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Class: Story
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Author: Mousei11
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Its was a cold, dark room, at 9:00. Two people were talking.

"The Maelstrom are heading near, with bigger waves each invasion. We do not have the power to stop it."One said.

"What we need is an Elite Joyful Hero." The other said.

"And a cute one." One added, coming in.

"Melodie Foxtrot?" The first one said in shock. "I thought I told you to stay at your position!"

"Someone said he would take it for me." Melodie said. "I asked his name and he said 'Trence Maleskete' I said 'Cool its a fancy name.' And he blushed."

"Ooooo I know whats going on here!" The one teased.

"Don't go there Strongheart." Melodie said.

"Beck Strongheart." Beck corrected. Melodie roled her eyes.

"Well you were saying, Sky Lane?" Melodie asked

"Oh, yes." Sky said. She looked at them hard. "Now here is a mission for all of us," She said. "I want one of you to find the Elite Joyful Hero, test him hard make sure he is the right one you got it?"

"Yes Ma'am." Melodie and Beck said.

"You are dismissed." Sky said leaving.

Chapter one:Being FoundEdit

Well I was sitting around expecting a rainbow to settle in, as it always does. I heard a knock on the door, I saw Melodie.

"Oh hello," I said. "Come in." She came in and sat down on a big poofy chair I had.

"Look," She said

"Why not?" I said back she smiled then got a serious face back on and said,

"I was sent to find an Elite Joyful Hero."

"Well," I said, I'm kind of elite, very joyful, but I'm not sure about the hero part." I laughed.

" This is serious," She said. " this isn't a laughing matter, the Maelstrom are getting stronger, and I think..."

"You think.......?" I replied.

" I think," She finished.

"Whoa-whoa-whoa-WHOA what?"

"You have completed lots of misions for me and have defeated the Mother Spider SEVERAL times, trust me I know."

"You make me want to laugh!" I said. " Though I would just LOVE to be that person, I'm sorry I---"

"YES YOU ARE NO QUESTIONS JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!!!!!!!" She shouted. I backed up into my seat a little scared.

"Look," She said getting into my face. " The entire place depends on you, if YOU don't save us YOU will be the reason that WE all die and YOU will be remembered as a big fat lazy pile of brown bricks that destroyed our land!!!!!! " She exclaimed. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up out of my seat and led me to a training ground.

Training and TestingEdit