her sword down. The tempered steel cut the dragons tough scales as if they were butter, the dragon roared, it's fury unleashed! It contorted its back in such a way that it sent Vanda flying, and then it turned it's attention to Doctor Overbuild. It opened it's powerful jaws and let out a burst of flame.

"You see, this is why you should join the Assembly, we are brave and stand our ground!" Overbuild shouted.

The next thing Overbuild said went as follows:


With those words, Doctor Overbuild promptly turned around and jumped into the fountain.

"Venture League," Hael Storm yelled, "attack!"

Two hundred minifigures charged towards the dragon, pistols blazing. The dragon seemed to cringe.

"Sentinels! Attack!"

"Paradox! Fire!"

"Assembly, destroy that dragon!"

The entire Nexus Force charged, and the dragon, for the first time that day, faltered. It looked around, but it was surrounded. The Nexus Force attacked, the dragon breathed fire, and swiped at the minifigures with it's claws, but there were too many! Soon it became weary, and it stopped fighting, and then it collapsed down, dead.

A cheer erupted from the Nexus Force. Nimbus Station had been saved!

Chapter 12: A New MissionEdit

"Crux Prime," Duke Exeter said, "the perfect place to start a new civilization." They were discussing what they should do next, minifigures from different factions had been sent to the Gnarled Forest, the Avant Gardens, and the Forbidden Valley to keep the maelstrom at bay, but Crux Prime had not yet been explored.

"I for one agree, we should explorer other worlds," Hael said. It was easy to predict which side he would choose, simply because all he ever wanted to do was explorer.

"I don't know if this is safe," Overbuild said.

"Well, I agree with Duke, Crux Prime has the highest maelstrom concentration of any planet, if we are to defeat the maelstrom, then we will have to free Crux Prime. Plus there is another reason, I sense that the Darkitect dwells on Crux Prime. He grows stronger by the day, as the maelstrom conquers more and more of the universe, the maelstroms power is his power. We must stop him."

Overbuild that for a moment, and then nodded.

"Good choice. We will fly to Crux Prime tomorrow," Duke said.

The next morning, after breakfast, they got in their rockets, and blasted off, course set for Crux Prime.

They arrived on Crux Prime, it was a barren planet, only a few minifigures lived their, it was however, the heart of the maelstrom. The whole planet glowed a purplish blue, a sign that the maelstrom had control of the planet.

"I don't like this place," Overbuild said, "it lacks imagination."

Nobody replied, they all agreed with him, but they realized that they had to stop the Darkitect, and he was here, on this planet, so that had to be  here, on this planet. Suddenly, the ground Vanda was walking on glowed purple, and then disintegrated. Vanda fell into a sea of purple. The maelstrom ocean.


Chapter 13: The Fate of Vanda DarkflameEdit

Vanda fell and fell, for what seemed like hours, she fell through the maelstrom ocean, and then, she stopped. She was in a different world, the world of the maelstrom.

"Hello Vanda, I have brought you here," a voice said.

Vanda knew who it was.

"Baron Typhonus."

"Yes, I have grown stronger since we last met. You will join me now."



The Darkitect put out his hand, and a jet of maelstrom hit her.

She gasped.

"Must... not... be... infected...," she croaked, but the maelstrom had already gotten a hold over her.

"You will find the other three faction leaders, Duke Exeter, Doctor Overbuild, and Hael Storm, and you will kill them."

"Yes, master."

Chapter 14: Shadow of the DarkitectEdit

"She's gone, she's gone...," Doctor Overbuild said. He had been saying that non-stop for hours.

Suddenly in front of him the ground rumbled, and then broke apart. Vanda Darkflame flew up out of it towards them.

"She's back!" Overbuild shouted, he was about to run forwards, but Duke Exeter held him back.

"Wait, that isn't her. She's been infected!" Duke Exeter shouted.

Vanda Darkflame drew a purple sword.

"Now you shall die, imagination will be destroyed, and the universe shall be under the control of the maelstrom!" she said in a booming voice. It wasn't her voice, it was the voice of the Darkitect.

"Oh boy," Hael said, "she's in the control of the Darkitect!"

"In the shadow of the Darkitect," Duke Exeter pointed out.

Vanda jumped towards them, she wielded the sword as if it were a toothpick, she swung the sword towards Duke Exeter, he blocked it with his shield, but the blow sent him staggering back.

"She has super-human strength!" he proclaimed.

"She isn't human, she is part of the maelstrom!" Overbuild said in reply.

Vanda hefted the sword above her head, and brought it down against Duke Exeters sword, there was a loud cracking noise, and a long crack appeared on Duke Exeters sword.

Hael Storm jumped to his assistance, pistols blazing, Vanda jumped and ducked, and the projectiles missed. She jumped towards Hael, and kicked him in face.

"That wasn't kind of you!" he said.

Overbuild struggled to build a turret, he assembled it, but Vanda sliced it in half with her sword.

"Using imagination will do you no good, old man!" she said.

She lifted her sword and brought it to his throat, Duke Exeter, saw what was happening, and jumped towards Vanda Darkflame. He hit her, sending her stumbling back a few steps, she missed Overbuild's throat by an inch. Duke Exeter, lept forwards, and tried to bash Vanda in the face, but she stepped to the side. Duke Exeter, who was moving too fast overshot, and ending up diving face first into the ground.

She lifted her sword above her head, and was about to put an end to his life, when a tornado of energy hit Vanda, she was knocked off her feet. She tried to get up, but Overbuild injected her with an imagination syringe. She was infected. The four faction leaders looked towards the stranger who had saved him. He wore a white robe, and held a staff.

"My name, is Sensei Wu," he said.

Sensei Wu and the four faction leaders had a long chat, before parting their seperate ways. Sensei Wu agreed that he would teach all members of the Nexus Force that came to him Spinjitzu, as long as they helped him defeat the skeletons. The faction leaders were content, Vanda was uninfected, the Nexus Force would learn Spinjitzu, and, best of all, they could finally get a little rest.


The four faction leaders stood outside.

"You see that piece of land right there?" Doctor Overbuild asked.

"Yes," Duke Exeter said, looking at him.

"It think it would be a great place to build a tower, the tower would be the HQ of the Nexus Force, Nexus Tower."

Duke Exeter thought about if for a moment, and then said:

"Yes, I think that would be a great idea."