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Author: Universe4561
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Chapter 1Edit

Adventurous woke up in a strange space ship that looked like it was about to break. He found himself staring right at a minifigure named Jett Moonshot who screamed, "You're awake!! Let's get you moving. Talk to Bob and he'll tell you how to get off." Adventurous jumped down the ship's steps and landed on a strange middle area of the ship. There were some crates with a symbol that had a picture of a rocket on it. Smashing removes obstacles. Someone had told him inside his head. It sounded so weird. He then soon came to the cab of the ship and saw a bald minifigure that had a red shirt and blue pants. "Hello." Adventurous said. The minifigure said, "Sorry about the bumpy flight but we need you to get off this ship!" "But first, to escape you need to use IMAGINATION SHUN SHUN SHUN SHUN*echoes*." Adventurous went and collected imagination around the ship and came back to him. "Great! Now you get to LEVEL UP UP UP UP, "said Bob. Adventurous floated up in the air and came back down. Bob was clapping then he said, "Now use your imagination to reach Sky Lane. She will help you escape!" He jumped down to the front of the ship where he saw four launch pads to take you out of the ship. Adventurous looked to his right and spotted a bunch of jumping bricks! He started to build it not knowing what it would make. When it was complete Adventurous was surprised to see a bouncer. He bounced up to an upper platform and saw another minifigure that wore shoulder pads and had a black and orange hair. It was Sky Lane. Then she said, "You must collect three rocket parts!" then Adventurous went and collected the three rocket parts. Then he came back to her. "Outstanding! Go to the build area and build your rocket," she said. Adventurous went down and put on the thinking cap Sky Lane gave him. He pulled out the rocket pieces he collected and lifted up the pieces with great effort and slammed them together. Adventurous finished his rocket and carried up with even more effort. Adventurous put it on a launch pad and climbed in. In few seconds the rocket blasted off.

Chapter 2Edit

Adventurous saw the rocket about to crash land and said, "Oh no!" He tried to pull up and succeeded. His rocket landed on a world called Avant Gardens. Adventurous saw a minifigure named Wisp Lee and went to talk to him. Wisp lee said, "You're brave enough to have escaped the Maelstrom but I'm afraid things aren't much better down here either!" "We've had some trouble down here. Go to see Epsilon Startracker from the Nexus Force, he can help you," said Wisp. Adventurous started running toward where Epsilon would be when he saw something that really frightened him out of his bricks! It was what Wisp would look like if he were corrupted. The stromling was the ugliest thing Adventurous had seen so far. It had red eyes and no mouth. One arm was replaced with a knife and its body was half skeleton half minifigure. The stromling gave Adventurous one painful whack and growled. He then threw his fist at it, hoping that his hand wouldn't get infected with the maelstrom covering its whole body. It XPLODED!!!!! Into so much maelstrom!!!! A purple smoke rose out of where the stromling stood. Adventurous ran toward the guy, Epsilon Startracker (who does not track stars ((my humor)).) was clad in blue armor. With a jetpack, he was only hovering. Then he said, "What are you doing out here unarmed!!??! Choose a weapon, you'll need it." "The paradox experimented with the maelstrom and created this mess," Said Startracker, "Lets clean it up! Smash fifteen stromlings." Adventurous went to the battle field and overheard some newbies talking about infected "mechs" and how strong they were. He decided to find out what this "mech" was. Adventurous came to the battle field and saw it. The mech was standing like a guard. It towered over a minifigure and was colored orange and green. But to make it look more infected, it had maelstrom coming out of its head.

Chapter 3Edit

Adventurous gasped in shock and turned the attention of the surrounding stromlings to him. He started fighting for his life at the same time trying to dodge the blows of the mech's menacing blaster. Adventurous yelped in pain as he took a hit from the mech. He just clutched his arm and swung his sword with all his strength. The nearest stromling EXPLODED once again into maelstrom and bricks. Soon Adventurous had smashed the other stromlings so it was time for him to take out the mech. He ran at it while yelling, aaaarrrr!! Then he whacked it in the face. But it turned out this mech was stronger than Adventurous thought and didn't seem to be hurt. Only a few sparks came out. He gave it two more whacks and it was smashed. But as soon as adventurous smashed it he saw bricks where it stood. Once again he knew these bricks could make anything. What could it make? He thought. A giant blaster? A car? Adventurous just shrugged and started to build. Then he saw some more stromlings come out of the ground. When Adventurous was done with the bricks, his creation was not what he expected. The turret aimed at Adventurous so at first he thought it was working for the maelstrom. Adventurous saw the guns light up and knew he was a goner. But when the guns fired the lasers, they didn't hit him but it hit the stromling behind him. Then Adventurous knew that this gun worked for him. It turned to the left and shot down another stromling as Adventurous went to collect the money from it. The sound of smashing stromlings was unbearable but at least they were smashed. All of a sudden Adventurous saw another mech with its gun pointed straight at him.

Chapter 4Edit

The mech started walking toward Adventurous. The mech aimed its gun at him but he got up and ran away as it fired. Adventurous destroyed it like last time and smashed the stromlings. He was starting to get the hang of it. Literally. He saw the other mech was back so Adventurous smashed it and the surrounding stromlings. Then he went back to Epsilon Startracker and said, "Mission accomplished!" then Epsilon said, "Score! Nexus force 15 stromlings zero!" "You may be nexus force material! But you'll have to prove yourself to each of the four factions. Report to sentinel commander beck strongheart!" Adventurous ran away from Startracker and found more maelstrom on the battlefield. There were more mechs and stromlings and off to one side there was a cave. Adventurous decided to explore it later. He saw a large wall with a hole in it. There were two holes and one looked like the main entrance. So this must be the camp Adventurous thought. He went into the bigger hole which had a large vehicle hanging above it. Then Adventurous saw the commander of the sentinels. When he walked over to him he said, "You still want to join the ranks huh? Well you're still in one piece. That's a good start. I'll teach you about the sentinels. But first I'll need a salute soldier!" after Adventurous gave him my salute he said, "Let me give you more backpack space." "It's about time you learn about armor! Buy three cans of armor polish from the gear vendor behind me." Adventurous looked behind Strongheart and saw a vendor wearing some weird armor. He bought the stuff and came back to him. "Here's a helmet with armor for you to try out", Strongheart said. Then he said that the mechs were infected by the maelstrom.

Chapter 5Edit

Adventurous was stunned. How could he make him smash six mechs and rebuild them into turrets? Well Adventurous had to do it. He ran back out into the field and smashed some stromlings along the way. Adventurous smashed the first mech and quickly rebuilded it into the turret. When he got near the cave he saw some maelstrom on the ground and moved out of the way. Then Adventurous saw some more bricks lying next to him. He decided to build it. The bricks created a satellite that called for bomber planes. A bomb fell to the ground and EXPLODED all the enemies in the area. Adventurous also took a hit as he got launched backward on the ground. He got up with some bruises but ran over to the bricks and made them into turrets. When Adventurous came back to Beck he was tired and dirty. "Any time you use imagination", Beck said, "You destroy some of the maelstrom!" well that was good to know. Strongheart said, "I'm impressed so far but you can do more! Buy a shield from the gear vendor." Adventurous bought a shield and came back to him. Then Strongheart said, "Excellent. Now you'll need to equip the shield and learn how to use it." After Adventurous did it, he said, "Now for the real test. If you can last for one minute in our survival challenge I'll approve your entry into the nexus force." Adventurous went into the survival game. Well if fighting the other enemies was tough it didn't compare to this. First only stromlings showed up then mechs. They were the expert sharpshooters. Before Adventurous died he caught a glimpse of something more horrifying than

Chapter 6Edit

Adventurous came out of survival with many questions on his mind. He wanted to ask someone but there was no one in the camp. Adventurous went to Strongheart. He smashed a barrier and a brick came out. Oh look, my very first brick. When Adventurous collected it the voice said, "You just urned a brik! Foynd it in your bukpuk." He just shrugged and went to Strongheart. Adventurous was happy when Beck said, "The sentinel faction approves your entry into the nexus force! I'll make sure Duke Exter hears about your skills on the battle field." "You've proven yourself to the sentinel faction. Report back to Epsilon Startracker." Adventurous went to Epsilon and smashed some more enemies. When Adventurous came back to Startracker he said, "You must prove yourself to the paradox." "The maelstrom didn't just invade Avant Gardens. Paradox had something to do with it. Talk to Wisp Lee and find out what happened here." Adventurous ran over to Wisp Lee and talked to him. He was supposed to get 15 maelstrom infected bricks. Adventurous smashed the stromling and it EXPLODED!!!!! He collected a brick and a model. Then the voice again said, "You just urned a modul." I got some more infected bricks and went back to lee. Adventurous went to Wisp Lee and said, "Adventure is a wonderful thing!" then Wisp Lee said, "I support your entry into the nexus force." Adventurous went back to epsilon and reported to him. "Welcome to the nexus force!" Adventurous was happy that he was officially a member of the nexus force. "You must go talk to Melodie Foxtrot," Starcracker said. Adventurous wondered where she could be until another minifig came to him and seemed to know what he was thinking. "Looking for melodie, huh," the minifig said. "Well, yes!" "Good I just know where she is," he said, "You see that cave over there?" he pointed at the mysterious cave entrance near the most dangerous mechs. Adventurous looked and nodded. "Then that's where she'll be," said the minifig. Adventurous said thank you and ran of to the cave. Little did he know the most dangerous creatures in avant gardens were waiting for him.

Chapter 7Edit

Adventurous went into the cave by jumping over some rocks. It smelled bad in there and there was some maelstrom goo on the ground. When he looked up he discovered the cave was no cave, but a large hole. It had no roof. The "cave" roof had been showing blue sky but the hole looked like it did have a roof. Adventurous jumped down and ran to melodie foxtrot, which was dressed in blue and was holding two dagger like weapons. Adventurous guessed she was a sentinel. When he came over she said, "Those spiderlings will chew right through your armor!" Adventurous was baffled. "What is a spiderling," he said. She didn't answer but kept on talking. "Here I'll lend you some stronger armor." Adventurous looked through her catalog and found four types of armor. The first set looked kind of knightly and had its very own sword and shield. The second set had two blasters and a helmet with armor. The third set looked rather weird. It was mostly colored white and had a staff and a hood. The last set of gear looked bulky and had a missile launcher and a maelstrom blaster. "I'll go for this one," Adventurous said, taking the second set of gear. "The spider queen has dropped post cards going to block yard. Smash ten spiderlings and maybe you'll find some clues," foxtrot said. Adventurous looked next to her and saw a tunnel leading to another cave. He put on the gear and went to the tunnel. Then Adventurous heard some creepy sounds and shuddered. I must be brave, he thought. Adventurous continued onward and found himself in a massive cave full of maelstrom mist and the ugliest creature of all-the SPIDERLING. Adventurous gasped in horror and nearly passed out. They had yellow eyes and four legs sticking out of what looked like their head. They just resembled blobs of purple goo with weapons and eyes in front of it. Compared to a stromling, these spiderlings were very hideous indeed. adventurous gulped and ran into the cave. He saw in the distance off to his left a faraway supposedly unreachable factory where spiderlings were coming out off. Adventurous looked down and saw a maelstrom river. To his right there was some light and a floating piece of rock. And on top of the rock was some distant creature later known as the spider queen. The distant creature had large legs but Adventurous couldn't see the rest of it. All of a sudden a bullet similar to a mech's slammed into him. Adventurous cried out in pain and collapsed on the ground. Then he saw a spiderling walk over to him and point its other weapon. Adventurous saw an electrified ball appear in front of the weapon and shoot toward him.

Chapter 8Edit

The ball expanded into a net of electrified maelstrom. The web hit Adventurous and he passed out. When he woke up he was back at the entrance to the spider cave. Adventurous got up and aimed his blaster and fired several shots. The bullets hit the spiderling and it EXPLODED!!!!! Into a maelstrom haze. Some silver and bronze coins came out of it, along with a postcard and some bricks. Adventurous shot down a few more spiders and found out they were a lot stronger than a mech. He gathered the post cards and went back to Melodie. Adventurous returned his gear and thought. The spider queen must be the boss of the spiderlings.I've got to stop it!! He ran into the sentinel base camp and talked to Strongheart. He told Adventurous to go into a cave behind him. Adventurous saw another cave and ran into it. This cave was actually a tunnel and he saw a fan shooting up lots of wind. Before Adventurous could try it out, a guard next to him said, "Halt! Whoa this is a restricted area! Oh its you! Commander Beck has authorized you to use this bouncer! Pass through this tunnel to find Rusty Steele. He'll tell you how to get to the top of the monument." Adventurous went to the fan and was unsure that he should try this. "Adventure is a wonderful thing!" He jumped on the fan and a blast of wind hit him. It was so strong that he shot up into the air, tumbling. When he landed on the ground he was ready to throw up. Adventurous ran and jumped over some rocks and came to a broken bridge. He saw some large bricks and guessed it might make the bridge. Adventurous started building. When he ran out of bricks he saw it did not complete the whole bridge. Adventurous was gonna have to jump over the gap. Before he could jump the mysterious voice said, "troy jumping up over oll thu platforms." When Adventurous made it to the other side the voice said, "Vunderful!" Adventurous went to Rusty Steele and looked up. He gasped at the sight. The monument was MASSIVE!!!!! It depicted bob over a maelstrom warrior. It wasn't finished though. Then Rusty said, "So how do you like our monument? Pretty monumental wouldn't you say? The lasers and cooling fans are overheating! Remove their power sources so they can cool down. Smash them and collect three hamster wheels and four flashlights." Adventurous went to the start of the monument's path and saw a red laser cutting through the rock. Adventurous raised up his sword and smashed it.(He had equipped the sword) Soon he had collected all of the stuff he needed.

Chapter 9Edit

Adventurous returned to Rusty who said, "hi-tech parts we got here. Soon as I fix them, we can get the lasers and fans working again! There's some assembling that needs to be done. Quick build one button 1 bouncer and one moving lift up there!" Adventurous got to work. Soon he saw a bunch of hopping red bricks and built them into a button. He had made a bouncer and lift. Adventurous came back to rusty and he said, "you're pretty handy with them bricks pal! The assembly faction would be lucky to have you! Them fool birds are making a mess of our monument! Work yer way up to the top and scare 5 birds away!" When Adventurous got to the top of the monument after riding a few bouncers he looked down and threw up. Adventurous was scared of heights. Adventurous soon scared of the birds. Adventurous saw a minifigure standing on a road far away. Then Rusty told Adventurous, "haha, you sure scared the feathers off those birds! They won't be back anytime soon! Alright, use the monument to get to the road, talk to Vector Longview and make sure everything's going by the plans." Adventurous came to the bouncer on top of the skull's head. He took one step, and off he was flying and tumbling through the air! "AAAAAAHAAH!" when he landed he tried not to vomit again. Vector Longveiw was a venture league person. Then Vector said, "You the reinforcements from the sentinel camp? Good! We got more maelstrom problems down the road. Some maelstrom creature has invaded the block yard property! Talk to Crash Helmut down the road and find out how you can help!" When Adventurous got there he felt some wind and saw maelstrom in the launch pad. Then he looked out to the sea and saw the same thing he saw in the spider cave. It was the creature. Adventurous went to Krash Helmet and he said, "a maelstrom spider has taken control of the block yard property and she's creating this horrible maelstrom fog! Vance Bulwark flew to the block yard to find that monster, but he hasn't come back! Fly there to find him and borrow some trial faction gear!" Now Adventurous faced the ultimate creature so far. He took out his rocket and blasted of. When Adventurous got there there was another grunt named Vance Bulwark. He said, "that spider queen is spewing out maelstrom and polluting the whole system! Borrow some faction gear so you can face her!" When he went to the main area there were purple maelstrom blobs on the ground. But worst of all was the spider boss. It had a head just like the spiderling but it was longer. It had giant legs and two large weapons sticking out of the sides.

This is the ultimate battle.

Adventurous raised up his guns and charged while yelling. Adventurous shot his guns blazing but the spider boss was very tough. It shot one blast at Adventurous and he got hit. Adventurous yelped like a dog in pain and fell on the ground, dropping his guns.

Adventurous got up with effort and shot with all his might. The spider queen got up on two legs and SLAMMED them on the ground. A maelstrom wave hit him and he flew backward, once again yelping like a dog. Adventurous got up and shot at the spider. Just then, it ran up the mountain next to them. Then he saw several spiderlings come out of nowhere and shot at them. They smashed and when the spider queen came back down the block yard rumbled. Adventurous got knocked of his feet again.

Soon he had drained out most of its health but the spider queen had one more surprise attack. It aimed both guns in the sky and shot into the air. Adventurous was confused at why it did that. When he looked up, he knew why. Adventurous shot a few more times at the spider queen and ran away from the EXPLOSIONS!!!!!! He went to the safe spot and went back to battle.

Adventurous shot once at the spider boss EXPLODED into so much maelstrom and bricks. Then the block yard was purified and Adventurous saw a treasure bouncing on the ground.

Adventurous opened it and lots of stuff came out of it. Then he said, "Yes!!!!" Adventurous had smashed the ultimate boss!! He went back to return his gear.

Chapter 10Edit

Adventurous returned his gear and Vance said, "well done but it's not over yet. To keep this property clear of the maelstrom, you must use your imagination. Only imagination can truly clear the maelstrom from avant gardens! Interact with the console to claim this property!"

Adventurous went to the console nearby and pressed a button. Then he went back to bulwark. "Are you ready to start building on your property?" he said. "all you need is a thinking hat, brisk, models and imagination! To start the flow of imagination, walk into the build area and place four models!"

Adventurous came to the area and put on his thinking hat. Then he reached into his backpack and grunted and groaned as he pulled out a castle piece. The model was even heavier that the rocket. He put it down and AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adventurous trapped his hands under it.

He pulled his hands out and went wild for a few minutes, screaming and rolling and tumbling until the pain went away. After a few more hours of putting models, he went back to Bulwark. "excellent! Placing models is the first step towards customizing your property! Lets make sure your're really ready to build. Pick up, rotate and put away a model."

Adventurous pick up a model with all his strength and rotated it and squeezed it into his backpack. Then he went back to Vance. Vance said, "you can now use behaviors to bring your creations to life! Go into build mode and click the behaviors icon to get started! Your imagination has pushed back the maelstrom and saved Avant Gardens! Report back to Sky Lane at the Launchpad in Avant Gardens."

When Adventurous got there he saw that the launch pad was normal. No maelstrom in sight. Then he saw a mech. "Oh no! I got to destroy it!!! Adventurous took out his sword and charged toward it.

Then he discovered it was not infected. It sold mech fortress pieces and robots. There were a few other vendors next to it. Adventurous smashed a trash can and found a red colored imaginite. He picked it up and wondered what it was for. "So Ah see you found a red imaginite eh," said the same minifig.

Adventurous looked and said yes. Then he told him to use it on a vending machine nearby. "Oh I haven't noticed that. Goodbye!" Adventurous said. He went to the machine and out came a blue coin, some bricks, a maelstrom infected brick and a gem. Adventurous sold the gem and went to the launch pad to nimbus station.

When he came there he saw sky lane! Then Adventurous said, "Sky Lane?!?! How did you get of the venture explorer?"

"Oh, I saw there were no more minifigures so me and bob got away," she said. "smashing the spider queen was a start, but when you began building on your property, the maelstrom finnaly disappeared. The nexus force needs more minifigures like you," Sky lane said, "Go to nimbus station and talk to nexus jay to find out how to join a faction!" Now Adventurous could go to nimbus station! He unloaded his rocket and blasted off.

Chapter 11Edit

When he landed at Nimbus Station he saw it had gotten dark and it was evening. Adventurous ran down a long path lined with trees and was passing by a bush when he heard some whispering. Adventurous went to the bush at looked inside when all of a sudden AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Adventurous jumped backward and almost fell. "Who are you," he said. "Umm I'm uh Muffin Bottoms and I was just talking to myself." Then Adventurous said, "Oh well." He ran and saw a plaza. In the middle was a green patch of grass and lots of minifigs were trading items and talking. Surrounding the grass were four tall buildings of red, blue, green and orange. Next to them was a vendor of the same color. Each vendor had a faction symbol floating at the top of it. Adventurous saw a bunch of pathways coming out from the plaza. One of them went to the brick annex. He saw a minifig wearing the same gear as Crash Helmet. His name was Nexus Jay, the recruiter. Adventurous went over to him and he said, "You earned approval from the sentinels and paradox. Now to prove yourself to the assembly faction, masters of building and imagination! Go talk to Mardolf the orange in brick annex and try to earn approval from the assembly faction." Adventurous ran down another path and when he came to a turn, he turned and just around the corner was the brick annex. It looked like a small piece of a city next to the ocean. Adventurous was guessing this Mardolf was just a fruit until he saw a wizard. While Adventurous talked to him he stroked his beard. "so you want to build that's it? Snap click stack done and done? Oh there's more to it that that." He said. "lets see your creative energy," said the wizard, "build a new rocket with a nimbus rocket part! Drag on of your completed rockets into the build area to get started."

Adventurous looked behind and saw the build area. After making his rocket he went back to the orange. Then he said, "excellent! You have a strong creative spark! The assembly faction approves! Talk to nexus jay to let him know of the approval of the assembly. He's waiting back in nimbus plaza." Adventurous ran back the long path to nexus jay. Jay said, "Mardolf is one of the best builders around. He must see great potential in you. Now you must earn approval from-THE VENTURE LEAGUE!!!!!!"

Chapter 12Edit

"Find Johnny Thunder and convince him you know all about exploring and treasure!" Adventurous knew it was time to get the faction he was built for. Adventurous had to convince him he knew about adventure. "Adventure is a wonderful thing," he said. Adventurous saw another path behind Nexus Jay and ran to it. He saw some crates hanging from a pole. This path was even longer than the first. Adventurous was soon panting in a matter of minutes and nearly fell down. It was like running a mile. Then he came to a gate with some lights on it and he saw a bush with a yellow minifig in it. Then Adventurous heard lots of noise up ahead and saw a place called red blocks. It was a giant dancing place. There were seven pillars on one side of the place and a vendor on the other side. All around it were chairs like the ones at the launch pad. Adventurous saw Johnny Thunder and ran to talk to him. "You've found the thunder eh? Good on ya! On your way to becoming a venture league explorer already! Right mate. Ready for some hardcore exploring? Find three floating treasure chests I hid around nimbus station!"

Adventurous saw the first one on the table next to him and it was dancing like the other one. He grabbed it and ran back to the plaza. The he ran to the brick annex and got the second treasure. Then Adventurous ran down another path that led him to a race place. It had three vendors and a build area. Then he saw the treasure and got it. When Adventurous came back to Johnny he was very tired and almost fainted. When he got up he spoke to him. "The venture league approves!" he said. "Now who wants to hear about the thunder's latest adventure? You earned the approval of the venture league today mate. Go tell Nexus Jay." Adventurous went to nexus jay and he said, "You have now earned the right to join a faction. Let me give you your choices." Adventurous chose the venture league. He had done it; now he was officially a Venture League! Adventurous went to the vendor and bought an adventurer rank one gear and put it on. "This is so cool," he said. He then went to explore nimbus station. Adventurous went back to the brick annex and found a path he'd never noticed before. He went down the path and took one way. There was a large launch pad that led to a place called Pet Cove. Adventurous pulled out his rocket with great effort and slammed it on the launch pad. Adventurous climbed in and blasted off.

Chapter 13Edit

The rocket landed and Adventurous jumped out. There was a bridge and some giant floating rocks with a bridge connecting two of them. The third one was distant and appeared there was no way to reach it. There was giant light house on the third floating rock and when he ran to the bridge, there were lots of pets. Adventurous saw a dog, some rabbits and some cats. He then crossed the bridge and came to the second floating rock. There he saw a minifig with a catlike hat and a staff. Adventurous went over to her and she said to tame a pet. Adventurous chose a dog because he heard dogs were loyal. He started to tame it. Doing this was hard. He had to build its favorite item and Adventurous didn't know what it was. He had to choose from several bricks. Then he remembered dogs like meat so he made a large piece of meat. Then the dog was his. Adventurous had tamed his first pet! Adventurous pumped his fist in the air and said, "Whoo hoo!" then he looked around and saw lots of paradox. His dog jumped into his backpack. Adventurous looked inside and saw it in the model section. Then he ran to a strange looking bouncer and saw another minifig, a rank three paradox, and he was talking to his pet mantis named snapper.

"Strange," Adventurous thought, "that voice sounds familiar and where did he get a mantis?" He saw the minifig get on a red flat box and his pet get on a blue green thing with a paw on it. The mantis pushed it down and the minifig went flying! He zoomed up to the third floating rock. That's when Adventurous knew how to get there and knew what this bouncer was for. It was only activated by using a pet. Adventurous took his dog out and it bounced him up to the rock. When Adventurous landed, there was another minifig that looked very plain, like Bob. Her name was Bella pepper. What a weird name, he thought. Adventurous talked to her and she said, "I lost my dog tags! Can you find them for me?" "Sure," he said. Adventurous looked all around pet cove until he found all the tags. Bella pepper said, "Thanks! Now I will remember the dog's names!" Adventurous came to another pile of jumping bricks. Not knowing what it would make, he started to build. Adventurous put the last brick and crossed the bridge he had just made. Adventurous saw another pet bouncer and took his dog out. They landed on top of the light house where a paradox minifig was. "Hello," Adventurous said. The minifig turned around and removed his helmet. "Gasp! You're muffin bottoms," Adventurous exclaimed. "Yes and I am just looking around this place," he said. Adventurous saw a large bird land and look around. He looked down and jumped. "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oooofff!" Adventurous went back to the Launchpad to nimbus station. While he was crossing the bridge, he slipped and fell off! But Adventurous grabbed on just in time and he was left hanging above the water. Adventurous yelled for help but no one seemed to hear him.